ton on abortion

People outside the Western world don’t give a fuck about women and children.They have no problem putting rifles in their hands and sending them out to get shot. I pulled the trigger on men, women and kids. That’s the reality of life. Some wild eyed crazy bitch with a serving fork comes at you because you are dragging her old man out of the house… bang. 12 year olds with ak 47’s…. bang. I have called for close air support on targets where I knew for a certain women and kids would get injured and killed. 100% certain. I did these because the mission called for it. I have never felt bad, never lost sleep, no mental anguish or PTSD. My regret is I did these things on behalf of the usa.

Through bad interpretation people think the Bible says “Thou shall not kill”. Any cursory reading of the Old Tetstament shows the Almighty God has no issues with killing. It should read “Thou shall not murder”. *

World of difference right there. I am, or rather was, a killer. I took the kings silver, I killed the king’s enemies. Without hesitation or remorse. Most of whom were some nasty mother fuckers. Western people have no idea how shitty the world is. One of the events of my life included the bad guys using buses with women and children to transport gunmen to the fire fight. I had no moral qualms asking for and then receiving permission to target the buses with close air support.  I did not elect to use women and children as human shields. I made the decision to save the lives of the men entrusted to me, to do what it took to keep their families intact.

The moral weight of those deaths are not on me; nor does it rest on the air crews who destroyed those buses, or the men who ok’ed it. The moral weight rest on the shit-skins who put women and children on the buses carrying their gunman. ( something it took a while for me to get across to some of the the air crew guys)

Killing is killing, murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Sometimes the line between the two is hard to find. The Ton is a killer of men. I was damn good at it. I pulled the trigger on men, women and kids.I am not a murder. I did these things on behalf of a (theoretically) legitimate government. And so did many of the men I killed. Such is life

Abortion is murder. It is child murder. The most defenseless of children. A 15 year old boy can pose a serious threat to life and limb. So can a 8 year old with a gun or behind the wheel of a speeding car.  A child in the womb cannot. Murdering the unborn cannot be justified. Ever. Fuck your life of the mother argument. She elected to take a cock, she elected to have a baby. Fuck that what about rape nonsense. The child is not guilty( not to mention was it really rape rape or rype rype?).  Not being a pussy, I have no problem with the angry and righteous God of the OT. The God of war, and justice, the God who orders genocide, inflicts horrible plagues and what not on His enemy. Not being the squeamish type my prayers are normally permission to be one of His plagues on His enemies.

I am not the kind of man who could bow to the sort of God modern Christians worship. Or more likely think they worship.

I, not being a pussy, have no problem with the idea of executing women who kill their unborn children.

Gentlemen, I have seen some horrible shit. Shit folks would not believe is true. I’m not beating my chest. I am trying to establish the bar of horrible barbaric behavior to which I have witness and been accustom too. Nothing on this earth is as horrible or as barbaric as killing unborn children. Nofuckingthing.

I have been thinking a lot about this with the not so recent melt down about Trump saying something like if abortion was illegal he’d punish women who got an abortion. Modern Christians are limped wrist’ed fags so they weep at the thought. I pray for a burning bush type event telling me to use my skill set against child murders. Trumps position is logicality consistent; the so called pro life people who got upset with him are not.

This is not an overall dense of Trump on social positions. I am not trying to play up Trump but point out how fucking weak the so called Pro Life movement is. I reckon Trump doesn’t much give a damn about social issues. If he is POTUS I think he will pretty much ignore abortion, the dumbshitidea people can use which ever bathroom they feel like at the time and what not. (though dollar to donuts says more women will use the men’s room then the other way around. Due to the lines at the ladies room). Yes he is a social liberal but I don’t get the impression  he’s the pushy kind

The question is, why is the Pro Life movement so weak willed? I’ve read some decent ideas on the topic. I know it part its history. Back in the day the Pro Life movement was more militant but took a softer approach after getting its ass kicked in the media. To some degree I think the weakness is a tactical decision, but weakness is always a mistake. The Girls at one point where very liberal socially( in that Southern way where guns are still good and what not). Now they are living in my frame and no longer support stuff like abortion or dudes marrying and what not.

