snipers are cowards……

Apparently some  fat fuck yankee piece of shit “documentary” film maker made a comment that snipers are cowards and then later said that was what he learned from his WW2 veteran father.

Well they way I reckon things the coward is the “man” who makes a comment like that then tries to blame his father for it when the heat is on. I also doubt an actual ground combat veteran said such a thing because he would know his side had their own snipers, snipers who support and protect them on over-watch and counter sniper operations


Most of my adult life has been dedicated to the precision long distances direct fire profession as a sniper or as a man with snipers under his authority. Being a sniper is not about courage or cowardice its about preforming the basic riflemen skills at an elite level.  Being a sniper is above and outside concepts like courage and focuses on professionalism and and effectiveness. You have a job to do and you do it to the utmost of your ablity and training. Nothing more, nothing less. This concept strips down the bullshit and you know in a very real way, every time you pull the trigger you are saving lives. The lives of the men on your side. The other guy? Well he elected to throw away his life the day he elected to fight for the other team.


Being a sniper is also not about your body count. Some missions lend to higher body counts then others. I meet an law enforcement sniper who made a grand total of 4 shots in his career. each one of those shots saved a hostage(s) live(lives). That’s a great sniper. Chris Kyle with a 150(ish) confirmed kills is a great sniper.  I don’t say that to disparage men like Chris Kyle with large body counts but to inform the uninformed a little about the job. Personally the best bit of work I have heard make the news was the SEAL snipers who rescued that captain from the Somalia pirates.



42 thoughts on “snipers are cowards……

  1. Sumo

    That’s the rub, isn’t it? Military and LE peeps put their asses on the line so loudmouth, fat liberal fucktards can be free to act like loudmouth, fat liberal fucktards.

  2. BuenaVista

    From the WSJournal yesterday. Author: Rorke Denver, one of Kyle’s officers:

    “The very term “sniper” seems to stir passionate reactions on the left. The criticism misses the fundamental value that snipers add to the battlefield. Snipers engage individual threats. Rarely, if ever, do their actions cause collateral damage. Snipers may be the most humane of weapons in the military arsenal. The job also takes a huge emotional toll on the man behind the scope. The intimate connection between the shooter and the target can be hard to overcome for even the most emotionally mature warrior. The value of a sniper in warfare is beyond calculation.”

    I think the Left is unhinged by the success of this movie because it challenges their preferred POV. Namely, that they “support the troops” but hate war. (Translation: those unfortunate little people who fight our wars need the noblesse oblige of us elites, and did we mention that we feel superior in our patronizing and condescension?) They’d be fine with this movie if the protagonist came home from war a pathological, irredeemable basket case. They’re not fine with it because Kyle (the character not the person) is both good at his job and good at his eventual civilian re-integration.

    Because of the financial success of the movie, perhaps Hollywood will follow the money and produce a couple of additional movies in the same vein, such as Benghazi. (Though I suppose not, as the facts there — and some of the more important ones remain undisclosed — will be very, very bad for Hillary.)

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      that and they hate the movie because a rural White man is the hero.

      One of my main missions in Somali persevered more lives then it took. We would do over watch on food relief drops. Which were armed so the local bad guys would round up a bunch of women and kids and drive them into the food drop to overwhelm everyone handing out chow. Then the bad guys would roll in and take everyone’s food. The traditional troops pulling local security where in the position of having to open fire on women and kids to hit the bad guys or to pullout letting the bad guys take the chow. They would pullout. You don’t kill starving women and kids over food.

      So we would do over watch and zap the bad guys our precision, direct fire target interdiction skillz. This made sure the food relief spent some additional time in the hands of women and kids. Undoubtedly the bad guys would collect most of the food any which way but you can only do so much.

    2. BuenaVista

      This was in the NY Post a couple of days ago, and addresses the meltdown by the Left over their inability to maintain the “love the troops, hate the war” conceit. Bill McGurn used to write speeches for the Bushes in DC.

      “Even so, it has brought out the worst in the critics. Gone is the old I-Love-the-Troops-It’s-the-War-I-Hate. In its place is a naked disgust for this US Navy SEAL we sent to fight it, not to mention the society that produced him.”

