Vox covered a Steve Sailer post on tattoos and the why of them for women. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Mostly I like to comment on comments so here it goes.

Steve Sailer said a man’s tattoo is a sign of commitment, for life, which is accurate in my case, but how do you quantify it across larger numbers of men? My tatts are life long pledges of loyalty to the South, military units, and comrades but I know men who have tattoos similar to mine and tatts they got to be funny. Folks over think things and most men have a variety of reasons behind their actions.

The level of animosity some tattoo-less folks have towards the tattooed is interesting, makes me wonder. Is it the bitter beta deal thinking guys with tatts have it easy in the SMP? Or is it class warfare? From what I can tell, UMC Whites love to feel superior. The only folks safe for them to look down on is lower class/ working class White men. Everyone else is a victim of something or another ( mostly, some how us prole White men, though we don’t control and never have had controlled), Everyone besides my people are protected politically ( even if that protection doesn’t amount to much in the real world). This is even more so for Southern and rural working class White men, and tattoos are extremely popular with us. From the outside looking in, not living according to the UMC script seems to be a major affront to their sensibilities. Or a goodly number of them at any rate.

Some claim to oppose tattoos because of the Bible. Weak. Folks ignore most of what the Old Testament says on most issues. Is the same guy claiming no tattoos for me because of the Old Testament out there rounding up sexual deviants to stone them at the city gates? Eating kosher? Avoiding usury? Sending their wife away when her aunt flow comes to town? Celebrating the Jubilee by forgiving debts and returning property? Etc etc? Nope…. but tattoos are the Biblical hill they have decided to hold…. Most of what folks like to claim is Biblical is cultural/ personal preference

I’ve never heard anyone talk down to men without tattoos because they aren’t inked. Some men have them, others do not. And I am a judgmental son of a bitch. However one commenter(Cail Corishev?) said he has witnessed the tattooed criticize those who don’t. Something about the ability to step up, to endure pain. If a tattoo is the high-water mark of your ability to endure you’re failing at life. Or blessed beyond measure

One commenter said he could never get a tattoo because he couldn’t commit to anything, any concept enough to see it on his body every morning. Think about what that says about a man. Am I a better man because I am tatted up? Hell no. I am a better man because I hold some ideals much higher then myself? Possibly

Future time orientation. Apparently tattoos show a lack of regard for the future. I can see that to some degree, but folks need to enjoy life as well. How many days will you put off waiting for tomorrow? Not every delayed gratification has a larger payout. Also, how many folks touting that as gospel are buried in debt? If you make a 100k a year but have 400k in house, school, and car debt your credibility on future time orientation is shot to hell and back. Mostly I see everyone as having little to no future time orientation. There are so many examples of short time orientation that it boggles the mind… Hell even money in the bank is questionable given how weak the dollar is/ is going to become and how corrupt the banking system/ government is.  Really it comes back down to class in my reckoning, but folks generally lack the balls to say so. Spin hamster spin

Someone said they would get tattooed if they were in jail to garner the protection of whatever Whites in prison with him. Get those kind of tatts before you show up, but realistically most dudes do county time and that wouldn’t be required. Besides those kind of things can get you as much heat as they avoid. Mine certainly have

For some reason military themed tattoo’s are ok, but others are not. That one doesn’t make any sense to me either.

A few commentators dismissed “tribal” tattoos. “Asking” what tribe they belong to, who is the opposing tribe etc. Tribal tatts are generic White guy tatts, and yes if you are White, you are part of the generic White guy tribe. I think tribal tatts are a way of looking for some kind of White identity ( which is a no no unless its the DWL/SWPL type of non identity identity). Everyone can play up and search out their roots, unless you’re White, Anglo Saxon, Protestant. If you’re a white ethnic that came over during the wave immigration periods, ( Non WASP) all is  cool. Polish pride, Catholic  pride, etc all is good. If you come from founding stock, your family history is all evil, you are part of the oppressor class and no White identity for you. An Italian guy or Irish dude can get their nation of origin flag tattooed on them and all is good. Tribal work is for guys who families have been here so long they cannot easily lay claim to an European nation of origin.  Stuff like tribal tattoos are part of that quest for identity for some young White folks. They see other groups getting to identify with their past, their generic tribe so they look for ways to do so that won’t get them labeled as racist or what have you. Its not the best way to operate in my opinion but it is a way. 98% of blacks voted for Obama because of tribal affiliation. Obama has been terrible for blacks, yet they still support him to the hilt. That’s tribal. When the urban youth are out polar bear hunting or playing the knock out game, that is tribal. The insanely high amount of black on White crime is tribal. They don’t stop and interview you to see if you identify as White or not. You are part of the generic White guy tribe whether you want to be or not. Tribal tatts fill a niche need. Wish those who get tribal style tattoos would find a more robust manner to identify themselves, but baby steps. Many tattoos are about looking long into the past, some tie you to the future.  Some are attempts to do both that come up short. We all try and fail on occasions.

