Ton’s choice to ride out TSHTF

I do not live in my dream SHITF location. Who does? Nor is anywhere ideal. Everything has trade offs. Just like dealing with women. My list of what counts for me in situations like this come from seeing failed and failing nation states up close and personal. Will what I have seen down range apply here? Who the fuck knows, but I reckon its likely. Some themes are the same everywhere too. Most especially my 1st point.

Every where I have been, the more diverse the ethnics groups the more trouble there will be. In fact most failed nation states I have seen 1st hand are multi-ethinc states that have ran out of money. Sound familiar to anyone? Of course there is more going on, but the ones I have been to that are really nasty fit that description. Folks like to throw in the religious conflict thing but from what I have seen those are also tribal with one tribe/ ethnic group being religion #1 and the other belonging to religion #2. Northern Ireland is a good example of this. Protestant vs catholic? it is also actual Irish (catholics) vs Scots and Englishmen Prot’s). Now here in the usa the inter White ethnic clashes are also regional and political and only loosely based on religion (catholics vote like liberal yankee Prot’s against the best interests of Founding Stock Prot’s but thats the end of it). In the usa, unless you live near hajjis your violence will be economic and racial. You want to be surrounded by your own kind. That is literally the best you thing can do. If your White.

My major issue here at Camp Ton is demographic. Frankly it can suck living among negros on the best of days. This was more true when I 1st moved in but they are mostly cowed now. And thats what I had to do. Cow the locals. Three times in the 1st three days. Don’t really have to many problems these days. #1 the area is becoming more White. #2 the longer term locals have gotten over it and know better, but new people move in and negros have families who come visit. Which means more trouble. The other day, while walking the Ton Spawn with the girls, some urban diversity drove past us doing 45 or maybe more in a 25. Nor was he real happy about my response. He stopped his car and said some bullshit, which is what those people do while his bitch egged him on but he wised up before he took a set of brass knuckles to the face and ate by Girl ( the absolute worst part of living around negros is black chicks. I will always be amazed at how little domestic violence goes on). This sort of things are a rather regular occurrence. Time before that was over them throwing trash in my yard. I am the racist cracker because I don’t someone elses bullshit McDonalds trash in my yard. And they lie like they breath. I caught them in the act and they said I left it out there so I could harass them. Think of the insane amount of black on White crime. And it is an insane level. If Whites targeted negros like they target us, it would be called ethnic cleansing. Now imagine diversity which is no longer being paid off by the Federal Government via welfare, food stamps, social security disability etc etc. However it is not all bad here. I got a house, 5 acres with a pond for less then my yearly income. My front yard is level and fruit trees have flourished. My garden does all right and I am a suck ass gardener. My pond and the stream which feeds it are lovely and productive these days(plus a source of water), and my land backs up to a sand/ gravel quarry. Meaning a few things. There are unlikely to ever have neighbors behind me, additional land to hunt and fish and access to heavy machinery, repair shops, fuel storage etc would be a major plus.

There are several places I’d rather live, but doing so is not practical any time soon. I was declared 100% disabled so no more trips down range and big pay days for me. Because I a rural Southern White man and prefer to be surrounded by other rural and Southern Whites, the places I would prefer to live would all be better SHTF locations.

#1 on my list of other places I’d like to live is the lest best option for riding out bad shit. Why? #1 it gets a lot of storms and flooding so I would be basically moving into a place where we’d have the Mother Nature’s shit hit the fan more often. Also it’s on the coast and expensive which would cut into the money saved. Remember our most likely SHTF events we will face are money related. Injury and not working, laid off, bad run of luck on shit breaking( plowed through 7200 in three weeks with repairs that I could not do myself) etc etc. Cash is your #3 SHTF tool. #2 is a gun in your pocket. #1 is living in a nice safe area to began with, but its all a balancing act. You will be regularly out of whack in some area or another. Its the way things go so don’t stress over it. Have a plan, keep working your plan and improving.