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Decent write up, now I am slightly interested in the book, which is saying something him being a seal and all

        Christian men have been turned into non-men, afraid to hit back when hit, afraid to defend what they are entrusted to defend and prefer to think some magic words will save them and their culture, never understanding that the Almighty is The God of War Commander of the Hosts etc etc. Some may believe in spiritual warfare but they do not make the transition to what happens in the spiritual realm is played out here on earth and of course that the revers is true as well

      2. BuenaVista

        Matthew 8:5-17: Jesus praises the honor and strength of an enemy centurion:

        “9 For I am a man under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to one, `Go,’ and he goes, and to another, `Come,’ and he comes, and to my slave, `Do this,’ and he does it.” 10 When Jesus heard him, he marveled, and said to those who followed him, “Truly, I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such faith. …”

        The church, feminized as a social organization that is 70% female, has turned alpha-warrior Jesus into a contestant on the Dating Game.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        True, and Christ told his followers to sell their second set of clothes and buy a sword; them most effective close range weapon of their time

        And as I have said way to many times, most of the big names of the Old Testament were combat vets, picked men with blood in their hands and command time.

  3. Liz

    I can’t believe I missed this thread earlier.
    That’s what I get for drive-by posting….pictures distract me…kind of like, “shiny object!”

    The new Sniper movie amply demonstrates the divide between the elitist “progressives” and the people. It’s selling out everywhere.
    This is a little town, and people seldom go to the theatre and it has been sold out every night. My husband went to see in on a man-date with some other guys (for some reason, using the word mandate for a guy’s night out makes me giggle). It was packed…they couldn’t even sit together. This film’s success at the box office is driving those pussilanimous maggots (aka progressives) batshit crazy. Perhaps because the movie it clear that Chris Kyle’s primary motivation is to save the lives of his fellow combatants.

    1. BuenaVista

      I saw it for the second time with an old farmer friend, who ran an M-60 in an APC in the central highlands. Brought forth a lot of stories over dinner, later. He said the Army tested his 1000-man group on riflery, he finished first (I believe him), and tried to recruit him for sniper school. However, he was on the one-and-done plan.

      1. Liz

        Probably true, Ton.
        But they seem fine with portraying masculinity in film…as long as it’s portrayed as an inherently evil and unedifying trait.

      2. BuenaVista

        I’ve been thinking a lot about popular representations of masculinity, because there remain some iconic characters who display many RP attributes. But they’re each qualified and compromised to reflect the role of SIW and their feminine imperatives.

        The three are Raylon Givens, Don Draper, and Walt Longmire. (Justified, Mad Men, Longmire.)

        In each case the man is a clear alpha, a rulebreaker, and singular; women are an optional component of their lives, though each of them has a true love in his past.

        However, in the present, each of them is periodically, or continuously, ruled by women, each of whom is portrayed as being on some journey of sorts, some journey of self-exploration and self-expression, even if their behavior is childlike or even absurd (Raylon’s ex-wife Winona, who previously dumped him to marry beta bux, before dumping beta bux in order to screw Raylon again, makes a particular fool of herself. Albeit, she makes a fool of herself while looking so good it’s no wonder Raylon keeps serving up his junk on a paper plate for her to abuse.)

        So what we’re seeing are iconic alpha loners who are ‘tamed’ in romance, by the feminine imperative. They do *not* tame their women, who demonstrate their hypergamous flightiness, and the capriciousness of their roving sexual desires. The women bend their men to their reality. And that, is the takeaway, even as we know that the female audience is thrilling to their alphatude. The female audience wants untrammeled masculinity, but only if that masculinity is periodically throttled, manipulated or scorned by the superior feminine consciousness.

