Perpetual Shit Tests

In my random man o sphere readings, I came across some guys asking about the never ending nature of shit tests. I think this stems from three basic issues #1a particularity weak woman, who for whatever reason requires more reassurance then typical #2 a man with a weak masculine frame and #3 women rarely see their man express any kind of dominance to the outside world causing her to subconsciously question his frame. She also rarely sees him at work, which is a typical place for men to engage in the kind of competitive things that lube her up and lets her know she chose wisely.


#1) there isn’t much we can directly do about women who require more reassurance then average. Most likely that came about due to events beyond her control, and it is not reasonable for her to approach this, or any topic in a rational manner. However I do see feminism causing women to be weak and needy. Why? Because feminism says she is just like a man, as tough and as strong and as good in shitty situations as any man going. She judges herself against other men, and often enough against high value men and one of the ways men earn their high value is by being better then average when the shit hits the fan. Regardless of what kind of shit or what kind of fan. I cannot began to count how many dumb ass bitches have told me they are as tough as me, or as strong or “can take me” etc etc. Sure those all shit tests, but they are shit tests created by the false notion of equality and the blank slate theory . Any rate, any woman who compares herself to men is going to come up short and become full of self doubt. One of the reasons women cannot approach this need in a rational manner is feminism which turns women away from honest dealings with men as it tries to turn women into poor imitations men


#2) fix your frame. Frame is damn near everything in life. As I have said countless times, I am not in the fake it till you make it crowd and I do not believe you will ever have a strong masculine frame with out developing a strong sense of masculine pride. We also know to my reckoning that means over coming challenges that pose serious risks. My favrotie recommendation is learning how to fight because it requires a lot of effort, over coming pain and fear and is more readily available then most avenues.  Getting into SOCOM takes a while and will drastically change your life. Learning to fight MMA will take 10 hours a week or so and you can learn MMA while you work full time. All manner of things will build that frame. I use to occasionally hangout with pro surfers in Hawaii. Those guys had frame, but it can be pretty damn hard to learn how to surf in most places.


#3) is both a blessing and a curse. Living in soft times and polite society has it appeals but sadly is the death of masculinity. Still I reckon an over all improvement in your frame will help address this. I got to thinking this lack of handling routine challenges in front of your woman ( or women seeing men do this in their daily life) sets a man up for more shit tests because of two events. One not so recent and the other pretty damn. Girl#1 is not much for shit tests but she still manged to reduce the number of them after the local urban youths tried to culturally enrich us. She also told me, when I got back, that event gave her a greater appreciation for what I do when down range. I cannot recall any shit tests from her in the 90 or so days I was in Afghanistan after that event. That’s a 1st. Basically she went from knowing I was capable to knowing I am capable. I reckon that’s a big difference in her mind.  A few days back Girl#3 commented on how when I get in peoples way( at the airport in this case) they apologized to me, dipped their head and moved out. She claims the 1st time she noticed this was when we were attending a military ball where I was all duded up, the only man not in uniform and officers and senior enlisted both deferred to me. These are not things I ever noticed but she has

So that dominating in the outside world does not have to be slaying dragons. I reckon men deferring to you is enough to raise your social standing and ease up on the shit tests.



editors notes I am shit faced on bourbon and Elvis Presley so if this post blows in the morning I’ll take it down

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  1. feeriker

    Solid post, ton. If that’s what bourbon and Elvis do to you, then keep on drinkin’!

    #1) there isn’t much we can directly do about women who require more reassurance then average. Most likely that came about due to events beyond her control, and it is not reasonable for her to approach this, or any topic in a rational manner.

    The last two clauses of that last sentence pretty much apply to women in general. As for the basic premise: while this is probably common knowledge around the more “experienced” segments of the ‘sphere, it seems to consistently be the case that the higher on the looks/attractiveness scale a woman is, the more fundamentally insecure she is about just about everything about herself and those around her. Depending on her background, this can be attributed to one or more of the following:

    1) She’s shallow and she knows it. Her looks are the ONLY thing she has going for her and she instinctively feels that there is a high likelihood that any man she lands has figured this out and is going to kick her to the curb once the looks are gone.

