Bad Boy game

Bad boy game boils down to 6 simple things
#1 High levels of confidence. Turning yourself into a bad boy will create that confidence. In a rock solid manner and not the fake it till you make it bullshit.
#2 Masculine confidence is a proxy for a man’s ability to commit violence on her behalf and quickly passes through a woman’s initial filtering process. Tingles mother fucker
#3 Not giving a fuck about rejection and therefore make more approaches often with girls of much higher SMP value then himself
#4 Not giving a fuck allows you to Demonstrate Higher Value which is a proxy for masculine leadership
#5 every facet comes down to the same basic thing; masculine power on display.
#6 there are more ways to play bad boy game then most men would believe.

Now to flesh that out…..
The simplest definition of bad boy is a man who lives on his own terms and goes against social norms. Now this could be an outlaw biker covered in tats with jail time, some broke ass dude playing lead guitar in a metal band, a man focused on turning pro in MMA or an ivy league MBA who gives up the corporate world to spend the rest of his life rock climbing in the South West.

I will focus on what activates a woman’s initial attraction triggers and not on relationship game. Some of our brothers in arms prefer long term relationships, but this does not negate the need to trip her initial attraction triggers. Women filter out men in both a passive and active manner. Initial attraction triggers gets you pass her passive filtration system and there is very little variance in this initial phase as the 80% of women want 20% of the men meme points out. Their active filtration system varies wildly but she is now filtering for a narrow set of criteria that fits her “unique” idea of masculine perfection.

A bad boy isn’t necessarily a convict, but he plays on that feminine desire for a man who will do X+. Some chicks are into criminals because they hope they will commit evil on her behalf. And by that I mean keep her and her offspring safe and acquire additional resources when times are extra tough. For most of history life has been brutal, dangerous and short on food. If dude A will do X to feed himself, his bitch and his brats and dude B will do X+, dude B might very well be the better bet. Criminality is demonstrating the willingness to do X+. It is unrealistic for us to expect girls initial filtering system to keep pace with the rapid changes in society but it is also unrealistic to say all girls want a criminal. I also think it would be unwise for women to shit can that initial filtration requirements because while we are all pretty much shitting in tall cotton right now, no man knows what tomorrow will bring. The true criminal life is a grind on chicks and while criminality produces the tingles it also sends a lot of girls running.

Why bad boy game works

Naturals, dudes with fame, money, good looks etc get rejected all the time and often. The bad boy advantage is not giving a fuck. Mostly. They are concerned about their standing in certain circles but not with the general public. This “don’t give a fuck” attitude is developed by trying and failing and trying again time after time and by pursing his interests vs what folks say he should. Each aspect feeds on and strengthens the other to the point they become inseparable, creating a certain level of mental toughness that naturally carries over to the SMP. Because he doesn’t give a fuck, he makes more approaches, in more socially risky areas and with girls who out rank him in SMP value. Chicks bang the dudes who ask; Men bang the chicks who say yes. Bad boys ask a lot of chicks, which leads to success with women which leads to per-selection kicking in. Which leads to more success.

How this “don’t give a fuck” attitude plays out will be different from man to man and from sub culture to sub culture. This display can be a biker with tatts, wearing a cut and sneer or by a man in a tailored suit with a faint air of disdain. Chicks don’t do subtle and the initial advantage for passing her filtration system goes to the more outward displays of masculinity but the suit wearing city slick has the advantages in longer seductions, broader based appeal and longer term relationship.

Now girls love bad boys, this is as true as true gets, but not all girls are going to get damp in the pants over the same kind of bad boy. One chick might love the ghetto thug look with dreads and tatts, another the long hair sickly looking dude ripping up the guitar in a heavy metal band and another might love the extreme sports enthusiast. Rejection isn’t about you, it’s about her and her view of the world and how you fit into her small little universe. Brothers, there are bad boy game options to run and you can find one that matches your natural talent and disposition. All you really need to be is energetic and motivated.

Bad boys get laid because their persona screams power and dominance which are proxies for the ability to commit violence on her behalf. Violence is also the willingness to face physical injury, overcome dangerous men and dangerous situations. You cannot separate this risk and violence as its pairs up to make a net positive in your SMP value. People loathe a man who hurts kids or is a bully because the victims aren’t dangerous to him. People love champion fighters because the men they beat are dangerous. Violence coupled with courage, physical and mental toughness is the basic essences of masculinity. Betas were less beta 60 years ago because odds are good he grew up scrapping with other boys. Something he out grew as he matured, but yet part of his adult personality. Once you’ve been punched in the face a few times you no longer fear it and typically his beta job was inherently more dangerous and more physically demanding than work men do today. That’s confidence women pick up on and confidence is a proxy for being comfortable with violence and risk. Each girl is going to have her own version of what displays this masculinity; her own set of proxies and there are many versions of power. An outlaw biker displays power at the individual level. A wealthy man displays power but his kind of power is a proxy for his ability to get other men to do violence on his behalf. Money is a more subtle display and therefore has problems passing through a woman’s initial passive filtration system. Because women now have their own economic means, they now have the ability to hire out violent men themselves. In the now, readily available credit makes it easier to fake proxy displays centered on wealth which also might make girls more skeptical/ filter out these proxies harder. Then again maybe not because women don’t seem to understand the differences between wealth and debt… For these reasons I believe it takes a larger amount of cash to pull off these proxy signals then in the past. This isn’t a conscious decision for women but something women understand at an instinctual level. Lust and reproduction are instinctual. Success in the SMP/MMP is based on your ability to activate these instinctual triggers (tingles). Most men are pussies therefore the ability to commit violence is easier to achieve then times past. It doesn’t take a large skill set or an insanely high comfort level with violence to stand out from the crowd when most men have not been in a fist fight since the 2nd grade, has a safe and comfortable, indoor 9-5 job and main hobby is video games and watching TV.
You can win a goodly number of brawls by being somewhat stronger, more coordinated and in better condition than the other guy which explains why athletics is a proxy for violence. And athletics gives you the best chance to transform from bitch to Bull. 2 years of serious MMA training and a few fights in the ring will do the trick, but I bet the same could be said of picking up damn near any extreme sport.

