LOM(Lack of motivation ) and men going there own way; the observations of an aging grunt.

In various Army schools ( the tougher ones) there is this concept called LOM, short for Lack of Motivation. If you are dropped from one of these schools for LOM your invitation to the ball is permanently rescinded. You can fail and fail and fail but if you don’t drive yourself as hard as you can you are gone for good. Some schools will fail your ass just to see if you’ll come back but the unforgivable sin is not trying hard enough.


I see girls in the SMP working the same concept. Mild shit tests are a way of her checking your motivation. How badly do you want her? The fucked up thing is, want her badly enough to put up with her bullshit and she doesn’t want you. Next her to soon and no ass for you. A large number of men are playing the game in this grey area, looking for the sweet spot of when they should next the bitch or push forward all while trying to deal with her pysops and deception campaign against him


The Army is divided up in several large sections. One of the more basic divisions is conventional warfare vs the unconventional warfare units. There are the war fighters, the combat arms guys like infantrymen, artillery, tankers etc and support personal. The unconventional guys are, in general terms, more fit, more motivated etc then the conventional guys. The unconventional guys are broken down into a tier system. Tier 3 outfits, tier 2 outfits and tier one outfits. There are more men starting in the NFL then hold a tier 1 slot. People will often assume something foolish like why doesn’t the Army make everyone a tier one door kicker, but the world doesn’t work like that. There are only X number of men who can make that cut, who can drive themselves that hard, nor does everyone need to be tier one to win wars and a man is not somehow lesser because he is tier 2 or a conventional war fighter but girls with their run away hypergamy and out of control sense of self don’t get that. They only want tier one men. And he has to be tier one in every aspects ( or lest think he is. Women do a shitty job determining reality vs illusions)They can be happy with a tier 2 guy if she hits a certain level of age and introspection and will settle for a tier three man but her happiness and his will be short lived,


In comes men going their own way. The interwebz and maybe the world has this concept that men who go their own way are somehow lacking in ambition or drive and frankly their is good reason to suspect that because often the loudest voices for going their own way are men who have been kicked more often then a stray dog in the hood, however my observations do not fully support the MGTOW are looser mantra and all SMP’s are local.


Most of the men in my platoons were going their own way. They did the math and women didn’t make the cut. These are not men who suffered from a lack of motivation. Before coming to me the volunteered to join the Army. To be Paratroopers and infantrymen in the war time Army. Infantry school isn’t as tough as Ranger school, but its not something most military men want to deal with. Same with jump school and frankly infantry school and jump school are the easy parts. The hard part comes when your assigned to a unit. To be in my platoon they had to have done a combat tour, score 80% or better in every aspect of the Army’s physical fitness test, be tactically and technically sound and do our 3 week tryout/ training program. NCO’s had to have Ranger tabs or agree to go to Ranger school when the slots showed up. Then they had to desire being in my platoon with my training schedule and most of them did all this because they wanted to be a cut above the average Paratrooper and they wanted to brawl more down range.


What does that mean in SMP/MMP terms? Well, frankly not much because women want finished products and these are young men, still in the making. They aren’t the best providers going but its a decent paycheck, always on time and always with medical coverage. They were fit and while not necessarily educated and book smart, they were smart enough to learn all the shit they need to know and they are not the kind of men to back down from tough situations and this brought them… pretty much nothing in our local SMP. So they generally dropped out of it. Guns, cars, trucks, beer and yes Call of Duty with their crew was more enjoyable then chasing girls. These are young, fit, testosterone driven young men who with no fanfare, made the decision girls in the local market were not worth the effort.


On a personal note, I have always enjoyed my time away from the SMP. Its when I learned the most, did the most, trained the hardest etc etc. I was successful despite being married not because of it. During my last break in the SMP I bought a decent camera, something in the $300 range, took a class on photography and rode the Blue Ride Parkway, start to finish and back taking pictures the whole way. Took me 12 days to do less then a thousand miles. One of the best things I have ever done but I have also built bikes, gone to driving school, improved all manner of skills like carpentry, small engine repair, wielding and squatted 725 in contest. In short I am who I am because I exist the SMP regularly

Folks should think on that before they get to running down MGTOW.




