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Going fishing

I am leaving for Dubai 1 Dec and should be home with my darling girls by 3 Dec. They have already given me a to do list consisting of sex acts (one literally says jack hammer her into a stupor) and meals to cook. Life is good. Girl#2 is done with her master’s and Girl #3 is having a shindig for her at this bar on the ocean. Girl#2 doesn’t know when I am coming home so my presence at the party will be a surprise. She’ll cry.LOL So much for her strong independent woman cred. Which she is all about in her public persona but not at all in private or within our family. It will be good to see the Girls and the Hell Hounds.

I hear Boy has been out of control since I left, stepping up and being the man of the house… until he crosses Odin. Testing Odin is pure stupidity. Hopefully he settles down once I am home without having to make a big deal out of it

My Cobra won’t start. Gives me something to work on when I get home and it’s too cold to ride. My Fat Boy won’t start…… see above. Road King is good to go and my winter bike any which way

I am tired. Normally on the plane ride back I drink my ass off and try to get the air waitress pregnant. Right now all I see myself doing is sleeping. Getting sick really whipped my ass

Apparently there is some sort of news waiting on me when I get home. Supposed to be good news. LOL girls withholding intell…. That’s always dicey

Word always gets around. In this case it’s about me coming homing and various girls who use to be in my rotation. They are coming out of the wood work, most haven’t seen me in over a year. I’m ignoring them. I will spend New Years with Girl#1 and Black Beauty. She’ll be bringing Red Man and Little Beauty and I’ll have my nieces for part of Christmas. This will be the 1st time I have seen them since I ejected my sister in law, but my time off will have a lot of kids in it. Will be good to be Uncle Ton for awhile

Pre-selection and status. I run the whole crew here which in theory adds to my status but I think pre selection carries more weight. I have been chit chatting with this lovely Thai girl but not really getting anywhere until like two days ago. What changed that was her seeing me kiss a couple of girls at our party. Pre-selection seems like a subset of status to me but it’s the one that counts. Status is good it is extremely important to me to be held in the high regard of men and I know it helps a man generate the tingles but pre-selection is better for tingle production…. The Thai girl actually said I make her tingle

Butt sore betas trying to White Knight becomes a Troll

One of my posts over at RedPillGirlsNotes upset a beta. Shocker right? The comments are over there. en/#comments
Basically I said being pleasant toward a girl would not get a man a woman or keep her as the popularity of the man-o-sphere and Red Pill wisdom prove. Me and my darling Bloom got to chatting and I mentioned this story where a woman was giving me some guff but eventually asked me what did I like seeing in a woman. My reply was “I like seeing them nekkid” or some such, she called me a douche and a typical before spreading her legs for me and admitting to always wanting but never finding a sexually aggressive and dominate man. Think on that for a moment fellas. When we were bullshit she said she like nice guys, kind, funny etc and then she sleeps with me. That is the man-o-sphere in a nut shell. To this the butt sore blue pill beta called me a douche and an asshole… which I laughed at because as I have said before I have banged pretty much every chick who has called me a douche bag or asshole. I asked the butt sore beta to travel over here where he was shocked Bloomed agreed ( to whatever extent) about challenges, risks and hardship coupled with masculine mentor-ship builds men. In fact it is the only way to build a man worthy of that glorious title. What would really shock him is how many likes I get from various lady bloggers who I don’t shoot the shit with. To the unaware that what I write here has a female readership who does not troll me will seem odd. Reality is women crave masculinity and it’s a world they are excluded from, so my place is a way for them to peer into the locker room. Chicks dig that stuff and I have great lady readers/ commenters. The butt sore blue bill beta is unable to understand this because he thinks men and women are the same.

When I asked Wilson for an actual counter argument to anything I said he wrote
Yeah you sound like a fucking moron. Women are people, yes they are people with vaginas and vaginas are awesome but they’re still people. There’s no code or system on relating to them, grow the fuck up.

Powerful counter statement that but I will endeavor to counter his counter statement

This friend is an excellent example of the butt sore blue pill beta in action. Notice the personal animosity toward me for simply having a different world view. He is pissed because he knows douche bags like me bang more chicks. Probably as we speak some douche bag is banging the chick he is orbiting but being a beta he lacks the balls to punch that dude in the face so he woman’s up and hits the internet. Lots of attempt at shamming language too. This is always a good sign as he has nothing to actually argue from.

I know fuck all about my readership but you who comment are Red Pill aware and not new to what all goes into backing up Red Pill wisdom. From that point of view saying there is no system to developing attraction sounds nutty. Why? Because there are universals in the SMP, a system if you will for men and women. Does that mean 100% of men and women want the same things in the opposite sex? Of course not but it means the overwhelming majority of folks want the same, though each person will see those traits differently.

