what to write about

Well brothers Ton is at a sticking point, I want to write but on what

Southern Secession?

How the yankee govt will respond to large scale White lawlessness?


Basic combat skill set?

Understanding wimen?

Tradons etc and mgtow?

To many ideas not enough time so let me know


45 thoughts on “what to write about

      1. BuenaVista

        Do you know of *any* purported T-supplement that works? I’ve stuck with steak, spinach and Omega-3s because I suspect most of the promoted neutral-ceuticals are fraudulent.

        BTW, I read in Rippetoe, I think that working the barbells (vs. exercising a single muscle with a machine) induces 50% more T production and 200% more HGH. They measured it by putting catheters in the arms of guys in the squat rack and taking real time samples. That’s pretty much all a mature man needs to know about the difference between training and exercising.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        I’ll hit up my daughter and get back to you

        Yea man there simply is no comparison between the machines and iron. All the benefits the quote about weight training come from strength training but it’s easier to sell fat lazy people on machines and what not vs squat till you puke and eat big and clean

      3. Anonymous Reader

        BuenaVista that Ripptoe data is real interesting. I was talking with my osteopath last week, he’s a sports medicine guy among other things, and he told me two things: First, I need to get my core strength back, second I should stay off the machines and stick with free weights for a while, like “months”. He didn’t explain the second part but it makes sense.

        The core strength is annoying, because it’s not always easy to directly access. I may wind up doing Pilates for a while just to get that stuff squared away.

        Ton, please do check and let us all know about the T issue.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        Real Pialites is no joke but most of what I see done in the usa is watered down bullshit for umc chicks

        What about T levels etc would y’all like me to cover?

        My daughter recommends Erase pro…. I just run tess

      5. Anonymous Reader

        Real Pialites is no joke but most of what I see done in the usa is watered down bullshit for umc chicks

        From what I read the principles are sound and if done right would give good results, especially in core muscles. There’s even a tiny martial art feel, “Perfect practice” approach. Like anything else I’m sure one would get back what one puts in. But when I look at some studio website and the head Piltes trainer is a pudgy woman, that’s pretty much it for me; umc women who want an excuse to wear yoga pants and socialize with other umc women at the juice bar? No time for that.

        What about T levels etc would y’all like me to cover?
        My daughter recommends Erase pro…. I just run tess

        Do you get blood tests done? If so, how often?

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        Nope no blood tests. Basically damn near any man say over 35 could benefit from extra tess, 250mgs a week would do it. Should be low dosage enough not to cycle off or cause negative side effects.

        I don’t run all that much tess myself as it gives me bitch tits wicked fast. I am unusual in that but I also had that issue when going through puberty as a kid.

        What Pilates can be and what’s commonly found aren’t the same thing. Go down to Brazil (iirc) and it would be a good way to go. I have only read about american Pilates instructors who are the real deal. Never seen one in the wild

        If your core is dangerously weak, do planks and back lifts/ raises. If it’s decent, trukish get ups, squats, deadlifts and standing over head presses with no belt, plus planks, ab wheel, back lifts, good mornings…. core is mostly what I do when you think about it. Hams, low back, gut work everyday. Direct and indirect

  1. ballista74

    Know the feeling, to be sure. Too many ideas to write about, and either not enough time (my current problem, more research-oriented posts take a lot of it) or not enough of a burning yen to run with something in particular.

      1. ballista74

        Yeah I was trying to think of how much I have right now. Something on the order of 3 pages of typewritten ideas (stuff I wrote down manually when the ideas came to mind), not to mention all the stuff I have in a text file when ideas came sitting online reading stuff (responding to posts or otherwise).

      2. ballista74

        Not to mention about 30 pages (typewritten) of suggested topics out of book notes I’ve done.

