didndonuffin of the week




4 thoughts on “didndonuffin of the week

  1. theshadowedknight

    He could be Obama’s son!

    Our white tears are the only thing keeping you from burning, nigger, burn!

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      if true this is some sick shit; can you imagine the mind who notonly wants to do as much damage to the physical victim but also wants to harm her husband/ the marriage as much as possible

      Some rape of nanking shit

      My 1st thought is if this is true ( and we have no reason to suspect it is not) it was about revenge for something the husband did

      1. theshadowedknight

        She is not married, but maybe the boyfriend did do something. Maybe the woman did something to piss him off. The rapist might just be an evil bastard. Who knows? Who cares?

        He did nothing that can be justified. He raped her knowing how wrong it was, with malice and hate in his intent. All that can be done for him is a prayer for his soul and a rope for his neck.

        The Shadowed Knight

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