    2) She consistently overplays her hand in all of her relationships, thinking that her looks and her p***y are a get-out-of-jail-free card that doesn’t expire. Of course the alphas with whom she hooks up don’t put up with that shit for more than a few microseconds and quickly “next” her for something not in the EP department. Being a woman, and thus unable to figure out cause and effect, she never learns from these screwups and continues to relive the past until she’s no longer eligible to renew her membership in the 8 – 10 Club, by which time it’s too late.

    3) As you describe in your own paragraph #1, she’s imbibed heavily the feminist sewage that tells her that she’s as good’n strong as any man, even though she knows viscerally that it’s complete bullshit. This usually translates into her well-justified self-doubts being projected in the form of shit tests onto whatever man was unfortunate/foolish enough to have claimed her off waivers (to borrow an in-apt baseball term here [just ’cause I feel like it]) from the last guy who tossed her aside. Women like this generally aren’t “fixable” even after the real world serves them with a few wake-up calls. To admit that they’ve been conned by Team Feminism is to admit to a weakness too humiliating to withstand, especially after they collide headfirst with the Wall. Doubling down is their only option.

  2. sfcton Post author

    LOL awesome, someone finally encouraging my drinking. Knew I liked for some damn reason….. I got off work earlier yesterday and didn’t have to train this morning so bourbon and Elvis seemed like the thing to do. It’s unseasonably cold outside. Though I did ride my bike to work.

    The fixable deal….. No thanks. Why would a man sign up for that unless he considers himself extremely low value?

    You hint at, and now I am a wondering if part of the equation of the perpetual shit tests is women think men are full of inborn insecurities? After all if women and men are same/ same and she is insecure then he must also be insecure….. & this would help explain why quite, confident men don’t do as well as boisterous men( coupled with the girls just wanna have fun thing). It makes sense given the false notion of men and women being the same, women’s inborn insecurities coupled with their drive to seek security (second only to alpha cock and baby batter) and their love affair with projection.

    My experiences run contrary to the common wisdom on pretty girls. The higher her rank, the better the dating experience has been. The fewer the shit tests, the less expectation a shit ton of cash would be dumped on them, the easier they would reject me or other men, the lower the N count etc etc.

    Keep it up to remind me of what TSK? I’ll keep it up but will edit it sometime today to improve readability.

      1. Mavellian

        No problem some material ppl write is better said in their words and also confirms as an eye witness that we are on the same path or understanding. Keep up the good work.

  3. Liz

    Well said and interesting read, Ton. 🙂
    I agree that women who try to compete with men in such a way that they are essentially trying to BE men, are going to be the most insecure.
    The best they can ever hope to obtain under that arrangement is defective woman.

  4. theshadowedknight

    A reminder for others; you have your house in order, but others do not. This is good, and I would like to see it stay.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL Girl#2 has become a shit testing machine so… maybe 2/3’s in order?

      Money bet right now is, Girl#2 will choose her career over us and a family, turning herself into an alpha widow and unlikely to marry, have kids etc

    2. sfcton Post author

      Thanks TSK

      The degree that my house is in order is directionally proportional to the degree I am ready to burn it to the ground. Girl#1 was never much for shit testing me but she started off with a huge shit test and I crushed it. Girl#3 was a big time shit tester but she no longer is and Girl#2 has stepped up her shit tests. When we were in the mountains, I had to boot her from the cabin because she kept taking the Lord’s name in vain. Her shit tests come from her deep affection for me and fear of losing me. Like when she thought Girl#2 was going to be stationed in CA. It’s weird but she has this drive to…. drive you away before you dump her, making you want to dump her…. it’s fucking self defeating and annoying as hell but she is who she is. I am fond of her but will next her if she doesn’t pull her shit together by 1 March.

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    Good Post Ton. Interesting point re: how most women don’t get to see their guy “in action” under today’s circumstances, and how that might play in. I would love to say I never fall prey to shit testing, but that would be a lie. I do know I don’t intentionally think, “I am going to shit test” and then do something. It’s more of a subconcious thing, I don’t even realize I am doing it, or why usually. So are you saying it happens when the gal feels her man’s insecurity, or when the woman feels insecurity herself, or maybe both? I’d say in my case it happens when I am feeling insecure (and I can think of a few examples of that which I will spare ya’ll the details) but wondered if maybe my insecurity came from sensing a weak frame on his part and not feeling “protected” or something, so I was curious what you think. The origin and purpose of shit tests…Hummm…

    I th9ink we could all agree, shit tests are no fun for anyone. Maybe some women enjoy them, but I prefer a stead peaceful thing myself. Low drama. My life is complex enough.

