Ton on Patriarchy

Around these here parts, we all hear a lot of man talk about Patriarchy, restoring Patriarchy and being a Patriarch in the hear and now.

Despite men’s best efforts and genuine desire, I doubt how many of us are Patriarch of his family. !st, few men really know what the job entails. The tactical reality on the ground is being a Patriarch as a Roman or Saxon would understand the term is not only socially despised but outlawed. Leave all your wealth to your oldest son, and your other children can take it to court, overriding your last will and testament. Correct your wife, put her on a budget, demand your rights to her body and you can be facing domestic violence charges. Try forbidding your daughter or son from marrying who they choose or majoring in what they want at college….. Sure you have options, but the law won’t back you on any of them.

Most men, most especially Betas are not cut out to be Patriarchs. The way I reckon things it was betas males who drove feminism. Why? Alpha males always have sexual options, no matter how restrictive the culture he finds himself in. It is beta males who get ground down by nagging wives and the toils of life. Life is hard on betas and feminism was a way to lighten their load. Or so they were told and so they thought. Thing is, there are no light loads. You only transfer one set of burdens for another. Christ tells to come unto him to find rest because there is no long term worldly rest.

To be a Patriarch is to take on burdens. The burden of command and authority is no fucking joke. Most men do not understand what is like to have life and death authority over and responsibility for the well being of 30-40 or more men. One of the man o sphere’s mistaken ideas is the limited scope of Patriarchy. It is not simply ruling over and taking care of your small family. It is having a very real amount of responsibility for your grandchildren and their lives, your siblings, their spouses and their children. Maybe your fathers siblings, your parents and their parents as well. Various discussions about Kinism will address these issues more thoroughly. It is not coming home and deciding what’s for diner, its deciding on where the family will live, subjects children will study, sports they will engage it, which head of live stock live and which ones get butchered, its how much money to save, what to spend money on, who should marry who, what business ventures the extend family will engage in, who shall run which endeavor, where and how to worship, who is and who is not living up to the family name, what shall be done with those who do not…. the list is damn near endless.

In a true Patriarchy, when my brother crossed the river Jordan, responsibility for his widow and children would have legally fallen on me. They would have moved in to my house, I would have parented his children, chosen his widows next husband, had full legal authority and legal responsibility for them.

When my little brother was called home he left behind a wife and two young daughters. Not only did he leave a widow behind but two young daughters. One of whom has serious behavioral problems, and I mean serious. The kind that leads to nothing good; hard life, early death, jail time not to mention the harm she does and will do to others. She was like this before my brother died, but they came to live with me for a short while where my troubled niece saw major behavioral improvements from living in steady state of consistent, calm discipline. My more fragile niece thrived.  My sister in law learned how to make good decisions, balance a budget, keep a clean house, dispense discipline and justice with her children, cook healthy food and in general be a functioning adult and mother.

She left my house in a huff because I was limiting her girl power (drinking), treating her like a child ( at best a woman is the oldest teenager in the house, still a child) and because I just didn’t understand how hard it was for her to be a widow and a single mom. For the record, I understand, as much as I can, but frankly I don’t give a fuck. Those are excuses to be a failure.  How hard it is doesn’t change what needs to be done, how it needs to be done or the needs of small girls. I fucking hate excuses. Spin hamster spin.

Any rate, she moves out and back to their old home and things are now once again out of control. The house is too large for a single mom to keep clean, or for one to keep track of the kids. The yard is way to large for her to deal…. especially with how much the one child requires supervision and the other damage control.  The cost to keep the house going is quite high. The problem niece torments pets to the point when she was bitten by a their dog no one in my family blamed the dog. I now have their Pit Bull. He is at my feet as I type, poor guy gets bullied by the Hell Hounds, but he takes it in stride. My niece steals, she lies like she breathes, natural and easy and some are damaging as hell( she once started begging money saying her mommy could not afford to feed them and gifts laying on the sob story about being fatherless and her mommy not having the money to buy them things( neither are true); she had the school call CPS on my sister in law because she was angry at her mother and she cranked up the lies; she is violent toward smaller kids, including her sister; cheats at everything she does and of course gets in a fair amount of trouble at school. There really is nothing much positive to say about the child, though if she was a boy, he’d be one ass pulling machine.

