congruency and frame

Due to a variety of factors each man’s position in the hierarchy of men will be different. Additionally two men equally ranked can achieve their position with different styles. Almost all of us have some sort of limitations on our rank/ value in the SMP/MMP. Some factors are within our control, others are not. I can control my weight but not my height. I cannot control my height but I can control my body language. We are all born with a certain level of raw intelligence but we can optimize what we were given. Because I am not mentally lazy, folks often think I am better educated, more intelligent then I actually am. Because I carry myself well, folks think I am taller than 5’7”. Because I am physically fit, women generally guess my age at 35 not 44. Maximize where you can, double down on your natural born gifts and talents while being aware of your weak areas and how to compensate for them

The next few paragraphs are about men I know who doubled down on their talents.

One of my running partners, JW, is a young man who has what I would call the Classic Business Alpha style. He is tall, lean, and always well dressed. He is a self made multimillionaire with serious charisma. As in he got us into a world famous golf club while I was dressed in riding leathers. One of the best displays of social skills I’ve witnessed. He has money, but doesn’t lead with his wallet. He has a wife who looks the other way while he has two kept women. When I meet him he was tearing his way through women like wet paper. The kept women are a compromise with his wife. He has the money, dresses the part and drives a Dodge Viper. He is on 1st name bases with any many worth knowing in our area because of his ability to charm whatever social circle he stands in. He is the son of a Special Forces E-8 who died on duty. For those not familiar with the term that means a middle class upbringing at best. His whole image is created by his own drive and desire. He has been working this program since his father died; doing the kind of things that makes him a big fish in our area of operations (AO). Which, oddly enough, is one of those Super Zip Codes Charles Maury talks about. His whole persona fits that Classic Business Alpha Style. He is the kind of guy many Beta’s love to hate.

My friend BR is the Classic Southern Gentlemen/ Officer Alpha. #1 he is pretty. He is the only guy I know who has women approach him; give him their phone number, touch themselves when he is speaking with him etc. I’ve seen strippers push each other over him. He is good looking enough where he doesn’t need anything else but his looks. He is 6’2”, athletic, verging on the 6 pack abs kind of stuff, with the classic blonde hair and blue eyes. He comes from Old Southern Money. Way back in the day, his family helped fund what is now one the more important colleges in our homeland and his family’s name is all over the campus. His father and grandfather were active duty generals; his uncle is a general in their State’s National Guard (NG). Being in the NG is damn near a family requirement. BR dropped out of college and came into the Army as a Warrant Officer to fly 58D’s and he fly’s the mother fuckers. He is the guy you want driving one of those things for your close air support. I meet BR when he was still a 58D driver, and before he moved on to TF160, the Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment. He now fly’s for some secret squirrel outfit doing Lord knows what to only God knows who. Any rate, BR is beloved by everyone. I mean everyone, and his whole package fits. He is tall and good looking, has a bad ass job, drives a bad ass corvette, comes from money but isn’t pretentious etc. His whole persona fits. He is now married to a lady who use to model swim suits and what not. She dropped all that to be BR’s and bought him that bad ass corvette as a wedding gift. Yea he’s that good

Now the guy who does my tattoos is named DT. DT is the artist type. Not just his tattoo work (which has won awards) but he plays in band that got some national coverage a few years back, regularly sells his paintings and is an occasionally published author. Comparative religious studies kind of stuff mostly. Even the beer he makes is an art to him. He is also a small business owner, with a handful of employees. Some in his tattoo shop, but he has a fulltime employee selling his art. Anyrate his persona fits. He has a theme for his life and he works to excel at it. His theme is art. Now I haven’t noticed him do quite so well in terms of numbers, but he has no problems pulling women and always has a couple of plates in rotation. I think he would do better in a more urban environment. The artist thing isn’t a big seller here locally, but he does pretty damn well with women and you never see him with anything under a 7 or any girl close to his own age.

All three of these guys have something else in common though. They are all working different versions of Bad Boy game. One of the typical short comings in this part of the interwebz is viewing Bad Boy game in very limited terms. Most use the term to describe a guy like myself or someone with a prison record…(ok also myself)but y’all get my point. Sometimes Bad Boy game can be hard to see but its there. Hell just being good with women gives you some level of Bad Boy cred. JW has a reputation for being a ruthless man. Cross him and he gets his payback. Have two lawyers check out any contract he brings you, and you don’t want to see him chatting up any of your clients. That’s on top of his Bad Boy cred regarding being married and keeping women on the side. Openly. BR has it given his profession and lifestyle. He has a dangerous job and he excels at it. He has a bad ass car, rides a bad ass bike and has banged enough chicks to establish his pre selection/ Bad Boy cred. DT has his own version of Bad Boy game. #1 he is heavily tatted up, being a tattoo artist lends weight to his bad boy cred, as well as being in a band. A good band that doesn’t have any problems booking gigs throughout our area (they do the kind of rowdy rock and country songs that Southern folk love to drink too). I am one of the few people who knows about his master’s degree in comparative religious studies, but people know its is an interest of his. Here in the Bible belt, that also lends weight to his Bad Boy cred.

