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If you are into the Red Pill, Rollo at Rational Male is a must read. Right now, what I am impressed with is his list of female behavior toward a man to help men determine if she views you as Beta or not. I….. tend to dominate conversations ifin I am interested so I wanted to list my response to his check list here. My replies are in bold….

I could very easily compile a list of behaviors that are simply the reverse of the Alpha Tells I noted in the previous post, but it’s much more important to address the root reasons for these Beta Tells:
• Does she initiate sex or affection spontaneously?
o Yes all three. Girl#1 never fails to initiate sex the night before the other two come to visit. We are an over the top affectionate group though when I want their attention I command it… like get over here woman and take my arm or sit by Daddy etc. They take my arm, I don’t hold their hand, I grab them by the neck and direct them while we walk etc etc
• Does she entertain a large pool of “male friend” orbiters with the expectation of you being ‘mature enough’ to accept it?

o Yes and no. Girl#1 is in a female dominate profession but does have male co-workers. She is in this weird semi doctor loop and in those meetings, lunches etc she is the only girl. She is hot so guys orbit. Girls’# 2&3 work in male dominate profession, are good looking and therefore have orbiters. I am mature enough to accept it. However this has never been an issue and they are quick to remind their orbiters they are mine.
• Does she keep a core peer group of ‘girlfriends’ she insists on prioritizing over being with you? Frequent GNOs?
o Nope and again sort of…. Girls’ #2&#3 live together and watch a lot of weeknight football together at their local watering hole. When their duty days line up. Pert certain this is not the kind of GNO Rollo is referring to
• Has she explained to you how she was so different in college and how she’s glad those days are behind her now?
o LOL yep but not in the reformed carousel rider way. Both were up tight and nerdy. Girl#1 did go off the rails as a young girl but was well on her way of putting that past her when we meet. She is up front in saying she is with me because I am scarier than her past
• Is she experiencing her Epiphany Phase?
o Yes but Girl#1 had one about her life many years before I came along back when she was having drinking issues. Nope, the other two are way to young
• Does she cite “mismatched libidos” as a reason for her lack of sexual interest in you now that you’re married or living together (even after she’s had better sex with you or a former lover when single)?
o Nope or she’d be gone
• Is she averse or repulsed by your ejaculate being on her skin, in her mouth or overly concerned with soiling a bed sheet?
o LOL my ejaculate is the prize and who get’s it is on a rotation
• Will she have sex with you anywhere besides the bed?
o LOL oh hell yea…. but I am a bedroom kind of guy
• Do you perform oral on her to get her off more than you have intercourse?
o *Nope going down on girls is women work and I don’t do it. Nor do I worry about their orgasm or lack of orgasm.
• Is she a wide-eyed lover or does she squint her eyes closed while having sex? Is sex a chore for her to perform?
o Exact opposite for all three. In the last year no girl has been healthy and said no. Girl#1 has issues with her girl parts
• If you’re married, did she assume your last name, or did she insist on a hyphenated surname for herself?
o Non-issue but I would not marry a woman who wanted either
• When you’re together does her regular, unpracticed body posture indicate an openness or are you always having to break into her intimate space?
o Never noticed, don’t care; normally one of them is hanging on me, often more if possible. We are an affectionate lot. Guess that answers the question
• Is she preoccupied with her side of the family or a certain pet in preference to being concerned with your well-being?
o LOL they are all overly concerned with my well being and it annoys me to no end. I deal with it though and in a way it makes me happy because well it’s the polar opposite of my ex wife and comes from their regard for me.
• Is she consciously aware of being 1-2 points above your own relative SMV? Is she overt about it?
o Again hard to say; all three are much younger than me and could pull another man with a quickness, 2 live by a Marine Core base that houses 2nd Recon so they could replace me with another SpecOp’s vet who is younger and closer to home and one works around doctors and the like but yet all three have elected to live a very outside the main stream lifestyle with me. In one case it has caused significant hardship with her family. If they are aware they have never mentioned it but I regularly hear things like feeling lucky to belong to me
• Does she presume authority in your relationship? Do you accede this authority as a matter of (equalist) belief?
o LOL all three have surrender their authority to me and seen an increase in the quality of their life. We are not equals in any fashion.
*It’s not that I don’t care don’t care but that I understand Girl#1 has intermittent difficulties achieving orgasms. Sometimes I cannot count the number of times she gets off and other times it isn’t going to happen. I take this in stride and don’t assume it’s a failing on my part. She enjoys herself anywhichway and sometimes there is an unrealistic overemphasis on lady orgasms.

This comment by Zelcorpion is a killer and another useful tool for men to evaluate their standing:
In my opinion – though we comply the Alpha state only in the inter-sexual viewpoint – there are 4 major points of Alpha – and all have to be checked:
1. Being Alpha in his dealings with men (many guys manage that not being doormats or complete wallflowers)
2. Being Alpha in job – again quite a few successful guys manage that
3. Being Alpha in short-term mating – here sometimes having very good looks, fame or local higher status is sufficient to get laid 100 times more than the best PUA Alpha
4. Being Alpha in a LTR with every woman and with your family / children – this is the area in which most guys fail – even men who have mad fortunes and are attractive enough to pull quality women all the time

I readily own up to failing with #4 during my 1st marriage. I do keep frame with female kin folk, including my daughter. Not claiming it makes life better but it keeps a man’s sense of self intact.


TRP poster, needathrowawayplease from the Red Pill subreddit has a timely question / observation:

Knowing your SO’s menstrual cycle can be extremely powerful. [Indeed]

During the fertile stage of her cycle, thousands of years of evolution mean her body is screaming at her to get knocked up by an alpha male. A simple test to determine is she sees you as her alpha fucks is to not initiate during the fertile period of her cycle and observe her behavior: does she come to you to get fucked? Does her body language or physical behavior change when she’s fertile. Maybe she touches you more often or more intimately or plays the role of the seductress: things like coming to bed wearing lingerie where she usually wouldn’t? Even if she’s relatively low-sex drive and doesn’t initiate, does she at least respond more passionately to your sexual advances or orgasm more easily or…

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2 thoughts on “Beta Tells

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    Yes rollo has some very keen observations, his iron rules section is well worth reading. As a woman I often get an uncomfortable feeling when he calls out the way the female mind secretly works but by golly have to admit he’s right about a lot of it, even if I don’t want to admit it.


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