Ton’s big news

Well The Shadow Knight nailed it. Girl#1 is pregnant. I…. don’t really know how or what I think/ feel about this.

I want more children but this is a huge risk to her and the child’s health. She was told a long time ago that she was unlikely to bare children, and that any pregnancy would pose a serious risk to her and the child’s health. Because of this, she has been on the pill and I wear raincoats. Murphy’s law in action; anything that can happen will happen; anything that can fail will fail. I also wonder how this will affect the dynamics of things between us and the other two girls. Only time will tell

Mostly I am worried for her and the child. On the upside, the 1st 3 months were the highest risk for the child, which is why she waited to tell me. I get that, I have been hesitant on telling other folks. Like I don’t want to have to tell people if she loses the child. On the down side, the last 3 months are the highest risk for her. We talked about this before and neither of us are fans of murdering the unborn, so we’ll roll the dice and see how this comes up. It eats at me that this is not my battle to fight. I want her to stop working, she doesn’t want to listen to the doctors. Just dumb. We don’t need the money. I will go back to my state side job next month. No down range time until after the baby is born. Maybe not even then. I got my own share of not good medical news and well kids change things. I will pay off the house with in the month. This does mean staying here vs moving to Duplin.This also messes with will, but I’ll get that worked out next month.

Not all my homecomings over the years have been happy. This was a happy one. My daughter and Girl#1 meet me at the airport. We had a late night meal, dropped my daughter off at her place and went home. Girl#1 makes my motor run. I didn’t go without sex while down range, but once I pulled Girl#1 into me it sure felt like I had. The Hell Hounds had other plans so I had to play with the dogs before I could reacquaint myself with Girl#1.
Girl#2 cried when I showed up at her graduation party unannounced. She looks better than ever. Her and Girl#3 have both stepped up their Girl Game. I had a good time there. No one from their work showed up so we were free to be a family of 4. We had to switch waitress in the middle of the party. I told our waitress she couldn’t leave as she was the best looking gal on the staff and I didn’t want an ugly chick bringing me booze. I talked her into lining up a few other waitresses so I could pick our replacement. The wait staff laughed pretty hard but some of Girl#2’s SIW type friends were offended. Also funny, but the moral of that story is….. you can get away with damn near anything if you do it with a grin on your face and a smile in your eyes. Girl#3 helped me pick out our new waitress. She rocks

I also attended a ball with Girl#3. This was a work event for her and our 1st one on one event. She looked fabulous in her red cocktail dress with her new found skillz in makeup and hair fixing. Girl#3 use to be a strap hanger, along for the ride because of Girl#2, but that is no longer the case. I got all slicked up and charmed the panties off the women at the ball. Think I upset most of the dudes there, which I pretty much counted on. She is in most beta of branches and I seem to upset betas just by breathing

Otherwise it has been daily life. I shot two dove, lost my ATM card, replaced the battery in a bike and the Cobra, the Cobra’s convertible top won’t move…. Caught 0 fish, saw 0 deer and the one bear I saw was why out of range. Damn bow hunting. Probably the biggest bear I have seen in Eastern NC, but I am not as experienced bear hunter as I would like to be. Figure some deer are probably partying hard on my ATM card.This was our 1st time hunting out of this deer camp. I have a lot of improvements to make #1 being the shed we were living in was way drafty.  I spent two days on my bike. Folks say its too cold, I tell them their genital is too small. Now its time to work on the Christmas decorations

59 thoughts on “Ton’s big news

  1. Sumo

    Omedeto, Nii-san!!! Unlike our boy Gamer, I have faith that you run a tight enough ship that paternity testing is not necessary.

    Out of curiosity, has it ever occurred to you that your kids are, by definition, half-tons?

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL @ half ton, that is funny

      My kids are so like me it’s not funny. Attitudes are similar on like every topic and my boy looks so much like me folks ask him if he is Ton’ s boy

      My ex wife use to say my daughter was me with boobs and she is the only girl I know who had to give up drug free power-lifting because she was getting manning

      Men in my family duplicate ourselves. I look etc just like my old man and grandfather and so on and so on. Better then paternity testing

    2. BuenaVista

      I have an affinity for 3/4 Tons. Recommend weighting the nurture side of development and producing a 3/4 Ton. Also, in accident? The 3/4 ton wins.

