46 thoughts on “dump that bitch bang 10 more

  1. Entropy is my God

    The word CUCK describes this “man” perfectly. How many men has he willingly watched his wife fornicate with while he desperately pleasures himself with his own tears in the corner. There will be no mercy for this man when justice manifests.

    OT: Ton, you recently said you were looking for write up ideas. I would enjoy a break down on AR 15 builds, component by component. If possible stay away from caliber selection and focus on the primary components of the build, for example:
    System: Gas or piston
    Butt Stock: Adjustable or Fixed
    Handle: SAW or Standard
    Barrel Length, Foregrip, sights, rail system, etc.

    Obviously this is a tiny peice of the availabel options but in general there are usually 2 choices that are the best, with strenghts and weeknes from both. Look forward to your analysis.

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      My answer is going to under whelm you

      I don’t care for any of those Frankenstein type projects. My favorite AR15 is the Rugger. Most accurate out of the box weapon system I have ever fired.

      Past that, any decent brand will get the job done. Get a Colt/ build a Colt then tune it up some. You’ll be able to hit a man sized target at 600 yards with one. I have over a decade of direct action ground combat under my belt( so much I would have to actually work my way through it). The Colt M4(M16) saw me home. Even at the Tier 1 level we ran Colt’s and Beretta’s. Nothing fancy on that side of things

      So my advice is save the cash you would spend on one of those crazy ass builds and use that money saved to get to some tactical shooting training under you belt and once you can smash a man sized target at 400 yards any time you want, then think about getting your rifle to a gun smith and tuned up ( a good armor can address most common issues that cause lack of accuracy which generally comes to how well the rifle fits together )

      Everything is a trade off. Piston is more accurate from my shooting, it weighs more. The adjustable butt-stock will break if you smash to many hajjis in the head, but adjusting the rifle to fit you indirectly improves accuracy

      I wish dudes would spend less time worrying about the perfect this or that and more time doing dime and washer drills, drawing and presenting or actually you know shooting.

      Most decent rifles are way more accurate etc then the shooter running her

  2. Entropy is my God

    The truth cannot be underwhelming.

    Due to my POG status 300M is the farthest I have trained for. I also prefer a fixed butt stock for exactly the reason you mention, the adjustable one bends and becomes worthless (and extremly difficult to remove after a few hard hits.)

    As for piston VS gas, I have never had the pleasure of running a piston AR, only piston AK variants. As you well know the AR (at least in 556) is a light weight weapon to begin with so the addtional weight of a piston for reliability (much less accuracy, extra bonus I was unaware of) would seem to be well worth it.

    For those of us with gas AR is there a piston conversion you would recomend, or is it more a case of buy a weapon with natvie piston support?

    Also, you didnt mention sights. Perhaps you are a pure iron sights? If not do you have opinions on optics? For instance most Trijicons do not require batteries, that would seem to be an integral feature when looking at an option option for the long term.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      fold down sights and good optics. I prefer red dots/ EOTECH. Easier to pick up when the rifle is moving and less bullshit for people to be accustom too

      I prefer adjustable butt stocks and replacing them as required. Worth the trade off in better fit and mobility

      the piston reduces recoil as well as creates less mess to clean but I have not seen the improvement in reliability others claim but the trade off is weight and shit gets heavy. There is a ton of shit to carry around and fatigue adds up over time

      I wouldn’t do a conversion kit if there is one. I’m not really into converting etc firearms and I am not much of a gun smith. I am more focused on shooting and tactics… the practical stuff. I love my guns but they are tools. Nothing more, nothing less

      5.56 is a fine round and I’d run with it for a couple of reasons but use hollow points/ ballistic tips etc if it bothers you.

      I live by the keep it simple stupid motto. Funny how hard we would work to make things simple/ reduce points of failure while everyone else tries to make shit complex.

