Staying on top

A while back when reading the bleating’s of betas’ about how great it is to be a beta male, a number of them mentioned how exhausting it is to stay on top, how Alphas are in reality insecure because everyone is trying to take them down. This is false but beta men are betas because they believe the lies of the world.

I recently started viewing myself as an Alpha. Expect for the few years where I took my ex wife’s complaints serious and listen to the advice of churchboys about how to be a husband I have always done well with women but doing well with women has never been the objective. Success with women has been a byproduct of chasing after the next adrenalin rush. I’ll use training as an example. I have never picked up a barbell with the intention of getting bigger/ looking better etc. When I have made the decisions to pack on weight, I made the decision based on getting stronger, to improve my ability to dominate other men. But Alpha is as alpha does and I have done a lot of women.

Men are not assigned any value or given any position in the hierarchy of men for simply being born a man. A pussy born into money might be wealthy but he is still a pussy and universally despised. For the most of men it takes effort to climb the social ladder and each man will climb it in his own way. I have been an apex predator for a long time now and I had to bust my ass from an early age to get there. There have always been smarter, strong and better men, but any man can make the decision to be meaner, tougher, harder or more diligent at work. Now, where ever I rank in the hierarchy of men is where I rank, but it takes considerably less effort to maintain then to get there. Success builds success and has an inertia all on its own.
Young bucks challenge the hierarchy of men. Leastwise the ones with spirit do, and older men know this. I’m sure I annoyed every one, older boys and grown ass men alike. My nickname as a small kid was Roster… City kids probably don’t understand that one but I most assuredly thought I was the cock of the walk. Folks didn’t start calling me Ton until I got hung up on power-lifting, which feed into my attitude. Thing is, I never got my ass kicked like you’d think. It was those on the social bubble that would get really pissed and sometimes it came down to swinging. The boys and men capable of delivering knew what was going on and rolled with it…..and son of bitch if I didn’t play things out more or less the same way when youngsters challenge me.

The thing is a man doesn’t need to accept all challenges to maintain his place nor does he need to win all contests. Really it’s about frame. Skillz with our weapons ranks pretty high here and I get challenged on the range. I win more then I lose (unless its pistols) but losing doesn’t change my standing. I congratulate the winner, pony up whatever the bet was and move on with the day. Recently we did this with a slap bet. Everyone who outscored you gets to slap you in the face. We limit the length of the swing by standing next to a wall. I came in 4th meaning three other dudes got to slap me. Here’s how frame plays in…. everyone one wanted to see me get the snot slapped out of me yet everyone worried I’d lose my temper. Even in defeat my reputation for violence was clear and respected. We have this kid on our crew called the Fat Kid. Now Fat Kid is not fat but stout, wider across the shoulders then me, strong like bull. He out shot me and then knocked the snot out of me later when the slap bet bill came due. I laughed and gave him his propers for the hit. This elevated my standing. Most challenges, if handled well by both men elevate your standing. Challenge offered, challenge meet, respect grows. Win or lose, if no one gets butt-sore no man really loses. Getting butt-sore is a beta hallmark. For the most part, these challenges are not personal in nature. The man who challenges me earns respect for stepping up, how I deal with it will either earn respect or cause me to lose face. When a young man bests me, I congratulate his success. This expands my reputation, not shrinks it. This is something else beta males do not understand. Respect, standing, status to them is a zero sum gain, but reality is there is no limited on respect among men. A man’s respect for Jim doesn’t reduce the level of respect for John.

Some challenges are more serious. I have been shutting these down for years now and they’re nothing to worry about. Worry is another hallmark of the beta. Alpha men know, win or lose; they’ll end up on top again. To the younger man, it’s all new and he has a lot riding on it. To me, it’s Tuesday. I’ve been winning Alpha Male of the Group (AMOG) games longer than some of these kids have been alive. It’s been 20 years since the other man failed to back down. I smashed him in the face with my Kevlar. There is a price to pay for failure and I’ll take it as far as needs be, making the price for winning more costly than it’s worth.

Where I stand socially, even economically is based on where I stand physically. One of the young men I mentor is a self made man, opening his 1st business while still in college, putting his inheritance to good work. Now he owns 5 bars, a 3D sonogram place, 2 emergency care places and is CFO for a pretty big outfit that pretty much makes money by doing nothing but working different govt green energy grants. He was also one of the youngest finical advisers for a major investment house. He owes his standing in the world based on his personal charm and business acumen. His hard work is not my hard work but he has busted his ass like few men have to achieve his social standing.

When it comes down to, most men face no serious consequences for losing AMOG games. Lose enough and you lose some social standing but it’s only in the more lawless groups of men and the upper levels of social/ economic standings where there is a serious price to pay. Most of the AMOG games I see mean nothing, just guys being guys in a bar. These I ignore. The threat of violence in the working class and more lawless groups of men actually keep these sorts of things to a minim. The lack of balls in the UMC keeps these games pretty low key as well. Where I have seen things get really nasty is among my UC friends. There is a lot riding on their social standing, with no real physical price to pay and the only way to play the game is verbal and back stabbing. Like women. Few men are as vicious as a typical woman with no axe to grind against you. Even here violence is king. I do not engage in verbal sparring with these men, I simply put my game face on, but the more typical way of doing things, cutting them off in various local business deals are still displays of force. The ability to use force, in all it various forms is the apex of social standing.


