My beloveds

There are 5 women in my regular life, all are dear to me. I never tell them 4 of them anything silly like “I love you” I simply don’t believe in the word as it is commonly used. They are my beloveds, most dear, cherished ones…..of course I call the youngest two my monkeys as well. Each is dear to me in her own way, but I’ll leave my Black Beauty out of this discussion.

My majordomo (MD) is a 74 year old Italian lady. Her husband, who was 10 years older than her, left the hills to joined the Air Force as a fire fighter and see the world. They meet in Italy in during his 1st enlistment and after 30 years he retired, moved back to the hills and they opened a restaurant. Along the way they had 4 kids, 3 boys, 1 girl and semi adopted me. I cannot remember awhen they were not in my life, and because of MD, I learned a lot about family and customs. Some I still do today. Like on Easter, the 1st male child to visit got a silver coin. I still do this. They were kind to me when I was a child in a way my parents couldn’t afford to be( my mother was an abusive bitch but to be fair I was out of control as a kid and there weren’t many opportunities for my old man to go easy on me). What I know about cooking, how I view food as family and pleasure and acts of love comes from her. Really my whole concept of a high functioning domestic life comes from MD and her late husband. When they became old and infirm, I would travel up there and help with the up keep their home. One weekend me and my little brother cut a trail from their house to their pond so MD’s husband could keep fishing via a golf cart. He also taught me most of what I know about being a carpenter. We’re I’m deficient is a statement on my own limitations and not his. I’ve been gone for a minute but I can close my eyes and see MD in my mind’s eye, but cannot say the same for my mother. I love her like she is blood. At t my brother’s funeral I dropped my sister in laws step dad l because her mom asked “who the hell is she?” in the wrong tone for the second time. 1st time I told him to fix his bitch. He didn’t so I addressed his failure. She runs my house and life. Not the big stuff, but the important day to day functions are hers and she does it perfectly. I have no idea why she decided to live with me vs her own kids but I am eternally grateful she has. Before I settled in with the Girls, a few of the girls I was dating displayed various unpleasant attitudes toward her. I ejected them with a quickness. She has improved the quality of my life in every facet. And she gets a kick out of how I deal with women. When we were discussing her moving in I told her some things about how my life and women intersect. She had to believe it to see it. MD is the only woman I am not related to and still hears I love you from me.

Girl #1(G1) is my biker Barbie doll. She is 16 years younger than me and finished up her stuff to be a Nurse Practioner last spring. I bought her a bike to celebrate…. Actually I bought it in advance and told her it was for when she finished. It’s a 2002 bagger with crash bars, wind screen bags and some engine work so she can keep up. Right now she is pulling down extra shifts to pay off the last of her debt. She is the most self aware, even tempered woman I have had the pleasure of sleeping with. She is blonde, petite, with a tight ass, C cups, tatted and priced so she isn’t for everyone but most men would rate her an 8. She has this butterfly motif going on. She does end of life care and somehow butterflies escort souls to the next life. The work is excellent, matching her body and discreetly placed. She is loving and submissive, a joy to behold and a joy to hold but she came up hard in this world. I feel at peace when I see her. At one point she told me I am scarier than anything that scares her which was put to the test when the urban youth tried to culturally enrich us. It took her sometime to get over it. Her father beat her brother to death in front of her when she was 5. The State killed her father; her mother shacked up with a string of loser biker guys, some of who beat my beloved resulting in fertility and lady part problems. She also digs chicks. She went off the rails at one point in her life, not as far as some but enough that she no longer drinks and what not. I helped her get the last few pieces of her life in order and at one point told her getting her NP was a requirement for living under my roof fulltime. Why? Because I know it was something she wanted, some strange landmark that in her mind would erase the stupidly of her youth. We started off rocky, but after a few months everything settled into a very peaceful rhythm.

I was introduced to Girl#1 through mutual acquaintances. Email mostly. She is a deliberate girl, and it was very much like interviewing for a job. I smoked the interview. She had tried this in the past and it failed. My answers were pretty much the opposite of what she experienced, I addressed potential problems she hadn’t thought about and my answers were short and concise. I also had references i.e. social proof. This is on top of the underlying, autopilot sort of things like her growing up around various motorcycle crews. I went to a rather large social gathering to meet her. It was a few hours away on the coast. Now I don’t mind traveling for pussy, but I schedule more than one liaison for the weekend. In this case I had two other girls lined up, and plans to meet a few other poly families, plus you know…. bike ride to the beach, weekend at the beach etc. No single point of failure. We meet at the party; she blew me off to catch up with friends. I hit up the families I am familiar with, charmed a few girls and left with some other blonde( who was introduced to me by another Poly family head of house hold). Saturday afternoon I show back up with the new blonde in tow and put on a demonstration. This is when she remembered we had a date and she blew me off. We worked out a meet time on Monday and things went from there. The take away on this? Lots of demonstrating high value won the day.