Child Protective services was called on my sister in law, who is frankly a dumb, drunk bitch who made matters worse, but not so bad the CPS folks took the kids. More recently my nieces behavior sunk to a new low which could have only been achieved by neglect. A week long period of neglect while they spent 5 days at a well known theme park. My sister in law, and her family thinks it’s funny; my sister in laws idea of discipline is to yell  threats at the child, like I will punch you in the face, then she laughs about the poor behavior. She has never made the child return the money or gifts she grifted or give the money/ gifts to charity. Her excuse for not doing anything? She had never faced such a thing before? Who the fuck needs to have a massive amount of experience with a their child being a con artist to know that step one is making sure the kid doesn’t actually profit from their deceit? Also I am leaving a bunch of stuff out, some a potentially worse then what I have reported.

So I rolled up to see them, to recon the objective and develop a course of action….

The grass had not been cut in who knows how long, the neighbor who was doing it for free has not had the time( he is busy dealing with the shitty economy and even worse wife, but he is such a beta he felt the need to apologize to me like a thousand and one times hence the shitty wife); the house was full of trash, some in trash bags, a goodly amount was not. There was rotting food in my sister in laws bedroom; half eaten food all over the place; the kids bathroom was a wreck including a toilet full of piss and shit, faucet handles so nasty I wouldn’t touch them etc. The 1st thing I noticed walking into the house? It smelled like dog piss which also means my niece the problem child is having a blast tormenting the new puppy. Yea my dumb ass sister in law got another dog for that kid to attack. My good niece is an emotional wreck, God bless her. She is good as gold but I fear what this will do to her. My sister in law was damn near incoherent on wine at mid day, she has strangers living with them. A family of troglodytes she has known for like 4 months with a massively dysfunctional background.

I grabbed my nieces, put them on my bike and found a hotel. Well that isn’t true. I already knew where it is. The next morning when I return my sister in law freaks out about them being on the bike. The strangers in the house had to tell her I took the kids. Yea she didn’t remember crazy ass uncle Ton left with her kids. She thinks the house is fine as it is( apparently its basically clean, just cluttered), the evil child is sweet and loving despite kicking her younger sister in the face for shits and grins, the emotionally wrecked child is fine and of course she has the ultimate excuse; its hard to be widow and she is doing a great job given how hard it is

Bullfuckingshit. She is an utter failure as a mother. A little tough love later and she is trying to kick me out of the house. I refused to go without the girls, she calls the cops. A small little lady cop shows up and she is scared shitless when she sees my sister in law in an uncontrollable rage. Of course I am by default the bad guy. I refuse to comply with her demands I leave the property. She threatens to arrest me, I shrug. I told the lady cop I will leave with my nieces; when CPS shows up or in a body bag. She has no idea how to respond and calls for help. I am cal sitting on my bike, recording everything on my cellphone, being as non threatening as I can be, while my sister in law rages. The lady cop tries to speak with me but I tell it will only add stress to the situation unless my sister in law is put in check. She tries to engage in nervous chit chat until a sergeant shows up who pulls me to the side while the girl cop tries to keep my sister in law in calm. The amount of emotional and physical energy a drunk crazy bitch can pour out and sustain is unbelievable. I would have collapsed from exhaustion before the 1st law dog showed up.  I tell him the same thing I told the lady cop, plus about my gun and offer to temporarily surrender the gun and sit in his car until CPS shows up or he searches the house. He does not take me up on the offer. I tell him about the other family and he waits for a third cop to show up. The two cops spend about 3 minutes in the house before calling CPS.

Its a weekend so it takes a long time for CPS to show up. Mean while the cop is trying to do the tough guy act now that things are basically resolved/ under control, giving me a list of the things he could pull me in for. I resit the urge to say something clever like “oh nos, I’ve never been in trouble with the law before whatever will I do?”( that is my default response to cops just like I have an autonomic response to someone asking me who the hell do I think I am?  “I am the Ton motherfucker, maybe you heard of me, bitch?”

