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low intensity race war

Low intensity conflict (LIC) is the use of military forces applied selectively and with restraint to enforce compliance with the policies or objectives of the political body controlling the military force. The term can be used to describe conflicts where at least one or both of the opposing parties operate along such lines.

Low-intensity conflict is defined by the US Army as:

… a political-military confrontation between contending states or groups below conventional war and above the routine, peaceful competition among states. It frequently involves protracted struggles of competing principles and ideologies. Low-intensity conflict ranges from subversion to the use of the armed forces. It is waged by a combination of means, employing political, economic, informational, and military instruments. Low-intensity conflicts are often localized, generally in the Third World, but contain regional and global security implications.[2]


In the first stages of insurrection, much of an army’s work is “soft” – working in conjunction with civil authorities in psychological operations, propaganda, counter-organizing, so-called “hearts and minds.” If the conflict progresses, possibly into armed clashes, the role develops with the addition of the identification and removal of the armed groups – but again, at a low level, in communities rather than throughout entire cities.


After making a girl cry, a protestor screamed ‘fuck your white tears’

There was a girl studying in one of the study rooms in Novack and the protestors stormed the room. She closed the door on one of the protestors which resulted in rage from many protestors. The girl then exited silently through the crowd while protestors screamed at her calling her a white bitch.


Without a doubt here in the usa we have a low intensity race war going on. The black on White crime rate is staggering and covered up, youtube is full of videos showing negros attacking Whites and destroying White property, It is also full of videos showing the various latino groups in action.

fuck your White tears”; There will be a lot more White tears if White men do not remember their forefathers and honor them by putting these fuckers back in their place. The 1st duty of a man is being willing and able to commit violence.


one of the best things I’ve read in awhile


Forty years ago today, the Great Lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald broke apart in a ferocious early winter gale while carrying a full load of taconite ore from the iron mines of upper Minnesota to the steel mills of Detroit. She sank with all hands; Captain Ernest McSorley and the twenty-eight men of his crew died at their posts, and none of their bodies were ever recovered.

It must have been a hell of a storm. McSorley, who had sailed them since he was a boy, was known as the best rough-weather captain on the Great Lakes; as for his ship, it was not for nothing that she was called “queen of the lakes” and “the pride of the American flag”.

But many of you probably already know of the ship and her fate. The sinking took place back in the glory days of the folk singer-songwriter, and the year after…

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Tradcons need a better marketing department

Delta Man: 30
I met two former hipster couples this last week who are around 30 and starting to get serious about life. They still have some of the clothes and tats from the lifestyle, and a few of the attitudes, but the perpetual adolescence is fading. So what’s the big difference? After years of aimlessness they finally focused in on real jobs and careers, with one couple talking of children. It’s better late than never to grow up. I spent most of my 20s just screwing around, but at least I had enough sense to keep a career going. If you are approaching 30 it’s time to grow up and be a man, and not a man-child.

If you need a checklist here you go:

Steady work and a career with real goals
Responsible with money (regular bill paying, paying off debts and reducing debt, saving money)
Buying a home and not renting
Starting a family

Boys don’t do these things, men do. It’s hard, mostly thankless work, but you’ll be better for it.

Lets put ourselves in the body and mind of young men.

I have a few young men who work for me at the bar and a few more I ride with. They see customers come and go and of course have witnessed what women do in marriages and with their children. Often enough from their own mothers.

Many of these young men drift through life, but not all. The mentally engaged young men and the drifters alike compare what they observe around them. Compare my life to It’s hard, mostly thankless work, but you’ll be better for it…. Which road will those young men choose? What happens if a young man sets out to duplicate my lifestyle and fails? Well he fails, and chances are he still had a pretty good time. He’s been there, done that and has had a lot of positive experiences with the good and the bad (remember I have failed in more endeavors then I have succeed, I reckon that is true for the most of men) What happens if a man tries the Steady work and a career with real goals; Responsible with money (regular bill paying, paying off debts and reducing debt, saving money; Buying a home and not renting; Starting a family…. and fails? Child support, alimony, maybe for life and the unaccountable mental and emotional hardships. The price of failure is much higher for the TradCon plan then the MGTOW plan. In fact, failure in the MGTOW plan often leads to bigger and better things. Failure in the TradCon plan? Adds misery to misery

TradCons need a better marketing plan.

It is difficult to sell “hard, mostly thankless work,” with “but you’ll be better for it.”

While that is true for many of life’s trails and tribulations its difficult to see where suffering in marriage does anything but beat down decent men

Tradcons are not competing against me and my version of going my own way/ refusing to marry. They are competing against every man going his own way and living a good life. I have a goodly number of MGTOW friends. I think its more natural for vets to go their own way, probably because we have a higher then normal divorce rate, know a goodly number of men with unfaithful wives and what not. They all live great, masculine lives. Some guys have bikes and do a little hunting, some guys do a lot of hunting and ride a little on the side. One friend has a small homestead, another restores muscle cars and sells them, another crafts award winning beer. He also has a Mustang and a Harley

These are the men and the lives who “advertise” MGTOW. To counter that TradCons need a better marketing campaign.

This Vet is not a fan of Veterans Day

I am not a fan of Veterans Day, its a cop-out. To be fair I am not a fan of any holiday that is supposed to honor an unspecified person, people or event. They are all cop-outs. The only two holidays I do much for are Robert E Lee day and Easter.

I know most people are sincere in their desire to honor Veterans but for the most part it a day to sucker money out of people. 10% off on this, buy one meal get one free meal here, 2 grand off this car there…. all of it an attempt to sucker money out of people, in this case Veterans. My bar has Veterans Day 10% off everyday, so maybe I am the worse offender of all?

Most Vets do just fine in the outside world. That statistics showing otherwise don’t differentiate between Vets with honorable discharges ( the vast majority) and Vets who were kicked out (generally for various mental defects). Helping homeless vets is normally helping a shitbird, but no one will say that because their is money to made in the charity bidness and few people want to look bad

We all know about the various groups which help Veterans, Wound Warrior, Disabled American Vets, Veterans of Foreign Wars…. the list is long and most do good work, though I am actively engaged with groups which focuses on helping the surviving children of fallen Rangers. Why? Rangers get the least amount of press going and therefore the least amount of public support. If we don’t tend to our own, no one else will. I am all about my brothers, hell I even tolerate SEAL’s like you would your retard second cousin from your mothers nephews brothers side, but my heart and soul belongs to the Rangers. All I have achieved is based on the professionalism and work ethic installed in my 1st 6 years of service. I would not be me without the the Regiment fundamental lessons and testings of my integrity, tactical and technical competency.

In theory, the most important thing people can do for Vets is vote, but voting does fuck all. In practical terms raising hell is more effective. Raise hell about how fucked up the VA is; raise hell about the social experiments and political correctness negatively impacting combat effectiveness and elevating the risks our fighting men face(women in the military, queers in the military, the race baiting bullshit, the time wasted doing various SJW training vs training to kill and survive); raise hell about rules of engagement which put combat troops at risk( at one point in the A-stan, we couldn’t shoot a guy placing an IED but we could tool up a local beating his wife)……

You want to help Vets? Raise hell