The best place I have walked on to ride out bad times is a particular town and surrounding land here in NC. It’s way White and not infested by illegals or damnyankee transplants ( which should also be illegal). It is way rural, tons of people who have been in that county since its been a county so a real since of belonging. Church attendance is high, so is employment. Lots of vets and civic events going on. More volunteer cops and fire fighters then professionals. Crime? Folks laugh at you for locking your doors. It is mostly a farming county. Lots of corn of course, but tobacco, cotton and beans too plus a couple major poultry operations, a big pork operation, horses and cattle. They harvest timber as well. Going hungry? Unlikely. Heavily wooded as well, especially in two directions. That many miles of timber and swamp makes an effective barrier. Crime triples? Who cares when it is already so low no one worries about it. Its the kind of place where folks get their conceal carry so they don’t have to do paper work when buying guns or for when they go into the big city. The county does have some diversity, but in an area that could be easily cut off from the rest. Burn a bridge and they are stuck on the other side. Not known for being swimmers it wouldn’t take much

Lets talk about the least sexy topic of SHTF prepping; water. This area has it. A major river runs through the county and its one of the best stretches of that river in the state. Wide, deep and navigable for a goodly way. The river has branches and creeks. Ponds are common. Water to drink bath etc, fish of course but the branches and some of the creeks are navigable as well. Transportation is important.

Lets hit on transportation. A major state road runs through the county and it has been well maintained. Right now it is an important trucking route from an interstate highway to one of our bigger cities. This means…. a lot of good things. Besides county road crews the state DOT has a facility there; there are some truck stops and of course repair shops, tow trucks for the semi truck, machine shops to support the trucking industry and fuel. Lots of fuel. Something you can rarely have to much of. And the skill sets involved in keeping roads in good repair and trucks rolling down those roads are important skills. Blue collar skills are money most especially when shit goes wrong

Along those lines I want to look at the skill set in this county

There is good size community college which cranks out all sorts of useful workers, computer nerds are unlikely to be of much use in the type of SHTF scenarios seen on TV but in the shit you are likely to face? Yea it would be good to get your interwebz back up and working. Nurses, plumbers, wielders electricians… well the schools curriculum is a prepers wet dream. Plus they have votech in the highschools. If they have the skill set to train folks to do that, they can train others and oversee projects. They also have goodly number of boat shops and boat mechanics and a very small airport… commercial airport. Pilots, small planes, a few mechanics, fuel farm… big advantages. Interesting enough they also are semi famous for making bricks. Damn good building supply on hand with the possibility of making more. Good size junk yard too which is a gold mine of possibilities. #1 of course spare parts to keep cars and trucks moving.

Now the big biggie; a power generation plant. Not sure what it runs on< i think coal, but power is everything and that plant can make it. Plus the skill set that is required to manage it. Not just the blue collar guys but engineers.

The next item on the list is… rail road. There is a rail yard there. I am not sure how active but the tracks run right to the power plant. Another set of skilled blue collar workers.

Basically it has food, water and the ability to produce more. A ready supply of timber and a rough saw, saw mill. A population with a real sense of belonging to land and community and skill sets required to patch things up. This is the rural South. These are men who have done these kinds of things for generations. They hunt, they fish, they build, they drink, they worship, they break shit and fix it and keep on keeping on. One of those places that probably has more guns then people and damn sure have more crops and livestock then people. You have three modes of transportation, (horse, car/truck and boats but maybe 4 with the train. I don't know much about trains besides who to destroy them and tracks so I haven't and won't say much). That's a good start on rebuilding for the TV shit and people who don't have to wait for FEMA on the more realistic stuff.

