more musings on random man-o-sphere comments

In my mental wanderings I read a lament about women today and the need to teach women to value their virginity and to develop other skills to attract men.

I call shenanigans


#1)I married a virgin and it was still a fucking nightmare. Guys cling to this low to no N-count as some sort of magic fetish that will ensure marital bliss. Sorry friends I am living proof it doesn’t work that way. Nor am I the only one


#2) teach them what exactly? No one seems to get to that point, myself included. The Girls and access to their bodies is what adds value to my life. I reckon when folks say this ‘teach them to develop other things to attract men” they mean domestic stuff which is faulty thinking on several fronts.

  • it assumes men value the same kind of frilly, kick knack stuffed girly domestic life women do
  • does not take into account most domestic work done by women is for their own up keep
  • it does not take into account every modern convince that helps make a stay at home mom’s life easier makes the bachelor life easier
  • it does not take into an account how expensive women are to keep compared to having a house keeper, laundry service etc etc
  • cooking, cleaning and what not are not huge tasks, especially for a single adult man.

Men are perfectly happy in Spartan like conditions. When my majordomo walked into my house her response was “this is definitely a bachelor’s house”. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that I’d have… about 300 bucks. Women always comment on that. The walls are a soft Earth color and the 1st thing you see when you walk through the door is a Texas Longhorn skull with hats hanging off the horns. I also have some military stuff on the walls, lots of flags, tributes to my Confederate roots and dead critters. I had one recliner, an end table with coffee table books on it, a small kitchen table, the chairs to go with it, a TV, a PS3 and a shit ton of guns and booze….. I do have a nicely appointed kitchen ( back to that buy things that last deal), but my house is not that far off from most of the bachelor’s I know. If anything, it was more decorated. Men don’t collect bullshit like women seem to accumulate which makes for a more slimmed down and easier to maintain living quarters.

I have women living with me now and they require up keep. My bathroom is a combat zone of “stuff”. Most of which I have no idea what it is or what it does. It was a lot easier to clean my few items, and the shower drain didn’t get clogged with long blonde hair until Girl#1 arrived. Girl#1 did have some useful items to add to the home, but mostly it was just stuff. I limited her to 10 kick knack type items and her important books. No collection of house wife porn allowed.

Microwaves, pre-made meals at Harris Tetter or Sam’s, vacuum cleaners, all those handy cleaning wipes… you name it if ti helps a mom of three keep a house clean and family feed, it helps men. The number of these items is endless. 1 Clorox wipe a day keeps the bathroom clean, three a day keep the kitchen clean etc etc. Because its only one of you the mess is considerably less, you have more place to put the small amount of junk you have (or in my case a lot of fire arms). You make less of a mess cooking meals, your meal plan is easier because your not balancing other peoples tastes in chow


Women cost money. They need more clothes, more stuff for the bathroom, this gadget, that bit of make up, stuff to keep aunt flow from making a mess… again the list is fucking endless and costly. Not to mention the consumer research showing women spend more money then men.


I have already address how cooking, cleaning etc are not huge tasks and these things are what I can come up with? Imagine what a sober and more intelligent man could come up with?


People mean well when they say ” teach women to value their virginity and to develop other skills to attract men” but I reckon it is a very simplistic, idealized view of women and life, like some folks romanticized visions of the 1950’s.

They also must understand the nature of marriage, marriage no longer equals regular sex ( if it ever did) or any type of claim to children and family. Kids and therefore the family belong to the government and women

The solution is returning to what works; women and children being the property of fathers and husbands.

37 thoughts on “more musings on random man-o-sphere comments

  1. superslaviswife

    I think a lot of men also conflate “housekeeping skills” with “magical woman mysteries”. In much the same way Jon will look at my knitting and say “As far as I’m concerned, that’s witchcraft.”, many Western men are so coddled by convenience that they are bewildered by housework and assume it to be something women do naturally. That as we hit puberty the “hoovering, dusting and tidying” part of our brains engages and all is well.

    The reality is that women start learning to nest around puberty, but that hardly covers all modern domestic chores and definitely doesn’t mean we’re much good at it. And most Western women are as coddled and inexperienced in terms of housework as their male counterparts.

