Why the West is struggling with the islamic state and the war on terror

The self induced problems with the war on terror is the so called smart fellas with college degrees running it. These dumbfucks have no idea what they are doing, in no small part because they are fully invested in an unrealistic world view, a world view solely based on the indoctrination received during their college years leading them to believe there is political solution to conflicts with islam.  Their solution is one of  limited kinetic response, substituting firepower with a whole lot of social justice bullshit. They are fools of course ( the majority of non stem degrees whole purpose in life seem to be to produce fools and most stem degrees seemed to be wasted on dumbshit like looking for the next facebook or some shit)

The so called leaders of the West literally cannot imagine what motivates moslems. In part because they do not take their faith serious so they mistakenly believe moslems do not take islam serious… well that and the refuse to see the truth of islam in general. College kids belive in dumbshit like being part of the human race and a citizen of the world, hajjis are tribal as fuck, putting more stock in their kin and tribe then they do national boundaries. College fucksticks believe this sort of rubbish because they are blank slate-its thinkers ie hajjis are good little liberals deep down if only they have jobs, a clean environment and some feminism. Or some such bullshit

Then the SJW bullshit doesn’t work so what do they do? They double down on the stupid and  come to overly rely  limited military actions while at the same time committed to the failed ideas about winning hearts and minds…. convoluted I know but each plays together to create a cicrular cluster fuck

The problem with moslems is…. you guessed it, islam. Islam commands it’s followers to wage war against all believers until the whole world has submitted. Remember islam means submission. The koran allows for temporary peace treaties of 10 years during which time hajjis are supposed to retool for the next round of war. the koran tells hajjis unbelievers are to be given three choices, conversion, death or life as a slave/ second class citizen. islam is not only a religion but is also a political system and culture all rolled into one.  The koran and haidiths tell moslems how to set up governments ie a theocracy. It ranks people in value, tells you how to walk into a bathroom and how to walk out of a bathrom….  Western leaders cannot and will not come to terms with the reality of islam. Our “leaders” are to well indoctrinated in the blank slate stupidity.

The islamic state is a sunni moslem affair, the areas they quickly took over where… sunni areas of iraq and syria. Why did they take over so quickly? The locals want a sunni state and helped them. The iraq as one nation idea is popular with Western governments and the iraqis at the top of the iraqi food chain. The typical iraqi grunt is a shai moslem, poor and uneducated. He does not want to die fighting IS for the wet dreams of corrupt leadership of the West and iraq. In short the typical shai grunt in the iraqi army doesn’t give a fuck about fighting to keep sunni’s in iraq and won’t risk his life. He doesn’t give a fuck about iraq as a nation, he doesn’t give a fuck what ameirca thinks is best for him. This is tribalism meets religious solidarity, pure an simple. UMC Western Whites cannot comprehend either and the idea larger States are better then smaller States keeps the West from coming up with a two state solution of some sort. Instead of dividing iraq in two, a sunni iraq and a shai iraq they would rather force both of them to live in the same nation…. something the typical hajji on the street does not value or want.

The islamic state is not the junior varsity team. I mean it is technically and statistically compared to the USA’s military but for damn sure not poorly armed, trained or equipped compared to the other militaries in their area of operations. It is basically a blend of al-qaeda vets and former sunni vets from the iraq military. Many trained and equipped by america. So yes they are well trained and well equipped compared to their enemies. They also have better leadership then the american military and of course more motivated then the local ground forces.

The islamic state’s leadership is motivated, believes in what it is doing, knows what it wants to accomplish and wants to win.  You have to give them the edge in leadership as well as motivation.

If we pursed a purely military solution to IS in the Iraq/ Syria area of operations(as an example) we could have it wrapped up in weeks and months, not years. Pretty sure less then month once the stage was set

Nation building will always fail when you are dealing with savages such as moslems. I have spent to much of my life getting a 1st hand view of islam in action to think of them as anything more then savages to be eliminated. The typical jihadist is middle class for his area so jobs won’t change his mind. He knows the koran and the hadiths very well and understands islam calls for a ceaseless war with nonbelievers and that the only guarantee he has of heaven is dying in war. Its a very legalistic belief system keep a tally of your sins and righteous acts. Most moslems will do some time in hell to pay for their sins but not the men who die fighting non believers.  If Westren leaders could understand just these two things they could deal with islam from a rational perceptive. Side note, the really sick shit in islam is in the haidiths which is a very long list of things mahomet said and did. Anything mahomet did is to be emulated by other moslems, Like cutting off heads and marrying 9 year old girls.

