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Cook With Sumo

Our 1st guest post… on cooking by Sumo. I believe that men should live like warrior kings and kings eat well. Plus if you can cook, you cut down one more way womynz can get you twisted, and cooking is a powerful game too. Especially for the brothers doing the three dates to get the bang. Third date is bringing her to your place to cook. You bullshit with her, she drinks wine, you show off your mad skillz in the kitchen and then its on. This is true of me as well as I generally need to play down the Bad Boy game and play up being a well rounded man about town……Here’s Sumo


Here’s the thing – anyone can cook. You don’t need to be a professional chef in order to put a decent meal on the table. Sure, it helps, but it’s not necessary. At all. The only reason why chefs are “better” at cooking is because that is what they have been educated and trained to do, in much the same way that a professional soldier is going to be better at combat than a non-soldier.
I am what you could call an apprentice chef. I currently work at a cooking school where our purpose is not to train people to be chefs, but rather to teach folks how to liven up their own kitchens a little bit. While we provide people with all of the recipes for the dishes we show them, the more important aspect, as far as I see it, is that we teach them a set of basic principles from which to build their repertoire.

If you’ve ever studied martial arts, it’s a similar process – first you learn how to stand properly, how to punch properly, how to block, how to move, etc., then you put everything together and start laying the smackdown on folks. Only in the current context, you’re laying the smackdown on people’s tastebuds.

What I intend to do with this essay is share a few basic thoughts with you, in the hope that it will aid you in any culinary adventures that you might wish to undertake. Comments, questions, and complaints are all equally welcome. Except the complaints will probably be answered with a smartass remark. I have to entertain myself somehow, after all.

To start, get yourself some decent equipment. A <a href=>properly seasoned cast iron pan</a>, one or two stainless steel pans, a Dutch oven, and a couple of small to medium sized pots are a good place to start, and really all that you need to put out a decent meal. If you feel the need to buy some more specialized or “fancy” equipment, go for it, but for most applications, it’s not necessary unless you do a lot of baking. Certain baked goods are impossible to pull off without the right gear, such as cheesecakes, bunt cakes, and so on.

Avoid Teflon/non-stick pans for the most part. After time, the coating will start to flake off, which in turn may cause food to stick to them. The flakes themselves are pretty much harmless, but it’s visually unappealing to some people.

Also, invest in a couple of high quality knives. A 7 or 8 inch chef knife and a paring knife will cover about 95% of the jobs in a home kitchen. Again, if you find yourself engaging in more specialized endeavors, by all means, get more knives, but if you’re on a budget or just don’t have enough space, those two blades will serve you well. At my job, there are 3 highly talented, professional chefs who both teach the bulk of the classes (I get to teach one), and try to pound some knowledge into my thick skull. While they all have a number of specialized cutting implements, the knives that get the most use are the chef knife and the paring knife. Food for thought (yes, yes – bad pun. I know.). In addition to the knives, get yourself a couple of decent cutting boards. Wood or plastic, at least 18 inches by 12 inches, so you have plenty of room to work. I would recommend getting one specifically for raw meat, one for fish, and one for anything/everything else. Plastic boards are ideal for this sort of set up, as they come in multiple colors – red for raw meat, blue for fish, etc. Also on the subject of cutting boards, place a damp paper towel under your board before cutting anything. The paper towel with give the board a decent amount of “grip” on the counter, which will prevent it from slipping/moving around, which in turn will minimize the chances of your cutting yourself.

A food processor and an immersion blender would be the only other “essential” equipment that I would suggest you have on hand. A food processor is a blessing for large jobs of chopping, grinding, shredding, etc. and an immersion blender is just fantastic for making smoothies, milkshakes, certain types of soup, and just about anything else that needs to be pureed.
I collect recipes the way that young boys collect baseball cards (do young boys still collect baseball cards…?). I enjoy reading through them, as I get a lot of new ideas, but the important thing you need to remember about recipes is this: they’re <i>guidelines</i>, not <i>RULES</i>.

Don’t be scared. Alter a recipe to your liking. If you like one ingredient more than another, add more of it. If you don’t like something that’s in the recipe, substitute it for something else. Personally, I hate green bell peppers, so I swap in red or yellow bell peppers for the green without fail. Do whatever the hell you feel like doing; this is YOUR kitchen, after all. The only time I would recommend that anyone follow the recipe precisely is if you happen to be baking something. Baking is an extremely precise exercise that depends on the proper balance of ingredients, and I am not knowledgeable enough about the subject to understand how or why it works.

As far as actual cooking goes, specific techniques may be required for certain dishes, but generally speaking, avoid overcooking your food.

I know, right? So simple that it sounds foolish, doesn’t it? Just think about for a minute, though – if you overcook vegetables, they become mushy and taste like baby food. Overcook pasta and it falls apart. Overcook meat and it becomes tough and dry.

