and then there was 2 or…. Next

I gave Girl#2 the big Next yesterday. She was at my house for the weekend, all the Girls were, and got to feeling combative. As one can imagine I don’t put up with much and in the course of our “discussion” she said “you know what Ton? FUCK YOU”. I stopped what I was doing, smiled at her and left the room to pack her shit. She was to busy with her phone to notice. Before long, I had her shit packed and at the her car. I pulled Girl#3 aside and told her what was about to go down. She was torn, but I gave her the “deiced now or leave” deal and elected to stay. Her only concern was how she would get home since Girl#2 drove.

With that resolved  I stood over top of Girl#2 and told her to get the fuck out of my house. She threw a fit, I told her I would call the cops if she did not leave. Her invitation was revoked and she is trespassing. She was stunned, melting down etc, so I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the car. She threw a screaming shit fit when she saw her bags by her car and I mean screaming and carrying on. Again I told her she had to leave or I would call the cops. I turned my back to her and she struck me. As I knew she would. I told her if she hit me again I would respond in self-defense. She started screaming all manner of obscenities at me and about me as I walked into the house.

Once I was in the house I sent her a text message; leave or I will call the cops. She elected to throw her shit all over my yard and as I was blocking her number in my cell phone. I told the rest of my Girls to do the same. She left once she was done flinging poo like a monkey.

I boxed up her stuff and put it in the mail today.

We are done. No explanation, no complaints, no none of that bullshit. Just “we are done; get the fuck out of my home or I will call the cops”. I have “fuck you” as an automatic trigger point. Years ago I made the decision to reject any woman who told me “fuck you” or “fuck off” etc. All my trigger points are predetermined. That way I am not making decisions in the heat of the moment. You do this in combat as well


The remaining Girls are somewhat shaken up. To them, this is a shitty weekend event. To me its just like any other Sunday. My casual and buiness like attitude toward ejecting Girl#2 has them all over the map emotionally. Good emotions, bad emotions…. doesn’t matter. Its the intensity of the experience that keeps the tingles going and both the remaining Girls were lubed up Sunday night.


As for me, I’ll waste no more time or effort on her. Next them and next them hard then go bang her friends. Her bitching about you will get them lubed up for you.

40 thoughts on “and then there was 2 or…. Next

  1. redpillgirlnotes

    Gosh Ton, that sounds pretty intense. I do agree one needs to have limits and boundaries. I also draw the line at verbal abuse, as well as physical abuse. The “C” word is my “that’s it” trigger. Something was surely going down within her to act like that, but that was not the way to express it. I wondered with girl 1 pregnant and plans for girl 2 to be so tabled for the time being, if that wouldn’t start the poo flying. Or maybe it wasn’t that, hard to say. Anyway hopefully she takes this as a learning moment and looks within so next time she finds herself in a relationship, she won’t act like this.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Don’t reckon “fuck you” is verbal abuse but it is more disrespect then I cotton too.

      I saw this coming. She is one of those girls who self sabotages things and has ramped that up as her military career was winding down. She literally chose her very shaky militarily career over us for all the various feminist talking points. She was letting her inner feminist out more and more. I could have warned her etc in a more stern manner, correcting her behavior for a short time but I kept my responses pretty tame, testing her ablity to self correct on minor rebukes. She failed the test and I dropped a mountain on her to misquote Sun Tuz

      She will not learn from her behavior. She has an enormous support structure telling her she is perfect and it was all my fault.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Probably right that she will not learn, too many people will reinforce her “he’s a meanie, you poor thing” frame. Well it will be her loss (and continue to lead to more loss) if she chooses to blame any but her own actions.

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        Exactly, not matter how many “go girls!” One gets in time I think they wear thin. “Go girls” don’t keep you warm at night, now do they? No, no they do not. Women would be better served with the truth than with fluff. Just IMHO.