The easy example is women liking tall men. This cannot be denied. The research is too extensive. Does this mean women will not date short men? Nope but the short man has to bring more to the table then the taller man. Nor does it mean all women prefer tall men. I have dated women taller than me where height wasn’t an issue and I have been shut down by women who were 6 inches shorter than me because I wasn’t tall enough. Such is life but women’s preference for taller men is too well researched and to expansive to be considered a fluke and it’s damn near universals.

Men like slender women with tits and ass. Does that mean an average girl is doomed? Of course not. She just needs to bring more to the table then the girl with a flat belly, pretty face and double D’s. Sure some guys like to go hogging buts a weird fetish or driven by extreme thirst and not the norm.

This carries over into masculine attitudes women find sexually attractive. The research is stout when it comes to women preferring confidence and the Dark Tirade of personality traits. Done deal. Not all women but most. We also know her preference will change depending on where she is in her fertility cycle. Research again is stout.

Game is merely an extension of these sorts of theme. Game lays out the broad spectrum of human attraction which is damn near universal. Where it is not is application and how a woman will view your words and actions. For example girls like displays of dominance but that doesn’t mean she will view any one guys display as dominant. You can do X and crash and burn; some other dude can do X to the same chick and make her damp in the pants. Such is life. Or so I think that’s how Game is explained. I am not an expert on Game and don’t consider myself a Pick UP Artist etc.

Now here’s the deal…. I don’t see how women’s preference makes them bitches etc. It simply is what it is. And I say that as a guy who is about 7 inches shorter than the ideal ( I think it is 6’2”). I love women and adore spending time with properly behaved women. My work and hobbies are all male and masculine. I do think women are very limited in their capabilities, but this is a feature not a bug. It’s only a bug when men and society see women as the same as men. Equal before God? Hells yes. Equal in abilities, talents and drive? Hell no, but that inequality is important. Let me use justice as an example. Women have a different view of justice then men. The ancients knew this and we see it play out in the here and now when they will rationalize criminal behavior like he needed the money to buy shoes for his mom so he shouldn’t do jail time( bad boy with a heart of gold game?). Men typical have a much more black and white concept of justice. A woman’s sense of justice is valuable within a family yet makes for hell on earth when applied to society at large. I don’t see where men’s preference makes us shallow or immature. The lady has to pass the boner test, once that is done all sorts of factors come into play for long term deals. We are biologically programmed robots to a large degree and we can only overcome that program by so much, especially in a society that isn’t trying to help people do so.

To hit up the last bit of blue pill folly I give you:
Good lord youre 42 not 82, you have plenty of time. Wilson regarding our dearest Blooms wish to remarry once again demonstrating he knows nothing about the SMP/MMP
Now really off topic but I had this conversation with my boss. He is my age, pretty good guy, fit and tall, advance degree and some time as a Lt in the same Ranger Batt as me before getting his masters degree and pulling a desk job in the defense industry. He asked me how the hell I pulled girls so much younger than me because young girls do not like old men. I disagree about that young girls not going for older men. I will concede that typical young girls are not into the typical older man but here’s the thing; they are into men with accomplishments and that’s where I come in. And not just me. I don’t want to imply anything about the following men but do you think a man like Rollo, BV or BB would have problems pulling significantly younger women? The answer is hell no. Even then it won’t be all younger women but enough to keep them busy.

Making men

There are four things that turn boys into men, challenges, risks, hardships and if the boy is lucky masculine mentorship. . While the 1st three are similar on the surface they fundamentally different and developed different aspects of the masculine frame

The cornerstone of masculinity is the ability and willingness to commit violence. Anything that builds up the ability and willingness to commit violence is a net positive in our lives; anything that diminishes the ability and willingness to commit violence is a negative in our lives. Now put away your moral high horse; violence is a tool. It is neither good nor bad in and of itself. What directs and motivates the violence makes the actions moral or not.

Many things in life create challenges, but not all challenges produce a masculine soul. Masculinity is active so only physical challenges create masculinity. Studying hard in school is challenging for many men but in and of itself does little to develop a masculine frame. Where it might possibly help is laying the ground work for developing a discipline mind. Discipline wins brawls. The list of possible physical challenges is endless, but not all of them involve risk or hardship. Many of the farm chores I did as a kid were challenging but when the weather was nice posed no real risk or hardship. I also worked in a grocery store as a kid. Some of the work was challenging but none of it was a hardship or a risk to my safety.

