Race War

There are three race wars going on in America right now.


The normal one is White on White and goes on through the ballot box. That hasn’t caused major blood shed since 1860

There is also the Black vs Latino race war. The Latinos won out in CA, but who knows how Chicago will pay out?


The one I care about its the insane amount of Black on White vilionce, examples of which are easy to come by, and in each case the government down plays the racial aspects, just like they over state White on Black violence.  Regardless of whatever race you are, you want to be around your own kind when the wheels fall off. This doesn’t bode well for the many decent Black folk out there, but I don’t have a good answer for their problems either






13 thoughts on “Race War

  1. BuenaVista


    Urbana-Champaign is an awfully mild place for this stuff.

    My take is that as soon as the media and cognitive elite described ‘knockout game’ as mere street crime, rather than racially charged crime, this kind of thing was effectively licensed. I’ve modified my behavior based on my inability to carry in certain places, and thus unable to defend myself. White liberals have concerns even about Minneapolis now, and I have a prog liberal female friend who is a potpourri of political correctness — and she got a Utah carry permit so that she can put something in her purse when picking up her son in MSP. (Nonresident Utah reciprocity covers Iowa & MN: for some damn reason, Iowa and Minnesota do not reciprocate.)

    I’d say I’m threatened and called out for being white a few times a year. Never happened until about 10 years ago. I’m still big enough and square-shouldered enough to present a challenge, I guess, as all it’s ever been is the “hey cracker asshole” bullshit, but it does get your attention if you’re with a child or woman.

    In general, I think this will just accelerate the re-segregation of the country, the sorting process that is plainly underway now. Particularly in congested areas, everyone’s just going back to the “my own neighborhood” model, and the borderlines will be tense. On balance, I’d say this is good, because I really don’t want to have responsibility for the health and welfare of neighborhoods where my ethnicity, alone, is cause for threat. The black community has overplayed its hand, and soon we will all be libertarian, and soon more people will feel free to shrug and say, “I don’t really give a fuck” when some talking head says they’re ‘racist’ for not acknowledging their “white privilege.” At some point the science takes over, and there is no science of welfare state, transaction/distribution politics, success.

    I say that having worked in the most desperate neighborhood in DC for the last few years. (“Are you okay? Are you lost?” a kindly DC gendarme said to me one Saturday morning, as I was parking my Volvo wagon with Iowa plates.) But the boys we educate, in a private Episcopal school for at risk-boys, have one job: survive Anacostia and get the fuck out. I really don’t care to spend time discussing with anyone the problem of Marion Barry, the endemic corruption of welfare state client communities, the utility of fatherhood, the utility of school choice, or the impossibility of “rehabilitating” feral young men with guns. Much of what I make goes to that crowd, and they are wasting it. “Moah monayyyy” is all that discussion leads to. And it’s like pouring money into a third-world shit-hole; most of the dough will accrue to the benefit of people who have paid enough rent to politicians to position themselves as toll booths.

  2. sfcton Post author

    One of the men on my crew cut his teeth as a White cop in Anacostia; I can believe any such thing about that place

    libertarian are liberal and will never do for Whites developing the type of racial preference system we need to develop to survive as a people; UMC’s will always oppose this as it isn’t their problem, their wealth shields them. This is very much a race and class issue.

    Good point about the media’s cover up giving them a free hand. I am for segregation into separate nations. It is time for White people to protect their own kind and for Black folk to sink or swim on their own. I am fully aware that would condemn a lot of decent Black folk as Black rule has failed epically but enough is enough. No amount of money, special programs and legal preference has worked.

  3. BuenaVista

    “Libertarian” means never having to sign up for a creed. My usage suggests a Madisonian indifference to the notion of state power, much less centralized state power, and certainly not centralized state power functioning as the engineer of human souls.

    My life would be mildly uncomfortable for a couple of years if the USG collapsed tomorrow, though it would be annoying to have so many more family members to care for, as most of them have bet their future on Uncle Gov.

    Even war-fighting needs to go private, as I suspect you would agree. In an idiocracy, there’s an insufficient attention span to solve secular conflicts. And as we’ve discussed elsewhere, if we’re not going to want our official fingerprints on the nasty business, we should just pay up and hire the professionals who will prosecute conflict on a results-oriented basis.

    1. sfcton Post author

      that’s a decent solution for the now but I am a kinist and do not trust or value any of the modern/ liberal notions of State hood. Course Kinism is even more unlikely in your neck of the woods, but a nation based on blood ties and soil is one worth fighting for. Not this mess we have now.

      1. BuenaVista

        I don’t think you’ve spent time up here.

        I was in Orange City one morning very early, en route from Sioux Falls back to the cottage. (Why, not important, but three guesses.)

        Orange City is in extreme NW Iowa and more conservative than anyone, anywhere, can imagine. Conservative in the sense that you will be ostracized for being a pussy if your sidewalk isn’t clear by 7 a.m. after a blizzard, conservative as in if you have one glass of raspberry wine at the wedding you’re going to hell, conservative as in holy shit those girl volleyball players should all be on TV — but won’t be.

        So I’m in OC buying a coffee at 6:45. There’s a long table of middle-aged men, all with the physiques you get if you throw 70 pound seed bags for 45 years. All men. One of the dudes is having a birthday with his friends. (These people do not congregate in bars, they have breakfast together.) 15 or 20 men break out in Happy Birthday. At 6:45. They all go to Dutch Reformed churches so they sing a lot. The roof is blown off by men spontaneously singing Happy Birthday in two and three part harmony. They are roaring in perfect tempo and harmony. Then they laugh, drink crappy coffee, and eat their breakfasts. No one else finds it odd. I would not fuck with people like this. There hasn’t been a violent crime — other than the daycare woman who recently stoned a 3 year-old, admitted it, but was allowed to plea down from first degree murder to ‘involuntary manslaughter’ — in OC in 50 years.

        My town is unusual, perhaps one of the more unusual towns in the country. But drive five miles and there’s no Hmong or Sudanese. Just men and women who want to be left alone with their lefse.

        I no longer travel north of the Mordor-Dixon line but I can tell from the maps that the north is a hodge podge of ethnic Whites, often with quite different folk ways, most especially religion. The South is becoming that way because of all the yankees moving in ( tied for second as the worst thing to happen to my people), and we get the worst of that breed down here. Yes you’ll have very tight towns or even a counties, but weather y’all could pull off Kinist type arrangement at the state level is ify to me. To many variances in the people. I think

    2. Liz

      Warfare has already been privatized to great degree…so much so that about the only way to privatize it more is to outsource it all to China. I’ve watched the cuts while privatization has taken over, incrementally, with mixed results. Similar to Unions, sometimes it’s good, other times not so much. As MacLaughlin might say “The answer is…” it depends.

      This is an interesting piece on tribes, from Global Guerrillas. Thought it might be of interest:

      1. sfcton Post author

        Thanks Liz, that’s a pretty good read and pro tribalism which is rare( few things would jam up the marxist agenda like tribalism)

        Everywhere I have been, PMC’s do it better then the active duty, most especially in the service and support areas. Our aviation assets here are supported by a lot fewer pilots and mechanics etc then the army, Chow is better, supply is easier to deal with…. the list is endless

      2. BuenaVista

        Thx. I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t been outed yet.

        no worries my friend. They only thing which surprises me these days is when they get shit right; but they aren’t really getting anything wrong per say. All their actions look like failures because we fail to evaluate their performance based on their criteria for success. In this case, wreaking the usa so they can rebuild is their goal

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