How to deal with criminal behavior……. ie urban diversity

I’m not a fan of diversity. Or vibrant youths. Or aspiring rape stars or whatever the hell we are supposed to call them these days. Mostly its all trouble and the resources invested has not been worth the return. Any rate, I ran full into some vibrant, urban youths a few days back. I haven’t said much because I wanted to make sure the anger had passed and I could relay the story correctly. Here it goes

On our way back from breakfast at Duncan Donuts to her hospital, when, from our right, a white sedan crossed the yellow line into our lane. I swerve, and look over to see whats up. What’s up is a car load of black dudes laughing their ass off. 4 young adults; 2 kids who cannot be older then 9. They get back in their lane and I bleed off some speed, down shifting to keep the rpms high, looking for a good escape route. They start screaming stuff about crackers and what not and pull into my lane again, pantomiming running us over with their car. I bleed off more speed, downshifting again, no longer looking for an escape route. I am telling G1 to get off the bike and lie behind it when I stop. I’m not doing much more then walking speed at this point. They do it again, I grab the brake with my right hand, mash down on the rear brake with my right foot, violently stopping the bike. While they are getting out of their car, I am yelling at my girl to get off the bike. She complies, I drop the bike and pull my gun

This is when shit gets intense. I am yelling at  Girl#1 (G1) to lay down behind the bike, yelling at the urban diversity to shut the fuck up, get the fuck out of here etc or I’ll kill them. G1, she is yelling at me about Lord only knows what, the vibrants are yelling at me, all kinds of shit and about me pointing a gun at them when they have kids in the car…..racial slurs are flying. Inwardly I am calm. Dead calm. I am taking in intell, processing data, managing my actions and words to keep them in check. What G1 and the urban diversity see is a muscular man, dressed in leathers, nearing a killing rage, ready to go off at any provocation. Any sign of weakness on my part and they will move forward and I will kill them. 20 bullets, 6 of them, three per target with two left over. I don’t miss at this range. Ever. Even without that little read dot from my CrimsonTrace on that fuckers forehead. The closets one is within two steps of me. One step forward and he dies. If he puts his hands in his pocket or reaches behind his back, he dies. He is as close to death as he will likely ever get without dying, but seems completely unaware. They are yelling what ever they are yelling. I am telling them things like shut the fuck up and the kids die 1st. The full size XDM in my hands has put them in check put they are not disengaging. Why aren’t they? To dumb to realize how near death they are? To use to fucking with pussy ass White people who never fight back? High? High on all the bullshit victim mentality they feed themselves? Who fucking cares.

This goes on for however long it goes on. Traffic is piling up. Folks coming from the opposite direction are slowing down their cars to look at whats going on ( dumb asses). Folks are dialing 911. Some firemen in a ladder truck see the whole thing go down and called 911 when the urban diversity made their second move. Apparently cops hang out at hospitals, and this has been an on going issues. Vibrant youths trying to scare motorcyclists of the paler skin variety that is. Three cops worked it out to arrive at more or less the same. Smart move on their part. I did not hear their cars pull up. Not relevant really, but I wonder why they didn’t use their sirens

The cops have their guns on me. Not an issue. I am the guy with a gun and the biggest threat to their safety. They order me to drop the gun. I tell them I will not comply until they get at least one gun trained on the fuckers threatening my life. Took them a few moments to figure out what the hell I was saying, why I was saying it, and complying with my request. One cop moves up and to my right. I say thanks, drop my gun on my bike and put my hands behind my head. one cop moves up, cuffs my hands behind my back and helps me walk backwards. I tell him I have a knife in my front left pants pocket and a set of brass knuckles in the right side pocket of my cut.

More cops show up. I start talking to a sergeant.The ranking officer on the scene. Well he starts asking me questions. I ask for a minute, to let the adrenaline subside. We chit chat about the NFL, my bike and my tatts for a few minutes. I tell him I am good, but would like the cuffs off me because of massive amounts of shoulder pain. He moves me behind a cop car, takes off the cuffs and I give him my story, answer his questions.  He hangs out with me, makes some comments about what I did, random stuff while we wait for a detective. He tells me my story more or less matches what the fireman and G1 said. And he tells me this sort of thing has been a minor problem this summer. Locally and nationally. I go through the whole thing with the detective again. The firemen bring me and G1 some juice boxes. This drags on for ever, but is probably way less then an hour.

To my surprise I get my gun, knife and brass knuckles back. Huge surprise. I was due to leave the country soon after this. I ask the sergeant about that, and he shrugs. I get the file number from him, and permission to pick up my bike. This is when he asks me about my concealed carry permit. Which I have on me, but I was doing open carry when this went down. I was a little surprised the cops didn’t hall off the vibrants until after CPS showed up and took over the kids. Not really an issue, just struck me as odd. The cops, they were laughing and joking with me inside 20 mins of showing up. They told me the other guys said I tried to run them off the road, started it by screaming “nigger” at them while I flashed my gun. Huge lie on both parts but shows a complete lack of understanding about motorcycles.  I carry my gun on my right hip, I cannot reach my right hip with my left hand, and on a bike, you need your right hand like you need your right foot in a car. So if I had my gun out in my right hand, there is no way I could have been riding along side them waving my gun. One told a Black cop they were just messing, and I over reacted. Thank God for stupid enemies.

So far, its to soon to say what, if any, the fall out will be. My lawyer laid out the worst case and best case, and told me the best case is WAY more likely. I’m at ease on that end. I cannot express how surprised I was with getting my gun back and how at ease and comfortable the cops were around me. Real buddy buddy like after 20 mins or so. Which I am glad for, don’t get me wrong.

Girl 1 is a different story. She has heard the stories from eye witness, seen me compete and what not but is still off her center after seeing me. I doubt its a deal breaker, but I can tell she is struggling with with the duality of me being the world”s happiest hillbilly and what she saw that morning.