      It generally takes 5-7 5.556 rounds to put a man down; 3-5 7.62. Given the rounds you can carry it equals out. The bigger round will penetrate more shit but weighs a lot more and requires additional training to deal with recoil management. Everything comes down to trading off one thing for another. Thats how you need to view things vs whats right whats wrong/ whats the best and what sucks

      Armor is the easy go to example. Tanks can be fast or heavily armored. Each works but requires different tactics and training

  3. BuenaVista

    Entropy, I’m really not qualified to comment, but will say that I bought a Beretta ARX-100 in April, added an Eotech, and have run 500 rounds through it without incident. I *love* the Beretta ergonomics, again, not that I have a lot to benchmark my experience against. It is also a truly ambidextrous weapon, as all controls as well as the ejection port may be switched. It is a piston-driven rifle.

    At the time of purchase I looked at ARs from Rock River Arms and a piston-driven Colt. I preferred how the Beretta fit me, and given the good luck I’ve had with my Beretta pistols, just went with it.


    The woman who’s attention-whoring with the Mars deal would, singly, cause me to drop out. Can you imagine being one of four people trapped in a pod on Mars — with her?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Personally I would never run a pistol caliber carbine. They were all the rage back my early SOCOM days but have been replaced by M4’s. More lethal and versatile.

      It’s not the worst possible set up and most guys will not practice enough to get the most out of a M4 but there are better options. Though I have never done a cost comparison on it. Money always matters

    2. Entropy is my God


      I will have to look into that rifle. For better or worse I have a signifgant amont invested in the AR platform, ammo, and magazines.

      For sights I have found the Trijicon RMR to be quite usefull and easy to use without closing the non shooting eye. Also, it does not need batteries.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Name bro go with what you know. Stick with the M4/ ar 15 deal.
        What killed UBL? A SEAL & an M4. Nuff said on that I reckon

    3. BuenaVista

      The Beretta ARX is 5.56. It’s not pistol-caliber. It’s the Italian M-4. They make 10’s of thousands of them, which is why I bought it over the Rock River alternative my local guy preferred.

      I have a light carbine for the house and truck (M1A). Another friend, who trained shooters in the Army, thinks it’s a joke, but it’s a good size for my hallways. Plus it’s a gun for amateurs, which is what I am.

      Beretta does make a pistol-caliber carbine for about $8-900 in 9mm. I may get one because I’m trying to keep the ammo inventory simple, and my primary sidearm is an M9A1.

      I’ll either get the conversion kit for the Beretta for .308 or just buy a 30.06 Tikka. Probably the latter. It uses the same barrel as a $2500 Saka, but costs $500.

      All I will say, with conviction, is that Beretta ergonomics, across the board, are the shit.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Very cool
        How the magazine situation for that rifle?
        I have a Beretta it’s a decent pistol; I won a Beretta under/ over. It’s an amazing shotgun and a real piece of art. I imagine their rifles are fine weapons though I cannot say for sure. You most def are not out gunned, including the old carbine.

  4. Liz

    Let me get this straight. This crack is going to abandon her husband and family to go to Mars? And he takes everything and gets sole custody? Sounds like he is already living the dump that bitch dream! He can pump as many women as he likes…she’s obviously too self-absorbed to notice anyway.

    The only thing that could really mess this up is if she becomes intrigued with him and decides to stay. So any signs that he has grabbed his sack (telling her off, calling her on her bullshyte) might intrigue. Dumping her before her big trip might intrigue too…she might call it off and decide to stay, and then really f*ck with him. Statements like “I’m the wife married to an astronaut” (quote from the article) are gold. Soon she’ll be on to the Darwin award hall of fame. And imagine the pickup lines. That stuff would write itself.

    Tangentialy related, I wonder how far a bullet would travel on Mars? One third the gravity and no real wind resistance by comparison to earth would probably put that at roughly three times the time before it hits the ground. I wonder if she shot a bullet on the moon (smaller, less gravity than mars) if the thing would orbit around the whole moon and hit her in the back of her head? Mabye someone could double dog dare her.

    And OT but somewhat related news, a hitchhiking robot that relies on the kindness of strangers has been decapitated:

      1. Liz

        All that AND a political consultant too! Perfect for setting up a colony in outer space. High priority on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, that. Right up there with food and shelter.