What they have in common is a congruent package that fits them as men. JW had to craft his out of thin air. He did not like being poor, wearing hand me downs etc and set out to fix that shit and he fixed it with a fucking vengeance. DT also created his image out of thin air. His father was an enlisted guy in the Air Force. DT wanted what he wanted, to study what he wanted, to draw and paint what he wanted when he wanted and to play his bass. He went against the wishes and advice of his family and friends to chase after his art. BR is pretty much all natural from breeding but his upbringing developed who he is and he has busted his ass to be the kind of pilot he is. Last time I checked he had more combat flight hours then most of his peers have hours. Each man has a persona butyl up in layers, one resting on the other until in a very real sense they became arch types for their chosen lifestyles. None have any obvious weak spots in their persona for women to explore… ie attack (they are also tall which should never be discounted as a force multiplier in the SMP/ MMP)

Our packaging needs to fit and be congruent. I think if a man is to spread out in the things he likes, he doesn’t build up… I don’t know… a pillar (?) of SMV value. I reckon I am making the anti-Renaissance man argument. Specialize and work your comparative advantages to your benefit in the SMP and the wider world.


This post brought to you be insomnia

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      1. theasdgamer

        Been there, done that. The research that I have seen is based on what women say, not what they do. My experience aka “empirical evidence” is based on what I have seen women do. Maybe my looks overcame my height disadvantage, IDK, but height never seemed to be an issue. Even tall women give me IOIs without me intentionally gaming them. I didn’t have a killer physique and wear fitted shirts. Back when I was a teen, I dressed boring preppy (my good mother picked out my clothes–mostly navy and wine, but some blue and rust and beige), not even as cool as I do now. (leather jackets, levi jeans or designer jeans, red or black shirt)

        If you know of research that is based on what women do, please, let me know. Not very actionable, though. Hits a short man’s self-confidence and gives him an excuse for failure, right?

        From what I have seen, height gives a temporary advantage, but any deficit is easily overcome by Game or looks or clothing/physique.

        I identify most with BR. Similar background. (Probably the man of the three that you identify least with.) I’ve worked very diligently on dancing since at my age (you’re a young whippersnapper to me) MMA is out of the question. There’s a big need among boomers for Game. Lots of unemployment and divorce.

      2. sfcton Post author

        Every bite of research shows being short is a major disadvantage. Major and it’s what women do too

        That some of us overcome it does not disprove the research

        Damn near nothing from your day applies now. Hit the modern smp if you want me to take you serious.

      3. theasdgamer

        Ton, I’m in the SMP alla time. My intel isn’t obsolete. I go out dancing almost every night and clubbing on weekends. Got swatted by an unknown woman last Sat. night. Watched two women make out on the dance floor. My coat was taken. A pretty 25 yo gave me about 10 bear hugs over several dances and volunteered that I could dance with her anytime. When her best friend tried to c0ckbl0k and steer the girl to dance with other guys, the pretty girl tried to evade her best friend and get to me and wailed, “Nooo! I want to dance with him!” (pointing at me) Pretty girl obviously wanted me for more than dancing. I can still read women very well when I try to. Facial expressions, body language, voice tones, etc.

        A stew was flirting with me continually Mon. night. for an hour as we danced. Example: “You make my hips do amazing things.” Continually mooning at me. Decreasing the distance between us. Etc.

        This a.m. I took Mrs. Gamer to her dentist. The hot receptionist was flirting with me a lot. Eye contact, brushing her hair a lot, etc. Commenting about how the sunlight made her hair glow. I flirted back, too, of course. Then the lady waiting for her appt. started chatting with me–preselection/competition at work.

        When Mrs. Gamer came out, the receptionist turned her back.

        I’m a free agent again.

      4. theasdgamer

        I was dancing with a young woman I know who volunteered that she was winging for another guy; the guy is a low-confidence chump. She recognized that I was “clued in.”

        Only reason I’d ever use a woman as a wing is if she agreed to a 3some.

  1. superslaviswife

    On the flip side, there is no end to how unattractive any man can make himself to women. Jon started out successful from age 14 through 22. As in, he had more girls in those years than most men get in their lives. Not stupidly high count, but definitely beyond Beta. He’s regarded as attractive (tall, good bone structure, etc), got a sense of humour, confident/natural game and comfortable in himself, science and maths oriented and even can work with words when he can be bothered. So not necessarily “perfect mega-Alpha”, but enough that girls and women were receptive and even approached him sometimes. Then he got sick of females, but not in the gay way. Started letting go of the habits designed to attract attention. As he saw himself start to become invisible to a lot of women, he decided to push it further. He noticed his hair length made him “unfashionable”, so he grew it out past his shoulders. He started wearing more stereotypical metalhead clothes, but without the “trendy” accessories like jewellery and stuff. He started becoming blunter with people. Suddenly, the women who used to approach him or were at least receptive couldn’t see him. He didn’t get fat or start obsessing over “lame” things in public. He just stopped dressing up and being polite. Funnily enough, all it took was a haircut, a woman on his arm and a well-cut coat and he gets second looks again. (I went out with him when he was dressed up after a job interview and he got quite a few looks and even one approach, even though I was there.)

    The moral of the story: most women are shallow. Making a bit of effort to dress the way they expect you to (fashionable) and be a little more verbose (in a confident way or about things they like) can radically change their perception of you, whoever you are.

    1. sfcton Post author

      been there. when things got bad with the ex I stopped giving a damn about how I dressed or came across to other people, which was plain mean as hell. Took me about 6 months to fix that. That and I was way to stiff on dates. Real buiness like. Now I am scary until I speak or smile, which seems to be a winning combination for me

      I think more dudes would be shallow if they could get away with it.

      Most of the men I know with truly impressive N count’s are “not necessarily “perfect mega-Alpha”. For many men a few changes will yield big returns and a goodly amount of game boils down to not shooting yourself in the foot.