CPS says the house is a wreck but not so bad they’ll take the kids. I tell them and the cops if the kids are harmed or get some weird health issues I will hurt them. All of them. More bullshit posturing by the cops, but they do nothing and spend a fair amount of time telling me to relax. Which is funny since I didn’t cuss or raise my voice.

What comes next is the most dishearten part. Damn near everyone in my family and her’s blows up my phone to run through a laundry list of character faults, my character faults. Some pussy ass squid of a brother in law threatens to kick my ass. I laughed. I am clam as I always am. I hang up on each one of them after a few minutes. What’s the point in continue an argument with irrational 14 year old girls throwing hissy fits? None so there was no point in talking with them. I created a group text telling them I understand they are embarrassed because not only did they stand by and did nothing while the lived in filth and were at risk, they actively hide intell from me. I took action as soon as the intell arrived ( ok 7 hours later after I packed and got some sleep), and that they are scared my sister in law will turn on them and keep their nieces or granddaughters away but they are enabling the neglect of blood relatives and furthering the out of control behavior of our niece. I told them if they ever need to contact me it best be to apologize, and they will have to communicate through my father I blocked their numbers, email etc.

Only my father, uncles, two aunt and my own children are speaking to me. My daughter is in her own rage, she is a fierce as fierce gets in her protection of me.

Folks are puzzled I am not upset about how things played out. By everyone I mean my beloved daughter, Ton Spawn Production Unit and Half Ton Production Unit and my Majordomo. To me, there is nothing to be upset about. The family who turned on me demonstrated how they do not add value to my life or honor my brother, our name or blood kin. They are weak, refusing to act to protect the weakest members of our collective family out of fear of a little woman with a drinking problem and some vague idea they will never see the kids again; they fear being called names and worst of all of being deemed judgmental…. I did what needed to be done, my duties, obligations and responsibilities fulfilled. My honor and pride intact. Doing nothing would eat me alive. I was asked how do I live with myself?(meant as a hurtful comment which I immediately hung up on; never complain, never explain, always take decisive action). That’s how I live. I do what needs to be done and I put duty, honor and right action above all else. One day I will stand before the Almighty God, and I have more to answer to then the most of men, but there are things I will not be called to as well.

We hear a good deal of men around these parts claim or speak to being the Patriarch type. I call bullshit 99% of the time. Soft men are not Patriarchs. Going to your Latin mass, or attending a so called traditional church with a stay at home wife does not make you a Patriarch. Doing the hard things for the least of your kin, making the hard calls and rolling with the hate does.

Want to be a Patriarch? Then embrace the suck of authority, responsibility and being hated. It’s a man’s job, not a betas.

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      1. theasdgamer

        I always heard, “You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose” and “I went to the picture show and picked my seat.”

  1. Liz

    Wow, Ton. That sucks! 😦
    How old are your nieces? I can’t believe you’re the only one willing to intervene here.
    That environment isn’t healthy. Fuck.

    1. theasdgamer

      It shows that Ton’s the man. He can handle the 5h1t from the alky sis-in-law, problem child, unsupportive family relations, and, of course, the Apex Alpha.

      I’ve been through some patriarch stuff, too, dealing with two ungrateful kids, Mrs. Gamer in her cluster-b period, and dealing with the Apex Alpha as well. Everything seems to have stabilized. The whole month of July was peaceful. I should become a relationship coach now.

      46 k words in my book now.

      I’ve been listening to

      1. Liz

        I don’t doubt that Ton is “the Man”, but it’s still a shit pie situation to have to deal with.
        He shouldn’t have to be an Island on this. EVERYONE should be supporting him and intervening. But really, this bitch has to get off her ass and clean the house and mow the lawn and be a mother to her kids.

        “46 k words in my book now.”
        Well done, Gamer! 🙂

      2. theasdgamer

        Liz, Ton is the patriarch of his clan and will take steps to fix the clan’s situation. He will bring troublemakers in line and use sympathetic family members against the troublemakers. It’s really on him and he is willing to take on the burden.

