still think its a good idea to let women vote?


30 thoughts on “still think its a good idea to let women vote?

  1. Cill

    Democracy is a farce, hijacked by people such as this loopy lib who said with no shame at all, that the method of the left is: “always politicize; always escalate; always ridicule.”
    That’s what most of the western world (including USA) has got in government right now, and feminism played a big part in putting it there.
    Ask yourselves, is “always politicize; always escalate; always ridicule” a recipe for good government?

    Women can keep their right to vote. What has it become? The right to vote for which bunch of lunatics will be put in charge of the asylum, is all.

      1. Cill

        Spare yourself the trouble of looking at the link. It’s crap. Just take my word for it, he says the lefties: “always politicize; always escalate; always ridicule.” The link is there so people don’t think I made it up.

    1. Liz

      CIll, I like your new profile photo.
      It looks kind of old and grainy…are you the baby?
      If so, your father has some nice guns! 🙂

      1. Cill

        Liz was that a typo? If you meant “nice gun” I’d get it.
        “some nice guns” means more than one gun, and I can’t see anything like “guns” (plural) in the photo (unless you mean balls?). This is not a trick question. I am genuinely flummoxed.

      2. Liz

        Although only one gun is displayed I see a hand on the other side and he seems like a symmetrical sort of chap. Unless you meant his wedding tackle? I meant his arms silly cill. 😛

      3. Cill

        To clarify: I had never heard of arms as “guns” before. I was baffled. Now I know (thanks Liz). It will never baffle me again. Case closed.

      4. Liz

        Yes, arms are guns. (we also call that man’s thinking tool/wedding tackle a gun too though)
        We like our guns over here.
        Don’t, however, make this reference in an American airport, or airliner…ever.
        “Look at the guns he’s got on him!” or somesuch. They wouldn’t understand.

      5. Cill

        “Gun” means wedding tackle here too, but could only see one of them. I did a quick physical check to make sure and Yes, only one of them down there. That’s why I was bewildered. Anyway, you’ve educated me Liz, so thanks.

      6. redpillgirlnotes

        Lol, I had a good friend from England and there were many such slang phrases that meant something entirely different in America than England. Like “Fags” are not cigarettes in America, it’s a slang term for homosexual, for instance, so when she would ask to bum a fag off someone it was always a often a pretty interesting moment! “Take a piss” was another one, in England it means to poke fun at someone but in America to “take a piss” means to go to the bathroom. There were all sorts of phrases lost in translation like that! She moved back to England eventually but I do miss her. So yes “nice guns” in America means nice bulging biceps. Now had Liz said, “Nice package” well that would have meant what you were thinking Cill!

        p.s. I have also wondered, are you the baby in the photo?

      7. Cill

        Kiwis have all those English sayings too. All of that was right, Bloom, except for one: “take a piss” means same to us as it does to you. “Take the piss” means to take the mickey out of someone. If someone said “Cill is a Pouff” they’d be taking the piss out of me.

      8. Cill

        “are you the baby in the photo?” No, I’m the man holding him. Liz and I discuss that question down below here somewhere.

  2. Liz

    I’m not a big fan of universal suffrage. But if we’re not going to allow women to vote, can we expand the definition of woman?
    The “dude” with a Brony cosplay is made of pink Spandex with rainbow sparkles and fluffy tail, blinking LED pony ears, and a tee shirt that expresses his devotion to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…that’s not a dude. I’m more of a dude than that guy is.

    Chaz Bono isn’t a dude either, nor is Bruce Jenner (anymore). They’re its. We need to also exclude manshes and its too. That, like drowning all the lawyers, would be a good start.

    1. Liz

      Rereading the above, I sound like a tranny hater.
      It all started long ago when a my tranny roommate stole my man with her rad fake titties. “She” would lipsink to Liza Minnelli like a boss….
      If it weren’t for those fake titties and Liza, I’d still have my man!
      Now I hatez them tranny hoes!!!

    2. Cill

      That’s why I spared Ton the pain of reading my link. Let’s call it the link.
      The bloke in the link doesn’t have “blinking LED pony ears” etc, otherwise he’s the “dude” you describe to a T. Not a real dude. How do you spell “puff”, meaning “gay”? Poof? Pouf? Pouff? I think a Pouff is a soft fat thing you kick across the room when a rugby referee makes a bum decision in a test match. Or if you’re in a mellow mood, you can put your feet on the Pouff when you’re relaxing with a bottle of Speights “Southern Man” beer watching chopped-down 1930s Fords on “Petrol Heads” channel on TV. The dude in the link is a Pouff. No need to expand the definition of “woman” to include Pouff. He’s an “it”.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Ah, and the mystery is solved! Little baby boys like that, especially the ones that are a solid little bundle of baby, just crush me and I get all baby-rabies around them and wish I had one of me own!

    3. Cill

      “Makes me think of eighties hair”
      No-one is going to use my head as a Pouff, Liz. Not even you. Strictly speaking there’s only one “f” in Pouff, but Pouff looks better somehow, or even Poufff. English is a phonetic language, after all.

      Anyway, that 80’s style is months in the bush. I’ve never been able to find a good barber in the wilds. And you’d have to ask my sister in law about the photo technology. It took her by surprise when I agreed to a photo with my nephew and she scratched around in a panic for a phone or a camera.

      I hate photos, it’s all a closed book to me. That’s why I’m not wearing my customary evil grin. 😈

      1. Liz

        So it’s YOU and you aren’t the baby? Cool!
        Nice to meet you Mr Guns. 🙂
        (I didn’t mean to poke fun at your lid. That isnt’ really eighties, it’s more seventies…another reason I thought it was your dad…runs away! :-P)

      2. Cill

        I sure ain’t the baby, Liz! I call him Meddy because he feels like a Medicine Ball when you pick him up. He’s already showing signs of being as crazy as my brother who when still in his teens sailed off to be a professional pirate in the waters off South East Asia. A sailboat couldn’t cut it for speed and he had to settle for mundane jobs like serving as a “boy” in the Singapore Cricket Club and being a boy toy for a notorious Taiwan madam. She was a ruthless gangster and he could write a book about his adventures. Mum says her boys lack the fear gene, and she’s probably right. Dunno how he survived (or me for that matter).

      3. Liz

        Meddy is unbelievably adorable!
        I’ll bet his mom has guns, too, from holding him (I was really ripped when mine were small). My youngest was heavy like that. We should have named him Roy, or Bull, or Bloc (French, dat).
        Really nice photo, Cill. 🙂

      4. Cill

        Holy cow. I know a Roy and he’s like real close to me. Not me, but cloose.
        Meddy’s mum is petite but his dad in US measurements is 6 feet and 5 inches. (NZ is metric). I’m pretty sure her arms aren’t guns but I’ll check her out next time she calls and give you and Ton a report.

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    And also, I never have understood the women who want to marry serial killers and thugs and such. These guys are not all that imho. I don’t see myself sending them any fan letters anytime soon. (So can I still vote?)

    Hey, maybe that could be a test? They could show women the Meeks mug shot (with arrest number placard and such so it’s clearly a mug shot) when they go to register to vote and if they said they would happily date him or have his baby, instant loss of voting rights for X number of election cycles until they can prove they have grown up?

    1. Cill

      Good thinking, Bloom. They’ll never be able to prove that they’ve grown up though. Anyone who wants to marry serial killers is beyond recovery. One strike and you’re out.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        True, anyone wanting to marry/ have babies with/swooning like an idiot online for all to see w a (married,btw) thug like Meeks has got some serious issues and should probably not make any major decisions, including having children (w or without thugs like Meeks.)

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