      1. superslaviswife

        Definitely on shallowness. But the price for women is far too high and the price for men is probably a bit low (both are not doing too well quality wise, so I’m hesitant to say that the price for men is far too low, merely disproportionate to female inflation).

        And I think the mega-Alpha may be akin to a Unicorn. Most high SMV or MMV men are just well-tailored to their environment and self-aware.

        On game, Jon adds: “30% of success with women is taking the attitude of ‘I may as well go on this date and see what happens’ rather than ‘praise the Lord, a female has deigned to spend her valuable time with me, best not waste it’ (pathetic).”

      2. sfcton Post author

        Well BR is as close to that male unicorn as I have ever witnessed and his N-count is not as high as mine. Why? Women would behave to keep him around. He would burn through some chicks in between some relationships and dated the model girl for a goodly number of years before getting married.

        Jon isn’t wrong about the difference in attitude. Just approaching and seeing what occurs brings a certain amount of interest if you make a half way decent approach.

        nice way to phrase the difference in SMP value. I think in general woman have it easier but that generality goes right out the window once the variables are considered. I know my daughter didn’t have an easy time. Hypergamy surely played its tole but the poor girl was born an Alpha widow. My grandfathers helped pioneer unconventional warfare for the Army/ Navy. My ex wife’s family was heavy rollers in the Air Force. I did what I did in the Army so most of the men she grew up with set a high bar etc etc. The age of the man and woman play a factor, both men and women get bad advice….

        Such is life

      3. superslaviswife

        Makes sense on BR. We ladies will work hard to get what we want, especially when there isn’t much of it to go around. Sometimes it plays off as a college student starving herself to buy expensive shoes, sometimes as a woman getting her act together to hold down a wild Alpha.

        Nothing really to add to the last paragraph without writing an essay of my own.

      4. superslaviswife

        Fair enough, if you ask for it.

        In all aspects women are very social creatures. Whether it’s true or not that we’re better at socializing, it’s definitely true that we socialize more and rely on social cues more. Therefore, it would also make sense that our idealized selves, our idealized partners and our understanding of ourselves and our potential partners are also shaped by environment. In other words, what we expect to receive in return for our status is based off what is available to us, what our competition is and what is verbally and socially acknowledged as superior quality. Hence why Bodi women like the fattest guy around and Wodaabe women like feminine men who do well in pageants. Hence why Thai girls are happy to be circumcised and Betammaribe girls don’t mind being scarred. What is said and shown to be beautiful is what goes.

        If what we expect men to be like is culturally flexible, then in theory it should also apply to subcultures, regions and media. Which it does. An emo girl likes the effeminate, brooding, selfish man with good hair more than the strong, extroverted, proud man in a tailored suit. A girl in Spain likes a slender, tanned, brown-eyed man more than a tubby, blonde, tall man. A girl who likes Geordie Shore likes a boyish, tanned, lean man more than a muscular, mature, educated one. So for starters what we expect men to be is what we are exposed to. The emo girl may not mind men ranging from scrawny to gym-rat, but anyone overweight or very muscular doesn’t register as “one of my tribe” and doesn’t have the same appeal. This is the problem your daughter hit.

        But women also base our expectations of the quality of man we can attract on our own social reception. The emo may acknowledge that men in the appropriate circle range from scrawny to gym-rat and may know that there are men outside her circle. Depending on how confident she is in her own status, she may believe herself entitled to the prize (lean, good bone structure, good hair, cocky attitude, musically skilled, expensive clothes) or in a position to stoop (an overweight non-emo with bad dress sense).

        However modern women won’t stoop any more. And, as it has happened gradually and collectively, rather than receiving male backlash (as is happening in Japan, with herbivore men), the price of women has simply gone up to match our new standards.

        Young girls are designed to pick up social cues from our culture and adapt to them so as to become the most attractive we can be. This is the reason for our sheeplike imitation of the media. If you look at culture before magazines, every town had its own culture, its own fashion variants, its own home cuisine and its own interior decoration style. The women were copying their mothers, copying each other and building on that, but only as far as their cultural horizon extended. And this way they also displayed their feminine skills in a way that men could easily quantify. When one man is a baker and one is a blacksmith, it’s hard to say who does the better job of his work. It would be silly for a baker to try and build a forge to bake his cakes in or a blacksmith to learn to make fondant. But when all women are home-makers and mothers, their skills are best displayed directly against each other: they all make the same style of dress and the better seamstress, the better dresser and the younger figure all stand out.

        But with the advancements of magazines, television and the internet we have begun to imitate a blander, more universal culture. Being a culture of consumption, it promotes spending over skills and needs to sell to the broadest market possible. And feelgood laziness is the best sales pitch. So rather than say “lose weight”, “learn to cook” or “be nicer”, the media has got lazier and lazier, more and more grovelling, until it now says “big is beautiful”, “buy this food” and “you do you”. Because fat, unskilled people with nasty attitudes are getting used to not being offended and offending them doesn’t sell clothes, cakes or shows. And young women are absorbing that culture, repeating those lines whenever their fat, unskilled or mean friends need ego-boosting.

        So at least fifty percent of a modern woman’s social input is telling her that whatever she does, she’s halfway to perfection by default, just because she’s a woman. Bar deformed girls who seem very aware of their low sexual status, an ugly, obese, obnoxious, 45 year old with poor dress sense and no domestic skills will consider herself to be an automatic 5/10. Then, wearing makeup, donating to charity and learning to fry eggs makes her feel like she’s a saint or a goddess. The concept that she may be a 1 or 2/10 and only goes up to a 3 through good makeup, charitable acts and basic cookery would baffle her. Because the TV and her friends all say she was halfway perfect. And no matter what she does, how large, old, unhygienic, ugly, rude, unkept or unskilled she lets herself become, she will always be halfway perfect.