    1. BuenaVista

      It’s easy to find a woman who never shit-tests a man: just find the ones who don’t have any interest in that man. Indifferent women have no need to fitness test men. Great.

      However, get involved with a woman, prepare for drama. It’s a pre-rational compulsion. Watch their faces glow with near-sexual joy and spooling up a fight or a challenge. Yield to shit-testing (i.e., try to make her feel better, assume her emotional state out of empathy, take her honey-do marching orders) and it will only escalate.

      I really don’t know how a boy, raised by a single mother and subject to the femme-centric schools, has any prayer of managing adult relationships with women. Every response he will have to being tested (comply, jump higher, assuage, hold hands and weep too) will be 180 degrees wrong.

      1. BuenaVista

        I used to think it should be possible to induce the shit-testing — you know, get the inevitable out of the way, go back to living like an adult. Like if I eat or drink too much, and wake up after three hours, it’s just a whole lot better to head to the lav and stick my fingers down my throat: get it over with, feel better.

        Now I think I have as much control over these seemingly climatic eruptions or games as I do … the climate. There is one activity, if practiced with sufficient ardor, that seems to distract a girl from her desire to test.

      2. Liz

        My husband and I were just having a conversation about a book he recently read that kind of relates to this. The name of it escapes me…it was written by a woman, nonfiction, about sex detailing “what a man should do” and “what a woman should do”.

        An example of the little nuggets of wisdom in this woman’s (presumably “expert”) advice: For oral sex to her, the man must continue no matter what, and if she grabs his head and he feels smothered don’t stop and resist all feelings of claustrophia if her legs wrap around him and his head feels like it’s in a vice. The guy must just press on and on….forever, and until he dies if needed.

        On the other hand, if the man is receiving fellatio, he should never grab her head. If all she wants to do is give his penis a kiss on the tip once every six months, he should be damned grateful and masturbate later in private. Also check every 30 seconds to make sure she is okay with it by asking, “are you okay with this? Are you still okay with this?” and so forth.
        If my man asked me if I was “okay with it”, especially more than once, I’d probably stop and say…”no, think I’ll go watch Bonanza”. I’d assume he wasn’t into it. I wondered out loud what a guy taking that advice to heart would come across like and he said, “Well, the guy has to be smart enough to know that women don’t know what they want and what they say is wrong.”
        True but….there really is no way that a guy without male influence in his life is going to know that.

      3. sfcton Post author

        The mean one’s for damn sure get that look, I would say if a man sees that he should start shittng and getting but Girl#3 was like that but that look was actually an invite to drag her off and ravish her.

        As for how that boy stands a chance, hopefully he wanders into the man-o-sphere or some red pill man crosses his path and imparts some knowledge to the boy.

      4. sfcton Post author

        As for inducing shit tests… our sex life seems to go a long way for fulfilling he Girls’ need for drama. It is one of the reasons why I made the decision to date etc in the BDSM scene. However the vanilla girls I have pulled over the years all respond equally well. It’s a matter of varying degree vs personal taste for women. The larger number of them that is

      5. sfcton Post author

        As for inducing shit tests… our sex life seems to go a long way for fulfilling he Girls’ need for drama. It is one of the reasons why I made the decision to date etc in the BDSM scene. However the vanilla girls I have pulled over the years all respond equally well. It’s a matter of varying degree vs personal taste for women. The larger number of them that is

      6. BuenaVista

        Liz, I doubt even a boy with a man in his life will have any idea how to screw his girlfriend or wife properly, and now with the YMY consent mania (as demonstrated in that wonderful book Capt. Liz related to you), it’s going to be worse. It’s not like a man demonstrates sexual healing to adolescent boys, and then has the chance to tell him why absolutely everything the culture, schools, and girls is telling him is backwards. In the old days, of course, the father or family doctor would give a child the birds and the bees book, but that’s of no use in this matter. When I gave Son #1 some straight advice 18 months ago, and copies of Rollo’s book and Donovan’s book, his brain exploded and he wouldn’t talk to me for three months, while also telling my daughter that I had lost my mind, who (SIW/daughter) promptly asked me if I hate women.