    Many bachelors would be far happier if they took it upon themselves to learn the tasks they want a housewife to do: cook good food, budget, clean and iron clothes, hoover and dust. Even what some Western men deem the less “masculine” ones, like hot steam baths, decorating and mending clothes. Once they can do everything in the house, then they can assess whether they need anyone to contribute to it AND they will know if that person is actually contributing above and beyond what they were already doing anyway. When it comes to women’s merits as housekeepers, there’s a big difference between the woman who just “lives in” with her fiance, lives off his money and rent, gets drunk every night, loses job after job, spends 90% of her income on toiletries and only does housework when he’s around to remind her to do so, and the woman who keeps her fiance’s house whilst he’s away, makes the sort of food he doesn’t have time to make, mends things he needs mending to a deadline, maintains a house and garden too large for him to keep on his own, facilitates budget shopping and minimizes her non-essential expense whilst bringing in a second income almost equal to his. In the first case she is just living off him, doing the bare minimum to convince him she’s pulling her weight. In the second she’s adding value to his life so that after a day’s work he comes home to pure relaxation and free time to indulge his hobbies.

    But you need to know how to keep yourself and your house on your own before you can tell them apart, let alone decide if you’d rather have one. If you can’t do your own laundry, ironing or gardening and cook your own food, how on earth do you know who is doing a good or a poor job of it?

  2. sfcton Post author

    Now that I have the time…..while there is much good in SSW post there is a fatal flaw

    any man who’s domestic skill set has hit that level has by default dramatically cut into a woman’s value once again leaving it to pretty much just her body. That nice meal he doesn’t have time to cook…. well that’s what the weekends are for. The bachelors I know who are the kind of man women want to marry etc know how to cook, know how to clean and do budgets ( or not in need of one because expenses are much lower then income). If she cleans better then him( doubtful) he is still keeping his house to the point he is comfortable with. The home being cleaner is not added value. My peers are military vets so they know how to clean

    Her making money: a woman who earns enough cash to meet a mans income ( a man who makes enough money to have women interested in him) has had to sacrifice her domestic skills to lean the skills required to make decent cash. All three of my Girls are the perfect example of that. All make better the average money for their age, none of them were much on the home-front.

    While I appreciate skills such as knitting, it doesn’t add much value to my life. Men don’t much care about decorating so that isn’t value and mending clothes is not difficult or expensive

    Much wisdom in what SSW wrote but there is also a good deal of misunderstanding men. Mars vs Venus thinking.

  3. theshadowedknight

    The virgin is a better bet. For the men that decide to put up with women, a virgin is a thirty percent lower chance of divorce. It is still one in five, so it is no sure thing, but it is better than fifty, seventy, or ninety percent. Note that even the optimal choice is still more risky than Russian Roulette.

    All the rest is to offset the cost of keeping her around. It makes the hooker math a little bit better. It is, in short, a way to avoid getting screwed while you are fucking her. The higher her value, the less of a chump it makes you.

    The Shadowed Knight

  4. Mavellian

    Good read and I agree. Never move in with women because they automatically believe they have the upper hand. When you move them in esp young, they are pricey. If you can afford it and she’s young and can be made useful esp under your roof by all means, go for it. It is a good time. Always remember though what is your ultimate goal with each woman and once she becomes useless or stops putting out, throw her ass out. She’ll come back or change her ways before that.

  5. Liz

    Girls 1 and 2 are not only paid, but (as I understand it, they’re medical care providers) they make life and death decisions on a pretty regular basis. I’m not sure how you’d square that with the ‘lack of personal agency’ idea.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Girl#1 does, Girl#2 has a masters in public relations and does the talking for the Navy

      as for lack of agency, Girl#1 is one of two women I know who owns her shit, the good and bad, but I have dated my share of lady doctors and they failed to take responsibility for their lives. Like highly trained monkeys… plug them into their field of specialty and they do…. whatever kind of job they do but take responsibility for their debt, speeding ticket, failed love like wasn’t going to happen

    2. sfcton Post author

      think of it this way Liz, if three toddlers are capable of driving a car will you give the keys to every toddler in the daycare or continue to restrict children from driving?

      1. sfcton Post author

        LOL but I am going to argue with you…. It not that some women do not perform at a higher level, there are always exceptions to the rules but you cannot not arrange a society/ culture around the top 1% performers. We have that now and its not working out so well for most ( like 80%) of the folks around

  6. BuenaVista

    I’ve known exactly one woman who was better at home management than I. But she was a) raised on a farm in North Dakota; and b) refused to cook and clean because doing so was so anti-feminist. I didn’t bother with domestic duties until 2000, incidentally.