        Therefore she assumes she should at least get a 5/10 man. And, as most women can naturally bed men of all values and both men and women benefit from long term relationships where the woman is a point or two below the man, these women find themselves bedding 5-10/10 men and therefore assume they deserve to marry at least a 6/10. If they can cook or aren’t fat, then they will want at least an 8/10 man. And this is before we even break out of average.

        But there’s more. You see, because of media influence and the low quality of modern humans, 9/10 (objectively perfect) and 10/10 women (subjectively perfect 9s) are few and far between. Which means to a woman comparing herself to others, they don’t exist. Which means their scale actually runs from 1-8, except they call 8 a ten. So in terms of self-confidence, they are automatically 5/8, possibly more if their social circle in general is less attractive than them.

        However, for men the opposite is true. Men are as low quality today as women are. However the lowest quality men, those below average, are almost invisible to any woman who considers herself average or above. So the male scale actually runs from 5-10, except they call a 5 a 1. In terms of attraction, they don’t want a 5/10 man at least: they actually want a 7 at least.

        Furthermore, where women start at an automatic 5/10, men have to develop social traits to break out of a 4. They need to be verbose, educated, well-dressed and financially sustained. They need to invest themselves in a cultural image and hope they can pull off enough status within that particular subculture, region or social group to attract any women at all. Which means that a woman who does nothing at all wants an attractive, actualized man and an attractive, actualized man who just happens not to be perfect can’t get anything better than a slightly below average woman with no skills, money or personality.

        And I’ll leave that there before it gets any longer because I have monetized writing to work on and a deadline.

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        Hey man somehow I deleted on of your comments, about money. Will you post it again

        Apologize for the mistake

      6. BigAl

        Ton I was reading through a lot of your older posts, cant remember which one that was. Asked if you took a 15 year mortgage. Wanted to know more about your financial take on life. Im an old school money management kind of guy myself. No BS, red pill, country style wealth management is right up my alley. Wish more people wrote about it. Its especially helpful advice for a young buck like me!

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        Cool man and thank you

        15 year mortgages are good to go, but make sure you have six months spending cash in reserve. That way, Lord forbid, you hit tough times you can cover the slightly larger house payment

        I did the 30 year thing on Camp Ton. My credit is shit and I barely qualified for the 30. I did the 30 year because of the potential in the home( read land) and I was transitioning from the military to private security work ie 4times my normal salary. Even with out that extra money, the house and land was less then my yearly military salary.

        I paid this house off in like…. 6 months? It wasn’t technically liveable when I moved in. I had to make two rooms liveable…. and fix the pond. Did most of the work myself etc but that isn’t necessarily the best plan. Do what’s best for you and leaves your sense of self and integrity intact.

        Never take fiscal advice from people paid to give you advice or sell you shit. Never take advice from women. On any topic. Ever.

        Being single at the time meant my home only need to store my shit; keep me and my shit dry keep me cool in the summer. Soooo I am in the semi ghetto. I will not change zip codes when Ton Spawn gets school age. He will go to school to learn how to handle his shit and I’ll teach him what he needs to know. I won’t give a flying fuck about his grades. If I have another daughter, she will be homed school. Either way, it reduces my housing cost by about 300k compared to finding a home with a yard in a better school district. 7 acres in that school district….. cannot imagine

        Past a home loan, debt is the enemy and makes you a slave. Avoid it. No college debt either unless it’s for a legit degree with big money on the other side. Like many times more what it cost you. And quickly, not maybe 400k a year 30 years away. Every dollar you spend on one thing cannot be spent on something on another.

        Pay. Cash for a beater truck and a beater bike. Make being debt free a bigger priority then money in the bank( once you have enough cash to live off for 6 months)

        Dont spend money on women. Don’t be afraid to buy toys that will last and you will enjoy. By them used.

        Remember money is a tool. Learn how to use your tools. Be rational about how you use your tools.

        It’s easier to reduce your cost of living then make extra money, but do both. To the point you have 6 months cash on hand and are saving 30% of your take home. Once you hit that point, enjoy the ride.
        Don’t buy a home until you can put 10% down, have money for the move in, repairs etc and that 6 months reserve.

        Buy a house because it suits you and not some make believe version of the American dream.

        Money is a tool, everyone wants to sucker you out of your cash. Mostly through financing and credit scams and they are scams. Meant to transfer your cash to them.

        Always have a side hustle; cash money no taxes, something you enjoy. Doesn’t need to be much cash, but it will set your frame in the correct manner.

        My general speech for young men is….

        Go out there, kick ass, take names, be smart and enjoy kicking ass and taking names. Crawl, walk, run. Get knocked down, jump back up and laugh and learn.

      8. BigAl

        Got it Ton thanks. I’ll always drive an old truck thats paid for! I have an emergency fund set aside, saving money now for the future. A third of my pay goes to savings right now and all raises from here on out will go to the savings account too. Im doing construction mgmt in Houston right now. Trying to figure out my plan to get out in the country. I love all the girls here and professional opportunities, but hate living in the city. Need to figure out a way to move outside of a small town and build a house on some land! Thats really the only thing that bugs me in life haha. How do I get back out to the country and live simply, comfortably, and debt free. Thanks for the advice man!