Now on to chicks and tattoos. I’m fair certain all girls who get tattoos get them with some degree of sexual display and attention whoring in mind, but the same can be said of men. The Ranger scrolls on my shoulders are signals to men and women. My daughter has a tattoo. I’m certain her tattoo is equal part memorial to her beloved uncle and about garnering attention. Why is that a problem? Feature not a bug. Especially since she is a closed mouth kind of girl. She loved my brother. His death has been harder on her then me, most of her co-workers and clients have no idea he died, but in all things, it is wise to question the motivation of women. Even those you love and raised. and because women are what they are, sexual beings. it makes sense that her memorial tatt is also some how sexual. Hell as beautiful as she is, it couldn’t be other wise. The more messed up a girl, the more likely she is to want validation and attention so the more tattoos. Seems straight forward, not much to debate. There also seems to be a fair amount of bitter beta sour grapes about chicks with tatts as well. No shortage of statements about how chicks with tatts are a turn off, not for marrying, won’t marry well etc etc. I don’t see that playing out in the real world, but who knows? Maybe my perceptive is skewed because of how common tattoos are and have always been in my life ( military and working class, rural, Southern).

13 thoughts on “Tattoos

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    Interesting thoughts on tats scfton! I don’t have any tats. Not because I am against them, but because I can’t decide what to get. My daughter’s preschool teacher has a beautiful tat on her foot of her son’s name. A tat of my girl’s names, I could see that. As for guys, I have only dated one man who did have tats. And I have to admit, I liked them. And they all had very deep meaning to him. But he did get a lot of heat and judgement for them. Not that it bothered him. Maybe you should post a tat pic?

    1. sfcton Post author

      Thanks darling but you’re going have to do better then that if you want to see me nekkid……

      I have my daughters name tattooed to the inside of my left arm ( close to my heart) and my son’s name tattooed to the inside of my right arm ( he is my strong right arm)

      In a very real way, my tattoos tell my life story and relay all the info you would ever need to know about me( if you are familiar with all the themes). But what the hell do I know? Poor White hillbilly trash that I am

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Lol I didn’t mean you should post a nekkid pic! I was thinking of the more PG ones. That’s great you have tats for both your kids. Touching for sure. Maybe someday I will brave the ink myself!

  2. sfcton Post author

    LOL sure…..

    You know darling girl, I think it’s a much bigger decision for women then men. The guy who does most of my work says just about any damn thing looks good on a macular man. The further you get away from that, the harder it is to pull off. Harder to find the right bit of art, the right location, the right colors, the right style etc.

    I’ll look for a picture of my 1st tattoo to post. It’s the Nordic life or man rune. Just kind of a big Y in black but folks always seemed to like it. Why? My arm was like 18″ diameter and simple, curde etc just seemed to work. Such thing would have not worked on a smaller man or girl

    My daughter is feminine and gracefully built. My guy spent hours and hours working on things before he made the 1st outline on her. It’s just a bigger deal.

  3. Sumo

    When I got inked, I wanted to have something that represented what was important to me. On my right arm, I have a sumo (I know, right – who would have guessed?) which to me is strength, power, and part of my heritage. On the left arm, the Lion Rampant from the Royal Standard of Scotland – courage, honor, and the other half of my heritage.

    The way I see it, any tats are good as long as they have meaning to the one who bears them; getting something inked into your skin because it’s “trendy” is just lame.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL I work with a guy who is part Korean and part Ulster Scot. We call him MCGook. Men in my line of work not being PC at all and such names a sign of fraternity. I should look up my clan’s standard and see if it would make a good tatt. I will, probably in the next year or so, expand my ink to cover more visible areas.

      I have a whole long list of shit I think is lame, including anything trendy

      1. Sumo

        Lol. I used to know a guy who called me “McNip”. He was a cranky German bastard, so I called him a sour kraut. We got along just fine.

  4. sand

    Nah, WASPs still have lots of verbal cred in certain circles (and further whispered admiration in others) But
    Germans are still the most despised ethnics in anglo countries; try having German pride…
    We’re all still Na…. Na… Na…. Nazis! down to the tenth generation…

    Tats… Meh. like you say, it must be something reallll meaningful

    Now a brand… hardcore

    1. sfcton Post author

      I love my tattoos but I am unsure we as a people have ever had a tradition of being branded.

      My big beef with Germans has never been over Nazism, its about how they got to the usa and went about destroying individual rights and the concept of small government. The Nazi shit I could care less about and the usa should not have been involved in either of the big wars in Europe.

  5. happyhousewifey

    Being from upper middel class stock, I readily assume any man with tattoos is a criminal who will beat you up soon as he’s one beer further. Basically all tattoos say to me is that person is probably anti-social, lacks morals and manners. Visible tats are kind of like walking around with a big club in your hand. I don’t look closer to see their meaning.
    Women with tattoos, I assume are violent, too, and also smoke and drink and probably do drugs and sleep around with criminals, preferably muslim ones.
    I treat them politely, even if inside I’m terrified of them.

    I’ve been brought up very strictly so I’ve got these big sweeping generalizing prejudices, I have met some people with tattoos (count them on one hand), and they (literally) confirmed my every prejudice.

    I don’t get out much xD never did, so there are probably lovely people who aren’t stereotypes that I’ll never meet. That’s okay, I’m good in my bubble!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Crime is more race based here, and I would imagine a goodly number of your veterans are tattoed, but otherwise all sense able precautions.

      1. happyhousewifey

        I have met many veterans, one even who got an American distinction. None had visible tats. Most were pretty high in rank, though, maybe that’s something to do with social economic status.

        Crime is mostly race based, here, too! Used to be practically non-existent untill mass immigration and their family extensions. We have many locks on the door and an axe in the kitchen (for bushcraft purposes ;)), but I grew up when doors did not need locking.

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