Defense. On an individual level, there isn't much need. Folks cannot recall the last murder and most of the crime there is of the redneck sort. Drinking and driving, getting drunk and punching someone etc. Property crime is as close to 0 as you are going to get. Fire through the right part of the county and burning a bridge would take care of the most criminal element

Defense on the county level.
The river and water ways are key. In some crazy shit like on the movies, you block the bridge you have effectively shut down travel from the major interstate highway 40'ish miles away. There is a goodly size swampy area between that town/ county and the largest near bye population center. Another good natural obstacle. Course there is a two lane country road running through it but there are three small bridges on that road within a mile of each other. I would not destroy the bridges myself. There is that junk yard after all, and packing the bridges with a mash up of old cars will effectively block the bridges. Add a little semi precision rifle fire and you have one hell of a bottle neck for any group of people who aren't military. The river is old as old gets, and although not what she use to be, the banks make it effectively impassible for cars trucks and large groups of people. The swamp? Well it is not the Great Dismal but it will do the job and for the same reason. Cars and trucks won't make it through, nor would large groups of people. The pine forests are not the best obstacle around but they aren't the worse either. There are fire breaks that can be used, 4 wheel drive not required most parts of the year, but that channels people and cars. Those roads can be blocked fairly easy. Drop some trees, bob cat makes a ditch and well those are old school but a real bitch to deal with. Again add that semi precession rifle fire. a few prepared fighting potions and what not and its a real bitch to deal with. There are other small roads leading into the town/ county. None particularity large or well traveled. Those roads can be blocked, junk cars, trees dropped a goodly size ditch via bob cat or any of the other construction equipment around. Add the rifle fire from prepared fighting potions and…Nor do these have to be heavily guarded at all times. Radios and cars can get people where they need to be in a hurry. Defense in depth; a few guys at the 1st road block, they slow the other side down, get on the radio and call for help. 30 guys who know its their day and are packed and ready are at the second obstacle within 30 minutes. There are also wide areas of farm land folks could walk through. No where is really perfect but most folks are not going to be walking cross country anywhich way.

What inspired this post? Most of what I read regarding prepping for TSHTF is utter bullshit.

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  1. Entropy is my god

    @ Ton

    Excellent take down. Far too many people are under the mistaken impression that they will be able to “bug out” to some perfect location.

    Most fail to realize that there will not be a large TV announcement, “This is the fall of the USA, please bug out now.”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Thanks man
      I am a slow slide into the ugly kind of guy
      Now it might look like a sudden drop but really these things seem to build up then crash quickly
      Like those giant waves I saw in Hawaii. On the shore it’s wham 80 foot wall of water. Reality is they traveled across the ocean for days

      1. BigAl

        Your comments about the black a-holes remind me about how much I cant wait to live the big city.

        Nice to see a realistic community approach and not a lone wolf one for prepping

      2. theasdgamer

        The community has to be on the down low to all outsiders. Your community needs to be a secret society of sorts in order to avoid generating unnecessary enemies and to avoid letting riff raff in. By invitation only.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        Its a good book. One of the few I have enjoyed and I should run a post on it

        Also think it is a handy thing to read when you think about… well a lot of shit like that walking dead show

  2. Entropy is my god

    For those interested “the Collapse of Complex Societies” by Joseph Tainter is an illustrative read. You can get the PDF online for the price of free.

    “Now it might look like a sudden drop but really these things seem to build up then crash quickly”

    You and Tainter are in agreement on this. The build up is right now, blatantly in the faces of those with the will to see it.

  3. theasdgamer

    We have a major river to the north, so we to the south can block access across the bridge to keep diversity out. There are people to our north across the river who look Hispanic but prefer to speak English along with white farmers. North of them is another major white area. The plateau has a cliff to our west along with the river. To our south and east it’s all SWPL. Diversity would have to pass through a lot of SWPL. We live on a large local plateau, so floods aren’t a problem. Fruit trees, a pond with fish, some walnut trees, hickory, oak, elm, hedge, game, and a garden.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of political connections (which will include businessmen) when TSHTF. Think of the movie “Casablanca”. Cash wasn’t worth much unless you also knew Rick.