        My only concern about moving out to the country from a game/RP standpoint is scarcity of women. You seem to be picking up girls just fine though

      9. SFC Ton Post author

        You are on it brother

        There is a certain scarcity; people are thinner on the ground and social events are more family related and what not. Folks will love to invite you, but you have to know them to get the invite…..

        So I spent a lot of time on a bike, raiding college towns and what not. Working 4 ten hour days would be a major advantage in rural South game. It’s not much extra Free time per week but it adds up. Plus chicks dig the country boy done good thing.

        I notice good land with a shitty house was cheaper then good land and no house. Might help you out esp with your work

      10. BigAl

        Ill keep that in mind Ton. Moving outside of a college town is most likely my plan. Oklahoma is looking like my best option around for cheap land, good people, good hunting, good work, and hot college chicks in one area lol

      11. SFC Ton Post author

        The army picked North Carolina not me, and colleges…. we have an insane number of them

        Seems to me you have a tight shot group

      12. BigAl

        Tight shop group haha! The Carolinas are great too. So long as there arent a bunch of yanks Im down to move anywhere

  2. sfcton Post author

    I do need to note that I disagree men are low quality today. In subjective terms, maybe since there is a deliberate push to reduce men, especially White men to a very subservient position but I doubt most men are low quality, unless you are define quality as alpha

    1. BigAl

      I agree here. A lot of men are subjectively low quality in a skewed SMP, but many of the women I see today are just flat out low quality!

      1. BuenaVista

        A couple of notes on the use of cash, perhaps redundant, for BigAl:

        Psychologically, there’s something very comforting about a stack of $100 bills in neat little yellow bands (10 per band) on the bedside table. Even more comforting, of course: a stack of $100 bundles and a Beretta 9mm. (For straight guys like me, I get a Walter Mitty outlaw thrill from this.)

        While banks are required to report all cash transactions over $10K, the current DoJ has ‘asked’ banks to report transactions over $5K, though they have no statutory authority to do so. Basically, the government seeks to suborn the banks into being their tax collectors.

        On your side business, therefore, get paid in cash or check, and keep the checks below $5K. Then immediately cash them at the customer’s bank, not your own.

        All debit and credit card transactions are logged by the U.S. intelligence/national security apparatus. I know this first hand.

        Civil asset forfeiture — the seizing of a citizen’s cash — is out of control, and being done absent accusation or conviction of any crime. Be extremely careful transporting cash. It usually has drug residue and may tip a K-9, or more likely, the cop will nudge his K-9, tear your vehicle apart with his bogus ‘reasonable suspicion’, and then just take all your money. Cops love to seize cash, because they get to keep it and use it for new toys. In my state, the State Police recently pulled over a car with two gamblers on a pretext. He decided they were ‘nervous’. He tore their car apart, and found the $90K they’d won at a midwestern casino. He took the money. This is being done all over the country.

        We’re already in a low-intensity civil war between the progressive state and free men. We’re not supposed to think this way but we are. There’s been a lot of news lately about the blanket collection of domestic phone records. Well, I was working on that for the government 10 years ago. The deep state is much, much farther along in its efforts to indenture all of us that is popularly known.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Thanks for the intel BV.

        I never travel with much more then2k in cash on me, but most of my money is in the bank…. ie my gun safe, with the remaining Hell Hounds patrolling

      3. BuenaVista

        I note that when I had the accident, and was dying on the gurney at the first hospital, the cops (who interrupted medical care to take a blood sample, because they wanted to score a DUI), also went through my billfold. The excuse was they needed to “inventory” my personal belongings while they cut my clothes off me. I had about $1800 in my billfold. They then said, “Why do you have so much cash on you?” We are six inches from a situation now where the presence of cash is probable cause for warrantless search as well as seizure. I’m either losing my mind or being radicalized.

        I need to get a gun safe. Question: Are the kits (the safes we assemble from parts) good enough? I’ll never get a full size safe down into my cellar. I have a small fireproof safe now for cash, docs, etc.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        I have no idea about those kits BV. I brought my safes in when I was remodeling this place. Was fairly simple with no doors or walls.

        Leave it to the police to value a dui ticket over a man’s life. Not a fan of them myself. Radically different mentality from the peace officers of my youth

        Think about that. As a kid, they were peace officers. Now they are law enforcement officers. Says it all

      5. BuenaVista

        I think that too many are more like wanna-be soldiers with a tax collection mandate. When my Dad was home on leave in this town during WWII, though he was still 17, the cops had a common-sense rule: any boy in uniform was allowed to drink beer, provided he used the side entrance. Today, the restaurants are dying because no one will drive to this same town — at any age — for a steak and a couple drinks.

        When I had my attempted home invasion experience, during my follow-up interview with the cop, she asked for my social security number (!!!). The better to surveil me, I suppose.

        When I was in the ER that night I refused the breathalyzer. The cop turned and made a cell phone call (clearly calling the cop shop for instructions). He then returned. I note that I was being worked on by 3-4 people simultaneously. The airlift had already been ordered up. I was falling into the morphine hole. He read me the state statute that said if I denied them a test I would lose my drivers license on the spot. I mumbled my right to a blood test, the medical care ceased, and they drew the sample out of my arm. Neither the physician nor the nurses issued a peep in protest. We are surrounded by happy drones who love their masters.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        Damn man but what an example of how systemic the issue is

        Really, folks need to read that and let it sink in. That collecting a fine counted and establishing some being at fault more then medical care and a life

      7. BigAl

        Civil Asset Forfeiture is theft, plain and simple. Im familiar with the deposit laws.