For veggies and pasta, just bite into a sample during the cooking process, and once it reaches the point where you’re comfortable with it, then it’s done. While that may sound vague and annoying, just bear with me and try it the next time you’re in the kitchen. It will make a lot more sense then, I promise.

Meat is a little more complicated, but only a little. Invest in a meat thermometer, and you’re on your way to ensuring that you’ll never have to chew on shoe leather again. Whether you want to slice into the meat right away, or let it rest is entirely up to you.

What do I mean by “rest”, you ask? One school of thought says that after cooking, leave the meat alone for a few minutes (depending on it’s size – a steak should rest for 3 to 5 minutes, a roast or a turkey for about 30 minutes) in order to let the juices redistribute evenly. The other school of thought says that is rubbish. I tend to lean toward the “don’t rest” school, mainly since I hate waiting. *IF* any juices are released from the meat when you cut into it, just pour them over the meat or use the cut up pieces to mop them up, and eat ‘em. Problem solved.
One last point I’d like to make is <i>season your food</i>. You know how those granola crunching, hippie liberal pansy-asses go around screaming about how salt is bad for you? Fuck ‘em. Too much of ANYTHING is bad for you, but I can think of two damn good reasons to use salt just off the top of my head. First, the human body <b>requires</b> about 1500 mg (milligrams) of sodium per day to remain healthy. Second, salt is a flavor enhancer, so if you don’t use it in your cooking, your food will be bland. Bland food is an offense against the Food Gods. True story.

How do you know if you’ve used enough salt, but not too much? That’s easy – taste your food while cooking. If it seems a little bland to you, add some salt and give it another try. Add it sparingly, though. There’s an extremely fine line between maximizing flavor and over-salting your food. Also, keep in mind that salt draws moisture out of food, so when adding it to meat, ensure that you only do so immediately before you start cooking.

Well, there you have it, boys & girls. Cook With Sumo 101. If any of these tips helped you out, then my work is done. If you’re a better cook than I am and are laughing your ass right now, well… least I put a smile on your face. If you want to get a few more laughs at my expense, feel free to stop by my blog, <a href=>Cook With Sumo</a> and look around. Peace.

thanks Sumo, a great 1st post….. now its time for you to build on this one…..


SFC Ton’s Survival Series: On Pistols

I posted this at J4G’s 1st, but changed it around for my place, removed a technical error I made and hit up on two things I should have done the 1st time around. Writing ain’t my bag baby 

Howdy Y’all. People of all sorts ask me about survivalist type topics, mostly because of my military experience. So let’s start there. I joined the Army when I was 18 years old, signing up to be a Ranger. I was pretty good at that, and called up to the big leagues, injured and sent back to the minors and retired with 24 years of service. 12 in SpecOps, 12 as a light infantryman, with two of those 24 years doing staff time (when I was recovering from the injuries which ended my SpecOps career). I have 10 years of direct action combat time (4 in a SpecOps; 6 in a conventional light infantry role), 4 months as an observer of the USMC during their combat operations in Iraq and a year plus as a high risk defense contractor in Kandahar.  My specialty was the scout/ sniper role. Which I did in some form or fashion for 21 out of 24 years. I worked as a designated defensive marksman in Kandahar and now leading my own crew of men somewhere in Afghanistan.

Militarily experience does not automatically transcribe to good survivalist advice. It’s highly unlikely you will ever defend your home with a squad of Rangers and AC 130 gunship in support from an unknown number of Taliban insurgents. However the basics are the basics are the basics. The most advantageous aspect of military experience is time spent planning high risk missions, making contingency plans and an understanding of logistics and hygiene.  Time under pressure and training helps too. Hell it’s not the even the combat time that is the most vital but the training to do something purposeful, practical and calmly when shit goes bad.

Initially I was asked to focus on men living in the big city. While I took the king’s silver and fought the king’s enemies in cities all over the globe, I have lived in one major city for two short years. I will do my best. I am writing this with the newbie in mind, trying to give him an easy to follow plan and information he can act on.  I will strive to make this easy to follow through on and not break anyone’s budget or give advice that hogs up a man’s time and energy.

I want to start with guns. Nothing stirs up pointless debates and brings out so called experts who don’t know shit then gun debates. Let’s avoid that. This advice is not for the gun nut or the blossoming gun nut but for the guy who wants to protect himself and his property without investing a small fortune.

Hand guns. Your 1st investment should be a hand gun. Hand guns are poor man stoppers but excellent tools as they are easy to carry, easy to conceal, and leave your hands free to do other stuff (which is why cops use them).  I am not a fan of having a pistol for all occasions. Really you need one gun that you can take anywhere, which is where the pocket pistol comes into play.