        My ex- (the real one, not the sperm-jacker) and I had great sexual chemistry for 23 years, but I sure didn’t know anything about anything. Mr. Nice Guy, Post-Modern Man, I was. That’s all I learned at college and in the corporate environment, under penalty of sanction if not criminal accusation. It’s worse now, by far. Also, my observation is that maybe 10 percent of couples have decent sex lives, so one’s social set reinforces the anti-sex messaging. Especially if one’s wife’s friends are in sexless marriages; many of them will project their distaste for the nasty to all their girlfriends.

        Four years after I got divorced, when I was dating my unicorn, and I learned what it was like to have sex five times a day with a woman who screamed so loudly the neighbors called the cops once, she looked at me once and said, “I want you to hit me when we’re doing it.” More screaming! Also, “harder, harder you motherfucker!” (By then I’d learned to close the windows.) WTF, I thought, okay, I’m just here to help. Then one morning she had a big bruise on her back and she said, “I like it but that was too hard.” I was mortified. “No, BV, I didn’t say stop I said just not quite so hard.” Exactly how to calibrate the female sexual imagination? I have no clue. Women are all alike in that they fall hard for any man who makes them shiver and shake, and women are all different in how they get to shiver and shake mode. Also, many, like my last girlfriend, (the good ones are relatively inexperienced, like my ex-), and don’t even *know* what they like.

        So I tend to ramp things up slowly, still, with my girlfriends, and keep things pretty conventional until I trust them. Two of them complained this week I didn’t fuck them in the ass enough. So I said, well, send me the pictures; and boom, butt selfies, one with an installed vibrator. One asked me to send her a couple of porn links of a lookalike, doing things she should do — and she was thrilled! “My avatar! How flattering! I’ll grow it out some! Can I have Juliette join us next time? I told her your dimensions.” These women are prim and proper professionals, by day. My god, if I knew this stuff in my 20’s my junk would have fallen off from overuse before I was 35. Meanwhile, the culture is consistent with the POV of the man-hater in Capt. Liz’s book. It’s just all, and pervasive, doublespeak.

        So it would be a whole lot easier if women came with a pilot’s operating handbook and a checklist. One that actually mapped to the aircraft in use. As things stand we’re all given an antique, yellowed piece of paper that informs us how to hand-prop a Stearman, and then given the keys to a Lear. And the Lear-ing woman is just busting for her man to fly her to the moon (without a compass).

        BTW, the man-hater in the book is clearly in her beta-bux phase with a man she dislikes, per the manosphere cliche. It’s just all getting too predictable.

      7. BuenaVista

        Yeah, Ton, bigtime agreement on two counts:

        Son #2’s mom, the sociopathic banker who liked to hit me while I slept, once with the butt of my Mossberg over-under, would visibly descend into a malevolent madness, and her face would literally bloom with pleasure when she went on the attack. True psychological and emotional hell ensued. I do believe she got wet seeing how much torture she could inflict, and I don’t use that word lightly. That woman killed my daughter’s cat — for sport. When she told me that she had reported me to CPS for hitting my little boy, her body trembled with pleasure and her eyes, as they always would, dilated with rapture. She once seduced her married billionaire boss — then blackmailed him into a promotion. “Hee-hee!” she summarized. (This was before she told me that she’d forgotten to take her birth control pills and I had the option of marriage or an abortion.) All in a day’s fun. Sadism game.

        The one who gives me the most shit-testing trouble now is Mrs. Smith, and finally I just told her “If you want to get fucked, just say so, get on your knees, and let’s skip the senseless argument/foreplay part.” But I don’t trust her enough to play rapey games, which is clearly her wish.

      8. Liz

        “Also, my observation is that maybe 10 percent of couples have decent sex lives, so one’s social set reinforces the anti-sex messaging. Especially if one’s wife’s friends are in sexless marriages; many of them will project their distaste for the nasty to all their girlfriends.”