        Every family has its troublemakers. Usually no one is willing to be the patriarch and some of the clan slides into the cesspool. Other members of the clan will rear the brood properly to be benefits to the clan. The patriarch doesn’t do all the work.

        NB: It was nice to get Opus’ attaboy about my Sexual Macrodynamics post. He said it was the best essay that he had seen on the topic. (Opus is one of Spawny’s countrymen who comments on Dalrock’s site.)

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      9 and 6. I cannot get over the hamsters. I keep hearing how she is a good mother because she loves the girls, but no one can point to a mothering task she does well outside of getting them to school and being active at the schools. Don’t reckon thats enough myself

  2. Anonymous Reader

    Authority and responsibility always should be paired. When a man is given responsibility for people he doesn’t have authority over, a slow motion trainwreck has been created.

    “Oldest teenager in the house” is a paraphrase of Schopenhauer if I remember right. The first time I ran across that idea I was still brainwashed in the equalitarian mindset and it seemed to be an outrage. Time has fixed that. Watching a 40+ year old woman arguing with her 17 year old daughter one time had me laughing out loud, because they started mirroring each other in body language, later in verbal, thereby proving exactly that the mother was just the oldest teenager in the catfight.

    I’ve not had to deal with the kind of stuff Ton details here, not by a factor of 100, but I have been the “oldest man in the family” more than once and it is what it is. Some situations will just be screwed up more by bringing some “professional” into it, family has to take care of family. Been there, seen that.

    Some places and times in the ancient world, the family patriarch was also the judge with power to order someone exiled, or even killed, as well as the family war leader. Family gets big enough, the patriarch becomes the chief of a tribe. That’s how civilization got built, it’s how tribes in places like New Guinea or the Amazon jungle probably still work.

    I’m reading Martin van Crevald’s e-book on the topic of equality, on a Kindle. It’s very interesting and few punches pulled. Real patriarchy, like Ton said, is a major load to carry, it’s not deciding between Chipotle and Panda Express for lunch. And it’s necessary.

    Here’s my question: how do we train young men in this art?

    1. theshadowedknight

      We train them for war. Pull the leaders of men, and them make them leaders of families. As their families expand, they will pull in other men and their families, who become their clan.

      It all starts at the foundation. Violence for men, sex for women. Teach men to be properly violent, and this will get handled.

      The Shadowed Knight

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Not sure where I picked that up but reckon Schopenhauer predates the term teenager by…. 90-100 years.

      Chiptole hands down…

      How do we train them? I’ll add that to the writing list. That is about 50% of my thoughts when I am pondering the Ton Spawn.

      bringing in a professional is what most of the family wants to do. I am somewhat aginit. A friend of mine who lost his vision down range is now a head doctor and works with kids. He told me, nation wide there are few docs who can help my niece. My sister in law needs AA, boot camp and a boot in her ass.

      Responsibility with no authority is the plight of the modern married man; authority with mo responsibility is the world women live in

  3. Sumo

    I have an autonomic response to someone asking me who the hell do I think I am? “I am the Ton motherfucker, maybe you heard of me, bitch?”


    Depending on my mood, and the manner in which the question is phrased, I usually go with something like “I sure hope that I’m Sumo, otherwise he’s going to be pissed when he finds out that I’m wearing his undies” or “I the hell am Sumo”.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I have lawyers in NC but none out of state. I also have a bail bondsmen… been thinking about getting his number tattooed on my fore arm

  4. Sumo

    Oh, and FWIW, I am most assuredly not the patriarch type. I can tolerate most of my family, and would be willing to lay a smackdown on anyone who messes with them, but I sure as hell will never take responsibility for any of their crazy asses.

  5. Atticus

    Everyone in your clan is on notice but it sounds like your work is not done. Your brother’s youngest still needs your help. You are a soldier and soldiers have a way. Perhaps you need to be a diplomat, enlist some help from your Dad or one of the aunts that still speak with you, or eat crow and win one of the others over “for the children”. Maybe it’s a lost cause, but from your posts you seem like an honorable man and in my outsiders view you shouldn’t give up.