Westren leaders ties the hand of our militaries in an attempt to court the favor of Westren progressives and moslems.  We slow down our operations during Ramadon but the hajjis do not return the favor, They use that 30 day break for R&R and to retool. Nor does slowing down the ops tempo gain you any warm fuzzys from the hajjis at large in your area of operations, but hippies eat that shit up because we did the same sort of thing when fighting other Christian White folks( or so they believe). Rules of engagement will keep you from killing a man planting an IED but can dictate you get involved when a hajji bitch slaps his old lady. These attempt to suck up to liberals at home and win the hearts and minds of the hajjis down range do neither. No one respects weakness and our rules of engagement make us weak.


We can defeat the islamic state in weeks and months, not years if we turn to a purely military solution. The military is not failing in the war on terror. The problem is we are not allowed to fight because our leaders do not know what they are doing. They want a political solution they can never achieve and keep the military from using its full might to bring about a military victory.

I am not saying we should take on the islamic state or any other group of hajjis. That is a different topic. Personally I think we should exterminate moslems but the point of this was to lay out a short case of why the West will never find success vs islam and hajjis.

28 thoughts on “Why the West is struggling with the islamic state and the war on terror

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      the intresting thing about how “they” set up the nartative is they never have to self examine themselves or their ideals

      “its the jihad stupid”
      “you’re a racist” or some such non answer answer and off they go feeling smug and superior

  1. theshadowedknight

    I said years back that the best way to make a point would be to roll up in force to one of their cities and tell them, “In one month, the entire force and fury of Christianity is going to fall on this city. If you want to fight for your false god, be here.” Spend that month mobilizing, making it look just like you are ready to kill it old school. When the time comes, pull your forces back and drop three or four nuclear bombs on the city, make sure it is gone.

    Next time you roll up on their city, tell those ones to surrender or they will feel the full force and fury. If they get uppity, nuke them, too. Eventually they will either kneel or they will die out.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I always thought we should nuke city while the sectary of state is there. Since Kissinger they have all been useless sacks of shit like Collin Powell or Hilary Clinton

      and think about the message that would send

      1. theshadowedknight

        We would not have a SecState like that in a world where we can nuke a city because the inhabitants are a nuisance.

        The Shadowed Knight

  2. Liz

    -Guy with a history of mental issues shoots up a clinic. When questioned about his motivations, he says, “I moved to Colorado for the weed, dude…”
    Liberal left chant: “The Christian right is violent and out of control!”

    -Islamic militants kill hundreds. When questioned about their motivations, they respond in unison, “We want to reestablish the Caliphate!”
    Liberal left chant: “Oh, if only we could understand these people. I wish they would tell us what they want! It must be democracy, jobs, and money.”

    1. theshadowedknight

      They need hearts and minds campaigns. Two in the heart, one in the mind, each and every one.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. theshadowedknight

        I have heard that one, but I lean more toward killing them until the survivors relent. If they do not relent, there will be no survivors.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. theshadowedknight

        It comes down to kneel or die. If they will not kneel, then they will die.

        I would rather not have to kill them all. Once Mecca is a glowing cinder and the falsehood of their god is made apparent, we can bring them into the true faith.

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. theshadowedknight

        Help, help, I am being silenced! Oppression!

        You defeat your enemy when you make him your friend. His sons will speak your language and worship your God. He goes to his grave knowing that. How more utterly can you defeat him, to know that his children will thank you for their defeat?

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        The Almighty wanted the jews to kill them but they failed Him.

        How blank slate of you TSK. They will never be good little version of Western men

      5. theshadowedknight

        They do not need to be good little western men. They can be good little middle eastern men. Just as the Japanese are now good little eastern men, after we nuked them and occupied them and told them how they were going to do everything.

        The Shadowed Knight

  3. Artisanal Toad

    The only solution is a war of extermination. Total, genocidal extermination. Nothing else will work. It won’t happen in general, but that’s the only solution from a strategic point of view. All the bullshit about “Islam is a religion of peace” is complete propaganda bullshit. First comes family, then clan, then tribe and then race. Mixed in that is religion and the people in charge have been importing soldiers who hate us by the battalion for years. They’ve been putting buns in ovens on a regular basis, paid for by the welfare state. It’s a recipe for disaster and when this breaks it’s going to be a genocidal war of extermination.

