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Forty years ago today, the Great Lakes freighter Edmund Fitzgerald broke apart in a ferocious early winter gale while carrying a full load of taconite ore from the iron mines of upper Minnesota to the steel mills of Detroit. She sank with all hands; Captain Ernest McSorley and the twenty-eight men of his crew died at their posts, and none of their bodies were ever recovered.

It must have been a hell of a storm. McSorley, who had sailed them since he was a boy, was known as the best rough-weather captain on the Great Lakes; as for his ship, it was not for nothing that she was called “queen of the lakes” and “the pride of the American flag”.

But many of you probably already know of the ship and her fate. The sinking took place back in the glory days of the folk singer-songwriter, and the year after…

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One thought on “Sinking

  1. theshadowedknight

    Good read, and a great song and story.

    I was watching movie clips today, and these two always bring a tear to the eye.

    All is not lost. Many men have suffered and died, but it has always been such. The strongest survive, and then turn their new strength on their tormentors. Mourn them, and then remember who did this to them. That is the tribute to their lives. They had respect and pride taken from them, and for that we fight.

    War is in our blood. Those who wanted peace are falling. Those ready for war are rising.

    The Shadowed Knight


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