I made Girl#1 my girl when she aggressively defended me against some slander. I didn’t ask for her hand etc. I took it. She didn’t complain.

Girl#2(G2)….. she is my beloved monkey. Funny and fierce. I see her and smile; we spend a lot of time laughing like loons for no particular reason. It’s been 12 months of it so far. I am 19 years older than her; she is a few months younger then my daughter. I’d rate her a 7, nice petite body, long, long brown hair, big brown eyes…. Cute really is the word. Her and her girl power…. I love making fun of her girl power. I was teaching some other military branch how to run an M4, pistol and tactical shotgun, a train the trainer thing and she was doing a story on the training. Afterward there was a party were we got to talking and… well we got to talking. We texted and what not for about 3 months before we both had the same weekend off. I had to lure her out of her shell. She was timid and frightened and I ran the long game with her. Course I had other women in play so it was a non event for me. When I 1st rode out to meet her, she had this thing about how we weren’t going to have sex etc. LOL. She meet me at the door, I put my hand around her throat, kissed her, told her she belonged to me and dragged her to bed. I have helped her out a lot. If you want to keep young girls around and especially more then one, you have to add value to their life or social  pressure will get to them. I fixed her wardrobe; put her on a budget, a diet and an exercise program. And she fixed her attitude at work. He parents hate me. When I meet them for the 1st time, her mother went nuts about the age difference, which I get but there are ways to comport one’s self. I looked at her father, told him to fix his bitch and went back to my bike to get my stuff. He followed me so I put on my game face and he shut up. Her mom got so pissed she just left for the weekend. Her family spent the weekend worrying about the over reaction of a woman… Is there anything more beta? She came back and he was joyful. Didn’t spank her or tell her to stay gone or anything. He rewarded her poor behavior…. I had a long talked with Girl#2 about how none of her mother’s bullshit will be tolerated. Alpha vs beta….. guess who wins? They are still pretty hostile about it all, but keep their mouths shut. City people are fucked up. Their son sucks dick which is ok, but there girl dating an older man is the end of the world…..She is done with her master’s degree next month. She had this weird deal where she got scholarships and student loans. She was 27k in debt with 24k in savings. WTF? It’s not that way now. On her own, she is a pain in the ass strong independent type no one wants to be around. Under me she is funny, charming and life of the party.

Girl#1 and I have the exact same notion of how a poly home should be run, and she wanted to be the woman who worked outside of the home. Girl#2 from the start wanted to be the stay at home partner and to have kids. Girl#2’s willingness to live in a poly house is twofold. Number one, she craves a lot of familial love and affection. Number two her devotion to me. I also think it was an attempt to lessen the pain of losing her girlfriend. When I meet her, her long term girlfriend was already on orders to change duty stations. My fierce, funny little monkey does not do well with change or loss. Girl#1 is not my dirty little secret, she is a corner stone of my poly life, so there was some major pre selection working in my favor. Girl#2 is of Italian stock, form a big city in Florida. She took to my majordomo like a duck to water. She has a long way to go on the domestic front but she is working on it. What set her above so many is her attitude, desire to make me smile and laugh. I cannot recall exactly how she said it, but I have the resting pissed off face and understandably this translates to her as me being unhappy and she was very clear in wanting to make me smile and laugh like I make her smile and laugh. Girl#3 is along for the ride, though becoming more a part of us all the time.

Her and Girl#3(G3) were a couple in high school and a match set, including never cleaning up after work before hitting the local bar for football night; drinking too much for their budget and an obsession with football. Like Monday night ball, Thursday night ball and of course damn near all day Sunday. They are both young enough where that kind of living hadn’t caught up with them and I fixed that shit before it could. Everything in their wardrobe is Ton approved, and they are no longer allowed out in public in their work coveralls. One of the 1st time I went to their local bar, a giant fat chick gave me a huge fat chick hug and thanked me for fixing her baby doll’s clothing. She’s the owner’s wife. Pretty funny in person. Small town coastal NC is a fun place to live and explore. The odds are good but the goods are odd.