Revolver vs. semi auto. Revolvers are solid choices and I carried one for years, thinking they were superior to semi-auto pistols. See I grew up when semi autos weren’t that great. Many had safety issues, reliability issues and problems with accuracy.  Well for 20 plus years now, that has not been true. Today’s modern semi autos are more accurate, more reliable and just as safe as the best of revolvers. Hell some semi autos like Glocks have less working parts.  Given a semi-auto’s higher round capacity it is the superior choice. However you won’t be out gunned or any such nonsense carrying a revolver either.

Caliber is where folks really like to argue. There shouldn’t be one. In the USA you’re most likely looking at getting a .38 or .357 revolver, or a 9mm, .40 or .45 semi auto. The .38, 9mm and .357 is the same bullet. The difference is the casing.  What this means is more powder behind the bullet and an increase in velocity. This is important to know for two reasons. The faster the bullet, the more kick or recoil you have to deal with, and the faster the bullet the better it will penetrate the bad guy. So if you have problems managing recoil for whatever reason a .38 might be the gun for you and a .357 is most likely not, but many folks I know swear.38’s have more felt recoil then 9mm. The point being on this, try it before you buy. Find a gun range that will let you rent firearms and invest the money in trying them out before you decide to lay down cash.

9mm vs .40 vs .45. Which is better? Lame question. FBI research has them in a statistical tie for killing power, with a slight edge for the .40 but still within the margin of error (or standard deviation for you nerds). So…. Don’t waste time on debating silly stuff. In practical terms, most people will not enjoy shooting a .40, especially in the kind of gun I will suggest.

Let’s look at killing a man. Bullets are not magic death rays. A .45 bullet weighing 230 grains hitting a 170 pound man will remove less than 1% of his body mass. Men die because you shut down the central nervous center(CNS), because they bleed out, or they simply lay down and give up. (the FBI has done a lot of research on this too. Shooting a man in the heart leaves him about 30 seconds worth of blood and oxygen. He can still fuck you up in those 30 seconds). Never count on the bad guy giving up, and it takes a high degree of training to reliably shut down the CNS(head shots but even then it has to be in the right part of the head) so you are talking about waiting for the bad guy to bleed out. Two schools of thought on the best way to do that. Fewer but larger holes, more but smaller holes. Works about the same same. I recommend the 9mm because it A) works B) is generally easier on new shooters and C) it will save you money and D) they are somewhat easier to conceal then a similar hand gun in .40 or .45

I recommend a semi auto in 9mm. A semi auto gives you more rounds then a revolver, allowing you to speed up the bleeding out process or to engage a second target (unlikely but the need does occur), 9mm gives you the penetration you are looking for (what you are looking for is a round that will travel through a man’s out stretched arms, then all the way through his torso so the blood can flow freely) at a substantially lower cost and easier to manage recoil. Which means you can pull the trigger faster without giving up accuracy. It takes time to bring a .40 or .45 pistol back down on to target, while odds are good, your 9mm pistol won’t ever really leave the target….. Pardon this interruption….. Look 5 holes anywhere in a mans belly and chest is lethal, you get no style points for having all the holes touch. Speed matters more so as long as you are hitting the dude in the chest or gut you can speed yo the trigger pull….  I also recommend a 9mm in the pocket pistol class. These are relatively small guns that fit in your front pocket. You can most certainly carry them inside your waist band, or on your belt or what have you, plus you have the additional possibility of sliding into your pocket. After years of having a pistol for all occasions, I settled on a pocket pistol. It is the most easy to conceal, no matter what I wear.

Good quality defensive ammo for a 9mm is about $25 for 20 rounds. Don’t shoot too many of these. These are for carrying around. Ball 9mm ammo is cheap in bulk like $300 for 1000 rounds, and about $17 for a box of 50.

As for the gun, generally speaking, you can pick up a new KelTec for $300 without too much trouble. Sometimes cheaper on the web.  Buying a gun from the internet dealer is pretty darn easy. Any rate, the PF-9 holds 8 rounds and weighs about a pound.  The P-11 holds 11. There are is also a good chance you can buy a used Ruger, XDS or M&P shield for around $350, and used .38 snub nose revolvers are easy to find in the$300 range in my neck of the woods I know a shop locally that sells Ruger LCP with a laser for $380 but that don’t help y’all none…  All will fit into a man’s pocket. Get an Uncle Mikes pocket holster for $15 or so to keep your trigger free of whatever random bullshit you stick in your pocket, including your fingers. Don’t go any smaller then a .38.You will lose reliable penetration power/ ability to kill your attacker quickly with calibers smaller then .38.  The last thing you want to do is put 4 .380 rounds into your attacker and then have him bleed out 30 minutes after fracturing you skull (true story).