    PS. A while back on Rollos’s blog, you gave me your opionion on riding a bike. I followed it, got my permit, took the basic rider course (free in my state) and got my license. Turns out one of the guys that works for me had a Dyna Low Rider that his uncle willed him and he wasn’t using. He gave it to for me for as long as I want. This summer has been the most fun I’ve had with my pants on.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Good to hear that worked out for Attucus! Love being on a bike and a Dyna is a nice ride for a new ridder. You’ll be cursing my name when you are ponying up the cash for an Electra Glide

      Before I rolled up there, I worked out what I was going to say and how I was going to say it with Ton Spawn Production Facility and my daughter. Once trained to give people bad medical news, the other an outstanding saleswoman, but no plan survives contact with the enemy…. it was all I had in me not to fire up the murder train when I saw the filth my beloveds where living in and the drunk bitch who is supposed to care for them. Yea I semi blew it. Think near on 3rd world filth.

      My people are backing me in the soft skill set manner. The big issue tactically is her family. As long as anyone is telling her how wonderful she is, she will keep up the neglect and verbal abuse

      My sister turned on me. Women. Not surprised or hurt.

      So much of this is pure red pill vs blue pill; reality vs truth. People want to see good in girls and kin so they don’t see the issues with the one niece or the drunk mother.

      My father is and old and spent man who wants to spend his last days at peace with the world and have lots of folks at his grave. I respect that. Even war horses get tired. My brothers death crushed him. Before that he was deferring to me on family matters.

  6. entropyismygod

    This will continue until it can not. Things will get worse until they get better. Better is not going to look pretty or be fun.


    Perhaps you have been to Vox’s alpha game website where he lists his sociosexual hierarchy? More than likely that level of categorization does not appeal to you, and you prefer the Alpha/Beta dichotomy. However, being a PSG you have seen boys become men, you have seen Gammas become Delta’s.

    Deltas are not bad. Due to the the very nature of alpha it is a mathematical, physical impossibility, that most men can become alpha. However it is not an impossibility that most men can demand respect.

    Those men would threatened you over the phone were not beta, they were gamma, they were women without women reproductive parts. Pathetic. Those men who would sell out their brothers for theoretical status among women, are guilty of betraying their sex, their selves and their creator.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      #1, given half a chance I would like to introduce vox to reality. I despise the cocksucker.

      However I do think his graduated alpha/ beta grading scale has merit, I don’t use the terms because they are not as well known as the good ole alpha/ beta standby.

      One of the great joys of being a life time NCO was helping and watching boys grow into their manhood.

      LOL nothing along these lines is likely to get better in the long term, not until some serious suffering goes down. Most likely prolonged serious suffering.

      1. entropyismygod

        Off Topic: Interested in finding out why you despise him. Have never seen any comment interaction.

        My 2 cents. I think women look at men as alpha/beta. It is a dichotomy to them, does the man turn me on or does he not. Of course they are not usually self aware enough to understand the choice as it is being made, or even after.

        Men differentiate amongst themselves. We use a hierarchy because it categorizes and explains things, makes life easier to handle. Gammas are wretched, believing themselves to be repressed alphas.

        One of the reasons that service used to be such a benefit to young men is that it broke the gamma, They were forced to fit into a social hierarchy and more importantly to recognize their place in it. In essence they were confronted with truth.

  7. BuenaVista

    I wish I had Ton’s ease and skill with the cops. I just do my best to shut up while keeping my hands in plain view.

    This time of year I’ll go downtown and sit on a bench and drink coffee from a thermos, when I wake, which is usually around 2 or 3. The boy-cops stop and ask me what I’m doing, which is none of their business. But an awkward word, and I’ll have my Rice Krispies (snap, crackle, pop) shoulders contorted in shackles. I guess I most resemble a criminal, then, whereas Ton conveys something stronger. I’m working on being something stronger. As in all things, it’s a matter of show, not tell.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL I think with cops it’s three….ish factors

      #1 cops these days are low grade thugs/ bullies/ low level predators and as such they understand more dangerous predators

      #2) military professional vibe?