        Cops could have haphazardly ended your life with that test. Unbelievable. Glad you are ok.

        Im pretty much an all cash kind of guy, keep a debit card for emergencies. Way easier to control spending too. Hurts more when you see cash leave your hand haha

      8. BigAl

        I keep a gun safe, but assume the cops could issue a warrant and steal my guns and cash if they so choose from it.

        20 bucks says they outlaw paper currency in the next decade or so. Then they can see everything on our bank statements! Bartering…here we come

      9. SFC Ton Post author

        In just 10 years? That would be a major shift in a rapid fashion. Not sure I see hos that would come about.

        I reckon that sort of thing is a generation or so away. Maybe 25-33 years

        Why the ten year time frame?

      10. Liz

        “Neither the physician nor the nurses issued a peep in protest. We are surrounded by happy drones who love their masters.”

        That sucks, BV. 😦
        Can’t say I’m surprised.

        Per surveillance, drones, and all that…it’s interesting to consider that even if/when the courts and Congress pass more “Constitutionally accurate” legislation on domestic surveillance reform it wouldn’t change anything. They are just going to privatize it and let the phone companies do their work for them.

        I have a conspiracy theory that the most foolish conspiracy theories are pushed by the government and then torn down by the government to tarnish the not-so-foolish conspiracy theories.

      11. SFC Ton Post author

        Ever since the war of northern aggression, the only limit to federal executive power has been another branch of the federal government……. as the South rightly predicted. Before the War, States had their own sets of checks and balances on the federal government. Now there is none. Neither overt checks or anything to block what Liz predicts.

      12. Liz

        I think it will take a while to end paper currency, but it will happen. Look at how quickly the iphone changed the world, paradigm-wise. Eventually we’ll all have imbedded chips instead of cards, too.

      13. SFC Ton Post author

        That’s the popular theory and more likely to occur as the nation because less White and less Founding Stock White.

      14. theasdgamer

        I have a conspiracy theory that the most foolish conspiracy theories are pushed by the government and then torn down by the government to tarnish the not-so-foolish conspiracy theories.

        Watch it, Liz! Now the govt. will use your foolish conspiracy theory to tarnish my not-so-foolish conspiracy theory. [chuckle]

        I remember the time that the JBS (for the preservation of wooden toilet seats) was laughed at for saying that the CFR, TC, and Biildderbuurrggeerrss existed. Now that is all readily provable. Yet the JBS is still laughed at by sheeple despite the JBS claims having been proved correct–at least the claims relating to the existence of policy-influence associations of the rich and powerful. The JBS does attract a fair share of loons–no question. However, that doesn’t mean that some of what they have to say isn’t true. It just means that you have to be willing to consider ideas that run contrary to popular opinion. Loons do this, but so do visionaries. It’s a low signal-to-noise ratio (lots of loons, few visionaries), but that just means that you need an efficient filter to capture the signal.

  3. theasdgamer

    @ ssw

    An emo girl likes the effeminate, brooding, selfish man with good hair more than the strong, extroverted, proud man in a tailored suit.

    We need to distinguish what is meant by “like”. A woman might like the emo boy with her cortex, yet despise him with her amygdala. She might love Emoboy like a brother, but not want to bang him. Otoh, she might despise the confident UMC suit with her cortex as being part of the system, yet want to bang him anyway because she registers him as masculine.

  4. theasdgamer

    Ton, a coupla questions:

    1) If a woman says, “Stop! You’re gonna get me shot!” is she lower class? Maybe LMC?
    2) Can you be more aggressive with LC and LMC women? Do they expect men to be more aggressive?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Not really understanding the 1st question. Situation would dictate but saying shot vs in trouble with the law would suggest a non UMC type gash

      You have to be more aggressive with those women as they grow up in tougher circles. A well delivered back handed complement is aggressive action for the UMC folks I am familiar with. It makes you a fag in my circle.

      1. theasdgamer

        Aggressive, as in grab her @$$?

        First question was where she’s in a club context where someone might go for a kiss and she’s afraid she’s being watched by her bf’s buddies.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Depends on the level of rapport

        Her bf buddies? Come on man, that’s a beat down in the making. If she wants strange dick on the side it is not going to be somewhere she will get found out.

      3. theasdgamer

        Can you give an example of what a LC broad would want versus a UMC broad? A UMC broad wants double entendres and a LC broad wants…what?

        Level of rapport…let’s say that she moves her hand to your waist and you move your hand to her waist in response. No kiss yet. You are among her party at a bar. She only knows one of them–the rest she has met that night. She is obviously pretty comfortable with you. Is the move to lower your hand to her upper @$$? Or is it to go chat her up somewhere away from her party?

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        As long as she knows one in the party who can possibly rat her out she would not want such an escalation. Pull her in real quick and release….. but way to many variables to say for sure

        No it would be more of a tit for tat sort of thing then Play on words. Normally

  5. Artisanal Toad

    I think that too many are more like wanna-be soldiers with a tax collection mandate.

    Lotta guys get out of the military and transition into law enforcement. Given the militarization of LEO’s, that’s a natural. On a functional level, the problem isn’t that it’s LEO’s vs Civilians, it’s the whole idea that the LEO’s are a different class of citizen. Because the military has already inculcated that difference in their minds, it simply continues into law enforcement.

