Modern Life vs the Beta Male

Life is hard, always has been and always will be; certain sectors of a society have it tougher then then others, mostly based on station. Most of the time being poor and powerless sucks more than wealthy but wealthy and powerful people have their own sort of hardships. I see a lot of poor folk around me, most hangout, smoke weed and drink 40’s. They worry about having enough money for the month but not much else. A friend of mine has 500ish employees. He never worries about his personal money but he worries about the 500 people that rely on him for their lively hood. That’s a no shit heavy burden. A battalion commander down range has his own room, his own ride, his own driver but the lives of 750 men in his hands. The Private sleeps in the dirt, the rain and the heat but much less responsibility. The only people without hardships are the kind of people who are fucked in the head, and there are a lot of ways to be fucked in the head

Societies will always have different levels and different sorts of trials and tribulations. That’s life. Certain people will always be marginalized, treated differently and “unfairly”. These are the people on the margins. Life is hard for crack addicts and should be. Life is hard for queers, and should be. Life should not be hard the vast majority of people who do what they can to abide by the law, not harm anyone purposefully and get by on their own strengths and weakness. However, right now society is designed to hurt the majority, ie White folks most especially White men of middle and lower social economic standing, middling intelligence, middling drive, average abilities and what not. That will not last, cannot last when the most effective members of your society are intentionally hamstrung for political gain. How long it will last and how things will play out when it crashes is anyone guess, but not what I want to focus on. I want to focus on helping men in the here and now

Around these parts we mostly discuss how life is intentionally designed by feminists and the feminine imperative to make life hard for Beta Males, but much of what makes Beta Male life difficult are unintentional results of modern life. I would like to talk about the unintentionals for spell setting up a post on maintaining frame for long term game. Once we can identify problems we can produce solutions and work arounds

Most of what makes society work and civilization roll on is based on men, but civilization means those men are a level or three removed form the individual woman. Women are naturally prone toward not appreciating men more so when they do not directly benefit from the effort of a specific group of men, or one man in particular. Women also don’t do cause and effect very well, meaning if they ways the benefit from men are not direct, obvious and easily observed, they get to thinking they do not need the assistance of men. These inherit attributes of women magnify the results of modern civilization reducing the value of Beta Males( also wealthy people also tend to think this way about blue collar men so a wealthy woman is likely to really fail to understand how her comfortable life depends on men and show even less appreciation for the value of every day men). We live in a rather safe and orderly society. Low crime and “professional” policing means women do not need the protection of any particular man(brother, father, husband etc) like they would have 200 years ago. Work is not as physically demanding as it use to be and women do not need directly rely on the physical strength of men like they use to. Fork lifts have replaced manpower and a woman can run a fork lift. Elevators will bring a weeks worth of groceries up 5 flights o stairs easy enough. I know a farmer who bases who crops on what machines can do, managing a little over 700 acres damn near on his own. Modern transportation means women are not reliant on a man( husband, father, brother, uncle etc) to manage a team of horses, pull wagons free of mud, host sails, carry heavy loads on their back etc. Grocery stores mean women are not reliant on the men immediately in their life to do the heavy work of running stock and butchering large animals for meat

As the nature of work has changed, work has become effeminate. It take a strong sort of masculine mind set to be an engineer, but the work is generally done in doors, climate controlled indoors. The lady’s in the useless ass HR department do not work in vastly different physical environment then the guys creating useful products in the engineer lab three doors down. This reduces the value of work in a woman’s( and societies’) eye. She works in a office, you work in an office, your work is no big deal to her.

Most men work outside the home so their woman folk and youngins never see them be the boss, solve complex technical issues, over come leadership challenges and mange tricky social settings. It is hard for women and kids to appreciate what a Beta Male does to keep them feed and dry when its all done far away and not witnessed 1st hand. Electronic banking, debt cards and credit cards further removes work from provisions and therefore appreciation; people are generally well behaved these days so they don’t get to see their Beta Male stand up to poor behavior.