      #3 I know how to interact with them in a professional manner. I understand most the of what and why of their training

      The cops with my sister in law, I was dead calm when dealing with them, Nxand restraints ve them options which allowed them to save face. When my nieces where not pulled out I told them something to the effect that since their duties and responsibilities prevent me from executing mine they would be held responsible for the welfare of my kin.

      Now two weeks back I got pulled over by the law, two Negros doing the Negros with a badge thing. I was told my tires where worn and a hazard, I got out, ignored them when they told me to stop and put a penny in the tread, my tires where good to go. Then he said something about not telling them I am carrying and they could fine me and take my gun. I told them I donate heavily to.the lawyers who wrote our CCW laws, have their number in my phone and will be represented by them for free as that is not the law. Then I was told they just wanted me to be safe, I told them don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. Though above the speed limit, my car was well within its capabilities, my capabilities, weather conditions, road conditions etc and he just wanted to piss on our parade as other cars where over taking us. Blah blah from the cops, extra bullshit on my ticket, ticket thrown out when my lawyer asked for the video of the stop because of the harassment attitude of the police.

      Cops are betas and will back down if confronted correctly, DHV etc without getting on any hobby horses. As bullies they have other victims and most cops know their jobs are useless bullshit designed to make money for the State. Deep down they know.

  8. redpillgirlnotes

    Gosh that sucks Ton, I am sorry people could not see you all you are doing is trying to do right by those kids. They are lucky to have you and your care for their welfare. I will pray for them that you will yet prevail in saving them from the path they are currently on. Especially the troubled one. That breaks my heart. She needs help, and her sister needs protected from her, not to be allowed to continue in her behavior. I highly respect your fighting the good fight, you are a good man, too bad many don’t see that in the current situation but I hope in time they will, keep it up. And I know you will because it’s who you are. Your brother must be mighty proud. Please keep us posted.

  9. Artisanal Toad

    In the field, a commander has the responsibilities of command. What you decide to do is all on you, but I’m going to offer some suggestions. You can take them or leave them, I got no skin in your game but I’ve been through this kind of thing in my life.

    1. You have a political problem of the first order, and that’s with your family. In order to see positive change you have to eliminate your SIL’s base of support in the family. You can tell folks over and over how filthy the house was, but a short video clip will do more for changing their minds than anything else.

    Are things really that bad? Get in there and set up some video surveillance. If the video is bad enough, especially with family, the whole “invasion of privacy” thing goes away. With my (Southron) family, it comes down to right and wrong and some shit is just way too wrong to be permitted even if you had to sneak in and spy it out. Joshua and Caleb, remember? I doubt yours is too much different.

    2. You didn’t mention an end-goal. What’s your exit strategy here? You know as well as I do that there are ways to work within the system, and there are ways to work outside the system if you’re enough of a ruthless bastard. So, what’s the goal? Save the young-uns? Save the young-uns and put a crow-bar to SIL’s head and pry it out of her ass?

    3. If you aren’t committed to a proactive approach and want to just wage a passive campaign, keep in mind that cutting her off from the family could also create worse problems. However, if you (yep, I know you ain’t into acting like a sleezy politician) position yourself as her only ally, if you cut off other support you become her default supporter and that gives you power in the relationship.

    4. That begs the question: what conditions could you create in which your SIL would want to give you the girls? And would you want to take on that responsibility given her inability to care for them properly? What if conditions could be created to cause Fort Ton to be the refuge of choice for her and the girls and she’d choose to submit to your authority in order to get a roof over her head again? I seem to recall some Russian philosopher talking about stuff like this. I think his name was Molotov. Push the whiskey glass away, put the bottle down and think those questions through . Again, what’s the goal?

    5. You didn’t marry her, you made no vows to her. Think about that. She probably feels she has no obligation to you, but any obligations you have are *family* related and completely apart from her *feelings* on the matter. Think it through, you’re operating well forward of lines in hostile territory and your ass is on the line. If her very bad habits (you mentioned other people in the house) caused her to become unable to care for the kids, what are your chances of getting custody? Legally speaking, is your house in order? If that is an acceptable outcome, get your house in order before taking action. Brief the Majordomo on everything and make sure she’s on board. I see her as your XO and best supporter. Keep her in the background (legally speaking) until necessary. Based on what you’ve said about your relationship with her, her testimony will carry extra weight. Serious weight, because the courts will want to see your household as a matriarchal household given her age. Use that.

