Status Update

Well I’m back in the A-stan, at my least favorite place in this shit hole. Actually Afghanistan is lovely, sometimes in a very stark and stern fashion but it is beautiful here. What makes this place a shit hole is the people. But that is true of all third world nations. I’ve been here for a week or so. In that time I have settled into my room, adjusted to the time zone change, adjusted to the new food, been out on two missions and been in the gym three times.

The 1st mission we had 4 RPG’s launched at our lead vehicle. Three missed. #4 was defeated by the armor. No injuries, but the truck needs work

2nd mission our lead vehicle was hit by an IED and disabled. The armor worked, the crew was safe and able to return fire. Tip o the hat to the math nerds who make this shit possible. The hajjis didn’t much like the returned fire bit and hauled ass. See, like the Stark’s say, winter is coming and the winter here is harsh. Probably the worst winter weather I have seen outside of cold weather training. This means, haijji wants to get his licks in before he stops for his winter break. Soon the passes will be snowed in and they won’t be able to get fighters or supplies in.

One of the guys on my crew is way into bodybuilding and he looks the part. All muscled up. The 1st day in the gym he egged on a mini bench-press contest between the two of us. He was trying to show off for a couple of the Army girls, one of whom is very pretty. The girls all told him things like he was going to win, that he was so much stronger than me etc etc. Funny as hell. Like I say, girls know nothing about reality and I crushed him by 70 pounds. In part because I am stronger than him, in part because this is my game and I know most men cannot make a 70 pound jump. I only do close grip bench when I am training without my bench-press shirt, so really it was a much larger margin of victory. The girls were astonished, the men in the gym were laughing at the girls. See men know these things without thinking about them. The guys on my crew had heard the rumors, know they know it to be true.

The second trip to the gym and the semi bodybuilder dude wants to train what I train that day. Cool. I did power cleans to push press. Basically I take the bar from the floor to my chest in one move, and then over-head press the weight with a little help from my legs. The fun part is letting the weight drop from arms length in the air. He gassed out at 205; I hit 315 and called it a day…. It’s near my max. One of the girls complained to him about the noise I was making. He relayed the message. My response was who gives a fuck loud enough for her to hear. She left in a huff. Today she was laughing at my jokes. There’s more than one Red Pill lesson in that

My daughter never buried the hatchet. She has been by my house everyday to help tend to the Hell Hounds and help my buddy pick up my horse. Lest she is doing her duty

Girl #1 and Girl#2 are fighting. This is what hens do when the cock isn’t around to keep them in line. I said something about blistering their ass’s with my belt when I go home in December. Folks laughed before they figured out I wasn’t joking.

7 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    Glad to hear all is well. Or at least well for if you are in Afghanistan and people are trying to blow up your truck and such (glad they didn’t!) Yeesh. But hopefully you know what I mean. 🙂

    1. sfcton Post author

      its no where as bad as folks think. Thankfully they are pretty much only good at IED’s. After that thins swing in our favor. It will be all easy money and gym time once winter sets in

  2. BuenaVista

    We need a contractor ground attack function. Old guys in T-28s and A-1s. Hahahaha.

    It’s a mystery to me why the USA chooses to play down to the level of its opponents. But if those are the rules, more old guys please, strafing runs and wingovers before more strafing and gun runs.


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