  4. redpillgirlnotes

    Where I live is not perfect, nor do I have the knowledge like you do, but I think it would be pretty good. River a short walk away, valley surrounded by mountains, block or control two or three roads and it would be easily protected. Farms and farmers who know how to self sustain. Almost zero ethnic diversity, it’s mostly all Germans and swedes and fins and such around here, offspring of pioneer homesteaders. Lots of firepower about. Deer, rabbit, fish, etc. Far enough from the metro area that folks are unlikely to trickle out here. Most important of all – neighbors who know one another and look out for each other already. I hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime or my kids’ but good to be ready. I have some things but could be more ready.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Make it seems like a good area to me. Maybe tough winters but otherwise good to go

      Tough winters are a bitch too. Some places spend their summer months getting ready for the winter months. That’s a grind the best o times but what little I know of your area it should do fine

      Plus you know how to make booze.

  5. theshadowedknight

    One thing that is probably going to be an issue with bugging out is what happens when the neighbors realize the shit is on and you are not at your bug out destination. You get back to find your place stripped, or someone else already living there.

    The Shadowed Knight

  6. Liz

    Great writeup, Ton. Wow…so sorry the hear your current area sucks so much (demographically, and crime level). 😦
    That potential SHTF place in North Carolina sounds really nice. My brother lived in Forest City, NC and they loved it…only thing is, he couldn’t make much of a living there so they had to move back to Florida after a few years.
    We could be positioned better (for SHTF), but living on an island is very safe (and no “demographic” problems). There’s a lot of fish at least. 🙂

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Bad weather and cost has kept me from moving to the outer banks. Well and salt vs cars, bikes and trucks. I have lot of cash tied up in those things

  7. redpillgirlnotes

    Every year I get a big (20+ pound) bag of rice, and same size bag of beans. I figure earthquake, zombies, what not that’s easily transported, cook w water and fire, add in whatever else can be gathered. Wouldn’t last forever but hopefully long enough to come up w plan b.

    True looting and such is a danger. Bc of my ag based biz I have a big stash of highly tradable goods but no firepower to fend off looters. Every time someone I know who would be helpful in such a situation talks shtf stuff, I tell them get your guns and food and head to my place!

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      You need your own shooting irons. Classes are relatively inexpensive or maybe trade booze but when seconds count help ( the law etc) are.minutes away.

      Stop putting this off

      1. theshadowedknight

        Glock in 9mm. 33 round magazines, cheap ammo, durable gun. Put hollowpoints in that, and you are ready to ruin someone in a hurry. If you cannot get it with 33 hollowpoints, have a second mag. If that does not do it, you were fucked from the start.

        The Shadowed Knight.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        nice thing about glocks is the whole magazine interchangeability thing. Carry the baby glock in 9mm around in your pocket; go to bed and put the 33 round mag in her

  8. redpillgirlnotes

    Knowing how to forage and what plants are edible in your area is another useful hobby if shtf. Dandelion greens, for example, are everywhere at least where i love, and are highly nutritious. Ton mentioned trapping for small game and fish too, maybe he can elaborate. And I know it’s not a popular thought, but dogs, horses, and many other domestic animals are edible too, if shtf. Easier to catch than wild game.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL nope no zipper heads in the hills. Might have some Cherokee somewhere down the line but not that I am aware of

    1. theshadowedknight

      Guinea pigs have the best calorie in to calorie out rate of return of any domesticated animal. They can inbreed for seven generations before problems start, and they breed faster than rabbit, ready for butchering at about six months. Get a few of those as pets, and you have a food source if it all goes to shit.

