Ton on neo-masculin..

I cannot even say the name. What a crock of shit. I cannot think of anything more gay then the term expect for you know actual gay sex and soccer and soccer is probably a part of neo-masculin…

There is only masculinity and it is based on one thing; violence.  The attempt to redefine masculinity into whatever women get lubed up about doesn’t change the reality of everything in the  SMP/ MMP being a proxy for  violence. Either a man’s personal ability to commit violence or have others do so on his behalf. The ability to do both is best, but redefining it is a whole lot safer and easier then getting in the ring, brawling in bars or going down range.

That isn’t going to change. A man could save himself a lot of trouble with women if he learns a tad bit about game and learns a lot about fighting. Real fighting. Not point fighting or jumping around like a  fairy doing some traditional Asian dance but something with the very real probability of causing serious hurt or being seriously hurt

The more I read in the man o sphere the more I think most of the leading voices are pussies


54 thoughts on “Ton on neo-masculin..

  1. theasdgamer

    Wait, men build shelters, mines, ships, etc. That speaks of security, resources, and trade. Violence aids security. Security is even more important than violence in the SMP. Right?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      cart before the house

      Security flows from the ability to commit violence or have others do so on your behalf.

      The reason why you build your own house is because no one put your ass in chains and made you build theirs. The reason why you keep that ship after you built it is because no one has kicked your ass and taken it

      Violence and the ability to commit it or have it done on your behalf is the foundational building block of everything else we have. The poet gets to be a poet because someone else will defend him and his stuff.

      Not all men need or should be trained to the highest level, but the basic level of masculinity is the ability to commit violence well enough to keep your person mostly intact; keep your shit your shit; keep your bitches your bitches and your get your get

  2. BuenaVista

    I think most men — even the so-called dissident neo-masculine theorists of the manosphere — spend a lot of time trying to game the system, not abandon it. This is akin to a dissident woman saying “I am not a feminist, I don’t need feminism, I’m on the side of men!”. But she won’t take a six-inch step in the direct of dismantling her privileges within the feminist state. They just want to enjoy the decline, and call their voices the voices of the “free.”

    The metaphor that works for me here is that there’s a big difference between body-building and strength training. Between pseudo-strength and functional strength. All theories should be tested on the basis of their functionality.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Neo mascul… it’s the planet fitness of masculine development

      Love your analogy being a strength fiend but let’s face it much of what amounts to surface improvements such as body building vs strength training works to improve a man’s standing in the SMP/ MMP. Way I reckon it is a man should have a much deeper reservoir of strength then the appearance of it. And by strength I mean all versions. Physical strength, mental strength a moral code he lives by when deal with friends, family and allies etc.

      Same applies with gaming the system. At the end of the day I reckon neither creates a deeply rooted man of power and personal action

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL Heartise writes some decent stuff but really nothing I didn’t know. Most of which my uneducated hillbilly kin would tell you

      2. Liz

        Neosporin works pretty good. 🙂
        Other than that I’m not really qualified to speak on the topic.
        Also, I’m not bi. That might have been vague above.
        I do like boobs though.

      3. BuenaVista

        I glance at Roosh and RoK, but too frequently (i.e., almost always) the RoK writers confuse attitude with thought. There’s very little written that is considered, thoughtful, dense, challenging. It doesn’t rise to the level of high school dialectic. IOW, posing, not thinking or arguing. I find PUA breast-beating both endemic to Roosh/RoK/Heartiste communities, and IRL I tend to laugh and move on when I encounter anyone of any stripe breast-beating poseur. You either have a body of work, a resume of earned insight and rare, demonstrated objective accomplishments — or you think just talking about it is enough.

        I grant Roissy credit for tying his worldview to ongoing scientific and popular observation. (I.e., he locates his thoughts in the world, rather than demanding the world better fit his thoughts. The world just is, figure it out and define your Point B and draw the most efficient line across the sky and land the plane at the right airport.)

        Roosh is in the process of stealing the Sovereign Man/Stoic concept, with a Wikipedia conception of ‘research’, inartfully I would say. And I tire of his elaborate tales of screwing Polish waitresses.

        So in general, lately I’ve concluded that any discussion of masculinity (and our social discontent) needs to reflect the understanding that such notions of masculinity will never be restored to the common, majority population. We inhabit a secret society and a lot of these Roosh/RoK/Rollo commentators seem to think that society needs to be jacked up by their sage complaints. Or that some of these self-appointed arbiters of masculinity see their role as policing a rigid catechism of masculinity. This is a fancy way of saying that, in the words of Capote reflecting on Kerouac, “that’s not writing, that’s typing.” Or maybe just mirror-gazing.