        It’s strange how all of this “empowered sexual freedom” has seemed to lead AWAY from good sex in actual relationships. Maybe part of the “go girlz marry the nice guy after having all the fun before that”. It’s ass-backwards. “Oh, guys do it too!”
        But no matter how one spins it, there’s always going to be a difference between, “I just met this girl and she blew me in the parking lot” and “I just met some guy and blew him in the parking lot”. But they won’t do any of that for “the One”. What’s the rationale? That they’re saving their conversation skills for that special someone, because that’s what’s really valuable…..It’s parody.

        BTW, you need a trigger warning for some of this stuff. I’m wearing coffee on the front of my shirt after spitting it out my nose reading that bit about “fucking them in the ass enough”.

      9. Liz

        Just doing more thinking out loud. The weirdest thing to me is, women who rationalize all of this (a large number) really, truly believe it. My husband’s exec at work plainly states that “boring is good” (pertaining to her marriage, she married the guy she isn’t attracted to, on purpose). It wasn’t for a provider, she makes as much or more than he does. SHe talks about her “slutty, stupid youth” where she was screwing an enlisted subordinate and then started screwing his best friend too (another subordinate) and then she worried it would get out and she’d get into trouble (in which case, if she was like the cases I’m familiar with she would just claim rape and get away with it all, and they might be in jail..but that’s another story).
        Oh, those crazy, wildcat days of adventure! Chances she will screw around…better than average.

      10. BuenaVista

        Disagree, Liz, that the women in boring marriages never did their chosen boring husband beta stooge in the parking lot. Actually, I would say that when a woman makes her snap decision as to which column a subject male belongs (fuck him, marry him, that one should fuck off and die), she defaults to sexual aggrandizement as her initial ploy.

        (Which reminds me of Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin. Scarlett, and I didn’t stream the movie last night just to check her out in her lingerie, lures a string of mousy supplicating males whom she dupes into believing are about to get lucky. Then she kills them.)

        But … it … ends. Usually long before seven years start to itch.


        Sorry about the coffee spill. One of my new year’s resolutions is to curtail my use of personal anecdote to illustrate these very deep, very grave, very noble manosphere blog points we kill time discussing. But that stuff really happened. I would share photos if I were a cad, at least of the one with the 38″ inseam who does the Insanity workout seven days a week.

    2. sfcton Post author

      As I recall darling, you got to see your man in action at the scene of a car crash; did that help settle things in your mind? I seem to recollect it speed your engine up a good deal….. as is right and just

      I am saying shot tests occur both when she feels insecure and if she senses insecurities in her man or because she craves the drama or because it’s Tuesday or….. I think most people do most things subconsciously and never progress beyond being biologically programmed self replicating robots.

      Shit tests is the vernacular for fitness tests so yes they can serve a purpose beyond the woman’s instability.

      The details, to which ever degree you are comfortable with, might prove damn useful.

  6. Artisanal Toad

    To really make it work, you have to get them all under one roof. You also need a cohabitation contract. Very important, this:

    If they aren’t all under one roof, the poly dynamic is different. But when they know they’ll get a soft-next for shit-testing you and they also know (at some point) that they can get their emotional needs met from the other women it cements your position in place as the undisputed master of house and home.

    1. sfcton Post author

      That’s what we are working toward. Girl#3 became closer to me as I dealt with the issue’s Girl#2 created. Those two have been together since high-school….also things settlers with her as following my suggestions paid dividends. As an older man dating much younger women, that value added stuff like helping her fix her budget, “look” & what not is what cements things.

      1. Artisanal Toad

        We’re on the same page. You’re exercising dominance and they recognize that. With multiple women they understand that they have to toe the line or else… and you have positioned yourself in such a way that you’re the prize they’re all after. Work to help them develop a close relationship between themselves so they can get their emotional needs met that way and you can stay aloof and dominant. That lets you throw a little beta comfort vibe in when you want to and it doesn’t detract from your status but it smooths the ruffled feathers.

      2. sfcton Post author

        That’s pert smart on the emotional bonding between them. I have basically been doing that as I deal w/ Girl#2…. never thought much about it past keeping peace in the house (priority #1)

  7. BuenaVista

    In re: whiskey: News we can all use: “Some of the health benefits of whiskey include its ability to aid in weight loss, slow down the onset of dementia, increase heart health, prevents and manages diabetes, boosts good cholesterol, fights against cancer, eliminates blood clots, strengthens the immune system. Generally, whiskey is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol available.” They left out: “And consumed in appropriate quantities, with a friend, GET LAID.”