Quick note about .380…. they are trusted all over Europe. My biggest worry would be how long they take to put a man down and penetration up north where folks where like 20 layers of clothes or what ever it takes to survive in the arctic circle. The best gun is the one you will carry and if .380 is it, then it beats a sharp stick

So for about $400 your armed and on your way to being a Sovereign Man. If you have a bigger budget, I still suggest you buy something in the $300-$350 range. Use the extra money you have to buy concealable body armor, or add a laser to your pistol, or both. Look, Lord forbid you ever use your gun to defend yourself, the cops will take it from you. You may or may not get it back. It is an open murder investigation after all. Sure would suck to have your $2400 Kimber Arms 1911 gather dust in the local cop shop’s evidence locker.

Any rate, it isn’t that complex of a topic, but folks like to muddy the water. I promise you, for the average man, and for 98% of criminal events, a small 9mm in your pocket will do the job while not busting your budget. A dollar spent on one thing cannot be spent on another. I love guns, but they are tools, tools most men will never need. Be smart about how you spend your money, just like you should be smart about which street you walk down.

Walking Dead part two

Their camp is weak sauce and I addressed that to some degree last time. Once you have a perimeter formed with the vehicles and brush etc you move everyone into the center of the perimeter. Right now they have a big camp that is several smaller mini camps. This is practically impossible to secure. Especially at night. Everyone needs to sleep inside the perimeter. Everyone needs an assigned vehicle to go to if things go bad. You need to practice getting out of dodge. There needs to be two or three secondary camps picked out so if things do go bad, folks know where to go when they are shitting and getting. During the day I would keep 1/3 of the men on watch and allow the other 2/3’s to do chores, personal hygiene, sleep etc. At night it would be half the men awake pulling security, half sleeping. This wears you out over time, but it has to be done. No sitting down to some big meal as a group either. 50% of the folks eat, the other 50% do chores, stay on guard duty etc. Maybe 1/3 eat 2/3’s do the other stuff depending on what’s going on

Yes women will be doing the woman’s work. They are looking at extinction and only women can give birth. That means you keep them in camp and protected. Survival requires you to shit can political correctness. Like all liberal luxuries, it’s not something you can afford when life gets hard, which is why societies didn’t have political correctness until they become wealthy and soft. Also much of the other work requires a lot of horse power. Have you ever tried living with fire as your only sources of heat, cooking capacity and light? It requires a lot of wood, which requires a lot of muscle especially since I haven’t seen a chainsaw and log splitter. How many latrines have you dug? It’s a bitch of a job and they fill up quickly, and you dig a lot of them

They should switch camps after the dipshit rides the Camaro with the car alarm blaring to the camp. They already know sound brings zombies. They relied on it to get out of the city. I’d beat that fucker right good but one of the campers calls him on it. When something like that occurs, you move camps. It just is what it is because you don’t know how shit will play out.

Keeping camp discipline; it needs to be hard and fast and over when it’s over. There is no way to establish a system of fines, no way to put anyone in prison and every mistake a person makes puts everyone at risk. You are only as good as your weakest link. I reckon you could add chores to their list but that seems like it would set up a whole series of debates and this isn’t fair and so and so did…. When ever a dressing down will do the trick, hit with a verbal punch but a punch to the face is fast, hard, not particularly painful, gets the point across and is over quickly. The worse part is the humiliation but that seems to be true with every trooper I ever corrected so when its done, its done and you don’t mention it again.

Fires need to be small, you need to save full and fire can be seen from a long, long way at night.
At this point men still have moderate length hair. Shave that shit. Easier to keep clean. Lice and what not aren’t much fun.

Most of the problems stem from no chain of command and ignorance. One combat arms vet thrown into the mix and they wouldn’t have near the problems they do and no drama for the show. Establishing a chain of command would be tough, but I’d do it quickly and with my fists if required. Thing is, I’ve been doing this so long words do the job these days, but that’s not the position the sheriff is in.  The end of the world is no time for a democracy no matter what the old dude on the show says. Anyone who caused problems would get booted. Cohesive action counts for pretty much everything and you don’t have time for speeches, politics and campaigning. It’s going to come down to the dominate personality who gets most things right. Or right enough. In such fluid situations right enough is the realistic expectation.

Group size is a difficult topic to hash out. To small and you don’t have the man power to get things done, to large and you’ll strip an area of its resources. Quickly. I would be leery of a mixed race group. Study after study shows diversity lowers social capital and small groups live and die by cohesion and social capital. I would not automatically eject someone for being Black etd, but I would damn sure keep an eye on them. Let’s face it, the Black and Hispanic community of the usa is dysfunctional with much higher rates of crime, drug/ alcohol, domestic violence etc problems. And that’s for the now, soft and fat living compared to what the TV show portrays.
The scene were Merle is handcuffed to a pipe while the zombies come for him. At one point he began to pray and beg but stops, saying he’ll never beg or ask again. I get that. Never saw what good praying does, and despite the rumors and movies, I have never seen a wounded man do anything but be as stoic as he can be. No crying for mamma or any of that. One more reason why I am a fan of the Stoics. It seems to be what masculine men default to when shit gets rough even if he’s never read them
Red Pill moment; her husband has been dead for a month or so and she is fucking another dude. Who is she fucking? The other man professionally trained to commit violence, and she is pissed at the other cop because she got to fucking the next man with a gun too soon. As if she waited a year before hooking up. Any rate it makes her look bad on the show but reality makes most folks look bad

