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Ton on Urban Prepping

To a very large degree I see no fundamental difference between prepping while living here in the rural South, a suburban neighborhood or the big city. We all need to eat X number of calories, drink X amount of water, prone to the same sickness, need to wipe our asses etc etc. The basics required to thrive and survive are the same. What changes is the priority list and how you weigh your options.

The 1st difference? The total amount of people. People suck, its humanities default setting and what research I have seen, people extra suck in cities. They don’t have the same feelings of kinship and are more likely to be nasty. If your urban living includes large pools of urban diversity…. well that’s a whole other level of suck. Compare how they acted in New Orleans after Katrina vs all them mid West White folk (many of them poor and all that other bullshit folks try to use to rationalize feral negro behavior) reacted to that nasty string of tornadoes a few years back. Sources I know and trust told me race was a HUGE issue after Katrina, with local law enforcement basically barring urban diversity form entering small towns/suburbs because of hordes of rampaging urban youth, towns inviting them in then having to evict them, feral negros moving to empty White neighborhoods to loot … real ugly bidness. Shot bursts of Mad Max on earth type of shit. Remember Tons Survival Rule #5; be surrounded by people who look like you…. Maybe. I don’t do rules very well… or math….. Lets see… Rule #1, be somewhere else when the shit hits the fan, rule #2? refer to rule #1 rule #3….be better then the other guy/ skills over gadgets/ don’t do dumb shit; rule #4 have a gun. Always…. fuck it. Some such order or another…. don’t take survival advice from the interwebz should be in there somewhere….

Hauling ass early is way more important for city folk. I would suggest you bail soon as you know whats about to go down but that requires…. well warning. Weathermen don’t have a successful track record in my opinion and there is a ton of unpredictable shit in the world. Not to mention who wants to look like a bitch by calling in sick for 3 days every time the weatherman gets a chubby over a potential hurricane? No fucking one. No one schedules a train derailing or peaceful urban protests. Urban youth is the primary threat. No matter what sort of shit storm you are dealing with urban youth with make it shittier and thats when they aren’t the ones making life meaner then it needs to be. Crime statistics make that true for city folks on the best days and the amount of youtube footage form various events…. well it ain’t pretty

Bugging out isn’t always practical though it seems the smartest thing to do. Soooo how do we overcome the non practicability of hauling ass? Organization. You need a crew you can trust and a plan that works if half the fuckers bail on you, and half will. 2 or 3 dudes with Mosin Nagant’s and Remington 870’s will go along way to solving your security issues. Rule of law will be established (job #1 to clear the way for other 1st responders is make sure 1st responders are safe as possible ie reestablish rule of law) so realistically you don’t have to Rambo it for very long and there will be much easier targets then you and your small crew. Lets face it you aren’t going head to head with an infantry platoon. If you are, run.

If you do bug out, have a back up plan to your ride, I am thinking one of those fold up bikes. Traffic becomes impossible? Grab your bag and your bike and get going. You don’t have to go far to get clear of the impact zone, 30 miles would do it, but ideally you’d want to get about 300 miles to make sure you can find a decent hotel room, restaurants that aren’t packed with hour plus wait times or whatever distances stands between you and friends or family who will house your sorry ass for a while. Why 300 miles? Well kin (ex kin?) spent 4 hours on the road fleeing Katrina. This as good as any place to say… cash is mother fucking king. I carry 2k on me as my portable emergency fund, and there isn’t much you cannot survive with 10k in cash, a passport and a Glock. Have a few escape routes pre planned, GPS are bad ass, get a map or three for back up and to scout out route options. Plan your route in advance and drive each one a few times. Well at least for the 1st 30 miles or so, maybe out to 100.

This is not the time to peacock. Blend in. Concealable vest, no outward signs of your ability to whoop ass. Keep fires etc low, don’t blare your radio while you’re partying your ass off on all the good chow and booze you have stored up. Watch what you say…. don’t say shit. Don’t pick sides in petty bullshit, don’t wear anything like insignia…. wouldn’t go so far as to say know gang colors etc and avoid them because the gangs already know who is who, but I have seen that warning kicked around a bit. Keep your shit hidden. GPS’s, fancy bug out bags, nice radios, high end watches, jewelery etc all say you have shit worth stealing. Don’t carry your weapon openly unless you are forced to defend your stash of stuff. Don’t look your on guard duty when you are on guard duty. Makes it look like you have stuff worth stealing. Blend in. It will help keep the law off your ass too. Don’t invite trouble, don’t look like the weakest mother fucker around either.

Guard your important documents like they are your life, because they will be once things improve or if the law picks you up for some dumb reason or another. Don’t argue with the law or 1st responders, tell them you will comply even though you won’t; do what you have to do so they’ll move on to the next guy then go about your bidness.

Storage seems like a small thing but damn, how will you apartment dwellers store 30 days worth of everything you need? I’d prefer you have 90 days. You won’t go 90 days but you’ll burn through more of everything then you think, plus someone you weren’t counting on will show up. I am thinking water will be the tough part. It takes up a lot of space and that means dehydrated food is probably a bad idea. Extra water/ extra space to store it. There is water in the shitter and hot water heater; you could fill your tub and sinks at the semi last minute. As I type this and think about my storage room, garage, barn and storage shed it just dawned on me that storage space is a big issue and one I don’t know much about. I raided Lowe’s and pimped out a room, my garage etc. Required money and some basic tool skills but not much imagination. I think y’all city folk will need some of that. I love those storage systems you get at Lowes and Home Depot. Like need a 12 step program kind of love

Will you be cooking in doors over an open flame? Vent that carbon-monoxide. Same if you need to heat a room that way. Buy them snares yet? Oh yea there are a ton of squirrels and what not to snare. Park with a pond and ducks and geese? Don’t forget the bread and a tennis racket. Renumber to snare birds with fishing string, small hooks and pieces of bait.

Taking a shit… you are going to have to take a dump. How are you going to get rid of it? Same for buckets of piss? Think about it, have a good plan that keeps you from getting sick.

Staying warm; a tent in your living room will help you stay warm if its cold. Really you don’t need to heat the whole house. Just the one room you are camping in.

All those cool survival ideas you have saved on your laptop? Yea…. have hard copies of the info you think you’ll need. I think is likely to be more true for city folk. I have an office/ library of sorts but I reckon apartment living doesn’t provide the free space.

Know your city and the likely threats. Earthquakes? Hurricanes? Riots? How long does it take the powers that be to get the lights turned back on? Is your mayor like that bitch in Baltimore who told the cops to give looters their space? All good intell to have. You cannot do much about any of that but it will let you plan accordingly

Lack of storage space, people and traffic… really does seem like those are the defining differences

Well folks that should do it for now.