Risk is an interesting topic to me. There are all sorts of risks in the world and a fair number of things people think are risky but are in fact relatively safe. Sky diving seems risky but causes few injuries and deaths. Military airborne ops are much different. In 18 years of mass tac’s static line jumping I’ve pretty much seen it all. Or had it happen to me, including a complete malfunction of my main chute. Shit happens when there is 2500 motherfcukers in the sky at the same time. In 6 years of military free fall operations (HALO and HAO) we had one incident. Sadly it cost a man his life and another man his legs. I have seen one civilian die jumping and she jumped from a radio tower. There are all manner of risks. Physical risks, risky business ventures and social risks of hitting on chicks. What is risky is highly subjective and changes from man to man. I have known men who wouldn’t think twice about taking down a crack house freeze up when it comes to hitting on some chick in a bar. I have never thought twice about getting shot down during an approach because it seems like small tatters compared to being #1 in the stack, but I don’t do high risk investments with my money. How a man handled risk says a lot about his frame, especially when the danger is sudden and unexpected. I reckon its probably hard to handle the sudden and unexpected when you haven’t been exposed to various risks beforehand, but I cannot say that is true form personal experience. The army in its capitulation to pussydom replaced the term search and destroy with movement to contact. A 4 mile hike in Southern Appalachia during the early spring may be challenging but is not a hardship and relatively low on risks. A 30 mile movement to contact, at night with 150 pounds of gear on your back is a challenge, a hardship and comes with real risks. My 1st combat injury was spraining my ankle when a rock gave way and I tumbled down the side of a mountain. My ankle swelled up to the point they had to cut my boot off. Remember that because people don’t seem to count risks like that as… well risky. Plus it was embarrassing to get medvac because of a busted ankle. Our bodies do not want to face injury, mutilation or death. You have to mentally override your body to do so. Our default psychological setting is to defend our sense of self which is why you have to butch up to approach that hottie. You literally have to mentally overrule your default psychological setting. See how taking on risks builds you up?
Hardships are necessary to produce strong masculine men because dealing with risks and overcoming challenges are part of the process of dealing with hardships. All manner of hardships. Physical, mental and psychological. Any man who has sought out a soft life isn’t much of a man, yet not all men will face the same kind of hardships enroute to maximize his potential. Each has their place in developing a strong masculine frame. Poverty can be a great crucible for masculinity. If there are avenues for latter success. Something that is no longer true of the usa. Not that I am praising poverty. I grew up in the 6th poorest county in the usa, I have been hillbilly rich, worked full time and still dirt poor because of child support and alimony and now I am UMC, or better depending on where I am working but young men don’t have the same opportunities as I did. And if you’re a young White man your society, government and culture is against you. Physical hardships are best. I will say essential in building masculinity. Physical hardships imply challenges and risks. Your body does not want to be hot, or cold or rained on or calorie and sleep deficient. Telling your body to shut the fuck up and Ranger on exercises your will power, strengthen your body and mind. Manual labor is the 1st step on that highway, but there isn’t that much of it to go around these days. Part of why I spent so much time in the military was for the hardship. Shared hardship builds strong bonds among men. The best stand in I can think of for most men is serious MMA training. It is tough, requiring two training sessions a day. Like a strength or cardio training then fight training after work and 4 hours on Saturday. Man is the most dangerous game and that’s why fighting produces hard men. I have a lot of respect for throwers or rock climbers but their “opponent” is themselves and inanimate objects. Stepping into a ring to fight another man means you are putting every part of yourself against every part of him. It’s one on one so you cannot hide behind teammates and every eye in the arena is on you. For pride and a paycheck, though mostly just pride when you start off. Masculine pride is the most valuable thing you own. I have watched the show Deadliest Catch a few times. Those guys live this out as well. The job is challenging, they are risking life, limb and economic success in some of the most extreme physical conditions on the planet. There are ways to achieve this potential besides the few ways I know

Only challenges, risks, hardships and masculine mentor-ship produce positive masculine men. Hell the terrible track record of boys raised by single moms proves this. Many come out pretty masculine but in the non positive, out of control sort of way. A woman on their own can never produce a man with a strong positive masculine frame. She doesn’t have the required tools and the kinds of challenges, risks and hardships women create are never the constructive kind. They produce the kind that leave men bitter and gun-shy.

The problem with modern men

Nailing down the problem is a bit difficult. If I had to sum it up the problem it would be a lack of Tactical Virtues, but that is actually a series of deficiencies.

However a problem with most modern men is no blood on their hands. To live is to take life. Even if you are a vegetarian, critters are killed to protect your carrot patch. If you are a meat eater, then you kill a lot of critters to keep going. How much meat, chicken, beef and pork does your family eat? All those lives taken to keep your life going.

Now I have no moral qualms about my life coming at the expense of other living creatures. Where I think so many modern men go wrong is that they hire out way to much of their own killing. They don’t kill their own food; they go to the local grocery store. They don’t shoot their own dogs when they get to sick to recover, they take their companion to the vet…. How do you trust a man who doesn’t shoot his own dog? The state kills the murders in their community; few serve in the military and very few who do serve do the actual dirty work of preserving the body politic. They don’t kill the men who rape their children… they don’t kill. They don’t have actual blood on their hands so they have no real idea what it takes to perpetuate life and keep order. ‘

How can such a man be trusted to understand good governance if he is so far removed from the use of force? How can a man govern his family if he isn’t the one doing the actual protection and threat removal? How does he manage his own life when he is so far removed from the death which sustains his living? Or worst, doesn’t understand his life comes at the expense of other living creatures? How does such a man properly value life when he is so far removed from death?
I got to thinking this at dinner tonight. I was eating with some other high muckety mucks. It’s “steak” night and I said something like I wonder how many cows you have to slaughter to feed this many people a day. A man said “gross I don’t want to think about it”. Of course he is some college educated city fag from Mordor and working for the government….. explains much doesn’t it?