        For me, the manosphere has been useful in my current life transition because it has helped me identify a higher class of man who happen to be hiding all around me in plain sight. Most of them have never heard of the manosphere. It’s also been useful in explaining to me why I find most ostensibly “Christian” congregations so stultifying and meaningless.

        (I enjoy the looks of horror and quickly change the subject when I mention that Jesus is not your boyfriend, I am a soldier for Jesus not a Donkey for Jesus, and Jesus has no time or inclination to be pleased by hip-swaying, arm-thrusting, Songs of Praise by Morons. The disconnect is known but not addressed by the pastors: they deliver, generally, thoughtful challenging sermons, but they are always sandwiched by interminable prayers for Mary, Whose Cat Died this Week and music that couldn’t pass an audition for laundry detergent. So which is it, Pastor? Which is primary: thought or Happy Feelings? All of this seems to substantiate C.S. Lewis’ POV in The Great Divorce: we are surrounded by people who think they are living, thinking, acting creatures, but in fact we’re actually living in Hell.)


        One of my recent new friends is a physically terrifying, obese 300 pound man who is disabled (he was a truck driver who had a stroke) and sporting shoulder length hair and beard. He’s usually sitting in a chair near his garden these days. His house cost him $15,000. He has a 100′ by 100′ garden that he hand-tills and is the sort of guy who was restless one day in March and planted 700 onions. Yesterday he told the story of his father who holds the record for most incarcerations in a nearby small town — 52. And how his dad was driving his 72 Charger with a 318 and, loaded, rolled it into a cornfield. The deputies were trying to ‘save’ him and free him from the wreck but he refused to leave the upturned vehicle because he was furiously chugging the balance of his whiskey bottle. He beat the OWI by noting that the cops couldn’t prove he didn’t consume the booze after, not before, the wreck. Creative thinking all the way down.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        I enjoy much of what Heatise writes, however it isn’t new info or new ideas in any fashion so I am not able to give him the high marks for intellectual powers others seem to do but I read his stuff semi regular

        Couldn’t get the price I want so it’s back to looking for a hot rod

  3. BuenaVista

    So, Liz spent the day looking at boobs and drinking kir royales. Probably was listening to old Debby Harry CDs and deep-frying some Twinkies and Snickers bars.

    I spent the day getting sunburned prior to drinking a Busch Light on the drive home. So, still wearing my bibs, I will go Peak Neanderthal:

    (Gives new meaning to the iconic PUA phrase:) “Tits or GTFU.”

    Also, I am increasingly wondering if all women are not Bi.

    1. Liz

      “I am increasingly wondering if all women are not Bi.”
      Only the fun ones.
      I kid!
      And second base isn’t bi.
      And I’m totally naked in my gravatar photo (except for the hat).

      1. Liz

        Ironically enough, my first post on this thread was going to be “I need to get my oldest son to start reading Ton’s blog”.
        So much for that idea. Why do I do that?

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        In other words depending on his age, a blunt assessment of unsavoury female behavior could save the boy some trouble down the road

        Course some of what you post on the other hand…..

        Kids really should know very much about their parents

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL you have certainly been funny lately

        But yea .most women are a little bi, even if it’s only second base to get attention and validation or to keep a high enough value man around

        Last time I was out at da clubz my crew of younger paratroopers and I kept running into these gals who had hit or were damn close to the wall. They would rub on each other, make out a tad bit etc.

        Had to slow their young buck role. They misread the situation thinking the gals were dtf etc. They were house wives desperate for the attention and validation of strange men.

        Later on we figured out they were married and their beta chumps…. I mean marine corps husband’s where at the bars to. Just not hanging with the girls.

        Now imagine what the typical girl, who has nothing but sex to offer, would do to lock down a man as high value as BV, or BB…..

      4. BuenaVista

        Liz, interesting disclosure on your fascination with breasts. Large, small: Virtues of each: Discuss.

        My mother is buxom and only about 5’4″ tall: a knockout Norwegian farm girl, dripping fecundity, four children before age 25. I prefer small breasts on tall women with small butts: google Rita Lee fmi. So that’s all you need to know, I guess, about my non-relationship with my mother. As we discussed long ago, I may be the only man in America not fapping to Kate Upton.

        Time to hit the gym. Speaking of which, and tits and ass, there is a profound side effect of my renewed interest in barbells, and not a convenient one for a single man in the country: one’s libido skyrockets. It’s enough to cause one to re-consider Mrs. Smith, who invited me this week to join her in her next posting, which will be Tajikistan, Kabul, or Tripoli, but not for a year because she’s doing a War College sabbatical for a year. When a mature man is long-term planning his sex life with a crazy woman who lives in shitholes, he’s got some issues to sort out.