  2. Liz

    And this is why I say I don’t like women enough for this type of arrangement.
    I can’t imagine this level of drama.
    Good thing she wasn’t the pregnant one, Ton!
    (expect that one to go a little nutty with the amount of hormones in her body, too…I know it’s not your first trip to the rodeo, but it has been a while and you might have forgotten. Especially AFTER the baby is born. That’s a very tough time, physically and mentally)

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL in some ways this is my 1st day at the redo. I was doing Army shit for the 1st two rounds of Ton Spawn gestation. With any luck I’ll skip most of Ton Spawn ver 3.0’s gestation as well.

      I don’t feel like a rookie Dad on all fronts but most assuredly on some. The majordomo has 5 children, all with their own set of children. She’ll make sure things go smooth…. ish.

      Girl#1 is #1 not because she entered my life 1st but because she is pretty much a unicorn. She is steady. She actually verbalize her desire to continue working is driven by insecurities. We talked it out for a few minutes and now she is staying home.

      Note that Girl#2 ended things with me and Girl#3, who has been in her life since high school.

  3. BuenaVista

    Sucks to be her, I guess. It reminds me of the scene in American Sniper when Kyle returns from the rodeo and his girlfriend is boffing a strange dude in Kyle’s own house. He doesn’t waste a lot of time in soulful conversation with her, and she’s gone in 60 seconds.

    I nexted Mrs. Smith a few weeks ago; usually I just go for “time-out” with a woman, and we later circle back. But I was appalled at how she handled Christmas and when I alluded to that, her basic response was a fancy version of “teehee, I’m a girl, get over it, and besides I wanted you to visit me for the holiday.” The “I’m a GO GO GO GURRL!l, get over it” entitlement is one of my triggers. It’s a very, very revealing moment, when you see or hear that.

    Ton’s comment on how a woman’s friends reinforce her very mistakes in the aftermath of a breakout is profoundly correct. Girl #2 will make the same mistake over and over; all her girlfriends will be cheering her self-sabotage.


    Speaking of the movie, here’s a review of it by Brandon Webb on his operators’ web site:

    Webb says he was Kyle’s teammate.

    I share his disappointment at the prominence of the wife’s feelings. She’s something of a red pill cliche in this movie: initially a confused SIW, then a wife with a honey-do list and some major grievances that Kyle can’t commute back and forth to the shit without a few re-integration issues. But you know? Her character and the soap opera aspects have to be two reasons why so many women are going to a “war movie.”

    1. sfcton Post author

      I will come clean on something. I deiced to bring three Girls into the mix instead of two when the opportunity presented itself not for more sexual variety but because I figured one would have to get nuked. I figured it would be Girl#3 but I was wrong on that. Nuking who use to be Girl#2 will ensure months of domestic tranquility

      Every operation creates casualties, being the causality ended up being her role. Such is life.

      What happened at Christmas if you don’t mind me prying?

      I hate that “I’m a girl” and then the snigger

      1. BuenaVista

        I spent two months assembling a Christmas package for her. Half a dozen items. She was beside herself with joy. Pictures, texts, letters, some Skype-sex, the works. I did a good job. Arrived on the 24th as I wished, valuing drama.

        Two weeks later I got a stocking cap designed for a woman. No card.

        I was already married to someone who delighted in receiving, but never giving. Because everything needed to be about making her feel special, no one else.

        I admit to being a baby: from Thanksgiving to Christmas I’m as drunk as possible. My favorite day of the year is Dec. 26.

        Anyway, the women who have been good for me have given me small, discreet, wonderful, appropriate gifts. So I felt like a human being, recognized and known, not a machine dispensing party favors.

      2. sfcton Post author

        Roger. Right there with you. This year the Girls pulled their money together and bought me a couple of axes. Not an expensive proposition but an area I had been working on. Very thoughtful and driven by Girl#1

      3. sfcton Post author

        Nice, though I don’t buy German product’s….

        In my case the axes were Cold Steal replicas of war axes. Now that my axe collection is complete I’ll be moving on to swords

        I do have a variety of working axes, not sure about the makes. I got them all from my father when he sold the farm. I haven’t used them in awhile either. Most of my lot is over grown and I am good with it buy a good axe is an amazing tool.