They do mention boiling water before using it

The crossbow is stupid. Crossbows gained popularity as a weapon was because no one else could match the English Long Bowman. In this case the crossbow is low powered, you can tell because the bolts do not punch through the deer. Penetration kills. People and animals die from wounds ie they bleed out ( or you shut down the central nervous system). To cause a critter to bleed out in a timely manner, you need to poke a hole all the way through it. Daryl’s crossbow doesn’t do that. None of those wounds in the deer would have brought it down anytime soon. There is no law on the show. The time to hunt deer is at night with headlights and a rifle. Hunting at that point is not a sport but survival yet they are stuck in sport hunting mode. Which is par for the course. Survival is brutal, practical reality, not the soft “morality” of a liberal democracy. The show is demonstrating this by showing the difficulties they are having. Also trapping is much less time consuming then hunting. Trap vs hunt and since there is no law, you can trap deer. Or drive them to you before killing them. You would fish with a trout line not rod and reel for the same reason; its more efficient and you aren’t doing it for sport. By more efficient I mean it frees up time. You do not have to baby sit a trout line, throw it in, pull it out etc. You set it up and go do something else for 2 hours etc and then come back to it. Same with snares. What they do get right on the hunting is a focus on small game. They are easier to take and more plentiful.

The blonde chick has pulled a gun on the sheriff twice. The 1st time… shit is going on and she gets a pass. The second he is telling her they need to bury her sister. I would have head butted that bitch in the face. Folks need to learn to control themselves and their action. They don’t have the luxury for a woman’s bullshit. Nothing about her character is saying she is a positive for the group survival besides her having a vagina. I have to wonder if one of the show’s writers had his heart broken by a blonde lawyer chick. Merle is a rough character, they elude to him being the Ranger Regiment so he would know the basic tactical stuff backwards and forwards but a trouble maker none the less. He might be one you’d want to keep around because he is one tough mother fucker and trained. So far…. Cannot say that about the blonde chick

In general the women on that show are not portrayed in a very positive light. The only chick I dig is the Black lady with the Southern drawl….but to be honest I have a huge thing for our Southern women. Or did until they started aping yankee women. No one needs that shit, which is part of why so many damnyankees have come South.
The show plays the PC race card game hard. I am sick of that shit. #1 with the racist Southern White man and the magical Negros. This is always the game Hollywood plays. How many shows occurring in NYC have bad guys with a Southern drawl? More than one a week. The burly Black guy is a sympathetic character and easy to like, however I would be unlikely to form a mixed race group. Throughout my life I have seen Blacks and Mexicans put being Black or Mexican above the group objectives and cohesion way to many times to think its not a regular occurrence. I’d also boot any White guy who couldn’t play it by the numbers and follow my lead. They play the same kind of game with the chicks doing the fishing. I know like 2 girls who are good at fishing, and apparently they both survived the end of the world, and of course the domestic violence, maybe pedophile guy is Southern and White. The good White guy, the sheriff doesn’t have a drawl or anything particularly Southron about him; the asshole deputy does. The only people allowed an ethnic identity in the show is the gang of Latinos holding down the old folks home. Normally I would stop watching a show at this point, but they are playing it in the ready room.

The two big take a ways are #1 chain of command; #2 what a piss poor job they do with security. Security is job#1 and they are failing at it. In the show they argue the deaths might be on the Sheriff because he wasn’t around. The deaths are on all of them because they have no chain of command and no security. Remember to set up a secure camp, one that monitors light and noise, with some kind of physical barrier between you and them, have enough men awake at one time to stand watch, and always have a fallback position. Change locations anytime you think your security has been compromised.

City boys don’t measure up

Most city dudes come across as feeble and effeminate. When I walk around a city I think everyone is a fag or I want to shoot them before they try and take my wallet. I see soft men, with soft lives, soft jobs, and soft eyes. Or thug wanna bes. Of course there are hard-asses in the city, for some reason damn near every SEAL I have worked with has been a city kid but by and large its stink eye and words, like little dogs yapping.
When you grow up in the country, you grow up with hard, ball busting manual labor. There isn’t any such concept of childhood being a special time just to be a kid. You do goof off, but it’s after getting the eggs, feeding the chickens, cleaning the dog pens, feeding the dogs and whatever else free labor your old man can get out of you. As your body matures the demanding nature of the work and danger level increases. Farming is a no shit life with lots of chances to hurt get hurt. Badly. Same applies with most rural work. You might be 8 but you’re a working. And when you do goof off, it’s without adult supervision and mostly you are mimicking the behavior of older boys and men. I had an apple orchard and the side of a mountain to play on and there was no way for my parents or what passed as neighbors to keep an eye on me. I think this does three things to farm kids; accustom you to the difficulty realities of life; matures your body and mind much earlier and develops a sense of independence and self sufficiency, all of which puts you on the road to manhood much earlier than city living with cross walks and prying eyes.