  2. Ken

    Good luck. Take everything you learned from the older kids and pour it out on the new one. They will be one fortunate bad ass.

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    Congratulations to you and the family! True story: 99% effective birth control can fail. I was an iud baby. My mom says the army docs made her have it but she was praying for me. Ummm….yeah…I am sure that’s exactly how it went 😉 I also have O – blood, and all other sorts of 1% traits. Except a trust fund! But that’s ok. Anyway it’s not about me, I am trying to say it does happen and congrats are in order! Another half ton is on the way (world, brace yourself!!!)

    1. Liz

      Last location, I knew two women who got pregnant with IUDs, and one who got pregnant while on the pill (and she was absolutely anal about taking that pill…same time every day, no antibiotics or other conflicting medications). In that last case, they’d probably only had sex and average of twice a month, if that…three kids under three (a set of twins second, and you could call them Irish triplets the first was so close). Needless to say, she was pretty devastated. Four under four is pretty tough.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        @ Liz yep! I know a mom who had four under four (she married later so it was planned that way) and while she was Hawaiian and very relaxed and “no worries!” I often wondered how she even got them all in the car at once much less anything else! After baby 4 her hubby went and got snipped, he was the happiest vasectomy patient I had ever seen! Lol. But speaking of, I know a couple who have had a baby even after that! He was skeptical and it was hard on their marriage but sure enough, baby was his! Nature is strong…anything can happen!

      2. BuenaVista

        I don’t believe this, but fine.

        The next level up is the woman who says she is taking the pill — while previously having one ovary removed — and just magically gets pregnant at 37 with a guy who takes her out for dinner twice a month for conversation. Her mother said, “But I thought you couldn’t get pregnant.” The woman says, “Marry me or I have an abortion.” It’s like a game show, only you can’t turn the TV off.

        Then there was my HR SVP. I will admit, I lost control of myself one night, and that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, oh-my-goodness, and I say that given wife #1 modeled for Vogue. But I failed myself just that one night. I then met her at the office on Sunday morning and we agreed we would never be so stupid again blah blah blah.

        So anyhow, months later, she’s telling me that she’s pregnant by some dude she doesn’t know well. And she’s calling and calling. And calling. Calling calling calling. The calendar says the baby is not mine. She wants me to be the baby’s ‘father’ however.

        She’s married to a pudgy 5’8″ AVP Finance now, and has gained 30 pounds. She’s the SVP HR for a $50B company. I struggle to recognize her, given all the weight and bad food.

  4. theshadowedknight

    Okay, people, I called it, so I get nickname rights. Tonspawn/Tonspawnette/God Help Us All is his/her/their nickname(s). Halfton is funny, so if you can call out the next one, then you get to nickname it. Until then, respect the ancient and noble right of dibs.

    The Shadowed Knight

  5. Liz

    I don’t think I can beat half-ton for cleverness. Microton? And if it’s diaper is wet piston? 😛
    Heh, theshadowedknight, you called it officially, but I thought it (I’m just superstitious about things like this, so until someone tells me, I don’t bring it up). 🙂

    Congrats Ton! That’s awesome news! I’m not surprised your girl won’t listen to doctors. She’s the PA, isn’t she? Medical people tend to ignore the advice of other medical people.
    Good luck…she’s in for a bad last three months, sounds like. Bedrest sucks.

    1. Liz

      BTW, I was going to recommend a book on how to choose the sex of your baby, entitled ‘how to choose the sex of your baby’. But I guess it’s a little late now. If you want more, let me tell you…it works. Something like 85 percent success rate.

  6. sfcton Post author

    Thank you everybody. Thank you TSK for the pep talk via text messages. My faith isn’t what it should be but you have been good for my soul for awhile now.

    Ken, mostly what I have learned from my 1st run of father hood is to have realistic expectation for children’s behavior and the need to control their mother. My 1st pair of children didn’t inherit my rebellious streak and where good kids ( for me, they gave their mother hell…. but then again she would stir those pots herself). My older children are great examples of Southern femininity and masculinty. My daughter does all the modeling work for a local fitness company, dated a starter in the NHL (who wasn’t masculine enough for her), is tearing up the career track in the fitness industry and makes her Special Forces officer husband happy and loved. My son is doing the same job, in the same Ranger Batt as I was and will be working down range as a contractor starting in the spring. I am already a proud father

    Half-Ton VS Tonspawn is…. to close to call. Going to have and see which one will stick in real life. I like Tonspawn as the term for all my get in total. Piston is h-larious. I am not fond of nicknames for girl children. Not very Southern of me, but there it is.