    I’ve been pointing out for years that the whole republican/democrat paradigm is nothing but a snake oil sideshow, they’re two sides of the same coin. It doesn’t matter who is in power, the faces at the top might change but the policies don’t change one bit.

    Food. Food, food, food. It’s all going to come down to who can produce, store and defend their food. It’s December. Got seed to plant in the spring? Weapons, ammo and the ability to shoot and scoot is great, but it’s the ability to produce food that will determine survivability when the supply chain breaks. And it will break. Yes, drivers were hauling loads in Iraq for $120k a year, but it ain’t happening at 35 cents per mile as an employee and when the shit breaks that’s what they’re looking at.

    1. theshadowedknight

      AT, if you mean the ones in this country, then I absolutely agree. They have no place here. If it comes to a fight, they will attack and we will have to destroy them. I was referring more to their continued existence in their own lands. I prefer not to have to exterminate them entirely. If I get a mission from God, that is one thing. Otherwise, the conservationist in me hopes to be able to spare some of them.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. theshadowedknight

        Save the planet, man! BLOOD MAKES THE GRASS GROW GREEN!

        End the war! SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!

        Bring the troops home! SO WE CAN NUKE THE ENEMY WITH NO CASUALTIES!

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. Artisanal Toad

        The so called leaders of the West literally cannot imagine what motivates moslems. In part because they do not take their faith serious so they mistakenly believe moslems do not take islam serious… well that and the refuse to see the truth of islam in general.

        I think this is far more true than most believe, but it’s also the key point. We are informed by our experiences and many so-called Christians are completely unaware of what the Bible says because to them, their “religion” is something they only pay lip-service to after getting their “fire insurance.” A Sunday morning social club. Because this is the modern representation of Christianity to non-believers, non-Christians perceive “religion” as nothing more than a social club and thus none of them are able to grasp the depth of commitment within Islam. A major part of this is the way the concept of dharma has crept into the church along with feminism and redefined the word love from a stern commitment to accountability and care to a huggy-feely emotional state. Islam does not tolerate dissent, it demands compliance through ruthless judgment.

        Another problem is the ingrained cultural dichotomy between farmers and migratory herdsmen that westerners have a great deal of difficulty grasping. A farming culture is necessarily a cooperative culture based on property rights and individual property because everyone benefits in the long run. Farming is an exercise in future time orientation training. There is a reason God said to allocate the land to individuals and it would be a permanent inheritance. The Bible teaches cooperation and brotherly love along with the concept of ‘judge not lest you be judged.’ Again, we are informed by our experience and the vast majority are unable to comprehend the depth of the difference between the two cultures.

        Herdsmen are inherently anti-cooperative because it’s in their best interests to not tell anyone else about a new water-hole or good pasture. The concept of the commons is a key to their culture and limited resources means focusing on taking from someone else instead of producing more. Herding is an in-the-moment time orientation with only a vague sense of future time orientation that revolves around seasonal rains. These fundamental cultural differences are baked in the cake and won’t change because their religious system reinforces them. Islam is the opposite of Christianity in its insistence on judgment through the combination of the religious and political system. They are the backbone of a culture that is completely incompatible with western values and ideals.

        The west is at war with Islam because -*by definition*- Islam is at war with western civilization and Christianity and will always be at war. There is only one proper way to wage war and that’s to have the *national* goal of winning. As Patton so famously said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

        This is a good example of how it’s been done in the past.



  4. ballista74

    All the bullshit about “Islam is a religion of peace” is complete propaganda bullshit.

    I think this is far more true than most believe, but it’s also the key point. We are informed by our experiences and many so-called Christians are completely unaware of what the Bible says because to them, their “religion” is something they only pay lip-service to after getting their “fire insurance.”

    You put these two quotes together, and it pretty much sums up the entire situation. There’s a lot of propaganda put out there by the liberals and the Muslims themselves clouding the truth of this particular political system (it’s not a religion), and what it stands for.

    Couple that with the traditional Christian attitude that I’ve been dealing with on my blog continually, as described in the quote, along with the religious relativism ripping through this country. Then you got a perfect recipe for disarming the public.

    Make no mistake, the so-called “extremist Muslims” are the ones following the directions of the Koran faithfully.

    A little bonus for educational purposes: The best video documentary I’ve come across in educating what this is all about:

    1. ballista74

      Simply put, no problem (for example, Islam or feminism) will ever be solved without it being defined correctly and completely.


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