Tradcons need a better marketing department

Delta Man: 30
I met two former hipster couples this last week who are around 30 and starting to get serious about life. They still have some of the clothes and tats from the lifestyle, and a few of the attitudes, but the perpetual adolescence is fading. So what’s the big difference? After years of aimlessness they finally focused in on real jobs and careers, with one couple talking of children. It’s better late than never to grow up. I spent most of my 20s just screwing around, but at least I had enough sense to keep a career going. If you are approaching 30 it’s time to grow up and be a man, and not a man-child.

If you need a checklist here you go:

Steady work and a career with real goals
Responsible with money (regular bill paying, paying off debts and reducing debt, saving money)
Buying a home and not renting
Starting a family

Boys don’t do these things, men do. It’s hard, mostly thankless work, but you’ll be better for it.

Lets put ourselves in the body and mind of young men.

I have a few young men who work for me at the bar and a few more I ride with. They see customers come and go and of course have witnessed what women do in marriages and with their children. Often enough from their own mothers.

Many of these young men drift through life, but not all. The mentally engaged young men and the drifters alike compare what they observe around them. Compare my life to It’s hard, mostly thankless work, but you’ll be better for it…. Which road will those young men choose? What happens if a young man sets out to duplicate my lifestyle and fails? Well he fails, and chances are he still had a pretty good time. He’s been there, done that and has had a lot of positive experiences with the good and the bad (remember I have failed in more endeavors then I have succeed, I reckon that is true for the most of men) What happens if a man tries the Steady work and a career with real goals; Responsible with money (regular bill paying, paying off debts and reducing debt, saving money; Buying a home and not renting; Starting a family…. and fails? Child support, alimony, maybe for life and the unaccountable mental and emotional hardships. The price of failure is much higher for the TradCon plan then the MGTOW plan. In fact, failure in the MGTOW plan often leads to bigger and better things. Failure in the TradCon plan? Adds misery to misery

TradCons need a better marketing plan.

It is difficult to sell “hard, mostly thankless work,” with “but you’ll be better for it.”

While that is true for many of life’s trails and tribulations its difficult to see where suffering in marriage does anything but beat down decent men

Tradcons are not competing against me and my version of going my own way/ refusing to marry. They are competing against every man going his own way and living a good life. I have a goodly number of MGTOW friends. I think its more natural for vets to go their own way, probably because we have a higher then normal divorce rate, know a goodly number of men with unfaithful wives and what not. They all live great, masculine lives. Some guys have bikes and do a little hunting, some guys do a lot of hunting and ride a little on the side. One friend has a small homestead, another restores muscle cars and sells them, another crafts award winning beer. He also has a Mustang and a Harley

These are the men and the lives who “advertise” MGTOW. To counter that TradCons need a better marketing campaign.


36 thoughts on “Tradcons need a better marketing department

  1. Leiff

    That was a pretty terrible life plan from a purported “red-pill” site. Paying your debts (and in return expecting payment of debts owed you) was really the only thing worth taking away. The rest was about being a good little drone. Throw in a little men vs. boys shaming if you don’t comply, and it’s a blue-pill poster worthy of framing.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL the little boy vs men thing cracks me up. I will lay down $$$ his military carer comes no where close to mine, yet I am the little boy because I refuse to remarry?

      I am anti debt; a man should have none. I understand going into a small amount of debt here and there but I bought a house 25k less then my yearly salary to avoid a home loan. It can be done, it just cannot be done in a rush

      Thanks for stopping by Leiff

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      LOL frankly the way I see it is women have to fix their shit to get men to return to the marriage plantation. So it ain’t gonna happen

      If we changed the legal climate right now modern women would still be modern women and a bad long term ROI for most men. If women fixed their shit right now, the legal climate would not matter

      1. theshadowedknight

        The NRx guys used to have a joke about marriage? Where is my future wife? In kindergarten. Black humor, but it gets the point across. This generation, with few exceptions, are lost.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        True enough little brother. I maintain there are more then a few( though no where near as many as TradCons say), if your frame is strong enough, but your point is legit

      3. theshadowedknight

        There are always going to be women if your frame is strong. The only thing they can provide is sex, and I am not sure that the opportunity cost of variety is offset by what one woman can do. Why get married when you still have to spend all this effort keeping the wife in check when for a little more effort you can have a few different girlfriends on rotation?

        A family, but the men with the long term vision to plan for family look at women and pass. There is no respect for family men anymore. The inherent instability of the family model discourages the men most likely to marry.

        The men on top always did well. The men below them no longer have a chance.

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        LOL you know I recommend having them in rotation and disdain legal marriage

        A legal marriage is just about the dumbest legal decision a man can make

      5. theshadowedknight

        Marriage is a terrible idea, and that is the issue. That is what interests men like Mike’s friend, myself, and plenty of others. A woman and a few children.

        Running game is exhausting. Being social at work is so bad that I come home drained, nevermind going to a bar or club or some other social event. The idea of chasing after the dregs of women so that I can get intimate with them is repulsive. The thought of sex with someone who has been with as many other men as most women have is too weird. It is not something that appeals to me.