        Absent the roving sexual desire, this same ‘tame the beast’ subplot is central to American Sniper. I have to say, I was disappointed in the movie for this aspect. Here’s Kyle, commuting to the shit and then returning home every nine months, and his wife is bitching about how he’s quiet and reflective instead of spending the afternoon at the mall with her. She threatens him with divorce if he doesn’t do a better job acting like a Rotarian instead of a resting operator. There’s the absurd satellite phone call he makes while in direct contact, announcing that she’s right, he’s coming home and retiring. She then successfully housebreaks him, tells him how proud she is of his happy wife, happy life epiphany. Maybe that’s in the book, and therefore central to the effort to celebrate Kyle. But I suspect that this subplot really satisfies the bulk of the audience, because it bends Kyle’s reality to that of a self-centered Taya, making her feelings the feelings of record in their marriage.

      3. BuenaVista

        My suspicion, Ton, is that the movie will disgust you. Webb says (I have no experience or ability to know) its tradecraft is terrible. I say (I do know) the ‘Coming Home’ parts are pathetic. Chris Kyle’s career had nothing to do with birthday parties and mall crawls.

        At minimum, see it drunk so you can laugh.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL thats not why I want to see it. More like checking it out to see what the fuss is about. Reconning the social scene so to speak.

        Not sure it would be a good to give away any field craft in movies

      5. Liz

        “I’ve been thinking a lot about popular representations of masculinity, because there remain some iconic characters who display many RP attributes. But they’re each qualified and compromised to reflect the role of SIW and their feminine imperatives.”

        We watched the first couple of episodes of ‘Black Sails’ last night, and I was reminded of this post. Black Sails is ostensibly about pirates. The guys that loot, pillage, kill…yeah, those guys, back in the day. Strangely, many of these rogues sported pencil-thin beards, but I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the purpose of entertainment until they went to the trade Island, run by…a woman of course! By golly! And a hot one too….oh, they respected this lady and deferred because she had the ships, and change purse. So much power in a female position and without a bunch of soldiers or bodyguards one wonders where on earth it could come from. And there were the female badass pirates, too, of course…one skinny one defeated a huge Nubian with an axe in a single blow.

        Of course, none of it was entirely unexpected, since Michael Bay does subtlety like the Heartiste comments section does ‘conversation’, but this is the guy who makes the so-called “Guy flicks”.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL you made my point about why I don’t watch popular shows better then I ever could.

        So instead I spend more time on my bike or learning to do useless shit like stained galss

  4. SFC Ton Post author

    Apparently Kid Rock took the fat fuck to task for its comment

    I meet Kid Rock in Germany when recovering from wounds. He seemed a genuinely decent dude and was very respectful in a rough around the edges sort of way.

    1. Liz

      I like Kid Rock. Mark Wahlberg seems a decent guy as well (saw that Lone Survivor movie, we read the book long ago) with his “how fucking dare you…” quote when Tom Cruise compared begin away on a movie shoot to being deployed to Afghanistan.

      I try to forget that he was in the funky bunch. He was young. He needed the work….

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL I have never held the funky bunch stuff agin him but that movie treehugger flick where the trees where killing people is unforgivable

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Nope it wasn’t that movie,. Marky Mark was playing a school teacher and the trees were releasing some chemical that removed peoples sense of self preservation and killing themselves

      3. Liz

        She’s the actress on the show ‘New Girl’.
        I’d never heard of it, but someone in the sphere mentioned her as the ideal “guy’s girl”…
        so, out of curiosity I watched the show on netflix. Not impressed. It isn’t funny at all, and she is annoying as hell.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        I rate shows based on
        blood and gore

        most guys on the man-o-sphere are stuck in bro-culture and I wouldn’t take any of there recommendations to heart

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    Just saw the movie last night. Good stuff. Agreed with bv about the wife part, I was thinking the same. Lame. But otherwise well done. Sucks he made it through all that to be taken out by one of his own stateside. 😦

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      being willing state side is easy, being willing down range is a different matter

      I have seen one and only act of cowardice in all my years. In all other cases, men do their duty which is more then sufficient

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        The film did give me a sense what’s going on over there and what that must be like. Minus the heat, which I imagine must be miserable in all that gear. I couldn’t do it.

  6. Liz

    Did you hear ISIS burned that Jordanian F16 pilot alive?
    Put him in a metal cage and burned him.
    On January 3rd, but the video was just released today.
    Wish a sniper would kill every single one of those fuckers.


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