    6. Put yourself in the right frame of mind. Read Job 29, then read it again. And again. THAT is the guy about whom God said “Have you seen My servant Job? There is none like him.” Regardless of the churchian bullshit, that’s the guy you want to emulate… the man God brags about.

    I think the operative passage is “I broke the fangs of the wicked and rescued the victim from their teeth.”

    Go forth and conquer, that’s all I’ve got. I’d wish you luck, but you know as well as I do we make our own luck.

    Toad, out.

    1. Liz

      This was a very excellent and well reasoned post, Artisanal Toad.
      I feel a bit of guilt for my often off topic, unconstructive commentary after reading something like this.
      But, then, I’m not really capable of formulating something like this (particularly on this topic).

      1. Liz

        I think it would depend on the vows, Gamer. If a man vows to God to be faithful “forsaking all others” that is his vow. There is nothing against polygymy in the Bible, as far as I know. Not sure what point you are trying to make about “liking them apples” however.

      2. Artisanal Toad

        I thought Ton’s point about the patriarchy was well made. Essentially, if you claim to be patriarchal, you have to be patriarchal. Sometimes that isn’t so easy. Let’s say somebody walks into your home, steals your kids and destroys virtually everything you’ve worked for? Hunt them down and kill them, right? What if it’s the one person you swore to love and protect all the days of her life?

        Get’s complicated quick, doesn’t it? I’m not saying I’ve got the answers, I only made suggestions because Ton has to make his own decisions and I’d be a fool if I said “well, here’s what I’d do.” He’s sitting in his personal situation in charge of himself, but obviously recognizing a responsibility to family. The command chair has no cushions.

        You go on and keep being a girl. I can’t speak for Ton, but for me it’s often nice to have a little levity when you’re in the middle of a shit-storm.

      3. Liz

        “You go on and keep being a girl. I can’t speak for Ton, but for me it’s often nice to have a little levity when you’re in the middle of a shit-storm.”

        Thanks Artisanal Toad. 🙂

      4. theasdgamer

        Was bantering.

        Exclusivity is dependent on both parties keeping the vow “to have and to hold”, which takes precedence. If THATH is broken, then exclusivity becomes moot.

        Contracts may be amended. One way to do this is to divorce, then enter into a partnership agreement between the man and women. It won’t be confused with a marriage contract. Technically, it’s the ending of one contract and beginning of another, but that’s really what an amended contract is anyway.

        If both husband and wife are amenable to the changes, where’s the problem?

        I want to see Toad’s Argument for Polygyny published again. Polygyny obviously isn’t practical on a large scale, though.

  10. Liz

    Okay, Ton. Is halfton crawling? Smiling a little toothless baby grin? Or does he have a couple of baby teeth? Has he started on solid food? How the heck is he doin’?
    Inquiring minds, and all that. 😛

    1. Artisanal Toad

      Liz, would you shoot me an email please? I have a request of you, should you be willing to kick a churchian SJW white-knight in the balls.

      And just so you know… it doesn’t matter what your age is… you can use various techniques to induce lactation at any age. In other words, you could wet-nurse anybody’s baby if that was something you wanted. Babies should be nursed for at least a year. Proven IQ increase of 20 points. Massive bonding. And whether husbands admit it or not, I don’t know a single guy out there that doesn’t like that kind of a snack in the middle of the night…

      1. Liz

        Sent. 🙂
        Yeah, I love babies (clearly). 😛
        I’ve never gotten over the baby bug. I should probably volunteer to be a cuddler at the hospital.

  11. Artisanal Toad


    I want to see Toad’s Argument for Polygyny published again

    (Any man that can get more than one woman into his bed at the same time without paying them can manage polygyny.)

    It’s been going on for the past 2 months.

    We’re at comment 893 at the moment (!). You might find it interesting. I chose to go with a Hegelian Dialectic approach on this one. I’ve been called a reptile, vile one, vile reptile, dark one, satan and I forget all what else. Heh. The latest is “drama boy” and they tell me I’m “uncivil.” For major LOLZ check out comment 838. He refuses to answer to that one… but of course he’s now refusing to answer to anything.