    Blommers and Liz, my mentor in the precision, long distance, direct fire target interdiction bidness had his last two kids after his vasectomy. Life finds a way. Someone I know of from the man-o-sphere left a reply calling this bullshit. I don’t believe in free speech so I didn’t approve the comment but life is not a statistical analysis. If it were, the NFL wouldn’t need to play games on Sunday, business would never fail and I would dead years back.

    Thanks again my friends

    The majordomo claims it will be a boy, and she knows these things….. I have read about the Russian method of sex selection by using body temperature to determine when you have sex. In the past I would have said I don’t care as I already have one o each, but that no longer holds true. I very much want a son and to name him after my brother and to have a back up on the carrying our name into the future.

      1. sfcton Post author

        Well its the husband of a couple who’s normal operating procedure is for her to stir up shit and for him to ride to her rescue. They have not been active in some time, best I can tell so it was doubly odd he showed up here and that they have gotten into the whole role reversal thing.

        If someone’s criticism of me/ anything I write has a ligit point, I’ll let it stand but I don’t cotton to trolling/ bullshit.

      2. Liz

        I hope majordomo is right, Ton.
        “I have read about the Russian method of sex selection by using body temperature to determine when you have sex.”
        That’s the method, except temperatures can be a little squirrly…and we’re talking only half a degree in some cases (depends on the person). The temperature angle is designed to find out when the woman is ovulating…but mucus checks will do the same thing, more accurately. Once she knows when she’s ovulating, it’s pretty time critical and i don’t want to get it wrong (it’s been a while) so I can’t say exactly when. But the ‘boy swimmers’ are faster, and have much shorter lives. Girl swimmers are slow, but stay around a lot longer.

      3. sfcton Post author

        Cool, I appreciate any info you can throw our way; Girl#2 will be done with her military service in less than 2 years so We need to knock her up before then. She was supposed to be the broodmare of the operation and Girl#1 the cash cow…… oh well such is life.

        The Shadow Knight reminded me God laughs at our plans.

    1. redpillgirlnotes

      @ ton it can indeed happen under seemingly impossible circumstances! I have also known two couples who tried and tried, did infertility/invitro, everything, all a no go, they adopted, then had a “surprise” after all! I can see why you would wonder but if anyone could make an impossible baby happen it’s you, right??? 😉 Latex is no match! Watch out, apparently you are loaded! (Ok I will stop w the bad puns…)

      I hope the worries over mom’s health do not come to pass. Does she have diabetes or why are they expecting trouble ahead? I will hope nature again proves everyone wrong and all goes as planned.

      Virtual cigars will be in order!

      1. sfcton Post author

        I don’t wonder about paternity at all darling but I am worried about her health. It’s my nature. I trust fights when they are in my hand when others are calling the shots…..

        It stems from physical abuse when she was young. Her girl parts have issues and are regularly off line. Not sure of all the technical mumbo-jumbo myself. She went into some detail when we were 1st discussing a poly home and roles. Part of the appeal was her lady parts issues making kids of her own a non starter

        Friends of mine went through the whole fertile issue for their 1st child. Once she gave birth she became a baby making machine. She has had two more without the help of science.

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        I see, my apologies for implying that you could be. I do understand the worry re her health and feeling that is out of your control. But remember, the body is amazing and adaptable, All will be fine. I wish you all much health and happiness!

    1. Liz

      It just dawned on me said as one word…’babyton’, isn’t a bad nickname. Kind of cute. Not as good as half-ton, but pretty good. Actually, a lot of words would work with the ton ending. Sleepyton, Squawkyton, Crabbyton, Cutieton, Cuddleton, Chubbyton…

      (if your hell hounds ever have pups, you can call them ‘screamin’ demons’) 🙂

      1. Liz

        Thanks Bloom. 🙂
        Funny, Ton…I didn’t even name my own kids!
        (I let Mike do it, though I had veto privileges of course…I wanted my dad’s name in there somewhere, and got that, otherwise it didn’t really matter. We settled on biblical names).