None of these things were done, as far as I know, to deliberately devalue average men, but these sort of things most certainly have. This is on top of the more commonly discussed issues of how feminism and the feminine imperative deliberately hurt Beta Males and lower their value.

Next post will be discussion on how to work around these every day sort of things

34 thoughts on “Modern Life vs the Beta Male

  1. Cecil Henry

    Yes women tend to easily believe that proximity implies equality..

    And that the engineers down the hall are not working that much harder than the secretary beside them. And the polite engineers are hardly anxious to point out the difference… and so their delusions (which are favorable to them) tend to be reinforced.

    It gets tiresome though.

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  4. Liz

    Another great post by Ton. 🙂
    I think it’s kind of inherent to human nature to take things for granted on a certain level. I say I like winter, for instance, but I wouldn’t like it much if I were at the real mercy of the elements. I like my imperviousness to it. I like sitting in front of a fire with the heat going and looking out my window sipping cocoa with marshmallows. I also like going out in the snow with my good cold-weather kit and walking/skiing and so forth…none of which I would have if I didn’t live in civilization. But I’ve been cold enough, often enough to know it’s a luxury.

    Truly, if 50 or even 40 percent of the population truly understood cause and effect the world economy wouldn’t be in the situation it’s in right now (first world nations in particular, but with first world conditions come first world myopic perspectives). People on the pointy edge of survival and live more on the day to day don’t have the luxury of that perspective, and guys who do the tough work/ manly shite to keep that civilization going are the ones most likely to be in a position to understand the dynamics behind all that luxury.

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    Very true. We take for granted today things that could not be imagined 100 or 200 years ago. Electricity, running water, gas powered engines, machinery of all sorts that makes life easier, more comfortable, less work. We take all those things for granted, too. Take away gasoline, electricity, and running water and things would get real very quickly. Women would see what men do very quickly, and the smart ones would be cooking lots of food to keep those men going!

      1. theshadowedknight

        Stew, my friend. It cooks while she is on her back, knees, all fours, etc. It makes a body strong.

        The Shadowed Knight

  6. theshadowedknight

    Women are strong and independent and capable, right up until a spider starts walking around the house.

    The Shadowed Knight

  7. redpillgirlnotes

    Spiders and bugs, I am not afraid of. Cockroaches, yuck! Parasites in general, ewww. No.

    I was assuming the cooking was happening while the men were out. Lol. You must be a crock pot can, Ton? Lol.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Ton have you thought about selling/donating some of that extra testosterone? Lol.

        I had wondered how you deal with the jealousy but hadn’t considered perhaps the ladies are happy to tag team to get a rest! 🙂

      2. theshadowedknight

        If you run a tight house and take charge, then the jealousy is easily mitigated. A lot of that is the struggle to be the one in charge. If the man is in charge, then fighting for influence is useless.

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. redpillgirlnotes

        I suppose tsk, it’s not a world I have ever seen up close so it’s hard to imagine. The only couples I have known that tried to do the open relationship thing have been massive train wrecks of jealousy and drama that ended badly, but like you say perhaps the frame wasn’t right.

      4. theshadowedknight

        That is because an open relationship means the woman is the one fucking around. The kind of people who have open relationships are degenerates, further worsening the situation.

        John grinding the bars while Jane gets her brains fucked out is different than John taking Jane and Jenny as his comistresses. The first is the habit of savages, and you get savage results for it. The second is the habit of civilizers, and civility will feature.

        The Shadowed Knight

        The Shadowed Knight

      5. theshadowedknight

        Degenerate is one of my favorite words. It manages to describe all sorts of activity with a cold contempt. The utility of the word is beautiful. I suggest you try using it, yourself.

        The Shadowed Knight

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        That’s good news. Has he gotten in any fights w the other babies yet? Or are they all scared of him? 🙂

        The deer are coming right up to my apple tree to eat the fallen ones, easy pickings!

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Ohhhh nope no interaction with them.

        When Ton Spawn is introduced to diversity it will be in the context of this is who and what you dominate and in no way any sort of equality between them

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