20 thoughts on “LOM(Lack of motivation ) and men going there own way; the observations of an aging grunt.

  1. BuenaVista

    Proverbs 31: never give your strength to a woman. A safe house comes in handy.

    And of course, a man who has other shit going on, and is too busy to buy somebody drinks? He has more women.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That’s a handy bit of Scripture to keep in mind

      While I am not anit Game by any stretch of the imagination, it seems to me the PUA’s have seriously low numbers because they make women a priority

      It is a joy to walk into my garage and see my muscle car and bad ass bikes. I built those because women are not high on my to do list, yet each have lead to women in my bed.

      1. theshadowedknight

        Interesting theory. They have all the understanding and skills they need to make a go of it, but they make too much of it. It makes sense, when you think about it.

        The Shadowed Knight

  2. theshadowedknight

    The reason most people run down MGTOW, and especially women, is fear. Read that old post by Free Northerner about patriarchal systems being about controlling men, and it gets clear why. How do you control the violence of young men when they feel no shame, no loyalty, and no duty? They may be sitting around playing video games now, but give it some time, and they will commit more and more open violence. The kind that knocks over societies and razes countries, in the long run.

    MGTOW is a coherent philosophy around which men can rally. Sure, most of the public face is YouTube videos and WordPress blogs. Wait until it is a burning courthouse, or a few dead bureaucrats. If you can get a man to despise women, then the only thing keeping him in line is fear. Once they realize that they outnumber the police, that fear goes away, and they start to retaliate.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. Liz

      When people don’t have a stake in society, they are less likely to defend it, more likely to cash out rather than build/devolop/improve “civilization”. And the system requires participation it, even to just maintain the status quo. That’s what the fear is, IMO.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        No to a large degree that’s what the left wants and the left runs things, and has ran things since 1860. This is clear if you put the pieces together and understand that leftism is about destroying the traditional European way of life and it’s people.

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      I would say control is a major stealth issues and the desire for so much control is ungodly. Leastwise extending that control beyond your kin group.

      Most folks are aware that people want money or power but they fail to realize how much they are controlled, or the various methods used to make sure the sheepele stay sheepish.

      Free as some some decent work and by decent I mean excellent

    3. ballista74

      Good comment. The fear (that both men and women have, coincidentally) is one of self-actualization and self-value in a man. If a man begins to value himself, he stops cowering behind the skirts of women in the process of speaking. He stops seeking validation of women. That represents a loss of control on the part of women (this whole dynamic is the power behind traditional feminism).

      This self-actualization and self-value in a man is what MGTOW represents. It’s not a matter of feeling no shame, loyalty, or duty. When one realizes that there are three biological drives (self-preservation, reproduction, seeing children to adulthood naturally fulfilled in that order), the source cause of MGTOW becomes obvious. The conditioning that men are under mandates him to ignore the first item. When he finds self-value and actualization, he then begins to count the cost and finds that the other two priorities sacrifice the first. Hence he does not allow himself to take the role of father at the cost of himself.

      In doing this, a man does not despise women, but begins to value himself, seeing women as agents that threaten his self-preservation. While I don’t doubt the possibility will come that men will do things like you describe when their backs are placed to the wall (such things are more likely from MRAs), the MGTOW predominantly just wants to be left alone and not threatened.
      To that end, fear isn’t going to be the answer to keep men in line (as sowing more fear will create exactly what you describe), it is involving him in society in such a way where his self-preservation is enhanced and not diminished. Given the current stranglehold that traditional feminism has on society (which devalues men), such an action will not be forthcoming.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Sadly I believe most people including most men want to be controlled. It’s easier then being sovereign man

        Good to see you over here

      2. theshadowedknight

        Ballista, I do not mean that men will turn to violence as some method for enacting change. In that sense, the Progressive MRAs are more likely to resort to that. I am talking about a reordering of society into the clan/tribe/party, and the resultant political effects.