        The Shadowed Knight

  2. Liz

    Agreed, Ton.
    At the end of the day, people learn by life example and observation/personal experience more than lecture or slogans or prosyletizing speeches. If your life/lifestyle is something to emulate, people will notice and that is what they will want.
    FWIW, I know both happy MGTOWs and very unhappy MGTOWs. Our sons want what we have. But they also know to wait a long while for marriage and proceed with a great degree of caution. It’s definitely a cost to gains equation, but the gain can be very very high (much like having children usually comes at great cost).
    Long side note, for context:
    I sing Mike’s praises regularly, and don’t criticize him in public. not in front of him to others, not in front of our children, if I have a problem (and that’s rare) we discuss it privately. I feel a great degree of respect and loyalty toward him. So last week I was having lunch with some female friends and one of the ladies (new to the group) wrote a book about a year before that has been on the best seller’s list for over a year now. She lives on a farm (also happily married, for over two decades now) and it was a book about her personal journey to recovery (she spent five years in a wheelchair with a debilitating autoimmune disorder that she cured holistically via mostly dietary changes). Anyway, I told her I would buy her book, and Mike would be very interested too because he really likes self-improvement stuff, he’s very open minded even about “new age” stuff (more so than I am). Then I went on to talk about how cool he was, because he’s enigmatic with all of these different interests…really manly shite but also the artsy side, and they all thought that was great and so forth…..

    Anyway, on the way home from the lunch Mike called me from a trip he was on. I told him I was just singing his praises and he said, “I was just singing yours too.” At first I didn’t believe him, then he told me…”No, really” and went on to describe the conversation he’d just had.
    (“humble brag” alert, but it is the topic so it’s pertinent):
    His copilot had never been married, and was lamenting about his girlfriend and how she’s always unhappy and why do women always seek drama and so forth. So Mike told him, “My wife is always happy.” I guess he elaborated a bit. So the guy asked, “Do you have a picture?” and Mike showed him what I look like. He said the guy just sort of stared off in the distance and said, “So, she’s beautiful, and she’s happy all of the time?”
    Then he added, “You know, that’s the way I’d always pictured my life turning out.”
    (the rest of the trip that guy commented about me a lot more but I won’t humble brag further)

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Nice. It is good to be reminded there are happy marriages, few as they are

      Also, I am not holding my life up as to what men should aspire too. Lest not in total

  3. BuenaVista

    My view of The Lecture (man up, remarry, happy wife= happy life) is that the lecturer is a) value signalling (moral exhibitionism) and self-justifying. He needs affirmation anditsall a bit desperate. Truly happy guys don’t deliver The Lecture. The only women who do are desperate spinsters trying to set you up with a spinster friend.

    I really preferred the married with children lifestyle, to the present one — until the shtf. Then I mostly wanted to be dead. A person only needs that go there once and I visited twice.

    A woman, who has pressed me to take over her care via marriage was frustrating me. Finally I asked her: How much do you need to love me back? $5K/month? $10K? She couldn’t answer. That indeed was the issue.

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      I would have preferred my marriage to have worked and to have had more kids, like 5 plus, but that wasn’t a viable option

      That being said, life is good these days BECAUSE I deal with how things are vs how I want the to be.

      I have two young and beautiful girls, beautiful from the inside out, a new son, thriving bidness all a reality because I take life as it is vs how I want it to be

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      Well BV it does come back to provisions once they hit a certain age. Thing to do is don’t LTR chicks that age

      One of the many reasons I dated much younger women is generationally that isnt a concept for them. I am unsure if it is there age or the times they grew up in but its a rare 20 something who didn’t pay for meals etc on occasion. Most never try to up sell a date or any of that bullshit.

      1. BuenaVista

        Speaking of older women: Man marries older woman. On their wedding night she comes out of the bathroom, man immediately jumps her.

        “Hey!” She says. “Slow down! I have acute angina!”

        “That’s good,” man says. “Because you’ve got ugly tits.”

  4. redpillgirlnotes

    Liz, it is too bad there seem to be so few marriages like yours bc when it does work, it works really well. When it doesn’t work, it sucks a**,excuse my words there. A huge risk indeed. And there don’t seem to be many “meh” marriages, it seems to be one or the other.

    BV that is an interesting question. If you commit to taking care of her like a wife w/o the wife part, I wonder what the objection is? I know couples who have been in that arrangement for 20+ years and it worked for them. I suppose it’s “non-traditional” which some might get hung up on I suppose…

  5. gaikokumaniakku

    I think the post ends abruptly, in the middle of a sentence:

    “These are the men and the lives who “advertise” MGTOW. To counter that TradCons”

    that sentence needs a good conclusion of some kind.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I really do appreciate the comment. Writing isn’t my thing and I am grateful for the help

      My regular readers should feel free to beat me up on my spelling and what not

      1. Cautiously Pessimistic

        Careful what you ask for, Ton. I don’t imagine I’m the only grammar nazi here, and this is a target rich environment. 😜

      2. theshadowedknight

        Speaking of, that sentence you fixed reads, “…beed a better marketing campaign” and has no period. It should read, “need a better marketing campaign.”

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. Cautiously Pessimistic

        Really? Cause the way I heard it was that which doesn’t kill you delays the inevitable.

        Seriously, there’s a difference between being correct and being understood. I’d rather you be understood, than get caught up in being correct.

        But if you’re serious about doing better at grammar and syntax, turn your spellcheck off. Make your own mistakes, not someone else’s.

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