I tried to watch the movie Battleship today. The movie’s would be heroes play soccer. I tuned it off. I don’t have much willing suspension of disbelief. That some Navy puke without a Budweiser badge will save the day is about all I can buy into. There is no way on God’s green earth soccer players are going to save the world from space aliens unless for some crazy reason the only way to save humanity is by catching AIDES in a San Francisco bath house.

Random observations of life and the SMP down range

I get the personal status report every day. There are 12 hog-legs for every whisker-biscuit. I’ve been on camps where it was 78 to 1. Each girl has her orbiters and among those orbiters, there is some dude who thinks he’s making real progress with her. In steps a guy with some level of game and another butt-sore beta is born. When you 1st show up here, you are out of the loop on everything. Every girl who wants some dick is already getting it. You have to poach someone else’s mate if you want to get laid. Guys who bitch about the level of competition state side would shit kittens here. The girl I am killing time with was surrounded by orbiters, all trying to be her friend and do things for her. I called her a lesbian and asked her questions like how her softball team was doing? What kind of diet she was on, and if her girl friend was the jealous type. Pretty standard operating procedure


Women here have an even more unrealistic view of their SMP value. We don’t have many swamp donkeys but even the swamp donkeys have 3+ guys in their rotation, if they want and the swamp donkeys’ want. They need to cram a lifetime of dick in their one year contract since when they rotate back to the world they will be back to the near bottom of the SMP barrel. Some stay here just for the dick. Thus (relative) alpha widows are born. This makes a lot of their attitudes even worse than stateside as well.


There is a husband/ wife combo here on camp and yes she is fucking other dudes from the security detail. Looking at her husband answers the question why. Man-o-sphere wisdom says marriage is for betas. I disagree. Women treat beta’s badly and they get to shit on their beta husbands even more with cash and prizes waiting when they exit


Everyone here is upper middle class in income if not social standing. The kid driving a forklift is making 90k; my boys are doing 135 a year working 6 weeks on/ 6 weeks off. Most of the men are blue collar in nature; the women are most assuredly enthralled with the UMC lifestyle, with all its useless spending on status symbols, funny coffee, travel etc. My crew seems to be of mostly middle class and rural background which is the norm, though they do somewhat follow the UMC lifestyle script. Mostly centered on diet and types of food they like. My boys, they like their chow, including fancy chow and their fancy coffee etc. which seems to be true of their generation of middle class kids. Most of my guys are spending their money on what you’d expect cars, trucks, bikes, guns, tattoos, booze and pussy. One guy paid $2500 to bang some English porn star. I don’t get it. I try to spend no more than $30 per 1st time bang. I have a few older guys who want to pay off their house so they can live off their retirement check and maybe be a greeter @ wall mart. No one I know has actually done that. The wall mart greeter deal. To driven. A few men are saving up for various business venture, a few more trying to pay their wives way through doctor school or some such but mostly its sharp young guys who want to stock up on toys and party before going to college on the GI Bill. They know they will make a lot less money when they enter the real world and don’t want to carry any debt while living some version of the UMC dream.


One of the guys on my crew is leaving when the weather warms up to try his hand at fishing in Alaska, or smoke jumping. Basically it’s his goal to work a bunch of crazy ass jobs for no more than two years and going to college at the last possible moment his GI Bill benefits will expire. As you can imagine this guy is the life of the party and swimming in pussy even here.


Most of the men in my crew are at the height of their SMP value. They will not make this kind of money when they settle into their real jobs, nor will they have this much time to work out and focus on their social life. When they go back stateside they are fit, loaded and ready to party. For those who go to college, that will be the height of the SMP value. They’ll slay ass when they go to college. The other men at college will be boys, with no money and stories centered on high school events. I lived this when I was in Hawaii and went to college for two years or so. These men will have a man’s life experience, nice cars etc and spending cash.


Another popular life plan with us is buying a small farm in cash then working some lame job for spending cash. These are men who are turning their backs on the world but not on women. A goodly number of these guys also want families; they want a life centered on family and farm while the world goes to hell. This seems to be a White guy mindset. I don’t know Black or Latinos working the same plan. It’s about 50/50 on farm kids vs men who have never farmed before. There is something about the White man’s soul which is rooted to the soil. This is more or less my plan too. More proof I’m not a special little snow flake.