City folk tend to be arrogant. They think we need them. We don’t. Fact is we’d be better off without them. Sure we might not ever taste some fancy coffee or weird foreign food, but we have what we need and we generally don’t see the value in what they produce. Do we really tv shows? We have our on engineers, and doctors, guys who can build or fix anything and we know how to create real wealth not ones and zeros in some computer somewhere. If city folks couldn’t vote, the usa would be fundamentally better off in every regard in about 12 years. We’d use our natural and human resources vs trying to make money selling shit no one needs on credit. There is very little in this world more unethical then usury.


City folk tend to be arrogant. They think if you work hard, plan correctly and do everything right, that things will work out perfectly. Farmers know better. They know they can do everything right and still fail. Too much rain, not enough rain, the right amount of rain at the wrong time and your crops will suffer. You know you can put that .308 through both lungs and still lose the dear. I’ve not yet meet the city boy who understands this.


City folks tend to be arrogant. They think they are bigger then the world and why not? When you go from your climate controlled house to your climate controlled office and back. Country boys know better. They know a horse can kill you if he wants, but luck you he doesn’t want. He knows that bull is bigger and stronger. He knows a PTO will take his hand off and he knows that the cops and firemen come too late, when shit gets real all you have is yourself and your kin.
City kids don’t face the trials farm kids do. I started doing things that would make most city parents shit kittens before I was 8. We were gutting fish and playing in the river before most city kids get to use steak knives and swim without supervision. When we cut ourselves it was gasoline and super glue. Most of us started to help killing chickens around 8, drove trucks and tractors way before 16. I was 8 when I was allowed to go hunting with my father and uncles.


I’ve never heard a rural kid say violence is always wrong or really any other hippy bullshit. We’re to practical of a people. What does the city have to offer? Ballet? Art museums? When does that feed a nation or keep a people free, proud and strong?


When I talk about the things I did growing up, daily chores like dealing with kennels full of hunting dogs, feeding etc rabbits and chickens, killing and cleaning rabbits and chickens, the ball busting stuff like helping the grown men pull in tobacco and roof houses etc, few city boys have anything similar to match. Few have shot guns, let alone started hunting, fishing and shooting before they hit elementary school. I started young on a lot of theses, my father’s attempt to rein me in, but not too much younger then the boys I grew up with.


Between the 8th and 9th grade, we moved from the hills to Southern Maryland were my old man bought 300 acres to grow tobacco. I loved living there when I was a kid. The river, the bay, the swamps, new local history to learn, big fat deer, no way to get lost in the woods, rockfish and crabbing but it was also my 1st introduction to what I thought of as city people. They were suburbanites but any place with a movie theater, Sears and three grocery stores was city living. The farm kids were a lot like the kids from home, the same concept of chores, risk and hard work, but the suburban kids and men were weak. They were afraid of my father, smart that, but the men I grew up with would have never let it shown. They had no idea how they devalued themselves. Still don’t. The favorite past time for the Black kids was picking on the suburban White kids. They didn’t mess with the farm kids, in part because we wouldn’t get in trouble for fighting once we got home.
It’s also when I found out people will let someone insult their mom/ family etc and not fight. More than that they’d laugh about it. How can you respect a man who will tolerate that kind of bullshit? The Suburban and Black kids thought it was funny. Country boys fought. The football team was mostly farm kids and I can only think of three guys who started and lived in a neighborhood. There were no suburban kids on the wrestling team and the guy who coached us still has the best win record for the state.


All this played out when I joined the Ranger’s too. Farm kids, country boys, a double handful of suburban kids. I recall one kid from Detroit and one from DC.


My kids grew up around the military. I could see the difference once again. City folks raised their kids to be pussies. My daughter dated a guy who played in the NHL. She lost it for him because he never hunted, didn’t know how to use a gun etc. People from more urban settings would shit kittens about the things I’d let my son do, and they were all spun up at the things I wouldn’t let my daughter do. Someone tried to bitch me out when my son mowed the lawn. Said it was too dangerous, he was too young… she didn’t much cotton to my response and said she’d tell her husband on me. Reckon he decided to keep his mouth shut about it if she did. Every summer I could, I’d send my kids back to the hills. Pert sure a major reason my daughter is not a feminist is her experience with her mountain kin. Same for my son.


