bench press

Anyone who thinks the bench press is the ultimate test of strength is a fag. I’m a decent presser (420 @ 242) but the meet don’t start until the bar hits the floor. Deadlifts, squats, overhead presses all require more from your body then bench press.


Here’s the deal, I rarely train bench press. I can overhead press 325 on a good day. All upper back and triceps. If you want to bench press big weight get stable on the bench, some type of arch in your lower back, grab the bar and squeeze the SHIT out of it, while you try to pull the bar apart. Shrug your shoulders and lift the bar from pins with the shrug movement. Tuck your head, bring the bar down to about your nipples or lower, when the bar touches, drive with your feet, drive your head back and push your body away from the bar. Your secondary work should be mostly upper back and triceps. It’s not much of a pec movement when you get up there in weight


Overhead presses make me the happiest. I love having more weight then most folks squat (to fucking parallel you homo) over my head.


14 thoughts on “bench press

  1. Sumo

    Brother, I love the shit you come up with.

    I can barely overhead press 1/3 of that, but I can shatter a human ribcage with my bare hand, so I guess it evens out in the end. There’s all kinds of strength, and bench press is the least of them.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL thanks brother. This was inspired by some homo in the gym trying to impress folks. Him with his 3 buddy’s help barely benched 405….. and he said bench is the ultimate test. Anyone who says anything is the ultimate in anything is probably talking out his ass

      From a scientific stand point there are three kinds of strength; absolute strength; speed strength and speed endurance. So to make the claim about what’s the ultimate test in strength you have to define what kin of strength and it only gets more complex from their.

      When I was healthy, I was one o the best squatters in ‘merica for my weight class so I will go with “Sqaut is the king of all exercises” but that’s just stroking my own ego. I know some great bench pressers and they have my respect but none are foolish enough to tell me it’s the ultimate in anything. One of the things I have noticed is, the more accomplished a man is in something, the more magnanimous and inclusive he is about it. I’m a fairly accomplished strength athletes and I am regularly impressed by various displays of strength. I can appreciate it all

  2. BuenaVista

    This guy Scherff is Iowa’s left tackle this year. Turned down a first round slot in the NFL to come back and play for free again. He was a QB in high school, was a scoring forward, baseball pitcher, *tennis player* as well. Now he spends as much time fishing and hunting as he does in the football complex. Here he’s hang cleaning 443 three times; apparently his max is 480.

    I don’t know anything about power lifting, but I do know football, and here we see Scherff drive-block DE’s 10 yards downfield — with one arm. So I assume he’s pretty strong in a power lifting context also.

  3. BuenaVista

    P.S. To Ton’s point, Scherff ‘only’ benches 395. Iowa has best-in-class S&C, and they don’t stress the bench.

    1. sfcton Post author

      great contribution BV, that kid is bad ass. and powerful!

      A big problem with a lot of strength and conditioning programs is….. body building. Not only is body building for fags( any thing where appearance counts for more then performance is for fags. or girls), but it in no way has usable applications at the upper level of athletic endeavors. If you’re in high-school and plan on going no further then high-school ball, or just some dude who wants to work out, body building might be an ok way to go, Especially the old-school approaches. Them dudes did focus on building up fairly impress strength levels in core lifts like squats, deads, chin ups, bench and over head pressing. Sadly body building is no longer like that, and because of the money it generates, has way to much influence in the S&C world. Power-lifting consists of squatting, bench press and dead-lifting. Outside of our small, but growing sport, the bench press is not particularly helpful. Think about it, as we go about our daily life and need to use our strength in the real world, or in the world of sports. When do you lay on your back and do any damn thing? Hell even during sex you should be on top. or behind her. Her on top is all bad. Any rate, over head presses are much more applicable to sports and everyday life then the bench press. I think the push press (an over head press where you use your legs for additional power and momentum is even more useful as you always use your body parts in tandem. Life and sports is dynamic. Your training should be as well

      1. BuenaVista

        Brandon won, last night, the Outland as the best lineman (offense or defense) in the country. He’s a normal Iowa kid, no one recruited him, played four sports in high school in a meat-packing town. He played one game this season 5 days after knee surgery. The action in the below video starts at 0.40.