There are five big bonuses about the local SMP. #1) Quality of women. Most girls are young and fit. There are very few middle age girls or swamp donkeys and no land-whales. Lots of 7’s, a few 8’s. This lets a man approach a lot of women. #2) there is a what happens in the A-stan stays in the A-stan mindset making girls more sexually adventurous than normal.#3 ) their college days of wild sluthood is not far behind them so it’s easy for them to slip back into that role#4) most people here are on the same level. She might have a master’s degree, but the men have specialized training. The nerds have top secret security clearances and do important military intelligences type stuff. Everyone has traveled internationally, etc. #5) Most of us are middle 20’s and older and there aren’t a lot of silly games about being sexual beings. I would also mention most men don’t have any kind of game skill set, but that is true where ever you go.
The pinnacle for men here is the security detail. The guys doing the perimeter security are from the Czech Republic. There job isn’t as “exciting” as ours, but they have guns and accents. They are, for the most part tall, well built, well groomed etc and they are cleaning up with the chicks who want some out group jiz in their baby maker. Their biggest fans seem to be the two Black chicks on the camp. That’s doubling down on the out group jiz factor. My guys are probably doing the best overall, mostly I reckon because there is no language barrier and our party spot, but we have our betas and faithful married men and still most of my guys are not getting laid. The guy doing the best is an intell nerd. He is one pretty mo-fo, tall, 6’2”, well built, speaks a couple different languages and has worked around the SOCOM community his whole life. The Brothers are at the bottom, mostly because of the work they do here; logistics and maintenance. Good honest work, but bad for tingles, especially for 20 something girls who are already making 6 figures and what not. We have a couple of air crews with us. That’s a hit or miss lot. For whatever reason, most of them are older fat, White dudes, but a few are younger, fit etc.


My secretary is 5 foot nothing and was as cute as cute gets. She was dating a guy who is 6’4” because he makes her feel safe. I asked her, who could do a better job protecting her, her boy friend or the smallest, weakest guy on my crew? Puzzled looks was her answer. Height or the lack of it is a huge disadvantage for men and women rationalize their height fetish in whatever way that makes sense for her hamster. I say was cute and was dating because she recently cut her hair real short. She is no longer cute and her boy friend told her it’s over. You go girl. She destroyed her SMP value on a whim, his height will always be there


I am killing time with this wonderful Native American chick from North Dakota. Well wonderful most of the time. She recently figured out I didn’t know her name and referred to her as darling etc all because of it. She did her best to ignore my stateside domestic life, but is curious now. Poly, or the idea of it is more popular than people think. She follows me like a puppy and has gone from the semi SIW type, to fetching things for me and what not. I achieved this the way I always do, but the process is cruder then I care to get into. Any rate, her mother left her Beta father when she was 4. Her father is a somebody these days and flew out to see her. She showed her father nothing but respect, love and affection and he handled the age difference between the two of us with an aloof detachment. I don’t know the kind of man he was 23 years ago, but he’s a fucking Boss in the here and now


Our dog handlers are a fucking riot, and I have never been on a small compound with this many K9’s. I enjoy watching them work their dogs, and a few that are not protection dogs have been coming to our BBQ’s. I am trying to get some training time in with them, but haven’t worked anything out yet. American White folks are unabashed dog fanatics.


Otherwise we are becoming known as The Spot. Word is getting out, people are asking for invites. The trick now is pulling more women into the weekly BBQ’s then men. I am not well liked outside my crew, in part because I keep telling dudes no. The guy who actually runs this place is pissed off with me because I am working on building a BBQ spot and dead set on keeping everyone out ( besides the women). He lacks the balls to make a real issue out it. We acquired a shit ton of lumber and are trying to figure out what to do with it. There are very few sidewalks; mostly you walk on crushed gravel. It sucks. I want to basically build a deck, about 8”s above ground level across our entire mini compound, or use it to build more walls and add more privacy. Some guys want to build a gazebo or three. I get it, they would be cool, but I hate walking on those fucking rocks.


I overheard one of my crew arguing with his wife about Thanksgiving plans. His answer to whatever she was asking was “I don’t care”. Brothers if you have a woman you want to keep around you are done saying “I don’t care”. She is asking for input, asking you to take control. This is a fitness test and saying “I don’t care” is failing it. Care, don’t care, just make a decision and move the fuck out about it. And that’s what she wants too. It makes her feel secure. It has fallen out of favor but if you watch older movies lots of women will call their lover Daddy. It’s about her feeling secure, protected and therefore cherished. When you punt on these minor decisions you shake her sense of security and being cherished which only feeds her need to shit test you again.

still thinking women should vote?


Mass murderer Charles Manson has gotten a license to marry a 26-year-old woman who visits him in prison.

The Kings County marriage license, viewed Monday by The Associated Press, was issued Nov. 7 for the 80-year-old Manson and Afton Elaine Burton, who left her Midwestern home nine years ago and moved to Corcoran, California — the site of the prison — to be near Manson. She maintains several websites advocating Manson’s innocence.