Now often farm boys seem goofy and out of place to city kids. Folks in the city walk around with bad attitudes hoping to keep the scary at bay. Farm kids have no such need. They know they can deal with the scary, even if he’s never been in a brawl. He doesn’t think this through; he knows it like he breathes. He has a lifetime of overcoming dangerous and physically demanding challenges, and his people look down on those who put on airs.


I work around a lot of city people now. The men are soft and basically useless for anything important unless they are the blue collar variety. Soft, weak, useless are the only words that come to mind, which is why they try to redefine masculinity based on transitory things like money, jobs, education, trinkets…. all shit women can do. They’ll never succeed in redefining men. Masculinity is power, personal power and the will to use it. If you are healthy and have to rely on the good behavior of others, or other men doing violence on your behalf, you are not much of a man. You’re the kind of man and the kind of people who will be replaced by a more robust group of men.


Demographic replacement of rural and lower class White folk is something the UMC supports. Their politics and support for leftism is proof. The only real threat to their position at the top of the heap is rural and lower class White men, same with their progressive political agenda. So they support replacing us through immigration, keeping us poor by making sure we no longer have an economy based on natural resources and manufacturing while lifting up foreign people with things like affirmative action and unlimited third world immigration. This way they can keep their feelings of superiority and stay on topic of the economic food chain, but still the day will come when more robust men will topple them. This is true as true gets if you read history, but the UMC always thinks they are smart enough to do things right this time. Which is another common train of thought among city folks.


No the city has little good to offer for a people and is the death of the masculine soul. City boys don’t like to hear this. They think they are perfectly masculine and that their desk job is useful work which further demonstrates their delusions


Look friends, this is outside my area of expertise, but I hear tell that thanks to our shitty government and its refusal to protect American citizens and sovereignty Ebola has made it to the USA. Because of political correctness the USA will not shut down travel from the Ebola regions of Africa to the USA. That would be racist

This is the primer on what to do if its lose in your area

#1) Personal hygiene cannot be overstated. Keep yourself clean, wash your hands, clean your kitchen, and stay away from sick people. Wash or sanitize your hands. The folks in the third world don’t do that very often and it tells. Dirt simple but it will go a long way to keeping you safe. Oral hygiene too. Not for the Ebola per say but in general having a yuck mouth can set you up for a lot of disease. More than you would think, and more then stuff that only affects your gums and what not. It’s a little too late for fitness and good nutrition but if you are fit and if you eat well, you’re less likely to get sick from any damn thing out there and recover from whatever does get you sick( or injured). If you’re out of shape and eat like shit, fix that right now. Basic manners like covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze will help ensure you don’t get others sick. Avoid sick people and keep yourself healthy. If you have the flu, it becomes easier to catch something else. Like the Ebola. Don’t handle items and personal effects of people who are infected. Avoid hospitals if you know that hospital is treating Ebola patients. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
#2) Stay indoors. Another side benefit of having a house full of food, water, medicine and all your other consumable supplies is you don’t have to leave it very often. If it is raging in your area, and you don’t have to leave the house for 30 days, you stand a much better chance of staying healthy then the guy who has to run out to the store every few days.

#3) if things get really out of control wear protective clothing, including masks, gloves, gowns, and eye protection. If you’re worried have it on hand before you need it.

#3) Understand Ebola spreads through blood and other bodily fluids. If you’re not a medic, don’t go playing one with strangers. It can take up to 21 days for the Ebola symptoms to occur. Symptoms are fever (temperature of 101.5°F/ 38.6°C) headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, or unexplained bruising or bleeding. If you have any of those, get to the doc’s; if you come into contact with someone who has those symptoms, run. Here in the USA, things are pretty clean and we are pretty healthy compared to the third world. People in the third world tend to live in filth, die in filth and don’t do much about dead bodies and human waste and they die like it’s their national sport. I don’t think Ebola will spread in the USA like it does in Africa, but who the hell knows and really if it hits your town and your town only, your still in a world of shit. Figuratively and literally. One thing I do know is, the USA is going to allow more people with Ebola into the USA, and some small number of soldiers, sailors airmen who are being sent to Africa to help the locals deal with it will come back with Ebola. Count on it.

If I lived in a military town that sent people to Africa or in a city with an African immigrant population or international airport, I’d take this Ebola thing more serious then I would in rural NC or here in the A-stan
I’ve done a little more study since I initially typed this. Apparently the USA is seeing resurgences in Tuberculosis (TB), Measles and what not do to the massive third world immigration our “fearless” leaders encourage. I would think about taking this serious if I lived nearby any group of immigrates, especially if you have elderly or young children under your care


Race War

There are three race wars going on in America right now.


The normal one is White on White and goes on through the ballot box. That hasn’t caused major blood shed since 1860

There is also the Black vs Latino race war. The Latinos won out in CA, but who knows how Chicago will pay out?