Girl#3 is also petite with dark hair, but a little thicker in all the places that count then the other two girls. Daddy likes. She is also a city girl so I had some manner issues to address. We were pretty tense for awhile, mostly she was trying to make things work because of Girl#2 same as me. She was worried about losing her beloved which I also understand. Took us some time to work through it; all on her part but we did. What really solidified things between me and her was when her and Girl#2 where having issues. Girl#3 had orders for California. It happens and its part of our life, a reality to be dealt with. Well Girl#2 does not do change well, instead of enjoying what was supposed to be our last months together, Girl#2 began driving Girl#3 away. This was devastating to Girl#3. I pulled them both together and told them point blank this was not acceptable and if Girl#2 wanted to stay in my life Girl#3 was a permanent fixture. I said this for Girl#3 and…. Well it changed her attitude toward me like nothing else. She likes to shit test and she likes to be put in her place when she throws a shit test my way and she has this shit eating grin when she does it. For whatever reason, she simply cannot ask for xyz, you have to understand her and lay it down. Girl#1 will just come to me and say “Daddy I…..”. The other two not so much, Girl#3…. it’s like it’s an impossibility for her. Neither me or Girl#1 planned on having this large of a home, but you take what comes your way in this life. Her parents actually approve of the changes in her life since coming to me. She is not a smart girl and this causes some contention. Both her and Girl#2 want their opinions to carry weight like MD and G1. Not going to happen. A master’s degree means nothing to me, both are too young to have much life experience… I bought G3 her 1st legal beer. I am 22-23 year older then her. Both are city girls and by default I am leery of city “wisdom”. Any rate, I handle this by letting them talk some

One big misconception is how dread etc works out. They don’t go around walking on egg shells fearing they will drive me toward one of the other girls. There are no dark clouds etc. There is nothing dark and brooding about my soul or my home. Dread is in play, and it is overt same with demonstrating higher value, frame control and everything else. I’m not a subtle man. Dread example#1; Girl#1 is in pure crave mode on the Thursday nights before one or both of the monkeys come over. Nor is our home some kind of porn shoot. I have a high sex drive and three girls who turn me on but we are pretty much like any other family with all the good and bad. I have this theory women know when other women are pulling a shit test but are not self aware enough to realize when they are. With three women, each one gets to watch me maintain frame, DHV etc from a detached perspective. I think this helps keep my position and masculine strength for most in their subconscious thought.  A lot of poly homes crash and burn, I see it regularly but so do most one man/ one woman homes and they crash and burn for the same reasons; blue pill philosophy, lack of masculine frame/ headship and rebellious women. I have no blue pill in me, only time my masculine frame slipped is when I was dumb enough to listen to the advice of women and modern Christians and I don’t tolerate major rebellion from my girls.



29 thoughts on “My beloveds

  1. BuenaVista

    This is very touching. When you are overseas how do the girls handle it?


    I have never told a man to fix his woman, and indeed, when one of these middle-aged or older women who feel entitled to know everything or comment on everything in respect of a man, until recently I just politely deflected them. Which is another way of saying I’d absorb their little blows and move on, as though it were my responsibility to absorb them.

    However, I don’t do that anymore. In August I was having dinner in DC with Mrs. Smith and her nosy neighbors invited themselves over. He is a decent guy, if boring: he’s a dentist who divorced his wife and married … a hygienist in his office. The ambitious hygienist was an aging, thickening, walking-talking bundle of cliches. She hit the hat-trick: unattractive, dumb, and poorly mannered. It was as though every cliche I’d ever read on OKCupid would emerge from her mouth, and it was a 50 year-old mouth, so none too interesting and incongruent to boot. (Clearly, the situation called for heavy drinking.) I’d driven east in my SuperDuty which is not exactly the vehicle of choice in this neighborhood of DC so her questioning began immediately with that (“Why do you drive a truck?”) and proceeded to my situation in life, divorces, education, health, and … income. The woman actually asked me what my income was and how it had changed when I stopped being CEO and became the non-operating chairman. This was while I served her a NY Strip I had grilled myself and poured her fine red wine (repeatedly) in her glass.