Such is life, but I am alive to ride, fuck, and fight another day.

25 thoughts on “How to deal with criminal behavior……. ie urban diversity

  1. Sumo

    “Aspiring rape stars”. Even if it’s a typo, that’s some funny shit.

    I have two basic demeanors – Smartass Clown Joker Guy, and Scary Walking Nightmare Guy. Anyone who has ever worked alongside has seen both sides, but the “civilians” usually only see the first. Those who have seen the other side of the coin tend to have similar reactions to the one your girl had. Usually they get over it.

    Then they ask me to come along if they go anywhere sketchy.

    What do you carry for a knife?

    1. sfcton Post author

      a one inch folding Buck knife. Its a work tool then a fighting tool

      down range I carry a bigger knife, or better yet a hatchet but for fighting I would take a push dagger before a real fighting knife as you just hold it and use your basic hand/ punching skills. I don’t see the need to duplicate any effort.

      For some reason a hatchet puts the fear of allha into a hadji in a way a knife or gun doesn’t.

      1. Sumo

        Can’t go wrong with Buck knives; they make decent blades. I would agree re: the push dagger, based solely on the fact that I understand the design. Those are highly illegal up here, so I’ve never had the opportunity to handle one meself.

        ‘Tis a curious thing about the fear of hachets. Since you’re a former (current?) Ranger, would I be correct in assuming that you’re familiar with the Lagana ‘hawk? I imagine you could inspire a whole lot of fear with one of those.

      2. sfcton Post author

        Familiar with one? One could say so.

        For some reason, dealing with haiji with a tommy-hawk in hand puts the fear of White man into them in a way M4’s don’t. Just use it like an extension of your arm when you are interacting with them gets their attention

  2. Liz

    Holy SHIT Ton!
    I’m glad that you and your girl are okay. I’m sure she’ll get over it, especially once the adrenaline passes. That must have been incredibly frightening though. 😦

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL, it was for her. I don’t really have a fight or flight response. Mine is strictly fight or fight

      She still wasn’t over it when I left. Its odd really. She had a bad, bad childhood, and has committed herself to me because I am scarier then her nightmares, but seeing me like that has rocked her world at the same time.

      Any rate, that’s all tomorrow troubles and nothing to worry about today.

  3. BuenaVista

    Bad stuff. Now that’s what I call “street harassment.” And once more we see how the n-word has become a get out of jail free card for anyone who decides he heard it.

    My immediate reaction is one I haven’t admitted before: I have none of the training and experience, but all of the reactions, to being fucked with like that. It likely wouldn’t have ended so cleanly if I found myself similarly cornered.

    You were also lucky, no? A messier arrest occurs if there hadn’t been some honest firemen with eyes nearby. My son, when he was riding his bike (bicycle) across Montana last month, alone, was on the receiving end of “we still scalp whites like you”, trailed and harassed and run off the road by some kids from the rez in a junker pickup truck. No witnesses there.

    1. sfcton Post author

      yea the vibrant were lucky it was me. Someone with less experience, who is nervous on the trigger could have started shooting. Justifiably so in NC since our castle law extends to anywhere you have a right to be, and cars being lethal force/ intent. Someone less experienced with vibrants is likely to have tried to deescalate, which would have only encouraged them.

      me being lucky?With the firemen? Damn straight. Not only did they get the cops rolling much sooner, I couldn’t ask for a better set of eye witness with the police. I am grateful the cops were so relaxed once it was established I was not a threat to their safety or willing to have a second go-round with the youts. However even that probably was an extension of my professionalism. I was not bothered by their caution, told them I understood etc etc.

      everything is a justification for them people.

      1. Sumo

        I have a few friends in the U.S who are LEO (in much the same way that you and I are friends), and from what I’ve heard from them, you handled things in a textbook manner as far as interacting with police during a “man with gun” incident.

  4. theasdgamer

    Props for a successful intermediate outcome; legal has still to weigh in. I told my story about dealing with a threat once. I avoid public view of my confrontations. Simpler and gives more options. If you need the authorities, you probably should run and hide anyway. That’s my approach.

    1. sfcton Post author

      This was a public event and there was only one way to avoid it; allowing them to continue on with their threatening and possibly life ending behaviour

      This is NC, there won’t be any legal problems. At most I’ll be a witness, in the unlikely event it goes to court.

  5. FuzzieWuzzie

    I don’t think that I would have handled it as well as you. Heck, I am shaking and it is only words on a screen.
    Something tells me that it have been handled differently if there weren’t children present. With the cops bringing in Child Protective Services, things just got a whole order of magnitude more serious for these People.

    1. sfcton Post author

      The children weren’t a factor months way the police ended the confrontation, only in how they did the follow up stuff. Police will place their safety 1st and foremost.

      Not sure they would have done such a thing to a motorcycle riding bear…..

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  7. Liz

    Sfcton, Just a thought unrelated to the topic…I was reading your latest survival thread.

    You might want to think about grouping this information together sometime to sell in an e book or something. Put in a few personal anecdotes about how and when it could come in handy.
    It’s very useful and it’s obvious you know enough to fill a book.

      1. theshadowedknight

        I could help you with that, and I have a little bit of experience in ghostwriting and survival training, both. Let me know if you are interested.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        I do ghostwriting too, ton, if you would like help w that. Agreed w Liz that an ebook on such topics would likely do really well! And it would be an interesting topic/subject as I would like to learn more about all that myself. No pressure of course, just putting it out there.

      3. redpillgirlnotes

        And agreed those kids have no idea how close they came to the end. Glad all ended well and I hope your gal gets her head wrapped around it. Ton in warrior mode, likely is pretty damn intense I’d imagine.

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