The one I care about its the insane amount of Black on White vilionce, examples of which are easy to come by, and in each case the government down plays the racial aspects, just like they over state White on Black violence.  Regardless of whatever race you are, you want to be around your own kind when the wheels fall off. This doesn’t bode well for the many decent Black folk out there, but I don’t have a good answer for their problems either

The man o sphere will fail

The man o sphere will fail because it does not oppose feminism. As a rule the most you can say is the man o sphere wants some minor roll backs to the fem-pire success but they do not want victory, it doesn’t want to defeat feminism. It seeks accommodation with the lash hand but doesn’t want victory, doesn’t strive to take away the lash from their mistresses and use it or destroy it as men see fit. This does not bring about social change or victory.

Many want to build a better beta which is 100% capitulation to the feminine imperative, progressive politics and the leftist agenda. This is dumb as dumb gets for White men as progressive politics was established to destroy the bed rock of the West; middle class White men and their family. It is the enemy and half measures rarely succeed. If they did the GOP would win elections. Those who want to build a better beta ensure the contest between men and women drags on. Women know fear, it is all they respect but until they fear life without men they will not return to our camp. They will not be wives or helpmates worthy of the tile.

To negotiate a truce, both sides must desire an end to hostilities. Those who believe they are winning do not negotiate. The best way to bring the opposition to the negotiating table is by breaking their will to continue hostilities. This requires inflicting more pain and misery than they are willing to endure. Where are the signs women want to end hostilities? Even the women who claim to be anti feminist have no shortages of feminist ideas and political positions. Yes women are bitching, but where are the signs they wish to engage in give and take? To negotiate in good faith (are women capable of such a thing?). To roll back any part of the feminist victories? How many women want to end alimony? End default mother custody for children? Change domestic violence laws? See women do jail time for false rape accusations? End affirmative action? End Title 9?Etc etc etc. Are there some? Of course are their enough to engage in an actual dialogue?

As long as you allow women to vote, they will vote to put the interests of women above the interests of children, men and a strong, stable society. Our recent history shows this to be true. If you allow them economic options, they will elect to let their hyper gammy run wild. Our current culture shows this to be true. If you allow them options, they will piss on responsible behavior in search of something novel and exciting on the social front. Our current culture proves this to be true.

PUA are the only men on the offensive. They are taking a woman’s main weapon, sex, and using it against them

To a limited degree MGTOW deprive women of resources and this hurts women and the feminists cause but not as much as they like to think. Most men still make as much money as they can and pay a higher rate of taxes being single and women have many legally mandated advantages in college admissions and the job market.

MRA’s are progressives, and weak sauce. They talk a lot but have no practical victories nor will they ever as they seek accommodations with women, begging women and the State to allow feminism to apply to men as well. This is a weak message; their position is a position of weakness. Women and the State will not back down until they suffer a significant backlash, nor will they inspire many men. Men follow strength, those who inspire them to greatness, to achieve more then what they believe they can achieve on their own. That isn’t the MRA’s

I have this notion the real reason women hate Patriarchy is because Patriarchy forces them to fuck, marry serve and be faithful to betas. To really be the friend of beta you men you need to inspire them to greatness with a clear plan and objects worthy of the struggle and you have to be for the return of old school Patriarchy.

Jack Donavan wrote a book all men should read; The Way of the Gang. It’s the best modern book I have read regarding masculinity. In the book he talks about being a good man or being good at being a man. Men and women both follow men who are good at being men. Being a good man is easy; you do as you are told. Being good at being a man requires excelling in 4 tactical virtues; Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor. Being well regard in those areas makes you good at being a man, how you employ those virtues makes you a good man (or not). Bring strength to yourself, your kin and clan, you are a good man. Harm your tribe and you are not. These are the things betas need inspired to strive for, but they need something else, the proper mindset. I look at betas and alphas somewhat differently than most. An alpha is simply a man with a masculine soul and man’s sense of pride in his self-worth. Because he values himself, he doesn’t let others devalue or disrespect him. He doesn’t not support that which reduces his value or the value of other men; he may play the game to the degree it keeps his life trouble free, but he is not a slave to those people or institutions which have turned their hand against him. He values himself above all such things which draws both men and women to him alphas. A beta is a man who doesn’t yet recognize his value or potential

Every man who has lived as a slave made the decision to value some meager version of life over masculinity and pride. That is why you should pity the enslaved and why you should pity the beta who elects to remain a beta. Celebrate the beta who strives and fails, pity the beta who is comfortable in his slavery. He has no masculine soul or pride. He’d rather put up with endless levels of bullshit then suffer the penalty for striking out. In the Iliad, Achilles is disrespected and dishonored by his king. Achilles removes himself from the battle and refuses to support his king or the other Greeks until he receives satisfaction from the king and his people. Do you want to know why Achilles is no longer taught in school? Because his actions are the direct opposite of what men are taught today. What goes on in the here and now wouldn’t be tolerated by men who viewed Achilles as a proper masculine role model.