      2. Liz

        How can you resist that gamine look? Men just LOVE “gamines”.
        It’s, like, on social media and tabloids and shit. It must be true!

      3. entropyismygod

        Does her husband pay other men to fornicate with her? Or perhaps can he get them drunk enough that they allow him to pout in the corner where he can abuse his dignity while they bang the old shrew with their eyes closed?

      4. Sumo

        You know, I was just thinking that maybe I should lose a few pounds. After seeing that picture, now I probably won’t be able to eat for a week.

        Thanks, BV.

      5. BuenaVista

        Isn’t it interesting that a radical, vitriolic, misandrist feminist like this one wants to be simultaneously valued by men for her sexuality? While she’s got the de rigeur “practical” haircut (a boyish or manly style she shares with the lesbians), she’s slopping on the make-up, even the red lipstick. So I guess she’s just an edgy, feminist object of male desire (in her dreams).

        The Martian Momma does the same thing, packing her cottage cheese thighs flaccid butt into tight jeans: noble pseudo-astronaut as sex object.

        These are not Must See! pictures.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        You’ve been crushing it lately esp at dalrock’s

        Here’s some unlikely to be useful intell for men; bang a famous chick or a chick who is famous etc in certain circles and pre-selection kicks in for you, roided up, super charged pre selection. Non hot b lister will do. If it’s an illicit affair, even better.

      7. BuenaVista

        Dalrock’s: the churchian boys are in an uproar. Also, I wake up usually before 2, so need something to do.

        Anyways, thanks for the suggestion on throwing the medicine ball around. Did that this morning. I hit my weekly PR and then the coach shut things down. (To be honest, I’m a little girl about injuries: I’ve had enough. He’s kind about that, even though he thinks modern athletes are self-esteem driven pussies.) I said, hey, let’s throw a medicine around. Fun stuff. He’s got some med balls that are a little smaller in diameter so a guy can one-hand them. I used to throw a football 60 yards. Digging, now, throwing a ten pound ball 20 feet at my sadistic coach.

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        lol I have a soft 10 pounder for throwing. It’s a good size, heavy enough I don’t over accelerate and reinjur my shoulders and the soft part keeps my hands healthy.

        LOL I got banned from Dalrock’s place. Said there is only two things you need to do to keep marriage intact

        Repeal domestic violence laws
        Teach men to use their pimp hand.

        Look how common the pimp hand to the face or an over the knee spanking where in older movies. That was normally behaviour and women respond positively to it. All the frame etc you need in two easy to learn maneuvers

        Now…. what’s this shit about a PR and not laying down the new number? Uncool my man unfuckingcool.

      9. Liz

        “Notice the resemblance!”
        It. Is. Uncanny.
        Even the plucked eyebrow shape is very very similar.
        I think every boutique has that “strong, empowered, fierce (wtf is up with the ‘fierce’ meme/canard for overweight, manly looking women these days?) look”.

        I envision them sitting in the spas together, talking about the importance of their worthless degrees at expensive institutions while wearing bull semen facial masks (seriously, a thing. And expensive too), inwardly reevaluating their life choices.

      10. BuenaVista

        I will publish my PRs when they aren’t embarrassing. I’m climbing out of a deep hole.

        I just want to move my best squat and push (bench) up 5% a week, and so far so good. I can’t even do passive hangs for 30 seconds, so that’s where my shoulder is.

        But man, I started to mist up this morning. I didn’t think I would ever do this shit again. So that was good. Though not good enough for hugging. Coach wanted a hug. No hugging, thanks.

      11. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL man they are all good enough to post. Its not where you started but where you end up. Think my 1st push press was 365? Fuck no snake

      12. BuenaVista

        Well, I certainly started weak, as noted. One of the things I have learned is how injury and long-term rest causes the brain to lose contact with muscles. So before you know it you’re moving with all of the grace (not) of The Tin Man. I am still re-activating muscles and movements, some damaged last year, some not used for a 20 years in my white-collar lifestyle.

        The primary benefit of this regime, and why I’ll never stop now, is how functionally improved I am in every other activity.