      1. Maeve

        LOL I nearly decapitated my tree on the ceiling fan but other than that, really good. Also my company is letting me take all of Christmas week off, so I’m really stoked about that! You going to be home for Christmas?

      2. sfcton Post author

        LOL wonderful to read that things are well for you darling. Wonderful….. don’t let that out a ruin my woman hating cred.

        I landed in NC on 3 Dec and won’t be going back until after the baby is born. I am unsure if I’ll go back then. There are soms of some things to think through.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL she was due to come off the pill this spring. We’ll have a family discussion about it early next year. Right now we are trying to get through the next few weeks

      Girl#2’s family is an issue. This week theybtriednto threaten me with violence. Pretty darn funny but it has Girl#2 in a knot. Her and Girl#3 normally go home for Christmas but are reconsidering their plans

      1. sfcton Post author

        They are unlikely to for a whole host or reasons. Big time big city liberals so they are ok with having a son who sucks dick, oK when Girl#2 only dated girls but freaking out over her being submissive to a country boy, uneducated man, traditional man etc etc.

        Liberals rarely settled down. I go against all their belief systems on every topic

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        You will challenge them to grow, then, when in the end they see their daughter settled and happy, gasp!

        My moms side of the family always seems to bring out their drama at the holidays. I am breaking that tradition and showing my kids all the wonder and joy, instead!

      3. theshadowedknight

        Ah, stupid people make me laugh. If I were ever to have to go after Ton, or another like him, I would never give him warning. Do what needs to be done, and never speak of it again, unless to a priest. Threating him is just giving him time to get ready, and is insulting. Do they really have what it takes to get into it with someone like Ton?

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. Sumo

        This week they tried to threaten me with violence.

        LOL. Sometimes, I really love the libs. The fact that they have no concept of the shitstorm they could be unleashing upon themselves is pure gold.

      5. sfcton Post author

        Yea they live is this world where reality doesn’t touch them and then freak out when it does; void be the Reality of race and crime or difference between men and women but they are surprised when ever it does punch them in the face

  7. honeycomb

    Dude …. my best to you and yours.

    And .. yes .. If you want GOD to laugh at you .. tell Him your plans.

    I know from personal experience.

    Enjoy home life (sounds like you already have .. minus the deer partying on your ATM card .. lol) .. nothing beats personal reflection time with dogs, guns, fishing rods, bows and motorized vehicles .. and the occassional nap in the woods.

    Oh yeah .. better double up on those raincoats .. sounds like your shooting barrier blind rounds!!!

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL thanks bro.

      I am a lot of man so I reckon the Almighty gets a good laugh when He reminds me of where I am on His food chain. As is His right.

    1. sfcton Post author

      You as still talking blips on the radar.

      Vietnam was about th lack of political will.power vs military will power. The numbers we killed vs the numbers they killed are heavily in our favour

      We “won” the revolution because the Brits where losing to much money and lost their political will power. Also you have “different wars going on. The war up north was one sided for the Brits. The war down South was much better managed, much better combination of regular and irregular warfare, which Wahsignton was not a part of

      Stick to things you know. This topic : isn’t one of them

  8. Emma the Emo

    Wow, congratulations, I hope it works out. This happened to me, too – doctors told mom to abort me because they thought I was a goner and would kill her soon. Although Russian technology was not the best back then, so I’m not sure it helps. But still, optimism in itself really helps. It’s true.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Thanks darling.

      I worry about any fight I don’t run but realistically the doc’s who told her all that year’s ago could have been wrong and it’s likely they have improved their techniques/ technologies in how they deal with the various complications she is likely to face so yes optimism seems appropriate

  9. theasdgamer

    Or we could discuss the War of Independence, where the American troops generally were inferior in quality to the British troops. Or the Vietnam War….

    Generalship can matter a lot.

  10. Liz

    “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”
    -Alexander the Great
    (who also led every one of his charges. Every single one…at least according to my oldest son, aka ‘trivia dude’)

  11. theshadowedknight

    Regarding the fighting prowess of European men, simply examine history, and see the results. At one point or another, nearly the entire world has been ruled by white men. The closest second is Asians, who have had respectable success in their own adventures, but Europe still brought them down.

    The Shadowed Knight


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