      5. theasdgamer

        BV, sure, hitting the weights ups libido for men. Doesn’t change my selectivity at all, though. Married women aren’t on my menu. Sure, I’ll flirt with them a little. Enough to tease but not enough to validate, heh. It’s funny to watch their butthurtedness when I withdraw attention from them.

      6. Liz

        “Course some of what you post on the other hand…..
        Kids really should know very much about their parents”

        This is, actually, one blog I think he should read.
        But, um, I don’t want to leave him with the impression, “Geez, mom is something of a tart…”

        “Time to hit the gym. Speaking of which, and tits and ass, there is a profound side effect of my renewed interest in barbells, and not a convenient one for a single man in the country: one’s libido skyrockets. It’s enough to cause one to re-consider Mrs. Smith, who invited me this week to join her in her next posting, which will be Tajikistan, Kabul, or Tripoli, but not for a year because she’s doing a War College sabbatical for a year. When a mature man is long-term planning his sex life with a crazy woman who lives in shitholes, he’s got some issues to sort out.”

        Well, you know what they say BV. All we have is our memories…
        (actually, I don’t know if “they” say that, I might have just made it up. But it’s largely true)
        “A happy life is a collection of happy moments”. Now that one is mine.
        But for every good idiom there is an equal but opposite good idiom. Such as…
        “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. And then quit. There’s no use being a damned fool about it. ” 😛

      7. Sumo

        Give him a frame of reference for his father’s strong frame

        Indeed. It would do the lad some good to see that there are other men out there like his daddy, since we all know there’s an over abundance of less-than-masculine “men” floating about.

  4. BuenaVista

    Gamer, Mrs. Smith, as noted, has been too busy managing our various Dark World adventures in various sandboxes to get married. But thanks for tut-tutting. Also, she looks more like Faye Reagan (their figure and hair are interchangeable) than Rita Lee, and knows most of the same moves.

    (My calamitous affair: Rita Lee would be her avatar. Feel free to disapprove, I’ve never not said it was a mistake, if a briefly transcendental one.)

    1. theasdgamer

      BV, I wasn’t remarking on your ethics or registering disapproval. For me, my aversion to affairs with married women is more a matter of inhibitions than ethics, anyway.

      1. theasdgamer

        I was once almost shot by an estranged husband. The bullet passed within about five feet of me. And I was an innocent bystander. That’s my story….

  5. Anonymous Reader

    The attempt to redefine masculinity into whatever women get lubed up about doesn’t change the reality of everything in the SMP/ MMP being a proxy for violence. Either a man’s personal ability to commit violence or have others do so on his behalf.

    Case in point, Henry Kissinger back in the 70’s. Look at pix of him, butt-ugly. Yet he dryly noted one time that power is an aphrodesiac: because as SecState, Kissinger had some pretty impressive power. Same thing with Clinton and others.

    The Female Imperative wants what it wants, and it always wants the dangerous animals known as “men” to be kept around, but under FI control – like a big dog on a chokechain. It all comes down to control, really, and currently we seem to be sliding faster into some kind of matriarchy.

    I can’t even find a definition of “neomasculinity” that makes any sort of sense. RooshV’s little laundry list looks to me like “Here’s all the stuff I like right now” and nothing more.

  6. thedeti

    Pretty good essay, Ton.

    But, I have to say, when you look at the list of things which constitute “neomasculinity”, it makes some sense. Ton, you have an ability to reduce things down to their essentials, and it is true that masculinity boils down to the ability to do violence or have others do it for you.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I couldn’t get much down his list, mostly because it’s Roosh. They guy is the poster child for soft and weak modern men.

      Otherwise, thank you kindly for the high praise..

      Masculinty boils down to those 1st two causes because of our evolutionary past. The most of men should be much more then that. More like the old school militia. Men with useful work but with rifle, shot and horse near by.

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Really the list isn’t bad in broad terms, but it’s frame and 1st principles plus anything with neo…. like neo conservative is pretty much all neo and utterly lacking in whatever the second word is

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Kind of have to change my mind there. The more I scout it out, the more neo- masculin…. reeks of build a better beta; some of the reaction is priceless too, which suppositions that Roosh has finally matured, is perhaps going to become churched etc… again it reeks of capitulating to the feminine imperative. We shall see but I won’t be surprised if he goes purple pill and attempts to cash out.

    3. Anonymous Reader

      Yeah, Deti, it’s not a bad list per se, but it’s just Roosh trying out a new riff. He’s re-inventing himself again, and given his past he’s doing so for marketing purposes.