      3. ballista74

        “LOL I will be taking a stab at writing a book next year. Ghost writer most likely ”

        Yeah, that’s something I want to do too if I ever find the time. There’s most of about 2 or 3 books already in my finished posts, but need the time to flesh them out. Of course, Amazon e-pub (CreateSpace) should make it pretty easy to push out.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        I haven’t gotten that far in my thinking on the topic but enough people have told me to write a book I finally promised my daughter I would explore it

  2. Cautiously Pessimistic

    I’d quite like some info on practical survival. Along the lines of your weapons posts, but geared more towards “SHTF. Here’s what to do.” Even better, “So you’re city folk raised as pussies, but you’ve realized it and you’re trying to catch up on your survival skills just in case. Here’s the plan.”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Ahhh that’s a pretty good idea. I’ll kick some ideas around on that one

      Should do one on physical security of home and property too

      1. Cautiously Pessimistic

        Remember to include apartment dwellers, unless they’re a lost cause.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Few men are a lost cause

        Problem is, it’s hard for me to put myself in that city dweller mind set with out going full on military ops but I will most def do a post on your topic

      3. Cautiously Pessimistic

        Just imagine you can’t trust the guy next to you in the foxhole and go from there.

      4. Cautiously Pessimistic

        Better… You can’t trust the guy in your foxhole, and you’re too stupid to get out of the foxhole. Lesson 1: get out of the foxhole. Hey, this practically writes itself!

  3. Anonymous Reader

    You might have some good thoughts on “bug out” vs. “bug in place”. The urbanites are going to have to stay where they are. The old FerFal blog had some interesting things along those lines, from Argentina, but some of that doesn’t translate well to North America.

    Also “rural” varies a lot. What “rural” looks like in the Carolinas or Georgia or Alabama vs. Ohio vs. Kansas vs. Wyoming vs. Oregon, etc.

    First thing people need to control is a water supply, in my opinion. Might not be a bad idea to figure out how to store 200 gallons or so, rainy day or not.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL I meet FerFal a long while back. Decent dude

      I reckon city dwellers need to unass early or stay put until the exodus is mostly over. Unassing early has no draw backs (given you have a place to haul ass to).

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      How so Fuzzie? As I talk about history with non amercians all seem to.have a better grasp of the subject then the typical american on all subsets.

      Also, the St Andrews Cross is an old European symbol used by many factions to convey depth of convictions and allegiance to the Almighty God. It has also been used by the Russian people in the past, the Scots off course, various French dissents etc etc. My people where deliberate in that choice in the sense though not the official flag it became so by popular decision. I would not be surprised that the Ukrainians choose the St Andrews Cross for similar reasons, historic ties to various European causes and perhaps a nod at another Sperertetist movement that would have been peaceful if the other side allowed.

  4. Martialis

    I would like to read your perspective on all the topics you suggested. I would suggest starting with PT, armed/unarmed combat, mindset for attracting women, and branching off from there. One of the greatest things about blogs are the sub conversations and topics within any given subject so no need to be rigid with the topics at hand.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Thanks for the input and no doubt the sub conversations are an appeal to me

      Mind set of attracting women…. I’ll give it a shot. I want to do more posts on Red Pill observations in real life. I am not a PUA or what have you. I am successful with women and I reckon I have game of sorts but not really the technical expert other men are, barely familiar with the terms, never read a book on Game ( expect an abortive attempt at Day Bang). I’ll gladly do a post on the topic but men should know my frame and understanding is more about life and observations then any deep study of the subject

  5. Sumo

    FWIW, I’d appreciate hearing (reading) your thoughts on a basic combat skill set. Even though I’m out of the game (professionally), I still deem it important to learn about other perspectives.

    Especially since your area of expertise is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my own. You’re straight up offense, I’m the defense.

    That’s military vs. law enforcement for the peanut gallery. 😉

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Cool but my post on that would be cor armed citizens etc and not about down range

      Here in NC, we are a no retreat state and our castle doctrine law extends to any place you have the legal right to be

      In other words, non LEO civilians have more legal grounds to kill who ever fucks with them then the police. As it should be

      1. Sumo

        Hell yeah, as it should be. Protect you and yours first. It’s not exactly an option for those of us in The Great Frozen Wasteland, but I want to hear it.

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