        Example: hang cleans mean you can casually toss a bag of seed; anything like squats or dead lifts where you learn to press through the floor? Going downstairs stopped being an adventure.

        It seems like this sort of functional strength, as well, is only available from composite exercises. I now view the isolated exercises I did all my life as mere vanity/body building accessory moves, helpful in rehab perhaps, but truly secondary.

        I have pretty modest goals: dead lift 2x body weight; squat 1.5x; bench 1x. (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hang clean or jerk much.) It will take 9-12 more months if I can stay healthy and my shoulder doesn’t fall off.

      13. SFC Ton Post author

        Oddly enough I had a similar experience when adding strongman to the list. Power-lifting makes you stronger than hell but is not dynamic in nature. Clearly not to the same extent as I have never been White collar or used machines but an understanding

        Side note, many bodybuilders look both heavier & stronger then me. Few even at the big money level are either ( or was when I was nationally ranked. I’m a little guy of 223 pounds these days)

        Those were my rookie goals too. We’lol take you to the next level once you get there… ifin you want and are willing

      14. BuenaVista

        Yeah, I will go there if I get to the first waypoint. We’ll see. three of my four major joints are ripped up. I never bothered with surgery on the ACL. When I was in school, ACLs were not repaired, and I’m tired of being a boat-buyer for orthopods.

        Aside from that, though, I’m not going to put on weight to lift more. I’ve bought all the clothes I’m going to buy. I enjoy eating from my garden and watching my form lean-out. I’m smaller today than six months ago — and I weigh 10 more.

        I appreciate your commentary on all this. I was not in a good place May 1.

      15. SFC Ton Post author

        All ‘s good BV.

        Don’t put on weight to put it on. Not to put more weight on the bar or on your body. Let it come as it comes. It’s a young man’s game. I am down to 223 and will be 205 this time next year, 180 by the time I am 50

      16. BuenaVista

        Liz, I think most of these short-haired terriers (yap-yap-yap) are genuinely mystified why their ideology, combined with their chunky torsos, do not make them desirable. I mean, they get hit on by pajama boys, but that only seems to fuel their rage.

        I think what they talk about at their spas is a) how great their alpha boyfriend is; or b) how awful men are because alphas aren’t interested and the remainder are supplicating limp-dicks.

        I had no idea that women discuss their men in such detail. Until recently: A drunk 30-something at a party asked to see my restored obliques, because she didn’t believe the picture she’d seen. Well, if she’s seen my obliques, she’s seen more than that.

        Point of honor, however, and quoting a politician: I still “did not have sex with that woman.”

      17. Liz

        “While she’s got the de rigeur “practical” haircut (a boyish or manly style she shares with the lesbians), she’s slopping on the make-up, even the red lipstick. So I guess she’s just an edgy, feminist object of male desire (in her dreams).

        The Martian Momma does the same thing, packing her cottage cheese thighs flaccid butt into tight jeans: noble pseudo-astronaut as sex object.”

        Just thinking further on this one, it’s interesting how many women do this act. Sandra Fluke was another (mannish-looking makeup slopper in “natural” colors!). I perused HUS for a few days (before the JFG collapse) and the founder had an article on makeup. She claimed she usually is “all natural” and only puts it on for special occasions. Then she helpfully provides a picture of her makeup stash and I can tell you no one owns that much warpaint if they rarely use makeup (I literally have five items, and keep them in a drawer with the toothpaste and floss). She claimed she wasn’t wearing any makeup in her profile picture and it was very very obvious that not only was she wearing makeup, she was wearing a LOT of it (blush, liner, the whole works).

        It was absurd….let me get this straight, for your profile photo for your website you’re going to choose the one without makeup? I’m as sure as can be she chose the absolute best one she could find out one of at least 50 photos, all of them with makeup (and she did look like absolute hell so I can understand why she would want to pretend it was a sans makeup problem). Anyway, I e mailed someone at JFG and mentioned this and the next day she had a new profile photo. Funny how word gets around. Not sure how that happened, but it would be a strange coincidence.

