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bench press

Anyone who thinks the bench press is the ultimate test of strength is a fag. I’m a decent presser (420 @ 242) but the meet don’t start until the bar hits the floor. Deadlifts, squats, overhead presses all require more from your body then bench press.


Here’s the deal, I rarely train bench press. I can overhead press 325 on a good day. All upper back and triceps. If you want to bench press big weight get stable on the bench, some type of arch in your lower back, grab the bar and squeeze the SHIT out of it, while you try to pull the bar apart. Shrug your shoulders and lift the bar from pins with the shrug movement. Tuck your head, bring the bar down to about your nipples or lower, when the bar touches, drive with your feet, drive your head back and push your body away from the bar. Your secondary work should be mostly upper back and triceps. It’s not much of a pec movement when you get up there in weight


Overhead presses make me the happiest. I love having more weight then most folks squat (to fucking parallel you homo) over my head.



I don’t normally get into doing group rides, but I did one yesterday. A charity event for the surviving children of SpecOps vets killed in combat/ while on duty.

Nothing like be surrounded by 103 “operators” (current, former and retired) on 103 bad ass bikes to make you want to put the band back together and pull of a coup d’etat in some out of the way corner of the world. It’s beyond my capacity to describe the sense of power, energy and potentiality


Like recognizes like

77 miles from Ft Bragg, I walked into a bike shop to kill time while waiting for my girl’s lunch break to start. As I walk in the door someone says “were you on a team?”. I tell him “something like. Behind the fence”. Question asked in informal code, response and counter challenge offered. Turns out the guy retired out of the 2nd Recon in 2006 when all the restructuring was going down, moved back to middle of know where North Carolina and opened a bike shop with his father. Also a USMC retire.

The guy is a real motorcycle enthusiasts. Man you could tell he loved bikes of all sorts, and tactically agreed that Yamaha was probably making the best production bikes for the money right now.   Having to admit that really hurts us Harley guys. Deep down. Any rate he got to telling me about carburetors, and I learned a lot from him.  I made the decision to bring my Fat Boy to him when I get back to have my carbs rebuilt. Because of his enthusiasm as much as his expertise.

When I 1st joined the army, seemed like every wrestler in the 1st Ranger Batt knew I was a wrestler. Wrestling gives you a particular build. Not sure most folks see the difference but when you spend a lot of time on the mat you learn to recognize things like the rolled shoulders and usual upper-back development. Not sure why SpecOps guys are so good at picking each other out of a crowd. I rarely display my tatts in public and this kind of thing is not a rare occurrence. I reckon it just is what it is.

When I walk into a gym for the 1st time, other power-lifters know I am one of them. They know and comment/ invite me to train before I pull any suits, belts or wraps out of my gym bag. We’re easy to spot when you know what to look for. Big without being pretty or cut, all triceps, upper back and posterior chain. Most of us seem to prefer crew cuts, beards and tattoos. My ex-wife use to say that was my second uniform.

When I moved here, an OG use to give me the stink eye. Nothing to confrontational but for sure putting me on notice. Long story short, he has done some hard time over the years and I have more than a few White Identity tatts. He was right to check me out. Crazy ass-cracker moving into his hood and all. We have since come to a pretty good understanding, but like recognizes like in the realm of primal masculinity.

My question to you is, what kind of man sums you up and recognizes himself in you?




Spoiled and proud of it

It’s a small world here in rural NC. This morning at a random dinner in a town so small it is actually a village, I saw a girl from my past. Good looking girl and she is still good looking, but what I recollect best of all is she had a tile beside her bed that read “spoiled and proud”. Which got me a looking and low and damn behold she had another tile that read “if the princess isn’t happy no one is happy” and another that said “princess”. It was at that moment I put her into the bang and discard bin. A decision she was unhappy about. And so was I. Hell the disappointment took the edge off my boner and I also decided there was no point in bringing my A game that night.

What on God’s green earth makes a woman think such things are appropriate? Or makes a man think his daughter should be raised to be such a self centred, entitled brat? Now I am happy mostly every minute of the day but when I ain’t I have no right to make others miserable, most especially those nearest and dearest to my heart.

If by some chance a whisker biscuit is reading this, think twice about the image you portray. A man with options isn’t going to think your juvenile antics are cute. And we know you want a man with options. Otherwise cellardewllers would get all the play


This morning’s training program

8 100 yard long sled drags w/ 180 pounds on the sled

hammering a tire w/ a 12 pound sledge hammer, 15 minutes no rest

3 sets of 8 reps on the 220 pounds atlas stone

Some bicep and tricpe work. I have torn my biceps 3 times. I now do bicep work every chance. I am a triceps presser and try to do tri work twice a day. Sometimes more. Mostly that’s a few lite sets to work the soreness out

all of this was done out doors. the grass was slick, it was a little over 80 with high humidity so the hammer and stone was slick to. I think its a real mistake to train indoors to much. If nothing else it makes you soft mentally.

I probably won’t train again today. I am going to mow, prune and edge my 4+ acres then jump on my bike and get my ass to the beach. I’ll pretty much only do kettlebell workouts while I’m there. That and walk. Walking does wonders for my back and other aches and pains