20 thoughts on “Staying on top

  1. Cill

    “everyone one wanted to see me get the snot slapped out of me yet everyone worried I’d lose my temper”.

    Yeah I can vouch for that, it is true!

    I like this site more and more. As my seriously staunch Grandad would say, it’s good medicine. Next time I see him I’ll read him some stuff from your site here. He’ll love it. I reckon the two of you are the same in a lot of ways. My Dad too. And me.

  2. redpillgirlnotes

    Another interesting article. I don’t know much about being a man and a of challenges but as a woman I can say some of these things are turn ons/turn offs to women too. Like the guys getting butt hurt. There is a fellow locally in the same biz as myself. He’d like to date but I am not attracted to him and this is why, when things happen wi our group as an industry (all male until recently) he would get butt hurt if things wi group did not go his way w decisions. Instead of be a man about it, he’d pout or spout off or in some way act an ass rather than step up and win folks to his side by having and making the better argument. Even when he is right, his presentation and the way he goes about it alienates others rather than wins them over. I probably am not explaining this well but hopefully it makes sense. A mans standing among other men and how other men view him, even if its unspoken, women notice this, too. Being a well regarded man among men is a huge turn on for women, not that it’s a reason to do it but its a bonus. 😉

    1. sfcton Post author

      makes perfect sense darling. Somethings are difficult to put into words but adults with observation skills should pick up on what we are saying

      When I hunted in bars often I would wait for a beta to crash and burn then go hit on the same girl setting up a huge contrast between him and me. Course back then I wasn’t thinking alpha vs beta but predator and prey

    2. redpillgirlnotes

      Another thought on this, some women may fall for the “fake it till you make it” pseudo pua alphas but other men see right through that. If women paid more attention to how other men regard a guy, that might help gals sort the good from the bad. If other men don’t respect a man, no woman should either. He’s no good. Even with non alpha men, other men respect a good man. They may not follow him but they will still respect him. Or at least that’s what I see. Men know.

      1. sfcton Post author

        That’s how I see it darling. Men generally avoid men without Jack Donovan’s tactical virtues to some degree. Even when they don’t understand the reason why. Personally I think our lizard and monkey brains drive a lot more of our actions then people would be comfortable admitting to

        I don’t want to dismiss Game as there seems to be a lot of good intell, tips and tactics and many men simply need to put a few things together to turn the corner on their success rate, but when I compare my success rate to theirs…. well it doesn’t match up well for them. I have no Game to speak of. Never read a book on the topic, don’t spend nearly the same amount of time chasing ass etc etc. What I have done is spent the last 3+ decades developing myself. Kind of a natural Bad Boy Game at best.

        On the other hand, I have banged nearly every chick who has called me a douche bag…. so maybe not

        I am debating on using photo of myself as a gravatar. Maybe that one of me overhead pressing. I am worried it will expose my darlings though…. decisions decisions

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        Agreed nothing wrong w a guy learning some moves, game isn’t all bad. Just the fake alpha types. As for the photo I was just teasing, yes don’t expose your household to possible harm, the current pic is fine.

      3. sfcton Post author

        LOL darling do you really think I was contemplating changing my photo based off your input? It’s not like I traded that bike and corn likker for you….

        That’s actually me at work, getting ready to run through a shoot house

      4. Sumo

        <– That's me at work, teaching folks how to make ginger pork.

        A shoot house is a combat simulator, Bloomer. You go in, are presented with a variety of targets, and have to decide in a split second whether to shoot or not.

        At least, that's how LE shoot house work. Might be different in Ton's line of work.

      5. sfcton Post author

        depends on the mission. Right now all entries are weapon tight

        Back in the day before women ran the show…. not so much

        ps I cannot stand ginger doesn’t make me puke like curry but Ton no like

      6. redpillgirlnotes

        @ Sumo, Yum ginger pork! Really ginger anything rocks, such an underutilized ingredient.

        I see re shoot house, thanks! I thought it was a motorcycle helmet and face shield, they look very similar.

        Speaking of ginger, try this secret ingredient that can be worked into almost any dish from margaritas to BBQ sauce:

        Ginger-lime sauce

        4 limes, zest and juice
        2 cups crystallized ginger, chopped

        Combine above and refrigerate overnight. Pour into food processor and purée. Keep refrigerated. Will last for weeks. Add to whatever to bump up flavor. Like…

        Ginger soy dipping sauce

        2/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
        1/3 cup rice wine vinegar
        3 green onion finely minced
        3 tablespoons lime ginger (above)
        3 tablespoons finely minced cilantro
        2 teaspoons sesame oil
        1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

        Combine above, cover, refrigerate at least one hour to allow flavors to blend. Goes well with seared tuna, salmon, oysters on the half shell, fried calamari, sushi…and so on.

        Ok now I am hungry! 🙂 enjoy!

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