  4. BuenaVista

    Mrs. Smith, in the early days, would say “Fuck you” in a droll and (to her) amusing way. But there was something creepy about it, an undercurrent of real aggression, not aggressive, badass humor. Once she said it and then reached out and flicked her finger, snapping my lips. So we cut that shit out. Dirty talk has its virtues (and for me, in context, major utility), but I read this as a major shit-test from a woman accustomed to a bunch of feminist girly males at her office.

    I’m reflecting on ‘triggers’, go-no points, which is a helpful concept, Ton. I think mine are bad manners, lying about anything, breaking our serial monogamy protocol. Oh, and saying “Where is this going???” “I was drunk” or “I’m a gurrl!” are insufficient excuses.

    1. sfcton Post author

      LOL, its a militarily thing that I figured you’d be familiar with being a pile-it and all.

      I have made a number of decisions in advance. I have found, the more I apply the various tactical training to my life, the better my life has become. I am pert certain its not a good approach for most men but it works for me

      1. BuenaVista

        True, it is a fact of aviation that you don’t want to be evaluating and thinking when something breaks or gets weird.

        I always applied that to business but never did to relationships, explicitly. When I got divorced after 20 years I was running a high-growth little company and I was a basket case. So I started each morning with a checklist, and didn’t go to any meeting without a checklist, and when I go on dates now and don’t want to fuck up — I review the checklist. Socially I’ll never be true red pill. Too many years under the other system.

      2. sfcton Post author

        Yea bro, I wasted years of personal life by not applying my tactical training and mindset to every day life

        Do you see Game as an extension to your training and skill set as an aviator as I see Game as an extension of being an riflemen?

      3. BuenaVista

        I think Game both extends and enhances habits of mind and behavior that have worked for me in business, literature and flying. What’s so ironic to me is that, outside of my personal life, I was generally viewed as what we call ‘alpha.’ (Well, probably more Vox’s ‘sigma’, as I’ve always been an artist/entrepreneur, i.e., a professional outsider.) But I would check my masculinity at the door when it came to women, and devote myself to being “A Good Man” rather than just being good at being a man. And I still have to guard against that, probably always will.

      4. sfcton Post author

        Interesting when others…. “live” like me and we’ve never meet etc

        The alpha @ work and beta @ home seems to be a common trap for men. It’s all based on good intentions I am sure and not wanting to be “that guy” with your family. Sadly family dynamics require a man to be “that guy” & it’s more important to be “that guy” @ home, with your woman, kids etc then it is at work. Work is just work. Home life is much more important. Which explains why I don’t understand the stay @ home mom hate or why folks can think somehow women had a lesser role back in the day. Kids and keeping the family going is as important as what men did. The two combine make the best potential home life

        Reckon I am one of those bull alphas… Leastwise various big(ish) manosphere names have called me that more then once. Don’t rightly give a fuck but I’ll take it since I am the bullgod is a bad ass tune

        I don’t care for vox one bit.

      5. BuenaVista

        I have a theory that I made precisely the wrong moves to salvage my 20 year marriage: I agreed to marriage counseling, I agreed to therapy (I was in EMDR), I agreed to get up two hours earlier and clean for my SAHM wife, I agreed to abstain from all alcohol, I agreed to run five miles every morning, I agreed to take the children to school. At this time, when I was doing all the ‘agreeing’, I was working 80 hours a week in my own startup with 100 staff and commuting to Japan one week a month. I figured: well, I’m going to be married for 60 years, no reason to get worked up about a couple of bad years in the middle. Talk about being a beta lamb charging onto the kill floor. I simply did not analyze or process what was really going on.

        What I know now, of course, is that the marriage was over (from her perspective) and this was just a portfolio of tests that I was meant to fail, and when I didn’t fail any of them she ended the marriage anyway — which of course I agreed to.

        The alternative response, the one I would make now, would be to instruct her to move out, leave the children with me, have a nice fucking life. She wouldn’t have, and I would have spent the next six months banging the shit out of her. But I was way too brainwashed to think I even had the authority to do that — an egregious piece of ignorance, not realizing a man had the authority to aggressively defend his marriage and family and home.

