Why do you like me….. dealing with a common shit test

When  a girl asks you “why do you like me” she is shit testing you, Its a mild test and driven by the inborn insecurities of women, but its a shit test none the less. We can call this one a fitness test if’ing you prefer since it is not usually nasty in its undertone though it does put a fella on the spot

Girl#1 and I got off to a rocky start, and when I 1st meet her, she felt her life was dysfunctional, despite having put most of her bullshit behind her and well on her way to that celebrated UMC income bracket (seems to me when your step dad beats your brother to death in front of you, then your mom marries like 5 convicts before you runaway you reckon its never really behind you) and she asked me “why do you like me?” an inordinately large number of times.

Now when a girl asks me this question I tell her “cause you’re pretty”; to which they often reply “is that it?” and to which I reply “isn’t that enough?”. Now when girls do this they are fishing for complements, which is what they do, but it is also beta bait. Jump on that hook hard and gushing all kinds of crazy nonsense will kill the tingles and your odds.

Why do you like me…. cause you’re pretty

Why do you like me…. cause you smell good

Why do you like me…. cause I enjoy looking down you shirt

Why do you like me…. because I have been blown up 7 times and lost the ablity to engage in rational thought

Why do you like me…. because you are kind and sweet

Why do you like me….. because you make my penis wrinkles disappear

Why do you like me…. because you dress well

Why do you like…. because I like smacking your ass

Why do you like me…. because you lack an innate hostility toward men

Why do you like me… because you are feminine

Why do you like me… because you fill out that sweater

Why do you like me…. because you’re pretty

Why do you like me… because you’re respectful


make her earn the answer to that question

18 thoughts on “Why do you like me….. dealing with a common shit test

  1. Liz

    Heh, I ask this quite often. 🙂
    But we both do…
    usually follows the statement: “I like you”
    Answers are either, “I like you too” or
    “What do you like about me?”
    He asked me that yesterday (after I said, “I like you”)
    I pointed to a freckle and said, “I like you because you have this freckle, right here. Don’t ever lose that freckle.” 😛

  2. BuenaVista

    That’s a companion question to my personal favorite. As I am a fairly reticent guy, I hear more this one more often: “What are you thinking about right now?”

    What’s funny about this is until a few years ago I thought I was obligated to answer honestly.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      What are you thinking….. that I’d like to see you nekked.

      What are you thinking…… the same thing I am always thinking pinky; how do I take over the world

      Both of which take up an inordinate amount of my thinking time.
      Though if I were as well read and as intelligent as you BV, I’d riddle off some impressive line of verbiage.

      1. theshadowedknight

        That could be hilarious if done correctly. Come up with a line of total nonsense that uses fancy words and just run with it. Act like she should have some idea of what you are saying, and she will be not want to admit that she is lost. Once she is suitably impressed, nod and walk off.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. BuenaVista

        On reflection, since going red pill, I actually don’t get this “What are you thinking right now?” annoyance nearly as often. That’s either random luck or I don’t appear so eager to please. (Or they just don’t give a fuck anymore!)

        My normal response now, though, is just to smirk and say nothing.

        Can you imagine a man asking a woman “What are you thinking right now?” That would be pathologically beta.

  3. BuenaVista

    I was asked over the weekend, by a girlfriend from college who’s on FB, about my accident and current health status. She’d heard from another friend. So like a stooge I drafted a long note on the matter, then looking at it, realized this was another (perhaps unwitting) shit-test. She doesn’t care about my health, or really much of anything related to me. For the last 15 years we would have dinner (without her husband) once a year and what’s that about? It’s about her verifying her ongoing appeal to me (“Does he still like me??? Do I still live rent-free in a little corner of his mind?”). I erased the long response and said, “Fine.”

    Why do you like me = How much do you like me? –> Shortly becoming: Are you going to be slavish about liking me?

    I spend a lot of time thinking about my bad habits in this department.


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