  8. BuenaVista

    You know that interminable thread over at Rollo’s this week, with the self-described “AlphaFemale” writing interminable feminist screeds? That shit used to frustrate me, as it is so common and so robotic. Now I realize it’s just feminist shit-testing game. I’m sure half the women I know, if not more, would agree with her. Since I learned to ignore it (not disprove it) I’m more attractive to them. The cognitive dissonance of the modern woman knows no bounds.

    “How many women does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

    “Sexist pig! And I told you I prefer to do it in the dark!”

  9. BuenaVista

    Last note of concurrence: I do attempt to demonstrate competence, and rule-breaking, which often indicates masculinity to women, and seems to dampen the urge to shit-test. Take them flying, get them screaming with an unannounced barrel roll or just a wing-over, cook, leave the guns out in the bedroom, fix their plumbing, etc. I think this is pretty logical, if we assume (as I now do) that women prefer men who are good at being men, not A Good Man.

    (Both the woman in Liz’ manual of male style, and “AlphaFemale” over at Rollo’s, insist they want A Good Man. And they’re lying.)

    In our culture the stuff that men do better than women *must* be publicly belittled and diminished, if not prohibited. It has been largely written off as macho or something, and so too many men try to qualify themselves as A Good Man by talking about how they “really told him off” at the office, or how much their country club cost to join.

    Once I was out bicycling with a very fit friend who’s way younger than I and we missed a turn on the Canal (DC) trail. It appeared we needed to get the bikes up a very steep embankment, covered with brush and trees to get back on the path. She’s looking at the hill and says, “Well, we can just turn around and ride back.” This was a polite shit-test, I’d say. But I said nothing, grabbed both bikes and threw one over each shoulder and ran up the hill, then went back down and pulled her up.

    “That didn’t look like any 50-something man,” my friend said. (I’m no warrior-athlete like most of the guys here, but if you date younger women — strike that, if you date any woman — I’m convinced they have a lingering doubt in their minds that you’re fun but a little over-the-hill. So we’re talking literal fitness tests now.)

    And that is the sort of compliment I want to hear, not “I bet you put so-and-so from the Board in his place.” (Gag me with a spoon.) I made her ride first the rest of the way to her house. “I want you to go first!” she complained. “I like staring at your ass, actually.” Major blushing then. That turned into an especially pleasant afternoon. Any woman who gets wet because she’s married to a Machiavelli (that would be my little boy’s mom) is a woman I am steering clear of.

  10. BuenaVista

    Ton, don’t you think a much, much higher percentage of women than will admit it, have an underground river of BDSM impulses? Really, all BDSM does is introduce stylized conflict into the romantic frame. In this sense we’re talking about another form of shit-testing: can he dominate me?

    I sure do and point to 50 Shades and its 200 billion copies sold as supporting evidence. Also by what happens to an man’s online profile if the words “dominant” and “submissive” are introduced casually in a nonthreatening way. (Traffic jumps.)

    Also, for reasons related to my recent health misadventure, I’m not traveling much. So I’m being shit-tested long distance at the moment. Which is not my strong suit, at least not after cocktail hour, and I forget I’m talking to an annoying female and drop the rhetorical hammer, precipitating the banshee reaction. The drama goes Wagnerian/DefCon2/full batshit crazy.

    The next day I’m embarrassed and I write something like “I’m sorry for the strife but …” and explain what my rules are, suggest we take time-out or just flat not see each other any more. And we’re all lovey-dovey again: shit-test passed! “Does this mean we can sleep with Juliette?” Guardrail-to-guardrail. As Blake wrote: a marriage of heaven and hell, no progression without opposites, no gain without pain. Shit gets old.

    I’ll know if I ever meet a unicorn again: this won’t happen.

    They never covered this subject in the junior high sex class at my Unitarian Church.

    1. theshadowedknight

      BV, the majority of women will admit to it. I was one of the ones that did the first research on dominance when the manosphere was still learning about it. I had a post up over at Sunshine Mary before it went private that detailed out why women need dominant men, and why men need to be sexually dominant over their women. If I remember correctly, about sixty to seventy percent of women admit to rape fantasies. This is not something women go out of their way to hide.