        The explanatory power of the red pill, when applied to prior experiences, can produce a bitter aftertaste. But at least one is smarter.

      6. sfcton Post author

        What is EMDR?

        I made all the same mistakes because I took her complaints and the advice of church beta’s seriously. Never again

        Even if my own way was no more effective, I would do things on my terms simply because they maintain my sense of self-respect and pride. I understand women and church boys (same same most of the time) despise masculine self respect and pride so their advice will always be to sacrifice pride/ respect for her

      7. BuenaVista

        “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories.” It was controversial at the time, but a buddy who runs a hospital for offenders says it’s quite mainstream now. Unpleasant process.

  5. theasdgamer

    Sorry to hear about the drama, Ton. Good that you hold the line on respect and submission. I wonder if there’s a way to train a woman to be more submissive if she violates respect–like a 10-to-1 penance or something like that. Maybe she has to do man-chores for a week as well as her woman chores. What do you think?

    1. sfcton Post author

      Nothing to be apologetic about Gamer. Other then a busy 20 minutes or so none of this affected my mode in a negative manner. Next time I will put the Hell Hounds up but otherwise I went back to my normal Sunday stuff before she left the county.

      Could be that would work, but thats more of a job for the parental units vs the lover/ husband…. whatever odd place I hold in the SMP/MMP. I am interested in investing but so much time and effort into a woman since the ROI is of such efforts is iffy.

      1. sfcton Post author

        LOL @ girl herd. Classic

        The herd doesn’t police itself and part of the rules is I deal with all intra and inter group issues.

        Besides I think Girl#3 is relived. Its been building and I was waiting to drop the hammer. Girl#3 became closer to me the more I manged formerly Girl#2&Girl#3’s relationship

  6. thedeti

    Jesus. That’s a story. Sorry about the drama, ton.

    Look at the bright side. As you said, further drama is unlikely to ensue, as you have demonstrated what will occur.

    I think there will be more and more, ahem, “arrangements” like this. It really is true that women would rather share an alpha than monopolize a beta.

    I’m not usually one to quote Scripture around here, but this seems appropriate.

    “Your men will fall by the sword And your mighty ones in battle. And her gates will lament and mourn, And deserted she will sit on the ground. In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!”” Isaiah 3:25-4:1

    1. sfcton Post author

      Scripture quotes are always welcome Deti. I might be the worst Christian on the face of the earth but I am one

      I am a cup half full kind of guy even if I do think the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

      I think poly will continue to expand for a variety of reasons but never really catch on in a main stream sort of way, though I reckon their will be more of us then homosexual/ lesbian pairing.

      You know me as well as anyone, does the drama ever get me down for long? Been thorough to much for that and have way, Way, WAY to much to look forward too

  7. redpillgirlnotes

    @ton re #3, she came as a pair w girl #2 also, right? Interesting she didn’t go with her. Didn’t you say girl #3 would be leaving shortly bc of a deployment? In any case hope all smooths out now. You had troubles w #2’s family too, yes? For the best. I am glad you and she did not have a baby.

    1. sfcton Post author

      Me too,
      Yes they came as a pair. Initially I wanted a two woman poly home but that wasn’t what I found, and I have had a lot of problems with formerly Girl#2’s family. they even made some vague threat about getting guns and coming to find me. Pretty damn funny when you think about it

      Girl#3 had her orders changed to stay semi local. Right now she is on duty and not able to contact me so I don’t know how she is doing.

  8. feeriker

    I saw this coming. She is one of those girls who self sabotages things and has ramped that up as her military career was winding down. She literally chose her very shaky militarily career over us for all the various feminist talking points.

    She is/was military? UGH.

    In my twenty years of active duty I never once felt anything like sexual or romantic interest in any woman in uniform. The very fact that they’re on active duty is essentially their way of saying “hey, look at how big MY dick is! Let’s see yours!” (Actually, this is pretty much true of any woman in any traditionally male profession.)

    No thanks.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL one of the top 5 girls I banged was a army helicopter mechanic as in guys would call her Victoria Secrets hot and very sweet but she was dumb


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