    Well. The dentist was horrified at his caricature of a grasping second wife. But he didn’t say anything. I looked at him and said, “We’re not going to talk about my income, if you don’t mind. Is this common in your house?” I expected Mrs. Smith to be horrified at my rudeness, or lapsing into her professional mask of inscrutable, emotionless study; I glanced at her and she was smiling, as though watching a clever play. The bimbo second wife started to stammer and I added, “You can stay if you stop with the due diligence.” As I said, sometimes heavy drinking is the order of the day. So Mrs. Dentist started in on an interminable “Travel is my passion” disquisition, enumerating all the the trite adventure travel she forced the dentist to fund. Mrs. Smith and I got bombed and said “Uh-huh” a few times. The dentist finally interrupted one of these monologues and said he had early appointments and they, thankfully, disappeared through the garden gate.

    I’d never talked to anyone like this (outside of work) in my life. I blame my rude behavior on too many red pill blogs. Of course, I was half-lit with red wine, but to your anecdote, it does appear some people will push beyond all reason and decorum until someone pushes back. I wasn’t taught, until recently, that it’s cool to push back outside of the office.

    Oh. The evening activities with Mrs. Smith proceeded with such vigor I had to take a hydrocodone.


    Regarding your major domo:

    As you know, I essentially raised myself, as perhaps you did. In my case it explains my aggression in professional matters, and likely the risk-taking and recklessness in personal matters. My best friend’s mother, down the street, would surreptitiously try to provide some mothering, some interest in my life, some small conversations. She did this though it caused major difficulties with the dangerous schizophrenic who was my “mother.” The neighbor woman’s name was Sally. I think she’s the first female, also, I viewed as a sexual being though at the time I thought I was just curious about her willingness to wear her swim suit around the house, her nightgown in the garden in the mornings when she clipped flowers for the table, and her sense of humor that allowed her to make jokes about girls’ bodies or boys’ wandering eyes.

    When I was married my ex- and Sally were close and we had many, many long and pleasant evenings with Sally and my friend’s Dad, Jim. In 20 years of marriage my “mother” did not have one conversation with my ex-, or me of course. (I’ve had two conversations that I recall with my mother; one when I was three and she hadn’t gotten sick yet; one when I was 12 that lasted a couple of minutes.) I credit my ex-, in retrospect, with great kindness in not complaining very much. Once she just said, after my parents had visited for an interminable week, “How did you survive?” On one level she divorced my pathological family (for a time we cared for my little sister, who also is schizophrenic), and her fatigue with it, as much as she did me. So as in the case of your MD we seem, as children, to find love and care where it appears, not where it is obvious (biologically, physically, culturally). Or we try to.

    At this point I have heard the words “I love you” abused with such cynicism, ignorance and casualness, as though three words displace the requirement for even decent, let alone caring, behavior, that I don’t really want to hear them. Kindness, respect, (and good sex, if we are talking about a woman) are quite enough for me. And quite rarer than the fevered promises of “I love you”. Those three words are cheapened by their use in papering over any disorder, misbehavior, selfishness, capriciousness, aggression. “I love you” can be a shortcut, a trick, a ploy; it can be truth, it can be desire, it can be hope, it can be really anything any adult wants it to be. We’re especially in trouble if we *want* to hear them; then we can more easily lie to ourselves about the reality we’re ignoring right in front of our faces. The only time I believe the three words is when a small child speaks them, for he truly knows what love is and why he feels it. I’m convinced that many people say “I love you” to effect a transaction of some sort, to get something, to motivate some behavior: it’s scrip, counterfeit currency, in some presumed deal. Just give me kindness, respect and good sex, and I’ll sleep all night.

    Sally died last year, Jim has Alzheimers, my best friend and I are middle-aged. The last time I saw Jim he recognized me but spat at me, his face contorted. Best wishes for a long life for your MD and many opportunities for quiet moments of peace.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Thanks BV, not really a crusade but I’d like to show a successful poly home and men a viable alternative to one woman.

      LOL that hygienists had you in her sights, either for you or one of her harpy pals……I tell dudes to fix their bitch; you say the same thing with class. LOL about Mrs Smith, laid down the law and her lady parts went nuts

      Thank you for the well wishes. Like I said I don’t really believe in love as it is commonly used and I am highly doubtful if women are capable of love, which you explain so much better then me

      Thanks for posting and hanging around here BV. You are a resource on life

      1. BuenaVista

        Mrs. Smith is a feminist secular sexual outlaw (I guess, just ask her) but she was raised in a strict Mormon home. I took her to Nauvoo, IL (Disneyland for Mormons) (great Browning exhibit, incidentally: it’s in the original Browning’s house, father of the Browning who did the BAR and 1911) and she was slyly okay with all the polygamy references I made. Basically, I take it to mean that a man who can manage multiple wives is an attractive man to her, current ideology aside.

