The man o sphere will fail

The man o sphere will fail because it does not oppose feminism. As a rule the most you can say is the man o sphere wants some minor roll backs to the fem-pire success but they do not want victory, it doesn’t want to defeat feminism. It seeks accommodation with the lash hand but doesn’t want victory, doesn’t strive to take away the lash from their mistresses and use it or destroy it as men see fit. This does not bring about social change or victory.

Many want to build a better beta which is 100% capitulation to the feminine imperative, progressive politics and the leftist agenda. This is dumb as dumb gets for White men as progressive politics was established to destroy the bed rock of the West; middle class White men and their family. It is the enemy and half measures rarely succeed. If they did the GOP would win elections. Those who want to build a better beta ensure the contest between men and women drags on. Women know fear, it is all they respect but until they fear life without men they will not return to our camp. They will not be wives or helpmates worthy of the tile.

To negotiate a truce, both sides must desire an end to hostilities. Those who believe they are winning do not negotiate. The best way to bring the opposition to the negotiating table is by breaking their will to continue hostilities. This requires inflicting more pain and misery than they are willing to endure. Where are the signs women want to end hostilities? Even the women who claim to be anti feminist have no shortages of feminist ideas and political positions. Yes women are bitching, but where are the signs they wish to engage in give and take? To negotiate in good faith (are women capable of such a thing?). To roll back any part of the feminist victories? How many women want to end alimony? End default mother custody for children? Change domestic violence laws? See women do jail time for false rape accusations? End affirmative action? End Title 9?Etc etc etc. Are there some? Of course are their enough to engage in an actual dialogue?

As long as you allow women to vote, they will vote to put the interests of women above the interests of children, men and a strong, stable society. Our recent history shows this to be true. If you allow them economic options, they will elect to let their hyper gammy run wild. Our current culture shows this to be true. If you allow them options, they will piss on responsible behavior in search of something novel and exciting on the social front. Our current culture proves this to be true.

PUA are the only men on the offensive. They are taking a woman’s main weapon, sex, and using it against them

To a limited degree MGTOW deprive women of resources and this hurts women and the feminists cause but not as much as they like to think. Most men still make as much money as they can and pay a higher rate of taxes being single and women have many legally mandated advantages in college admissions and the job market.

MRA’s are progressives, and weak sauce. They talk a lot but have no practical victories nor will they ever as they seek accommodations with women, begging women and the State to allow feminism to apply to men as well. This is a weak message; their position is a position of weakness. Women and the State will not back down until they suffer a significant backlash, nor will they inspire many men. Men follow strength, those who inspire them to greatness, to achieve more then what they believe they can achieve on their own. That isn’t the MRA’s

I have this notion the real reason women hate Patriarchy is because Patriarchy forces them to fuck, marry serve and be faithful to betas. To really be the friend of beta you men you need to inspire them to greatness with a clear plan and objects worthy of the struggle and you have to be for the return of old school Patriarchy.

Jack Donavan wrote a book all men should read; The Way of the Gang. It’s the best modern book I have read regarding masculinity. In the book he talks about being a good man or being good at being a man. Men and women both follow men who are good at being men. Being a good man is easy; you do as you are told. Being good at being a man requires excelling in 4 tactical virtues; Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor. Being well regard in those areas makes you good at being a man, how you employ those virtues makes you a good man (or not). Bring strength to yourself, your kin and clan, you are a good man. Harm your tribe and you are not. These are the things betas need inspired to strive for, but they need something else, the proper mindset. I look at betas and alphas somewhat differently than most. An alpha is simply a man with a masculine soul and man’s sense of pride in his self-worth. Because he values himself, he doesn’t let others devalue or disrespect him. He doesn’t not support that which reduces his value or the value of other men; he may play the game to the degree it keeps his life trouble free, but he is not a slave to those people or institutions which have turned their hand against him. He values himself above all such things which draws both men and women to him alphas. A beta is a man who doesn’t yet recognize his value or potential

Every man who has lived as a slave made the decision to value some meager version of life over masculinity and pride. That is why you should pity the enslaved and why you should pity the beta who elects to remain a beta. Celebrate the beta who strives and fails, pity the beta who is comfortable in his slavery. He has no masculine soul or pride. He’d rather put up with endless levels of bullshit then suffer the penalty for striking out. In the Iliad, Achilles is disrespected and dishonored by his king. Achilles removes himself from the battle and refuses to support his king or the other Greeks until he receives satisfaction from the king and his people. Do you want to know why Achilles is no longer taught in school? Because his actions are the direct opposite of what men are taught today. What goes on in the here and now wouldn’t be tolerated by men who viewed Achilles as a proper masculine role model.


4 thoughts on “The man o sphere will fail

  1. BuenaVista

    I think Donovan’s construction (A Good Man v. Being Good at Being a Man) is the most succinct and effective summary of our problem-set available. Even feminists get it (because, as even Sheryl Sandberg notes, feminists loathe Nice Guys) and even feminists want Being Good at Being a Man.

    The other virtue of Donovan’s central statement is that it is a compass: it tells us where to go. Any drafthorse chump, if he believes Donovan, then has to decide: How can I (specifically, “I”) be good at being a man? A lot of our virtues are suppressed or latent or poorly recognized; some have to be invented; some will never be obtained. But the internal conversation has to take place. It will probably be taking place during that dead-zone between 2-4 a.m. when insomniacs waken and wish the fuck their brain would stop, but they will take place.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Good point. Also what I like about his virtues are the depth involved in each word. A man can be physically strong, mentally strong, morally strong. He can master himself, skills, math, etc etc

      Each man is going to have different talents and abilities, but he can find some area where he can be strong, he can always have honor etc etc

  2. kfg

    There are corners of the manosphere where the phrase “Make no mistake, this is war,” is both spoken and considered seriously. Corners where Jack Donovan has been known to make an appearance to provide encouragement. Where the MRAs are called out for being the leftists they often are and where tradcons are called out for trying to make men go back to the female centric reservation as labor and resource providers to women, where MGTOWs advise on the theory and practice of putting as little into the system as possible.

    At the core there is a hardcore.

    1. sfcton Post author

      thanks for the comment but sorry i don’t see it. I see lots of rants, but no real action and it seems to me most mtow are forced into it vs being the kind of men who damage the system/ women by opting out.


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