    Most of the women I date have no idea how to mop a floor. (Well, not entirely true. They know how to hire someone to smear the dirt around with a Swiffer.)

    Here’s a good test for the dissenters. Show me a woman who knows how to sharpen her own kitchen knives. Good luck with that. Want to slice steak with a butter knife? Spend the evening at a SIW’s house.

    The culture has banished the domestic arts as a worthy activity for women. So they do not exist, and there are no women who can read and write and are willing to make a standing rib roast for dinner. THEY DO NOT EXIST.

    We’re the ones bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan. Which I’m totally fine with, as it turns out a lot better.

    If you want a clean house, hire a man and supervise his ass. If you want good food on the table, read Jacques Pepin, and then bake/prepare/cook it yourself.

    Here’s a great low-time bread recipe from Pepin, works every time. You mix up different grains, it doesn’t affect the outcome. I use 25% spelt, actually. I try to keep my carbs under 50 per day, being a mature man. However, this produces awesome bread, so a guy might cheat.

    1. Sumo

      In fairness, BV, a lot of dudes don’t know how to sharpen their kitchen knives, either. I’m constantly being asked to stop by one friend or another’s place and hone their blades.

      They pay me with beer, so everybody wins. Speaking of, important safety tip – don’t crack open a beer until AFTER all the knives are sharpened. Trust me on this one.

      1. BuenaVista

        Haha. I used to entertain business friends at home rather than go out to a restaurant. So I’d be in the kitchen with my sharp knives, a glass of wine, while yakking. And I have 50% feeling left in my dominant index finger, as I was dumb enough to wipe off a knife while looking elsewhere and talking too much.

      2. sfcton Post author

        Dumb shit with knives story time…

        I once dropped my boot knife and thought it would be slicker then goose shit if I caught it by that long black handle….. did not turn out the way I imagined

      3. BuenaVista

        Dumb shit with knives comment #2:

        I gave son #2 a minuscule Swiss Army Knife, and a whetstone, for Christmas two years ago. I later read in a NY State child services memorandum that I gave my son a “weapon” and that my lack of judgment endangered him.

      4. Sumo

        My grandfather gave me my first SAK when I was 6 or 7. I suppose he indirectly endangered me, as that led to a lifelong interest in acquiring and learning various uses for the things.

        Which leads us to…Dumb shit with knives comment #3:

        When I was 16 or 17, I was “practicing” my knife throwing skillz in my parent’s basement, using an exposed 2 x 4 stud as a target. One of the knives I was throwing was absolutely not designed for that sort of thing – double serrated edge, fixed blade with a thermoplastic handle. Sort of like Kydex, if you know what that is. Anyhow, I screwed up the throw, the knife hit handle first, bounced off and stuck itself in my foot. Since I was too embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened, I patched it up myself.

        Shortly after that, I took a refresher course to re-learn the first aid stuff I was taught when I was a boy scout.

      5. BuenaVista

        Dumb shit with knives anecdote #4:

        I bought some male friends a nifty Beretta folder for Christmas, and I kept one for myself.

        I had to go online to figure out how to open it.


        Just watched an immaculate movie with Charles Bronson, _Hard Times_. Aside from Bronson being an iconic red pill dude, and a (formerly) living testament to the virtues of pull-ups, there is a cringe-worthy AF/BB moment toward the end with the love interest, Jill Ireland. I suspect Liz looks a lot like her, although I’m sure Liz has a better sense of humor.

        It’s really a perfect movie, an early one directed by Walter Hill. Set in NOLA, it also has set pieces including gospel singing, jazz, cajuns, and the heavy steel and diesels of the port.

        Free on Amazon Prime.

      6. Sumo

        Dumb shit with knives dick measuring story #5:

        A few years ago, my workspace had a gym. One night, after working out, I reached into my backpack to grab a clean shirt, and I felt like I burned my finger. I pulled my hand out, and began shaking it to alleviate the sting. A few seconds later, I felt something warm on my face, and when I reached up to wipe it off, I realized that it was blood. I then discovered that my finger was bleeding, badly. Turns out, my spare knife that I kept in the backpack had opened, and when I shoved my hand into the pack, I inadvertently stabbed myself. The knife was so sharp, it sliced into my finger, and cut completely through the fingernail. The doc at the hospital told me that it was impossible to thread a suture through a nail, so he glued it back together and sent me on my way.

