Hell on Wheels

I have been watching the show Hell on Wheels. The show is ok but what I appreciate about it is the show recognizes the atrocities committed by the union, at this point Bleeding Kansas and the rape and murder of Southern women and children. This is huge as much tv/ movies act as if the damnyankees where boy-scouts who did no wrong. History books are just as bad, Wikimedia the worst.



16 thoughts on “Hell on Wheels

  1. Spawny Get

    I started with high hopes too, barely got to the end of season one because it didn’t really seem to have any direction to it’s core story. If I was wrong to give up please let me know. There’s not much worth watching out there.

    1. sfcton Post author

      lol dude I’m not sure how to evaluate the show. I’m still sick as a dog and in Afghanistan…. I would not watch any of this stuff if I was healthy or stateside. I was so bad off the other day I watched 30 mins of the Big Bang Theory……. the mighty has fallen

      1. Spawny Get

        Never watched BBT, never appealed to me. I guess you’re taking that one for the team.

        Have you watched ‘Lone Survivor’? As a civvie-puke I watched it last night and thought highly of it, the beginning of it reminded me of Bravo Two Zero (the same fundamental up for debate decision with similar immediate consequences). Controlled shooting not Rambo spray and pray. The most dodgy part of it was the accuracy they had from their rifles after…[spoiler – redacted]. I know they had to amp up some parts, but good human film about men…I thought. Definitely think you should have it on your watch list.

      2. sfcton Post author

        I’ll look into it. It’s generally a nightmare to watch shows based on what I do for work. But I hear tell cops dig cop shows.

  2. redpillgirlnotes

    It’s true history is often told only from the point of view of the “winner” and their actions usually painted as glorious and just. I don’t know much about the civil war other than what I learned in school and much of that was indeed, “The North was noble and the South was bad and deserved what they got.” As an adult I know now situations are rarely as simple as that.

    1. sfcton Post author

      lol the truth is one ugly rabbit hole

      what the North did would now be called genocide and war crimes, but its pretty well covered up. The left wants the world to know about what ‘america” (yankees drove the expansion but somehow its never on them) did to the Plains Indians but never what has been done to fellow Whites

      The official story on ww2 is pretty damn far from the mark as well but also must never be questioned

  3. Liz

    I’ve enjoyed the first three seasons of Hell on Wheels, and the forth pretty much up until the last couple of episodes. Now it’s starting to remind me too much of Sons of Anarchy (SOA was phenomenal for about four seasons)…I don’t like gratuitous violence/suffering/gore if it seems misplaced and designed simply for shock value. The last episode was over the top, in a way that didn’t even make sense.

    At any rate, I think Hell on Wheels has had some good writers (exception the last episode), and I like the more realistic portrayal of Southerners, Northerners, and Native Americans. The latter is especially unusual these days, and refreshing. I don’t feel like I’m receiving some historical revisionist lecture on the evil nature of the conquerors over a peaceful indigenous folk engaged in purely honorable activities: “If only we’d embrace the pacifism of the Native Americans who certainly didn’t murder, enslave, pillage from, or rape other indigenous people”.
    Anyway, no side is depicted as the side of angels on the show. Each have good and bad, and I think that’s a pretty good take on reality.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL see I think the story line is slow and turning into a soap opera…. cannot stand SOA…. the show is lame and written by chicks for chicks but you are spot on about how unusual the story line and “history” curve of Hell on Wheels is

  4. Liz

    “…the show is lame and written by chicks for chicks..”
    That’s probably true. A dude would have never killed off Lily Bell.
    The entire house went into mourning with that one.

  5. sfcton Post author

    well I watched 3 seasons of Hell on Wheels. It’s a good show if you fast forward through all the soap opera bullshit.

    I am also sort of impressed with how they portray Mormons. They were some sumbitches back in the day which also is not normally laid out. Also with how they portray the corruption of the rail road industry of the time. Remember Lincoln was a rail road lawyer and Honest Abe was a sarcastic nick name

      1. sfcton Post author

        lol fast forward button is our friend. I was trying to come up with a list of movies/ shows I watch and don’t fast forward through and all I could come up with was Kung Fu Panda and Shriek

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