Motorcycles are alpha

Motorcycles are alpha, or so the world tells me. I have been on dirt bikes and motorcycles my whole life so while extremely enjoyable, they aren’t a big deal to me, However, when thinking about it, they are most assuredly alpha. They are inherently more dangerous then cars and trucks and risk taking equals masculinity.  Bikes require an ability to endure the elements. You have to endure sun and heat, small rocks and large bugs to the face, being pelted with the rain while doing 55 mph and fight the 85 mph wind trying to push you backwards for hours at a time.  It takes a higher degree of skill and situational awareness to be on a bike. Being on a bike sets you apart from the herd and in some ways defies society’s expectations and norms. Those are alpha traits all day long, but more then possessing any of those masculine traits, being on a bike demonstrates those things. Women are not subtle, generally speaking and most displays of masculinity need to be overt. Not in a boorish or frat boy manner, not when you are 43 or 33, but they cannot leave room for doubt because doubting is what women do. Doubt feeds her hamster and the damn thing is large enough

Bikes don’t get you laid. Bikes get you noticed and getting noticed gets you laid. Most girls know nothing about bikes and in very real ways it doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you are on a sport bike or cruiser. Your Vespa, adventuring/ touring/dual sport or enduro bike looks awkward and goofy. Trikes…. are for old fat guys with old fat chicks. Can Am Spyper’s  are for middle age dudes who lack the sack to get on two wheels. That Rebel 250 is great on gas, and fun to ride in its own right but looks like something she has seen the teaming unwashed masses in China ride. Sport bikes looks fast, agile, athletic. Masculine traits women dig. Cruisers look…. a lot of of things, all of them powerful and masculine. I like cruisers with saddle bags, wing screens, highway pegs, heel toe shifter…. Big, heavy, powerful and comfy to be on for hours a day.

Sport bikes vs cruisers, which one gets you noticed the most? Its a bullshit question. Different girls are going to be into different kinds of bikes. Sport bikes might have the edge in urban settings, I don’t know, but I can tell you no college girl has turned up her nose because I was on a cruiser. If she did, I reckon its more about my over all vibe vs what she likes then the bike. Sport bikes are seen as more urban, young, yuppyish if you will. Your bike needs to match you and your style. If its out of place, chicks will pick up on that. They can smell try harder like sharks smell blood. I think cruisers have one advantage over sports bikes, Comfort for the girl when she is on back.

Brands. Most girls are not going to give a damn what brand ride. I own two Harley’s, sort of the gold standard for brand recognition in the usa, but the girls don’t care unless they are into bikes in her own right and stuck on status symbols at the same time. A small number indeed. In all my years I have seen one girl stuck on a brand and that was Ducati. She said they were orgasms on wheels. She seemed to like my cruiser well enough…….  Bikes don’t need to be customized or even in great condition. Guys on rat rod style bikes get a lot of attention, guys on custom bikes get a lot of attention, guys on sports bikes get a lot….. Got the point?

Besides demonstrating masculine traits a bike brings you three other tangible SMP advantages. #1 you always have something to do on a date. I’ve not yet meet the girl who wasn’t ok with a 30 mile ride for milkshakes as a date. My bike gets 32 miles to the gallon and milkshakes aren’t expensive either. You can extend that out as well.  #2, it gives you something to talk about. When all else fails and you need to keep a conversation going, you can always talk about your last ride, getting stuck in the rain or a close call you avoided with your skills and dare doing. Lastly it gives her something to crow about when she is talking to her gal pals about you. She tells them she rode to the next town over on the back of a bike and suddenly she is an adventurer and you’re romantic and spontaneous.

6 thoughts on “Motorcycles are alpha

    1. sfcton Post author

      The bike I had in Hawaii had a goodly rake to it & mini apes. Looked good but was a pain in the ass for all that city living. Don’t see myself owning another but they are cool. I like bikes, even some that I dismissed in my post, as I was describing general attitudes and not my own.

      My bike is my main method of conveyance. I put 70 miles a day on a bike, most days. Hurricanes and snow storms withstanding. Don’t see how I could realistically do that on a smaller bike without bags

      1. sfcton Post author

        I’m pretty compulsive about certain things. Like bikes, guns, dogs etc. I may not have a wide array of interests but I’m nucking futs about that handful of things.

        I’m stopping at two bikes. I need the money to finance a big life lane change in about 18 months. I had 4 bikes not to long ago, but I’ll stick with two. I need to keep a Harley as it helps my bidness ventures, but I am looking to trade the Fat Boy for a Ural. I really want a bike with a side car so I can travel with my dog(s)

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