      7. Liz

        “I gave son #2 a minuscule Swiss Army Knife, and a whetstone, for Christmas two years ago. I later read in a NY State child services memorandum that I gave my son a “weapon” and that my lack of judgment endangered him.”

        😦 I’m so sorry, BV. That wasn’t stupid at all.
        Little boys love knives, and getting that first little Swiss army knife is a milestone, and HUGE for a little guy.
        My oldest forgot a Swiss army knife in his pocket when he was four, when we were at the airport. It was his great grandfather’s knife, dated back to WWI…family heirloom. Of course, it tripped the metal detector and they said we couldn’t board the plane, and we were running late. I managed to run down to a store and buy and envelop and some nice person mailed it back home for me. Mike wasn’t there…not fun running around the airport with a baby in a backpack and four year old by the hand!

      8. Liz

        I should add we were probably lucky the TSA people didn’t confiscate our little heirloom knife and demand body cavity searches.

      9. BuenaVista

        Liz, my daughter was 14 and I took her to the airport for the first time to fly alone, up to Boston to see her grandmother. So it was 2002. She loved her little pocket knife that I had bought her, and guess what she walked into security, alone, while holding on her person? She was hysterical in fear and shame, after she called and I returned to the airport to pick up her knife.

        I make the TSA pat me down, every time. I don’t walk though those machines. I the TSA.

      10. sfcton Post author

        LOL if they think buying a small knife is child support they would shit kittens in Appalachia

        my daughter lost her knife in similar circumstances. She was flying from NC out to Hawaii and me and TSA made her put it in her luggage then it was stolen out of her bags

      11. Liz

        “I loathe the TSA.”

        So do I, but in that glass-is-half-full spirit, it’s kind of nice that this government works project will employ people even after the obvious brain damage. Seems to actually be a job requirement.

  7. Liz

    Just another random, bitches-be-crazy rant from moi.
    Another rape accusation at the base. This time, all was caught on camera, in billeting…the woman fellated the guy in the parking lot, and then he pumped her in the laundry room, and then they went to his room for about a half hour while her husband was doing laundry. Then, she called 911 after her husband “thought he heard her crying and screaming” and she reappeared a few moments later.

    1. Liz

      Just to add, the reason they invested in a half a million dollars worth of cameras in billeting?
      A false rape accusation a couple of years ago. I’d bet money this won’t be the only time those cameras will come in handy.

      1. Liz

        Just to add, since it’s vague above.
        The husband caught her all disheveled afterwards and she claimed to have been raped and called 911. What he “heard” from his wife was NOT crying and screaming (more like panting and moaning and squealing).
        Yeah, women NEVER lie about this stuff…it’s about 0 for 10 now since I got to this base. Who does this harm? Obviously the falsely accused and everyone around them forced to take sensitivity courses….but it harms real victims too when every crazy b*tch is crying wolf nearly every week. These women seriously need to be held accountable rather than brushing it under the carpet (that carpet is so full it’s starting to look like a put put golf course now) and continuing the meme that women never lie about this type of crime.

        Ton, you say women are like children and imply that few of them own their shite, which is certainly true. But I will disagree that this is innate. They act like children because society permits them to. When forced to own their shite, every adult has to. We aren’t all a bunch of kleptomaniacs stealing candy like we did when we were three…why? Because we can’t.

      2. sfcton Post author

        I say this is inanite because the ancients of all cultures have noticed and commented on it. Leastwise the ones who could write. Cultures that “keep women down” thrive and expand and develope. Once that treat women as equals stay in mud huts or wither and die if they once were prosperous and strong.

      3. BuenaVista

        So I take it the military refuses to prosecute women for making false statements and false felony accusations? Because if there were a cost to the accuser, such as jail and a DD, I should think the incidence of this stuff would decline to near zero.

      4. Liz

        “So I take it the military refuses to prosecute women for making false statements and false felony accusations? Because if there were a cost to the accuser, such as jail and a DD, I should think the incidence of this stuff would decline to near zero.”

        Right on both counts, BV.

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