      Another interesting way to look at it is that all of the ways to hold and touch a woman that they like, eg, holding their necks, embracing them, pulling their hair, the rest: All of those are very vulnerable positions. A lot of them are modified fighting positions. Women are excited by violence and power.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. BuenaVista

        Yes, I believe there was a study a couple of years ago that 65% of women had rape fantasies. And that was self-reporting into a hostile, equalitarian culture, so I expect it’s low. Thx for observing that.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL the funny thing about angry chicks is how they react when you ignore them or treat them like a child throwing a fit

      As a rule you cannot go wrong treating women like children. Think of all those dumb games you played as a kid…. all are awesome flirting techniques

      1. BuenaVista

        The great insight, though, is that that look is probably Baptized Kitty’s Come Hither NOW! look.

      1. BuenaVista

        I scanned a few of the 100,000 comments this pic earned on FB. Most were by women, and many to the effect of “Bleh. Then don’t make me mad. Hear me roar!”

      2. sfcton Post author

        That bullshit pisses me off. When with that don’t make me angry….. that’s when they need a punch to the face. Women should fear men not the other way round, and that “fear my wrath” nonsense gets women hurt men they try it with men who have mot been conditioned to th point they would rather get a beating then join the slap a hoe tribe.

      3. BuenaVista

        I thought it was an interesting Roschach test. What clearly was an ironic, teasing photo that diminished the rationality and stability of women — using the picture of a frothing debutante, albeit a pretty hot one (I wouldn’t say no to some of that) — in my sampling none of the women got it.

        Instead, it was “Hey I’m a girl, dig my entitlement to act like a seven year-old — I do what I want!”

        In a prior era this idea of the irrational anger of the attractive woman was at the heart of romantic comedy. However, it ended with someone like Bogart or Jimmy Stewart paddling her bottom while lighting another cigar, and after a few more fireworks, the two of them living happily ever after. (African Queen, Philadelphia Story.) Then: frisky colts were broken. Now: frisky colts run around breaking stuff. Progress!

        Also in the comments there were the usual submissive men applauding obsequiously.

  11. Liz

    Lol! Just read something on Dilbert. Not a ‘shit test’ per se, but the idea is ‘toiletesque’ so surely it’s tangentially related. Wanted to share it with BV in particular, since I’m sure he can relate and this is the only place I’m certain he will probably read it. 🙂

    “I call my idea the Money Toilet-Shredder.

    It looks like a toilet, but it has no plumbing. Instead it has a shredder in the bowl area. It also has Wi-Fi, a processor, and a web cam to record what happens around it.

    Just pull the flush handle to activate gift mode.

    The camera comes on. The shredder powers up.

    Now smile into the camera, toss a handful of your hard-earned cash into the shredder and say some version of “Happy birthday, Timmy. I’m shredding fifty dollars for you.” Then you send your video to the lucky recipient of your generosity.

    The theory behind this invention is that happiness is based on a comparison of your situation to your peers. When someone shreds their own money for you, your happiness should increase because your net worth is instantly higher on a relative basis.

    Shredding your own money is also a sacrifice. People see sacrifice as a sign of love, affection, and respect. So it works on that level too.

    They say it’s the thought that counts with gifts. You’d still have to do some serious thinking before using the Money Toilet-Shredder in order to arrive at a proper dollar amount. You can’t be sure how much the people in your life are worth until you think long and hard about their contribution to society, their general level of personality dysfunction, their life expectancy, and that sort of thing. If someone in your circle pencils out to seven dollars in gift value, no one can say that’s your fault. You put in the thought and that’s where the numbers fell.

    I will grant you that this idea is only second-best compared to pretending you gave a gift in someone’s name to an environmental cause. That’s still the gold standard in this genre. But if you’re not comfortable with lying, the Money Toilet-Shredder might be the solution for you. It’s honest and it conforms to science. The only downside is that it associates a person’s special day with a toilet. But let’s be realistic about the so-called special days.”

  12. BuenaVista

    I must say I loathe standing in line at the UPS Store. This will be so handy!

    Adams talks about most gifts being viewed as “pre-garbage”.

    Well, I hope they don’t miniaturize that handy device. Or someone’s pre-junk, at some dark and lonely hour, is going to be turned into “post-junk” by a baptized kitty.


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