Why I am a Southern Nationalist


A Bloody Solution to the Southern Problem

The war waged from 1861-1865 was precipitated in no small part by the Abolitionists who had for thirty years fanned the flames of hatred against the South. When the fighting broke out in April1861, they all rejoiced, some at finally being rid of the South and others at the opportunity of destroying her. One of their own, Julia Ward Howe, while in Washington during the early days of the war, penned the lyrics to what became the Unitarian-Abolitionist anthem–”The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Her words hailed the advent of a holy war against an evil South and equated the crucifixion of Christ with the present crusade against slavery. The South Carolina Presbyterian divine, Rev. James Henley Thornwell, well understood the nature of the “irrepressible conflict” waged against his homeland. He wrote: “The parties in this conflict are not merely Abolitionists and slaveholders, they are Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Red Republicans, Jacobins on the one side and the friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battleground, Christianity and Atheism the combatants, and the progress of humanity the stake.”

Four years of Jacobin-inspired warfare devastated the South. In addition to some 450,000 Confederate soldiers killed and wounded, the region’s civilian population suffered horrendously, especially during the final campaigns of the conflict. The last months of the Confederacy were filled with arson, robbery, rape, and murder, crimes perpetrated more often than not with the approval of Union military officers and civilian officials. Much of the destruction was pure vandalism directed against defenseless women and children and represented a deliberate policy to strike terror in the hearts of the Southern people. What General William T. Sherman called the “holiest fight ever fought on God’s earth” made little distinction between black and white. A reporter for the New York Herald, who witnessed the sack of Columbia, South Carolina, in 1865, noted that “Negro women were for the most part victims of the [Union] soldiers’ lust. A number of them were woefully mistreated and ravished.”

War’s Aftermath

In the wake of this carnage, Northern business interests began a systematic and wholesale economic plundering of the South that would continue through Reconstruction. Oppressive taxes were levied on cotton, and in just three years (1865-68) over $70 million was expropriated from the Southern economy. As late as 1880 the value of Southern agricultural lands was only two-thirds of what it had been in 1860. Gross farm income did not rise above 1859 levels until the early 1880s, though the South’s population rose nearly fifty-percent during that period. In the decades following the war, the South became an economic colony at the mercy of Northeastern plutocrats who exacted enormous sums of capital through usurious interest rates, stole lands and resources through tax foreclosures, and rigged local elections at the point of a bayonet. Famine and pestilence stalked the land, and it was common to see homeless widows and orphans begging bread from door to door and once-proud veterans reduced to destitution. Indeed, abolitionist Wendell Phillips summed up the situation well when he remarked after the war: “This [the North’s victory] is the new dispensation. This is the New Testament. 1860 is the blank leaf between the old and the new. . . . We have conquered not the geographical but the ideal South . . . and we have a right to trample it under the heel of our boots. This is the meaning of the war.” So it was.

American Empire

The South’s defeat in 1865, as Thornwell predicted, cleared the way for the triumph of a Jacobin/Marxist worldview in a consolidated American Empire. Wasted by war and military occupation and swindled by crooked Carpetbag and Scalawag “entrepreneurs,” the Southern people could do nothing to halt the centralizers’ juggernaut.




You can read the whole thing here

Beta Tells

If you are into the Red Pill, Rollo at Rational Male is a must read. Right now, what I am impressed with is his list of female behavior toward a man to help men determine if she views you as Beta or not. I….. tend to dominate conversations ifin I am interested so I wanted to list my response to his check list here. My replies are in bold….

I could very easily compile a list of behaviors that are simply the reverse of the Alpha Tells I noted in the previous post, but it’s much more important to address the root reasons for these Beta Tells:
• Does she initiate sex or affection spontaneously?
o Yes all three. Girl#1 never fails to initiate sex the night before the other two come to visit. We are an over the top affectionate group though when I want their attention I command it… like get over here woman and take my arm or sit by Daddy etc. They take my arm, I don’t hold their hand, I grab them by the neck and direct them while we walk etc etc
• Does she entertain a large pool of “male friend” orbiters with the expectation of you being ‘mature enough’ to accept it?