  2. honeycomb

    Ton your a “boss” .. BV you too .. LOL this was a fun read. The yin and yang (ie same coin different sides) of “fix your bitch” .. red pill style.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL I only look like a boss because y’all don’t hear about me crashing and burning,,,,, which I’ll have to fix that with a few posts

      BV is a successful man in a completely different field of endeavor; my post on like recognizes like touches on my theory that all successful men are pretty much the same at the core. Which mean lots of ying and yang

      thanks Honeycomb for wander this way

  3. BuenaVista

    I would be worried about the group breaking down while I was away for a significant time. Equilibrium with one person is challenging; I would think equilibrium with 3-4 is geometrically more difficult to sustain (1*2*3*4=24x). You seem unconcerned. Is the setup that stable that it shrugs at your prolonged absence?

    1. Liz

      I was wondering the same. The MD probably helps with that, I guess…kind of like the ‘first wife’ proposition the Mos have? No idea. I’d get annoyed being around women all the time, especially if they borrowed my stuff, or moved it. I’ve been missing my powder compact and favorite brush since that weird stalker event, and I’m convinced she broke into our house and took it. I know this sounds absurd, but I’m serious. We didn’t lock our house then. Women are nuts.

      1. Liz

        SIde thought…with that many women around, I’d think you’d want to schedule your trips around their menstral cycles. The get-the-hell-out-of-there PMS zone, and all (I knew a pilot with several teenaged daughters who actually did this).

      2. BuenaVista

        A good subject for a post would be “Female Stalkers I Have Known.”

        The thing about female stalkers, in my experience, is that they aren’t creepy, they’re truly unhinged. Just completely out of control.

      3. sfcton Post author

        lol I think only nice guys get female stalkers….. I had one sort of start up but I told her the next time I saw her, her brother would pay the price. She stopped

        Liz’s story sounds pretty unfun to live

      4. BuenaVista

        My favorite female stalker employed her unemployed friends from the FSB/KGB. I am not tough enough to threaten people like that.

      5. Liz

        Just had a conversation with a friend last night and wow he had some nutter women stories. Just last weekend he was at a concert and a girl got his number. The next morning he found she had called 56 times. I asked if she’d left any messages and he said she had, but he just deleted them without listening. I told him she’d probably left her little brother’s insuline in his uber car and needed to find it before he went into hyperglycemic shock. 😛

        He had a girlfriend five years ago who still calls him, texts him, sends ten page letters in the mail and poems about dying alone. On his last birthday she left a bunch of balloons at his door and a dozen strawberry pies and a new grill. He says he has never written her or called her back in five years, but she’s still doing this. I said he should text her and say he wants to get back together now. And then send another text with JK LOL. (I’m evil)

        Our stalker was a true nutter. I’m sure her husband’s first wife is buried in her old backyard somewhere with lye on her bones.

        I had a stalker bring my cup cakes once….. might have kept her around is she brought 12 strawberry pies

    2. sfcton Post author

      LOL I am unconcerned when it comes to women. I can always find more

      It is that stable on front and less stable on the other.

      More particularity in this case, MD and G1 get along well and are in one house. have been for a year.

      G2&G3 live together 112 miles away from my place. G2 does not handle change, well and G3 knows it so I am intervening there, which strengths the weakest bond; me and G3. G3 is dealing with G2 like a champ this time.

      Make sense?

    1. sfcton Post author

      yea I have always questioned her sanity, Even as a three year old I would cause my mother to break down and cry in the kitchen…. then laugh at her

      1. sfcton Post author

        don’t think anyone has called me cute. Even when I was a kid. Mostly I hear rugged or masculine etc and probably did as a kid as well. My daughter says none of my baby pictures are “cute” and I looked like a miniature version of me now

        MD says I am exactly the same, just a few feet taller and much heavier

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        See! I bet MD saw you all puffed up like a little rooster scrapping in the yard and she fell for ya. Maybe you had a cold and that threw it over the top! You’ll have to ask what her first memory of you was. I would be curious how close I am guessing it…

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