      The Shadowed Knight

  9. redpillgirlnotes

    With a small spinner and running water like a stream you can generate power. With a creek or water you can submerge food to keep it cold. People lived without electricity or running water just 100 years ago, it’s absolutely possible. Knowing how these lost arts work is a pet fascination of mine and just general good if shtf data. An adequately stocked first aid kit and general medical knowledge is a must, too. As is knowing how to manage potty and garbage in a sanitary fashion. Anyway… Ok I will stop 🙂 la la la…

  10. redpillgirlnotes

    You guys rock. Shooting iron procurement star. Check. Guenons pigs. Check! (I somehow doubt they make good bacon but get when tstf, beggars can’t be choosers!

    Rice takes 2 cups water to 1cup rice, 20 min from raw to done.

    You guys are probably reading my rediculously niave when shtf girl comments and cringing. I get it! Not trying to be a thread killer 😉 I know, and I fully admit, I can’t even hand curtains. Who am I kidding???

    But country folk can survive… And I can make booze! That’s got to be something…

  11. redpillgirlnotes

    For the record I type most of these comments on my phone that has some rediculous autocorrect that makes real words into not words somehow… So there’s that…

    Star = stat
    Hand = hang

    Anyway I am kindof hoping it doesn’t hit the fan but if it does I think most will not know what to do so knickle down and outlive them and it gets easier? The 80/20 rule? 80% aren’t even trying so be the 20%? I dunno. What do I know of such things? I am a girl! La la la

  12. redpillgirlnotes

    33 I mean. Since when did autocorrect change numbers!?!?! Egads.

    I am not retarded, swear! For a girl, anyway! Cheers!

    First one to arrive with guns when shtf is in like Flynn! War bride 101 stuff.

  13. Entropy is my god

    Some conspiracy theorists have said something along the lines of “If they ever try to take my weapon they can pry it from my cold dead hands.” More feminine but not more astute people would suggest that they will never go house to house confiscating weapons. They are right, but not for the reason they imagine.

    The average American is 3 meals away from hunger and therefore barbarity or desperation. The government will have no need to go house to house to confiscate your weapons when they can drive an LMTV down a busy street and offer MRE’s for guns. Your neighbors will mob your house to take your weapons to trade for food. Like a pathetic starving Judas they will sell you out not for 30 pieces of silver but for a 2000 calories MRE.

    If you live in the city or the suburbs, your neighbors will sell you out, for food, for safety, for water, for protection. This is how the soviet union operated, the commissars would dangle a prize for those willing to denounce. Then they would quietly shoot the denouncer in the back of the head and push both bodies into a large hole.

    Know your neighbors.

    1. BuenaVista

      In regard to skepticism about “The Authorities”, CCW permit holders commit crimes at 1/6 the rate of police, and commit firearms crimes at 1/7 the rate. And note that police crimes are likely UNDER-reported owing to the thin blue line covering its own.

      I think the community of CCW permit holders is a kind of secret society. The distribution of permit holders in the top-10 states averages now over 10%. I know I can’t identify more than a few people in my circle who carry.

      In a true SHTF scenario I think we’ll see either the Baltimore or Rodney King riots responses by the cops — they’ll back off and let things burn, in which case it will immediately become clear who has weapons. Or they’ll go door to door and confiscate, in the manner Entropy suggests. I would not want to be back in the NY or DC suburbs when the 47% pour out of the cities and begin to ransack.

      1. Liz

        Mike is getting a CCW permit. The military base out here is in a really bad area. They are in the process of go through legal channels to allow folks to carry on the base also (just this particular base, not nation-wide).
        Adn he just bought a new glock today (last one was an engagement present from me long long ago). It’s smaller.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL despite what the Army said, I always had a small pocket pistol on me. Even when the gate guard guys search your ride they don’t pat you down

      3. BuenaVista

        Gamer, the monograph has a map that shows the “constitutional carry” states. There’s been more growth in this category than I realized: ten states now offer constitutional carry. A Michigan legislator just entered a bill to add that state.