o Yes and no. Girl#1 is in a female dominate profession but does have male co-workers. She is in this weird semi doctor loop and in those meetings, lunches etc she is the only girl. She is hot so guys orbit. Girls’# 2&3 work in male dominate profession, are good looking and therefore have orbiters. I am mature enough to accept it. However this has never been an issue and they are quick to remind their orbiters they are mine.
• Does she keep a core peer group of ‘girlfriends’ she insists on prioritizing over being with you? Frequent GNOs?
o Nope and again sort of…. Girls’ #2&#3 live together and watch a lot of weeknight football together at their local watering hole. When their duty days line up. Pert certain this is not the kind of GNO Rollo is referring to
• Has she explained to you how she was so different in college and how she’s glad those days are behind her now?
o LOL yep but not in the reformed carousel rider way. Both were up tight and nerdy. Girl#1 did go off the rails as a young girl but was well on her way of putting that past her when we meet. She is up front in saying she is with me because I am scarier than her past
• Is she experiencing her Epiphany Phase?
o Yes but Girl#1 had one about her life many years before I came along back when she was having drinking issues. Nope, the other two are way to young
• Does she cite “mismatched libidos” as a reason for her lack of sexual interest in you now that you’re married or living together (even after she’s had better sex with you or a former lover when single)?
o Nope or she’d be gone
• Is she averse or repulsed by your ejaculate being on her skin, in her mouth or overly concerned with soiling a bed sheet?
o LOL my ejaculate is the prize and who get’s it is on a rotation
• Will she have sex with you anywhere besides the bed?
o LOL oh hell yea…. but I am a bedroom kind of guy
• Do you perform oral on her to get her off more than you have intercourse?
o *Nope going down on girls is women work and I don’t do it. Nor do I worry about their orgasm or lack of orgasm.
• Is she a wide-eyed lover or does she squint her eyes closed while having sex? Is sex a chore for her to perform?
o Exact opposite for all three. In the last year no girl has been healthy and said no. Girl#1 has issues with her girl parts
• If you’re married, did she assume your last name, or did she insist on a hyphenated surname for herself?
o Non-issue but I would not marry a woman who wanted either
• When you’re together does her regular, unpracticed body posture indicate an openness or are you always having to break into her intimate space?
o Never noticed, don’t care; normally one of them is hanging on me, often more if possible. We are an affectionate lot. Guess that answers the question
• Is she preoccupied with her side of the family or a certain pet in preference to being concerned with your well-being?
o LOL they are all overly concerned with my well being and it annoys me to no end. I deal with it though and in a way it makes me happy because well it’s the polar opposite of my ex wife and comes from their regard for me.
• Is she consciously aware of being 1-2 points above your own relative SMV? Is she overt about it?
o Again hard to say; all three are much younger than me and could pull another man with a quickness, 2 live by a Marine Core base that houses 2nd Recon so they could replace me with another SpecOp’s vet who is younger and closer to home and one works around doctors and the like but yet all three have elected to live a very outside the main stream lifestyle with me. In one case it has caused significant hardship with her family. If they are aware they have never mentioned it but I regularly hear things like feeling lucky to belong to me
• Does she presume authority in your relationship? Do you accede this authority as a matter of (equalist) belief?
o LOL all three have surrender their authority to me and seen an increase in the quality of their life. We are not equals in any fashion.
*It’s not that I don’t care don’t care but that I understand Girl#1 has intermittent difficulties achieving orgasms. Sometimes I cannot count the number of times she gets off and other times it isn’t going to happen. I take this in stride and don’t assume it’s a failing on my part. She enjoys herself anywhichway and sometimes there is an unrealistic overemphasis on lady orgasms.

This comment by Zelcorpion is a killer and another useful tool for men to evaluate their standing:
In my opinion – though we comply the Alpha state only in the inter-sexual viewpoint – there are 4 major points of Alpha – and all have to be checked:
1. Being Alpha in his dealings with men (many guys manage that not being doormats or complete wallflowers)
2. Being Alpha in job – again quite a few successful guys manage that
3. Being Alpha in short-term mating – here sometimes having very good looks, fame or local higher status is sufficient to get laid 100 times more than the best PUA Alpha
4. Being Alpha in a LTR with every woman and with your family / children – this is the area in which most guys fail – even men who have mad fortunes and are attractive enough to pull quality women all the time

I readily own up to failing with #4 during my 1st marriage. I do keep frame with female kin folk, including my daughter. Not claiming it makes life better but it keeps a man’s sense of self intact.


TRP poster, needathrowawayplease from the Red Pill subreddit has a timely question / observation:

Knowing your SO’s menstrual cycle can be extremely powerful. [Indeed]

During the fertile stage of her cycle, thousands of years of evolution mean her body is screaming at her to get knocked up by an alpha male. A simple test to determine is she sees you as her alpha fucks is to not initiate during the fertile period of her cycle and observe her behavior: does she come to you to get fucked? Does her body language or physical behavior change when she’s fertile. Maybe she touches you more often or more intimately or plays the role of the seductress: things like coming to bed wearing lingerie where she usually wouldn’t? Even if she’s relatively low-sex drive and doesn’t initiate, does she at least respond more passionately to your sexual advances or orgasm more easily or…

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Staying on top

A while back when reading the bleating’s of betas’ about how great it is to be a beta male, a number of them mentioned how exhausting it is to stay on top, how Alphas are in reality insecure because everyone is trying to take them down. This is false but beta men are betas because they believe the lies of the world.

I recently started viewing myself as an Alpha. Expect for the few years where I took my ex wife’s complaints serious and listen to the advice of churchboys about how to be a husband I have always done well with women but doing well with women has never been the objective. Success with women has been a byproduct of chasing after the next adrenalin rush. I’ll use training as an example. I have never picked up a barbell with the intention of getting bigger/ looking better etc. When I have made the decisions to pack on weight, I made the decision based on getting stronger, to improve my ability to dominate other men. But Alpha is as alpha does and I have done a lot of women.