      2. BuenaVista

        I think he’ll last longer if he moves inside (guard), as Yanda did. You’ll notice that Scherff’s highlights are mostly in the run game. It would take him 20 mins to transition to guard in a zone blocking scheme. He’s already one of the strongest guys ‘in’ the NFL and he wasn’t beaten physically all season. If you look at the outside zone/stretch plays he’s generally driving the DE’s off the ball ten yards — with only his left arm. I doubt he has the quickness, though, to dominate at LT in the NFL.

      3. sfcton Post author

        That off the line speed can be improved but the long money for him would be moving out to tight end

        Guards don’t seem to last very long these days

  4. BuenaVista

    In support, the top 10 performers historically in the bench at the NFL combine (they are measured for how many times they can bench 225) are … nobodies. They didn’t have careers. I have no idea why the NFL measures bench press performance. There is no correlation between bench performance and field performance.

    Scherff, of course, is an Iowa-tribe folk hero now. Iowa admires men who live poorly but are worth much; your average Iowa farmer with 1000 acres has a net worth of $10 million (if he’s paid off his land loans), but he couldn’t get a table at Applebees in a suburban Chicago town. And that’s how we live.

    The last Iowa lineman folk-hero was this guy. He’s now the top guard in the NFL. Marshall Yanda, from NE Iowa. Not offered a scholarship by anyone. When the Ravens needed him a couple of years ago, in December, he played a couple of games on a broken ankle. Now that he has a $30 million contract, he pulls a U-Haul to Baltimore from Iowa each July, with his wife in the truck. Other people don’t move Marshall Yanda.

    Iowa has only three million people, and two BCS programs competing for about 8-12 FBS athletes per year. But Iowa has put more guys in the NFL since 2000 than any Big Ten school other than Ohio State, and OSU is ahead by … one. Iowa usually has one or two guys out of 85 on scholarship that Michigan or OSU would offer. Iowa has a winning record v. the SEC. The difference is S&C:

    At Iowa it’s all about multi-joint movement and power against the ground. The bench press is not a factor in either.

  5. sfcton Post author

    IIRC, Iowa follows the bigger faster stronger program. Which you can buy the book for like $30 on Amazon. It was designed for high schools. It’s a good program but I think it has some fatal flaws and should updated. The con….. something or another method is superior and win/ lost records prove that. Louie Simmons introduced tag system to the West by getting up to speed on the old Soviet system. Where BFS falls short is transitioning to higher levels of play. However, since so many S&C programs rely on what is basically body building, the BFS program will continue to be successfully. Think about my 9mm vs .38 argument. A snubbie .38 is old school and perfectly functional/ suited for the task. No one with a .38 in his pocket is going to be out gunned while walking around. A pocket size 9mm with up to twice the number of rounds is simply a better choice because of advances in technology. Well BFS is the .38 snubbie of the S&C world. Good option, if not the best.

    A wining record vs the SEC says it all Don’t it?

    Now on to Iowa….. y’all get to lay claim to Dan Gable. That dude is one of the all time greatest athletes. I don’t think it possible to say who is the greatest athlete of all time because the demands are to varying. Now just about every S&C coach will.tell you wrestling is one the hardest thing to do and Dan fucking ruled the wrestling world. Y’all ain’t short on sports hero’s. A Soviet era S&C coach. Not see his name, said wrestling and being a defensive end in the NFL was the hardest things in sports. @ th a point he had coached something like 264 Olympic medalist. Now that’s being good at your job and an effective appeal to authority regarding Dan Gable

    Every S&C coach I know worth his pay wonders about the bench press test….. but some feel they have to prep a guy for the combines above all else. They are not bad or stupid coaches but I wonder about their tactics

    Anyone who wants to learn about S&C should wonder on over to Westside read the free stuff, read the books Simmions touts and you’ll start to learn what’s it’s about. I know about Louie from power lifting. He fixed my squat but he is much more. Much much more

    I got to git, but I love S&C more then sports. Thanks for reading my ramblings

    A friend told me the same thing about Kansas farmer’s. Funny how that plys so often. City slickers…..


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