    WRT tax collection, that’s a bit different. I recently had a run-in with a small town cop. This particular chimp is the “assistant chief” because his relative is the mayor. She spent town funds on sending him to school, buying him his uniform and his weapon. He spends most of his time hanging out at the local gas station or Dollar store flirting with the women working there, but remembers to write a certain number of citations every week.

    He’s made it clear that intelligent, educated whites are an affront to his dignity (he has an IQ that places him somewhere between possums and skunks) to the point that he is currently being sued by several people for harassment. His mission is to write tickets with a particular focus on DUI (largest fine for a misdemeanor that the local municipal court can hear). He’s already been caught (twice) “sanitizing” his breathalyzer with an alcohol swab, which guarantees a reading sufficient for an arrest. The prosecutor is always open to a pre-trial diversion ($1200 in “administrative fees” and court costs plus approx. $1000 in attorney’s fees) with the result of no conviction and the arrest is scrubbed from the record after one year of good behavior. They can nail people once every 18 months or so under this scheme.

    Everyone (cops, attorney’s, prosecutors, judges) have a complete understanding of what is happening. Excess traffic tickets would become a political problem but a DUI arrest means the individual is obviously a threat to society and therefore cannot complain. According to the rules it’s win-win for the municipality because it’s serious money into their pockets and they won’t have complaints about harassment or selective enforcement. Some states (Missouri, for example) have passed laws stating that a municipality cannot receive more than a certain percentage of its operating funds from fines (In Missouri it’s 20%) but in black controlled municipalities that law is ignored. Some places receive over 80% of their operating revenue from fines. That’s why they hire so many cops.

    Word to the wise on a DUI stop (and keep in mind that every stop is a potential DUI stop): Demand a blood test. Have a relationship with an attorney (a good one) and have his/her number in your phone (office, home and cell) and be speaking to the attorney before the cop gets to the window when you’re pulled over. In some states there is a difference between having an attorney on retainer and having an attorney you can call. A retainer is simply a payment of money to an attorney in advance of expected legal services, but in some places it means the cop cannot refuse to allow your communication with your attorney prior to being processed. You can legally refuse to answer any questions without your attorney present and if you’ve already called the attorney you can force the cops to wait until they get there before answering simple questions like “have you been drinking?” Generally, you can legally refuse a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test in lieu of a blood test (check your state law on that, have an attorney and get his/her advice first). It helps to have a well-connected attorney (they tend to play golf with the judges and prosecutors) or failing that, a cute female attorney with a pretty face and big tits.

    Keep in mind that as the economy is slowly destroyed and income to the municipalities declines, the revenue from fines is more and more important. It’s all about money.

    Write it on the back of your hand: It’s all about money.

  6. BuenaVista

    Artisanal T., thank you for the comments. I live in a jurisdiction that allows one, as you note, to demand a blood test and deflect the inaccurate breathalyzer. Hence, even while going down hard, I told them to take it out of my arm.

    I also live in a rural jurisdiction. My attorney is simultaneously the County Attorney. He’s asked me a couple of times to bring an action against the police — against himself, technically — but I demurred. I’ll be a civilian here long after he moves to Arizona.


    In contrast, I was on a date in western New Jersey a couple of years ago. I was driving a Porsche 911 with Iowa plates. Bad move. Very, very bad move. I drive trucks or an antique Volvo wagon now.

    So, as I was trailing my date back to her place, I was pulled over because the cop said my plates were counterfeit. (i.e., the car stuck out in a rural burg at 11 p.m. and he needed to pay his salary for the evening.) Turns out his ace policing confused a zero with an O. This took 45 minutes to sort out. But he still needed to justify his stop and get some money. Embarrassed, he said, “Sir, it smells like you’ve been drinking.” So I was hauled out of the car and told to make like a gymnast while five cruisers and their spiffy coppers shone flashlights in my face. I’m a ‘mature man’ and, while athletic, I’m not that athletic. I was put in cuffs and taken to jail. Once in jail the cop administered the breathalyzer (I didn’t know if in NJ I could demand a blood test). I passed. The cop said, you are very disciplined, not many people sit without moving or talking for an hour with their hands in irons, but I guess you’re sober. At 2 a.m. I was released to my date, who will live in the first-date hall of fame for eternity. My 911 was impounded, and damaged being dragged onto the flatbed. I couldn’t get it back until 11 a.m., with the broken front air dam.

    The cop *still* insisted to the DA that I was impaired because at my advanced age I couldn’t walk a line like a high school gymnast. It cost me $5K to get the whole matter dismissed. I live in fear that the arrest records live on the internet, though I can’t find them. The next time I take a polygraph I’ll have to answer: “Have you ever been arrested for an alcohol related offense?” The next time I file my FAA medical form, same. Plus I’m a divorced dad and his mother hasn’t let me see my boy for 27 months.

    Our country is occupied. Shit will go down soon, I suspect. I’m so radicalized I look forward to it. I really do look forward to it.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Example number 1010002341 of why I cannot get behind supporting the usa or Western civilization. The anti mgtow want men to be draft horses, which in sanner times ain’t necessarily bad, but the here and now? No thanks. Not when it means supporting shit like BV has relayed

    2. Liz

      Wow, BV.
      I agree with you. There is a point where the best option of reasonable citizens is re-level the balance of power through whatever tools they have. When the ballot box is no longer a tool for change (and it surely isn’t now) there are few other options.

      1. Liz

        I mean, I’d like for my sons to grow up in peace and go to good universities and become successful but what’s the point if this is what they have to look forward to?