        Agree on reciprocity: it’s a pain to travel, and it requires one to read up. I have both Iowa and Utah (nonresident) permits, in order to get more states. Perhaps emblematic of the stupidity of the current system is that an Iowa permit is not honored in Minneapolis, but a Utah non-res permit is. And don’t get me started about driving across Illinois or leaving a weapon at a friends house in Virginia before driving into DC. Washington DC actually prosecuted a guy for having antique rifle cartridges (he is a collector) in his home; his ex-wife had kindly informed on him, and they did prosecute and win a felony conviction.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL its only a pain in the ass if you give a fuck about the unlawful governments running the show. I read the Bible, the Almighty doesn’t mention the need for a permit so the govt can fuck off and die. The sooner it gets to the dying the better

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        Not sure anyone in my circle doesn’t carry. I think I was the last one to make it legal but I carried my whole life regardless of the law

        Just dawned on me that much of my lawlessness is really about a different sense of right and wrong and the notion I was raised with that the govt does not make right only legal or illegal

      6. Liz

        “LOL despite what the Army said, I always had a small pocket pistol on me. Even when the gate guard guys search your ride they don’t pat you down”

        A lot of people we know carry on base (including the Wing commander, the top guy). But at present it isn’t legal and that can be problematic if crap hits the fan and they actually have to use them (though obviously it’s much much better than the alternative of not having a weapon when crap hits the fan). The Navy guy who saved people in the recent shooting seems to have gotten off, but that might just be political (crucifying privately instead of publicly, to avoid public outcry…likelihood extreme).

        Mike said a recent Public Relations question/answer with the USAF would make me throw up in my mouth (“we’ve determined guns cause more problems…yadda yadda”). But they are discussing it with the JAG now. The biggest barrier is the “firearms in federal buildings” one. That might be insurmountable. But at least they could carry them outside on the base.

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        I made the army my bitch by
        Not giving a fuck about what they threaten me with… best phrase ever is “I want a court martial”
        Asking them would they like to explain xyz to my congress critter and media?
        Having a few stars backing me up

        Officers are pussies more worried about a regiment check

        Twice I was told I couldn’t deploy / have a platoon & the last two worked like magic, including in goring DA about not deploying/ coming home early to retire and the fallout from denying a promotion and a carer advancement school

        He who cares lest and blinks last wins

      8. BuenaVista

        I’ve read that the gun prohibition in the military is another reflection of the ‘zero defect’ cya culture — the point being that now that an officer can’t make a single mistake ever, they don’t want a negligent discharge by someone in their chain of command soiling their personnel file.

      9. Liz

        “I’ve read that the gun prohibition in the military is another reflection of the ‘zero defect’ cya culture — the point being that now that an officer can’t make a single mistake ever, they don’t want a negligent discharge by someone in their chain of command soiling their personnel file.”

        I’m sure that’s true, BV.
        FWIW, the Wing Commander here isn’t a pussy (the reason he’s trying to go through legal channels to allow folks to legally carry, and the reason he himself carries…his Dad was enlisted Army and he grew up a military brat, his last tour was in Afghanistan working with Special forces, and he got his callsign way back in pilot training for poaching ducks on the military base golf course…with a firearm, he has killed and fried up many an alligator and killed them with a big knife).

      10. Liz

        Unfortunately, he’s leaving in September and his replacement is a complete and total douchebag pussy so they’ll probably just have to carry illegally.

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Yep no doubt. Thats why the left is on a roll; they no longer do the over force thing. They got the whole soft power thing down… like women use to do.

  14. BuenaVista

    I think a contrasting scenario to things slowly unwinding — and then collapsing suddenly — is the EMP blast scenario. We’re defenseless to it today. Iran and NK already have the technology to effect one. A former CIA director estimates domestic casualties in an EMP scenario at 65-90% of the population.