      18. BuenaVista

        Consistency is the hobgoblin of lesser minds, I guess.

        My undergraduate college is a fervent left-wing place, and it is always funny to see my former classmates (who never dressed for a male gaze, never wore makeup) go mainstream in both departments now that they are outside.

        But in general, if you flip a coin with a feminist, she won’t say “heads” or “tails”; she’ll say, “Both!” or “Depends on the day!” It seems to speak to the social and emotional chaos that feminism has wrought, and why women are so much unhappier, decade over decade, since WWII.

      19. SFC Ton Post author

        Women are unhappy when they get what they want because they know down deep some dude or in this case society failed a shit test.

        Best to ignore what women say they want

      1. Liz

        I’m glad someone else asked!
        (I thought at first it was performance report? but that doesn’t seem to fit)

  5. BuenaVista

    The one quirk that I know of with the Beretta is that it won’t take Magpul Gen 3 mags. The Gen 3 mags have a little lip on them — I guess to prevent an excited person slamming them too deeply into the receiver? — and they are incompatible. I use OEM Beretta metal, no-name metal, G2 Magpuls, and Lancer mags. Going forward I’ll just buy Lancers. They seem like the best value/performance choice.

    Beretta licensed a Turkish company (Stoeger) the design, and provided the tooling, to build the Beretta 8000/Cougar. It’s another sweet pistol that has the same controls as an M9, so I’ll probably buy one. Italian design and third-world prices. I am deep into complexity reduction, and want everything to work pretty much the same.

    Benelli licensed it’s fancy “Inertia Driven” technology to Stoeger as well. I’m thinking of getting this slug gun for deer season. (Iowa does not permit rifles for deer, in the northern part of the state. Black powder is allowed.) You have to admit, that’s a handsome shotgun. Especially for the money.


    But a Mossberg Flex is probably the more sensible choice.

  6. BuenaVista

    I love the M1A .30, Ton. I wish I could teach my son to shoot it. It’s just so small, balanced, and handy. “Pew pew pew” etc.

    My understanding is that it was designed for the ‘support’ personnel: guys who were not scheduled for direct action, and likely had never pulled a trigger before (logistics, intel, food and medicine, etc.). They didn’t trust them with a 1911. So they got a nifty carbine. Mine leans against the wall next to the front door, most days.

    BTW, I would appreciate your rec on the proper sling for the AR.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      The proper sling? Any of the modern ones will do though I prefer no sling. Which isn’t real practical for most folks/ situations.

      I was told it was developed for combat officers to give them an edge in lethality over the .45. Pistols are poor man killers.

  7. BuenaVista

    Ton, I’d appreciate:

    1. What is ART?

    2. How do you sustain your cardio reserves (I think you were regularly humping 100+ lbs. 20 miles in heat). I love to run, being an ectomorph, but I have no interest in metal knees or hips. My ex- was an all-american runner, and now (after running for 40 years) she’s falling apart. Still, I have to get my heart rate down. How does a man train to carry 100 pounds for 20 miles at 3 mph?

    3. Do you do any core work, or are the composite lifts enough? (I still do sit-ups on the weekend.)

    And … thanks for any suggestion. Two hours today in the gym, temp 90, PR on the bench. Not that any PR I achieve is going to draw more than scorn. In a year, absent injury or arrest? I might be ok.

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      Because of my lung damage and reality I focus on anaerobic conditioning vs aerobic. Life is anaerobic. Only aerobic event is aerobic training. Strongman, kettlebell, hamming the tire with a sledge Hammer, sled dragging, sprints boxing etc when you do “bag sprints “….. shortish, high intensity work. Deadlift for 5 minutes, power cleans for 3 mins etc etc.

      Verry lttle direct core work but I do ab pull downs while standing, ab wheel, planks because they make my low back feel good, Turkish get ups, don’t use my belt until I am close to 90% of my 1rm and never on secondary / assistance work

      1. BuenaVista

        Thx. My coach says the same thing re: anaerobic/aerobic, and uses many of the same things on a fast cycle, as well as supersets of accessory lifts, medicine ball, tractor tire, etc.

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