    On the Rational Male site, I had a discussion with YaReally on the subject. That was interesting.

    But if you’re looking for a Christian doctrinal viewpoint, that’s the argument I’ve made at Vox’s blog for the past TWO MONTHS. I’ve never seen one of Vox’s threads run over 350 and this one is about to break 900 and will certainly break 1000. Take your blood pressure meds first.

    Toad, out.

    1. theasdgamer

      Toad, I have to admit, it took me a bit of time for your argument to make sense from a biblical perspective. I had to get rid of a blue pill lens when reading the Bible.

      There’s something in the Bible about seven women taking hold of one man and asking to be called by his name. Polygyny.

      Nothing negative there.

  12. SFC Ton Post author

    Going to try and address all the issues here in one big reply

    #1 I do not see a political solution regarding the lack of support from certain corners of the family. This is basically red pill vs blue pill/ family vs family. Her family won’t “turn” on her, they dysfunctional and proud of it, and my sister in law gets all the FI cred shitty women get for why they aren’t really shitty. Photographic decadence of the filth did not sway anyone. Partially this is also an issue of the culture and times we live in, the don’t judge etc culture.

    While things are not going as I would wish, things are improving. They are being forced on my sister in law from the outside vs family taking care of family. Which I also think plays a part in how people have not wanted to get involved. While the CPS folks couldn’t take the kids out of the house, they saw enough to open an investigation. A littler flirting and some strong frame has gotten me all sorts of intell. CPS now inspects her house regularly and if things improve, will go to random inspections before leaving them on their own. That buys time on the lack of hygiene stuff.

    Through the little old ladies at CPS I learned my niece has got to see some kind of professional before she can attend school. Story is, my sister in law put her in private school because the public school said the niece could not return until she was in a mental health program approved by the State. The school was worried about a host of things including the softy of the other kids. The private school said my niece cannot return and as things have stood for a few weeks now, it comes down to insurance stuff

    That leaves only the kidding to address. I put a bug in CPS’s ears about that one as well. Its something they always look for but haven’t seen any evidence of since the initial contact. So be it

    My house is in order, but the kids would most likely go to her parents or siblings 1st. Its the way things are done…. Sadly. I did not want my brother to marry this woman or her family. The dysfunctional childhood thing comes to the surface when the heat is on. Not an issue on an individual level if someone has done the work to fizz their shit, which my sister in law never did ad you marry into whole damn lot of them. This is a silent issue between my father and me. He said yes, I said no, but at the time it was his call and his blessing to give. I know this bothers him.

    I am not a let shit slide sort of man so there is more conflict in my life then the most of folks. Oddly this adds to the tingles. Gives them some of the drama women folk crave.

    I don’t say much about the Poly thing because Toad has it hammered down. I enjoy the Toad sightings, rare as they are. LOL I am such a simple guy reckon others could speak for me if they’ve known for a year or so. Ploy life is life, not 24 hour porn channel or any of that bullshit. Only things I will add to Toad’s writing are are Biblically in the unlikely event my ex wife is still my wife, I am paying for her support and likely to be still fulling my obligations. I do read the Bible as saying infidelity is grounds for divorce. catholics hate that. They hate people paying a price for their actions. Letting priests rape kids and moving him around to avoid the law and rape some is partially an outcrop of that mindset. People jumble up the Word of God and culture all the time which likely explains much of what is going on in church. I do not think it is possible for blue pill dudes and low T dudes to understand the Word of God. They lack the correct, masculine frame

    Gamers “Abraham rescuing his folk from tribal raiders. Patriarchy in action.” is one of my go to examples. No calling the cops, no hand wringing or wailing and what not. Strapped up, saddled up and rode out. That’s the way of men

    I appreciate folks insights and input.

    Ton Spawn is… Something else. Happy little fella which doesn’t sound like me at all but the boy still loves tits…. eating in general. And has a temper.

    Two months from now and it will be time to shoot a baby inside the Half Ton Production Facility


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