36 thoughts on “its official….

  1. theshadowedknight

    Really? Not feeling it. She looks scrawny and bony. Not to mention that she has fairly small… tracts of land. Not so much for me.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL but imagine what Ton spawn would be like if the brood mare was an Olympic caliber athlete?

      And oh yea,,, her politics are righteous as she was booted from the Greek Olympic team for support the Golden Dawn
      And yea I dig her look. Some after market boob work would be nice

      1. theshadowedknight

        Why not go after some Olympic athletes from a place like the Czech Republic or Ukraine?

        Good on her for her politics, though. Good woman, supporting her people.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Because I haven’t seen a picture of one or know their politics

        Lets face it, if its my decision, we raid all those places and take their hotties.

      3. BuenaVista

        Nix on aftermarket parts. I prefer to keep things bone stock. (I guess I could rephrase that.)

      4. theshadowedknight

        I can get behind a panty raid. Find their panties, break in, and take the occupants.

        The Shadowed Knight

      5. theshadowedknight

        Whoa, there, European wide? Do you think that that is a little too much? I mean, Britain and Scandinavia are part of Europe, and… well, Britain and Scandinavia. Eww. As a racist, I have a reputation to uphold as a discriminating gentleman. I cannot be seen with just any woman.

        The Shadowed Knight

      6. Sumo

        Indeed. And don’t forget China and Korea, too. Over a billion peeps, so a pretty good percentage of nubile lil’ hotties.

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL I like that math.

        I thought there were a lot of pretty girls in Korea but I don’t seem to recall very many Chinadolls I thought were dolls, but your math is on target

      8. Liz

        Ton: “Because I haven’t seen a picture of one or know their politics
        Lets face it, if its my decision, we raid all those places and take their hotties.”

        Isn’t that what the Vikings did?
        And then, when the land was completely filled with hotties they retired from pillaging. 😛

      9. Sumo

        well there is math and then there is math that matters

        Today, the only math that matters to me is “how many times can 39 go in to 23?”

        I’m hoping that the answer is “a lot”.

  2. Liz

    Side note, I’ve never understood the allure of fake boobs on women with very low body fat.
    Don’t they just feel kind of like a baseball under the skin? Seems like you’d want that area to jiggle a bit and feel soft.

    1. BuenaVista

      Not so much, anymore. The old ones did though.

      Once I said to a friend, “Oh, thank god you don’t have fake boobs.” She said, “Ummmm …” The technology is improving, I guess.

      I mostly find them, in their pneumatic perfection, visually unappealing (but I’m a leg man, anyhow). No deflategate issues with fake boobs. If you’re not careful one of them will poke an eye out.

  3. thedeti

    The girl in the pic will most definitely get the job done.

    I could deal with fake boobs, though it’s not optimal or preferable.

      1. Liz

        There are almost no young Italians left now.
        People my age are considered young there so…yeah, slim pickins with young nubile trim (exception the former Eastern blok girls, it’s right next door and a lot of those have come over).

  4. redpillgirlnotes

    Lol! It’s good to have goals, Ton. Go get her!

    As for boob jobs, I suppose I have always been blessed enough in that department to not desire one. However I hear from those who have had one, it’s surprising how often things go wrong, and how often the surgery needs to be redone after 10 years due to problems.

    Once you get her pregnant, she’ll fill out up top 😉

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      “Once you get her pregnant, she’ll fill out up top ;)”

      Awesome…. I also reckon she’ll fill out some when she stops elite level training regimes, but skinny girls are a good long term bet in the weight department, if you’re a man looking for something longish term

      1. Artisanal Toad

        Milk. It does a body good. Nothing like fun and food in the same spot, and I speak with authority on that one. She gave me 7 before she went off the rails. I suppose you could call it an acquired taste, but right about the time she cuts loose the milk drops and you’d better be thirsty. Good memories.

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