        These men are not going to be attacking their society to try and control it. They are the agents of their own separate society, defending their members from the hostile agents of another society.

        I no longer consider America to be my people, and consequently I have no compunctions against attacking it besides the knowledge that doing so would be tantamount to suicide. If I had a loose band of men that I could rely upon to commit violence on my behalf, I would be less reluctant to flout their mores. As society atomizes, more of these informal groups will form, and make their own laws.

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        As a man who’s family was here in the colonial days, america at its most basic level is not my people. Due to the yankees quest for cheap labor and generational long war on the South, founding stock has been replaced. It is beyond silly to assume there will be a return to fonding principles since the genetic material that valued individual liberty is gone

        The closest we could get to a return to founding principles is a free and independent South.

      4. theshadowedknight

        Ton, most men are followers. Men like us are a rare breed, because so few of us are needed. We are the elite, and we lead, but we need men to be lead. Ten alphas are impressive, but two or three alphas leading a hundred betas and deltas is terrifying.

        The Shadowed Knight

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        lol sounds like an infantry company

        But refer to my statements regarding founding stock. All the White ethnics allowed in never had an appreciation for individual liberty nor where they around when that was the driving ideal. It’s not that they are beta persay, it’s that the do not have that same inborn spirit

      6. ballista74

        These men are not going to be attacking their society to try and control it. They are the agents of their own separate society, defending their members from the hostile agents of another society.

        I see. Yes, if you continue on with the observation, a man will only participate in wider society if he sees an enhancement of his own ability to fulfill the three biological imperatives.

      7. theshadowedknight

        Look at England, Ton. That is the founding stock itself and they are no better off than us. The founding stock pushed all this insanity before the replacements and additions arrived.

        This is the natural progression of civilization, as their successes destroyed them. Now it is up to us to supplant them, and take our rightful place over the ruins. We are the first of the new kings of men, but we have to fight. We prove our worth by embracing the struggle that will define us.

        The Shadowed Knight

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        No yankee founding stock pushed that and from the very beginning. The South has fought it from the start (in general terms, we are not with out our own liberals but they tend to be different then yankee liberals.

  3. hosswire

    I agree with you, Ton. The logic behind MGTOW is sound. Given the realities of our SMP & society, it would be difficult for me to convince any man that women are indeed worth the effort.

    But I believe that a man should go his own way by choice, not necessity. I feel like every man should first develop himself & his game to the level where he can attract women & manage a relationship. Otherwise, going his own way feels a bit too much like being weak, giving up & running away, which is shameful to me. After all, they are just girls.

    I also feel the same way about learning game. It should be a choice, not a necessity. If a guy feels compelled to learn how to attract women & manage relationships because he needs to show off a female on his arm, is afraid of being alone, or doesn’t know how to be an independent man in the world, then that also feels weak to me, too.

    I guess what I am saying is that I respect a man’s decision more if he truly has options when he makes it.

    & keep up the great work. I’m learning a lot every time I come here.

    1. BuenaVista

      Why should men have options?

      Society — the law, the culture, our communities — have imbued our women with options, sometimes nuclear options. Those options are one-way options. Whether it’s in church or at the anti-vaccine Prius-driving Whole Foods kaffee klatch or on the campus or at the corporate retreat, the women are instructed to love only opportunistically. That there is no burden of duty (except to herself) in love and marriage. That her highest debt is to her personal expression and self-actualization. Therefore her highest obligation, her duty in fact, is to herself.

      So yeah, men should have options and one of them should be to decline to play by current rules. That’s all men can do if they are legally and socially mere assets to be strip-mined, harvested, and consumed.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        lol well I am not a fan of giving women options and I reckon men shouldn’t have all that many but always should have the option of going his own way.

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