    Woolsey on the level of government and industry preparation for a catastrophic failure of the grid:

    “Ambassador Woolsey: And, when NERC is studying a problem, it doesn’t exactly operate at breakneck speed. After the ’03 outage in Cleveland that started with a tree branch touching a power line and took out the electricity for several days of Eastern Canada and much of the northeastern United States, NERC was finally prevailed upon to do a study. And, they did one and focused entirely on how to cut tree branches so that they won’t interfere with electric power lines. And, that tree branch study took them three years and eight months. What’s interesting about that lapse of time is three years and eight months is exactly the amount of time the United States was engaged in World War II, from beginning to end. So, one wonders how many wars worth of time it would take NERC to deal with a more complicated problem such as say, squirrels.”


    My plan is drive the 90 miles to a cousin’s farmstead, which abuts a lake and a good river. Approaches are clear. There will be roving, tribal gangs walking the highways, I’m sure. I suspect the farmers will support each other, and the townspeople, in the common defense, as the demographics are homogeneous up there. (That is not true of the town where I’m living, owing to the packing plants.)


    Hey, Ton, 17 sets of squats yesterday and increased my MR 7%! And no soreness today.

      1. theasdgamer

        Autocorrect issue. Should be “dayyumm.” Reminds me of proper grammar cussing issues. “Them sonovabitches” should be “those sonsabitches”.

        Cosign incredulity. I’m happy to do 50 single-leg squats using bodyweight. Then my butt will be sore for a couple of days after. I’ll also do 100 double-leg squats aiming to improve circulation to try to get rid of lactic acid.

      2. Liz

        “Autocorrect issue. Should be “dayyumm.” Reminds me of proper grammar cussing issues.”

        Well, daaymn Gamer, that sho is paydantic of you. 😛

      3. BuenaVista

        Gamer, I’ve also learned several body weight exercises and really enjoy them.

        One I use at the moment to cool down are lunges, when one extends the one leg while raising the opposite hand to the ear, lowering the other leg to a couple inches off the ground.

        There’s a “James Bond” version of this one where you lunge and bring both hands forward as though shooting, and rotate the torso to the left, right and back to the center. This one is hellacious for teaching the basic bracing position (centered over hips, pinching an orange between the shoulder blades) and even in a mature man — with lower leg neuropathies — is improving my balance.

        I also do butt-scraping squats with a medicine ball, either pushing the ball forward at the bottom, or pressing it overhead at the top. Or I’ll do quarter squats into an overhead medicine ball slam.

        The last one I am liking is a pushup with my feet on a slider: from the pushup position, slide the feet fully under the torso, re-extend legs, then dip to a full pushup. Repeat.

        Some days I can’t use my left arm for very much, so on this particular day the coach loaded up my lower half. (It’s possible my days of overhead pressing are over.) I’m not very strong so I’m still on a steep growth curve (hitting a PR each week), and that provides a motivational kick.

        One warmup set, 5 reps.

        90 second rest:
        2 (sets) x 10 (reps)
        2 x 8
        2 x 6

        120 second rest:
        3 x 4
        3 x 3

        150 second rest:
        4 x 2
        1.5 x 1 (i.e, to failure)

        One of the books I read last year on the neuroscience of habit suggests that it takes about 90 days to rewire the brain and embed new activity (or non-activity; i.e., eliminate a negative behavior) in our neural wiring. That seems to be the case here.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        A decent post work out/ recovery session is throwing a 10 pound med ball around. Think basket ball type drills; chest pass, over head pass and the good old granny shot. Try it one day, like 5 or 10 of each then switch for 15-30 mins

      5. theasdgamer

        BV, I had a problem with chronic pain when doing deltoid work and got past it by decreasing weight and increasing reps (a lot) for a while. I was eventually able to lift with more weight without much pain. Hopefully my muscle scar de-calcified.

        I always have at least a little pain whatever I do–part of growing older. Just from driving for 30 min. and standing up there’s some stiffness. I should do some stretching exercises as well as weight lifts, I suppose.