Men are not assigned any value or given any position in the hierarchy of men for simply being born a man. A pussy born into money might be wealthy but he is still a pussy and universally despised. For the most of men it takes effort to climb the social ladder and each man will climb it in his own way. I have been an apex predator for a long time now and I had to bust my ass from an early age to get there. There have always been smarter, strong and better men, but any man can make the decision to be meaner, tougher, harder or more diligent at work. Now, where ever I rank in the hierarchy of men is where I rank, but it takes considerably less effort to maintain then to get there. Success builds success and has an inertia all on its own.
Young bucks challenge the hierarchy of men. Leastwise the ones with spirit do, and older men know this. I’m sure I annoyed every one, older boys and grown ass men alike. My nickname as a small kid was Roster… City kids probably don’t understand that one but I most assuredly thought I was the cock of the walk. Folks didn’t start calling me Ton until I got hung up on power-lifting, which feed into my attitude. Thing is, I never got my ass kicked like you’d think. It was those on the social bubble that would get really pissed and sometimes it came down to swinging. The boys and men capable of delivering knew what was going on and rolled with it…..and son of bitch if I didn’t play things out more or less the same way when youngsters challenge me.

The thing is a man doesn’t need to accept all challenges to maintain his place nor does he need to win all contests. Really it’s about frame. Skillz with our weapons ranks pretty high here and I get challenged on the range. I win more then I lose (unless its pistols) but losing doesn’t change my standing. I congratulate the winner, pony up whatever the bet was and move on with the day. Recently we did this with a slap bet. Everyone who outscored you gets to slap you in the face. We limit the length of the swing by standing next to a wall. I came in 4th meaning three other dudes got to slap me. Here’s how frame plays in…. everyone one wanted to see me get the snot slapped out of me yet everyone worried I’d lose my temper. Even in defeat my reputation for violence was clear and respected. We have this kid on our crew called the Fat Kid. Now Fat Kid is not fat but stout, wider across the shoulders then me, strong like bull. He out shot me and then knocked the snot out of me later when the slap bet bill came due. I laughed and gave him his propers for the hit. This elevated my standing. Most challenges, if handled well by both men elevate your standing. Challenge offered, challenge meet, respect grows. Win or lose, if no one gets butt-sore no man really loses. Getting butt-sore is a beta hallmark. For the most part, these challenges are not personal in nature. The man who challenges me earns respect for stepping up, how I deal with it will either earn respect or cause me to lose face. When a young man bests me, I congratulate his success. This expands my reputation, not shrinks it. This is something else beta males do not understand. Respect, standing, status to them is a zero sum gain, but reality is there is no limited on respect among men. A man’s respect for Jim doesn’t reduce the level of respect for John.

Some challenges are more serious. I have been shutting these down for years now and they’re nothing to worry about. Worry is another hallmark of the beta. Alpha men know, win or lose; they’ll end up on top again. To the younger man, it’s all new and he has a lot riding on it. To me, it’s Tuesday. I’ve been winning Alpha Male of the Group (AMOG) games longer than some of these kids have been alive. It’s been 20 years since the other man failed to back down. I smashed him in the face with my Kevlar. There is a price to pay for failure and I’ll take it as far as needs be, making the price for winning more costly than it’s worth.

Where I stand socially, even economically is based on where I stand physically. One of the young men I mentor is a self made man, opening his 1st business while still in college, putting his inheritance to good work. Now he owns 5 bars, a 3D sonogram place, 2 emergency care places and is CFO for a pretty big outfit that pretty much makes money by doing nothing but working different govt green energy grants. He was also one of the youngest finical advisers for a major investment house. He owes his standing in the world based on his personal charm and business acumen. His hard work is not my hard work but he has busted his ass like few men have to achieve his social standing.

When it comes down to, most men face no serious consequences for losing AMOG games. Lose enough and you lose some social standing but it’s only in the more lawless groups of men and the upper levels of social/ economic standings where there is a serious price to pay. Most of the AMOG games I see mean nothing, just guys being guys in a bar. These I ignore. The threat of violence in the working class and more lawless groups of men actually keep these sorts of things to a minim. The lack of balls in the UMC keeps these games pretty low key as well. Where I have seen things get really nasty is among my UC friends. There is a lot riding on their social standing, with no real physical price to pay and the only way to play the game is verbal and back stabbing. Like women. Few men are as vicious as a typical woman with no axe to grind against you. Even here violence is king. I do not engage in verbal sparring with these men, I simply put my game face on, but the more typical way of doing things, cutting them off in various local business deals are still displays of force. The ability to use force, in all it various forms is the apex of social standing.

Hell on Wheels

I have been watching the show Hell on Wheels. The show is ok but what I appreciate about it is the show recognizes the atrocities committed by the union, at this point Bleeding Kansas and the rape and murder of Southern women and children. This is huge as much tv/ movies act as if the damnyankees where boy-scouts who did no wrong. History books are just as bad, Wikimedia the worst.