Bad boys get laid because they live the “fuck what women want” mindset and chicks eat that shit up. The “fuck what women want” mindset is the core of Demonstrate Higher Value. The overwhelming majority of chicks want a dominate man and this attitude express his dominance. You are above her, your concerns are a higher priority than hers, signaling leadership and social dominance; the man with the plan, who pass her shit tests (which are proxies for keeping her in her place and that makes her feel secure and protected)

Most bad boys give off a confidant persona and girls read this as the ability to commit violence on her behalf. This evolutionary drive for confident men is a drive for a man who will protect her and her offspring from other men and acquire resources for them no matter the risk to himself. This can be hard for men to understand as most men do not want to be protected or provided for but makes sense when you think about it from an evolutionary perspective. Until recently, everyday life was dangerous and violent. Even 60 years ago almost all jobs were risky; all men stood a decent chance of getting punched in the face over violating social norms and economic ruin was around the corner for most families. Life was a struggle even for what passed as middle class.

Damn, that’s a lot of words to basically say those six things but I reckon it’s pretty well covered.



13 thoughts on “Bad Boy game

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  2. myredpillmemoirs

    Wow. Just wow.

    I was directed to this article via notesfromaredpillgirl and am more than impressed with the valid information you presented and the way you communicated it. I am in awe; time to increase my displays of masculinity rather than hide them as per “social norms”.

    Astonishing article bud

  3. Sumo

    Re: point #3 – I concur. Wholeheartedly. Since I’m too lazy to type it all out again, here’s a copy/paste from one of my first comments at J4G:

    In my experience, few things get a girl’s juices flowing faster than the thought that a straight male isn’t attracted to her.

    I have no idea why this is so, but I’ve had it work personally.

    Case study #1, whom we’ll call “A”, was a former co-worker. Classic slut. Mid 20′s, adequate facial features, and huge, ginormous rack. Not a bad ass, either. Tiny little thing, maybe 5’2″ – 5’3″. Threw herself at any guy who walked by; I personally saw this girl engage in more acts of sexual harassment than the cast of Mad Men.

    Aside from an academic appreciation for the magnificent rackage, I wasn’t interested. At. All. Not so much because A was a slut, but because Sumo don’t hook up with co-workers. That’s just a bad idea.

    In any case, her ego couldn’t handle the fact that I didn’t react. She upped her strategy – I had the aforementioned magnificent rackage thrust in my face so often, I was tempted to stuff a dollar in her waistband. It got to the point where you could almost hear her cream her panties whenever I walked into the room.

    Case study #2, whom we’ll “M”, was also a co-worker, and my boss, which meant the “no hooking up with co-workers” policy got ramped up a few thousand notches. M was 4 years older than me, and a fairly attractive woman – kept herself in decent shape, took care of her hair and skin and so on. M was (at the time) a pretty decent friend, and not a slut by any definition of the term.

    M had a couple of bad break-ups during the time I knew her, and tried to use me a beta-sympathizer to tell her that she was wonderful and desirable, et cetera. Didn’t happen; I gave honest, albeit blunt, opinions instead. I didn’t compliment her needlessly (although I would tell that she looked good is she actually, y’know, looked good), but she still threw IOI’s at me like an old lady throwing bread at pigeons in the park.

    It got to the point where almost every conversation we had involved her slipping in some sort of variation on “what if we were dating?”, followed by nervous laughter, the “Oh, I was just kidding” follow up, and another nearly audible Creaming of The Panties.

    Not giving a fuck is some powerful juju, laddies.

  4. theasdgamer

    Frank Fratboy is another variant of the Bad Boy. The perception is that frat boys have lots of sex and get drunk a lot. On average, they probably do, but not all have loads of sex, though few are incels, I would imagine. Getting drunk is Bad Boy since it goes against the social restriction against drunkenness (“James Dean” Rebel Game). Same with displaying a knife or similar things. A man who ignores social restrictions shows his dominance by imposing his own frame and assuming social risks.

    I don’t hide the fact that I flirt with women even though I’m married, which is Bad Boy. Some women push back against that (especially Mrs. Gamer!), while others like it. Even the ones who push back probably are turned on by it to some extent (especially Mrs. Gamer!).

      1. sfcton Post author

        Just so Gammer, most dudes are bitches when you shove back. Knowing who isn’t can be important to your health. Being a man with working man parts is dangerous

  5. BuenaVista

    Rewatched The American (Clooney plays an off-the-books NOC) this week. It’s a morality play within an action movie, with the added benefit of perhaps the most desirable woman I have seen in a movie in the last 20 years. Anyway, Clooney’s fatal flaw is he starts to give a fuck. The world conspires against men who give a fuck, and worse, acknowledge that. Never design and publicize your own thumbscrews. Too many people willing to turn them.


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