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        We don’t choose the times we live in but really it’s about forging the best life possible with what we have, social situation, legal or personal gifts and abilities so to my reckoning it would all come down to what they see as their best options to maximize the time they have. Maybe it’s college and MBA’s maybe it’s plumbing and bass fishing.

      3. Liz

        Our oldest is thinking about going into the USAF and following in Mike’s footsteps. I look at how different everything is now and can’t imagine him doing that. There’s almost no chance of success, a pretty high chance he’ll end up in prison or disgraced, and most anyone who succeeds under the current conditions is a douchebag…so if he ends up successful, he might just be a douchebag. I don’t want him to do it. Gah, have to get off the computer now.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        My family has fought in every war we have had as a nation, to include th one’s before we were officially a nation

        My son is the last of our line to join the military with our family’s approval and blessings

        Go to shooting schools, learn to brawl etc. He’ll see enjoy just with the demographic issues to earn his man cred.

      5. theasdgamer

        Liz, when the organization (The Apex Alpha) opposes your fundamental beliefs, you don’t join it for reasons of virtue or honor. You join it if it gives you personal advantage, but there will be a cost. Best to count the cost before joining. This is what you teach sons.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        Legit point. Not sure how old Liz’s boys are but the futher out they turn 18 the less viable that becomes

        Would also suggest enlisted over officer, army or marine combat arms branches

      7. Liz

        Side note, Ton, a few of us were discussing pilot training (my dad went in at 17 years old) last night and he agreed with you that enlisted people should be pilots.

        Mike said they aren’t moved around like the officers who have to fill career squares and are more suited to becoming expert pilots than officers.
        He agrees with you (so, naturally having been schooled, so do I).

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL now wouldn’t it just be easier if you skip the middle man?

        Pilots as officers only is all about classism

      1. BuenaVista

        I don’t think there’s much mystery as to who is, and who isn’t, prepared to stand his ground.

        There was an absurd ruckus on my block at 3 a.m. a few weeks ago. Some ‘folks’ had a party: I think there’s a pretty big game every Saturday night at my otherwise silent and modest Laotian neighbors. It spilled out onto the street, boys and girls were running around and screaming at each other in their strange patois. Lots of bouncing boobs and skinny guys threatening some sort of violence. Once I’m awakened I cannot go back to sleep so I was pissed.

        So I went out on my front porch in my boxers and yelled back. Something witty to the effect of “Shut the fuck up and get off my lawn now!” Two cruisers with their strobes in full riot mode screeched up to break up the riot. Oh, and I had my new AR slung around my shoulder, pointed at the ground. I just stood there and watched the circus.

        It ended quickly and one cop just stood on my sidewalk, looking at me. I gave him two open palms. Neither of us spoke. He turned around and got in his cruiser. I think everybody knows where this is headed.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        No doubt

        I do that every few weeks. Just the other side of the road from me is a neighborhood full of lower-middle/lower class diversity. Everything on my side is 4+ acres with a sand and gravel quarry behinds us, or state park

      3. theasdgamer

        The feds have a program that catalogues social media text that can be scanned when needed, like when you are charged with some crime and they want more stuff to leverage against you.

      4. BuenaVista

        Gamer, the Feds already know I own weapons, have a clearance, voted libertarian, constantly fight with the IRS, was accused of child endangerment by a toxic ex-wife, could fly a jet at 50′ at 300 knots down the Potomac under the radar directly into the Mall, have Skype sex with a chick in charming locales from Lahore to Benghazi, and on and on. I don’t think they’re too worried about an anti-police rant from my current locale. They’re probably fixated on when Mrs. Smith is going to strip for me on Skype again.

        It’s amateur hour, man. These guy buy stuff from contractors, work 7 hours a day, and go home.

        We didn’t find OBL, the Pakkies, who stashed him, turned him over. Life is not Zero Dark Thirty.

        One thing I would advise everybody: do not overrate the government’s technology skills. I’ve been inside 25 government intelligence agencies. I’ve worked for five. I’ve met exactly two guys out of hundreds my company would have considered hiring; the rest of them are dolts. As someone famously said in a WashPost article: “Think of the CIA as middle schoolers with clearances.”

        Therefore current debate about bulk data collection via the Patriot Act is amusing. The Chief Technology Officer of one of the top 5 national security agencies told me to my face he had no ability, and no one on his staff with the ability, to evaluate our counter-terrorism/illicit network stuff. This outfit has spent the last 10 years just trying to build a database — the kind of database Target or Amazon could build in 18 months. There is no analytical infrastructure that would exploit ‘bulk data collection.’ He sent us over to the NSA to see if anyone there knew what the fuck was going on. The meetings I took there resembled a medieval gaming convention. I felt like I should have brought my Jedi light sword. The brilliant minds in NSA ‘research and development’ might be able to hold down a job teaching algebra at a community college.

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        Given how much intell they collect, and the kind of intell, I am not worried. SIGINT is not that impressive 99.99% of the time. Cash and HUMINT is still king

      6. theasdgamer

        BV, scenario is that an ambitious US atty hires IT talent to quotemine your text from the NSA database. Maybe some other bogus charge has been filed.

        No need to add risk when there’s no reward for it.

  7. BuenaVista

    A Public Service Announcement:

    On a lighter note, I vote for the 1970’s.

    Though from the correct perspective (and that would be the rear), 2010’s looks a lot like someone in DC.

  8. R.

    Seems more sensical than a lot of “game” stuff that’s out there.

    Building a masculine identity, working on ones-self, strengthening frame etc. v.s. learning the myriad tricks and tips and being able to recall them at just the right time and place.


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