      6. BuenaVista

        Gamer, I cannot do one-leg squats, so good for you. Perhaps in six months. I do enjoy being under the bar. I’m no longer frightened by going down stairs. The prior owner of my house (a divorced guy living alone) died falling down the stairs. I can now stand on one leg and put my socks on. People will laugh at this, but then they will age and grow quiet.

        On the shoulders, I have 5 inches of titanium on the left, and the right was a rotator cuff repair with the bonus treat of a biceps tear. I also ruptured the coracoid ligament, also unrepaired. My scapula was broken in so many places they didn’t want to touch it, and I have so much gravel in my back that when I dead lift I feel the lat tendon pop with each extension.

        (The good news: all this stuff is above the waist!)

        So I do a lot of pulling and pushing with my shoulders, like a body builder with twinkie weights, but I can’t do snatches and jerks yet. But I’m a going to try. Farm boys gonna farm. Man does breaking scar tissue hurt. I get nauseous.


        Today I helped my coach, and his brother and farmer-machinist father, assemble a 12×12 steel cube for the gym. Beautiful box channel steel, powder-coated, holes centered to .005. Rogue sells stuff like this, but I’m wondering if there’s a business in it. Also, when I look at it, I realize it’s an instrument of future torture.

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL I have never done a one legged squat. Don’t see the point in them myself.

        A buddy of mine made decent money building strong man equipment but that decent money thing is on a sliding scale.

        ART is one of the most painful things I have ever done, but after like 3 sessions I could put my seat belt on with one hand. Major accomplishment at the time but a man has to pay the cost to be the boss and I have paid it in full

        Besides ART, the best thing for my shoulders have been holding a kettle bell overhead while I walk around. It causes all the muscles to fire and pulls the shoulder back in place, or some such none sense. Learneded that one form a West Side guy.

      8. theasdgamer

        Paydantic. Sounds like paedo-something…takes me back to an ooooold memory when I was 5 yo and I took a 3 yo Danish girl to the basement of the apartment high rise in Beirut to play “Doctor”. Actually, I think that I spanked her a little. Guess I was precocious.

  15. redpillgirlnotes

    Entropy, sadly you are very spot on. I truly hope I never live to see such a day. The social justice warriors, holding everyone to their values and beliefs while at the same time refusing to recognize that others have the freedom and right to disagree, are a perfect example of that slippery slope… It’s already happening.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      the SJW get away with their bullshit because no one punches them in he face.

      Guess how many times some dumb fuck SJW has gotten in my face?

  16. redpillgirlnotes

    @ entropy re: the food. You are absolutely correct. Most people have no idea how to raise a garden, butcher an animal (OMG call PETA!) or how to can/dry/preserve food. My grandparents otoh rarely bought anything from the store, only what they could not grow/make/hunt themselves such as coffee, peanut butter, sugar. People used to know how to carve a life out of wilderness and survive, today if the wireless goes down people flip out. And God forbid they have to actually work or get dirty! Sad. My grandma would worry about people not knowing how to grow a tomato, not having land to grow a tomato on. To her that was survival, self suffiency.

    Guinea, is that right? 😛

  17. redpillgirlnotes

    Bv is right. Now is the time to play around w hobbies like solar, wind power, all manners of off the grid living. It’s interesting to explore even if you never need it. If you do need it, unless you already have it, it will be too late.

      1. BuenaVista

        I actually wish it would start — but then I have a peculiar sense of reality. (I suspect, per C.S. Lewis, we’re already in Hell.)

  18. redpillgirlnotes

    @ ton also despite how far north I am the winters are not bad where I am bc of the marine influence. Rarely snows. Mostly rains. Winters are in the 50s, sometimes lower, rarely freezing and if so a day or two at most. Nothing like they have in the Midwest or East.

  19. Liz

    Well, Mike is very happy with his new Glock (a 45, his other Glock is a 10mm).
    Now he is going to stippling the handle so the “grip is better”. Is that a thing?


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