      Plus there’s a clear whiff of “man up” in Roosh’s latest, and he’s got no credibility on that score as far as I’m concerned. For a PUA to suddenly start telling other men to “man up” is a lot like, oh, I dunno, some tradcon with a fat, feminist wife saying the same thing.

      There are men I might accept “man up” from, Roosh sure ain’t one of them.

      And “neomasculinity” looks like marketing and nothing more, given the source.

  7. Entropy is my god

    Might makes right. God is the ultimate might and therefore the ultimate right. Do as he says or suffer ultimate violence forever.

  8. Entropy is my god

    Because of his previous positions Roosh cannot tell men to “man up” or self improve without it sounding as if he had been subsumed in tradition-conservative boilerplate.

    If he wants to send this message he has to perform it, words will be meaningless unless preceded by actions.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Words are wind and usually meaningless

      In general Roosh is too effeminate for me to take seriously, which makes a lot of folks in the man o sphere cranky because they have adopted the feminist notion men don’t have to be hard to be men.

      Good to see you around these parts

  9. Entropy is my god


    Appreciate the nod. Always enjoyed your take on stuff over at SSM.

    Off topic. What is your take on Jade Helm coinciding with the September reveal of China’s gold holding and attempt to gain access to the IMF?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Not much man
      Could be related could not be
      Don’t trust either sets of governments; trust China more then our government as China is an honest player

      Honest in the sense their decisions/ actions are done for their own best interests with little to no pretense. They make statements about war with the usa being inevitable on the regular. Personally I think they are wrong. The usa would roll over a long as our top 1% and their umc lackeys keep theirs.

      The usa is a scheme to transfer money from and destroy God fearing middle class and lower White folks. I don’t trust the usa govt to not be in cahoots with China.

      I see the federal government( not our government since I am Southern) as the bigger threat. Name your bad guy and our federal government is a bigger threat to what is left of our sovereignty and prosperity

      Not sure what you were looking for but there it is. I work on my plans regardless of what’s going on in the outside world. My horizons are right narrow and therefore I am generally unconcerned about the goings on out side my county and family. I am as ready as I can be for bad shit and as ready as I can be for good things. Neither affect my long term goals

  10. Entropy is my god

    Being in SOCOM I thought you might have some insight into the training exercises and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in regards to the reports coming out of the south west.

    I agree with you 100% about our our leadership in government selling us out for any pretense. However I do not believe that the “Ordo ab Chao” the elite are trying to bring about is as controlled or orderly as they would like, nor do I discount backstabbing amongst supposed allies.

    Finally narrowed horizons and local perspectives are what we will all more than likely be forced into, if the fall of Rome was any indication.

    For many people the dark ages were far better than life in the Roman empire.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL no the change is not as orderly as they would like because of rural and Southern White men won’t get on board with our extermination, but they are most def winning

      Wrong kind of SOCOM to really be up to speed on that sort of thing and wrong era. When certain units would do things somewhat like that, they used the same towns over and over again, who had been part of it for years and years and years. All friendly and played parts in the training exercise etc.

      When my unit would reach out to civilians they would park a 747 somewhere and we would practice hostage rescue…. as an example. While trained that was not my primary role. And we still had that we don’t operate on US soil back then.

      it really is amazing how quickly and how not good those attitudes have changed. All senior officers are leftist or they would not be senior officers. This includes the “conservative” ones

  11. Entropy is my god

    It is amazing how quickly one can become ostracized during mandatory “fun” events by asking the peer and higher ranking officers what they would do if ordered to confiscate weapons.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      follow orders. It’s what they do, they are generally big law and order nut jobs and so in debt they cannot tell their paycheck to fuck off

      I am on good professional terms with a few but not sure how far I would extend that. They did pull strings for me and told me how to work the system so I could stay in the fight.

  12. Entropy is my god

    “follow orders. It’s what they do”

    And yet officers are the ones who are required to disobey orders that countermand the constitution.

    In the Nuremberg trials that occur in future America, only the NCO’s and enlisted men will be able to say “I was just following orders.”

    As to your comment about debt, this is why the most prominent question to get your security clearance was regarding your financials…

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL truly you know your way around. Yea money is the easy way to turn a dude and offciers are required to disobey unlawful orders. However, most are the kind of men who think if its an order its lawful by default nor do the understand the Constitutions they have sworn to protect. Most people cannot tell the difference between the Government and the Constitution

  13. Entropy is my god

    If I am not mistaken you have my email address from my postings. Drop me a line if you have the inclination.


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