Back to the question at hand; why is the the Pro-Life movement weak? What I have not seen anyone address is fear and weakness regarding earthly topics being a sin. Fearing the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. The Ton fears the Lord. Not much in this world I cannot fight. Though busted up to hell and back, I am still at my near peak. Body is still good, decision making etc is better then ever. There is nothing I could do to the Almighty. Rather take my chances with a tiger shark. Another aspect might be good old fashion hypocrite. Most churchy folks I know are neck deep in sin. They don’t see it as such because you know they aren’t doing the bad stuff. So somehow its ok, which allows them to be soft of various topics…..

I think. I’ve been kicking that idea around for awhile and not really coming up with right idea. Which is why I wanted to throw it out to y’all folks.



*CP thinks its a shift in language and I won’t say he is wrong


34 thoughts on “ton on abortion

  1. Ame

    i agree.

    all abortion is murder.

    Christians publicly support pro-life and privately support abortion because they want the ‘out’ just-in-case.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      semi new comment policy being what it is this is a good example of the sort of comments allowed by ladies feeling the need to comment here

      Y’all are still welcome to comment but said comments need to be clever, agreement with one of the men folks or asking for clarification. Pointing out my spelling/ grammar errors is also allowable

      1. Ame

        “Pointing out my spelling/ grammar errors is also allowable”

        really? this does not line up w/the Ton i’ve perceived (granted, i’ve only had a small picture of The Great Ton!) 😉

        i would think Ton would not care if women noticed spelling/grammar errors … i would think Ton would say, “F*** OFF!” 🙂

      2. Ame

        “infrequently” lol!

        there’s usually something redeeming in most people, if you look for it. my maternal grandfather was an english prof at one time, so it trickled down that proper grammar was expected to be spoken in our home. it paid off in English classes and writing assignments. my girls know proper grammar but prefer texas slang and colorful vocabulary. i just hope they choose wisely in their lives 😉

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        Legit Ame. I grew up with guys much smarter then me but who’s parents didn’t enforce standard English. On the one hand, I miss Southern drawls and mountain dialects. On the other it can really limits one’s potential

        Clearly communicating thoughts, ideas, locations etc is a skill all men should master

  2. BuenaVista

    In all regimes, today, women are only selectively responsible for their behavior. Therefore the pro-lifers (male or female) worship the muff, and anyone who possesses the muff. When they are proud of their behavior, women demand respect. When women are not proud of their behavior, women declaim for sympathy, their victimization, their inability to be responsible for themselves.

    Abortion is so common that all pro-lifers know someone who elected to abort. Therefore the aborting women require sympathy, not judgment.

    My comments are earned, as anyone who has noted the ages of my children understands. My life would be infinitely easier (in a material and legal and financial sense) if I had assented to the abortion of son #2. This is a difficult subject for me to explore, because almost anything I say takes my son’s name, and life, in vain. I hope desperately to be a man he is proud of, once he is allowed to be with me again.


    Ton, I agree that God has no problem with killing, and the OT certainly documents this. Your discussion is extremely eloquent.

  3. thedeti

    Exodus 20:13, KJV: “Thou shalt not kill.”

    Same verse, New KJV: “You shall not murder.”

    The original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts read, I am told, “Thou shalt not commit murder”.

  4. Cautiously Pessimistic

    Thanks for the shout out, Ton. Incidentally, the KJV version of ‘kill’ is apparently ‘slay’. I can provide links, but I figure I’ve OCD’d over this too much as it is.

    Regarding pro-life squeamishness, I think a lot of it is blue pill mindset of approaching women as if they had both a masculine and feminine mindset simultaneously. It’s not internally consistent or successful, but if you’ve grown up being gaslit your whole life, you accept that things don’t make sense. Or you don’t accept it and leave the reservation.

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      I can respect people who disagree with me if their logic holds constant and stands up to the real world test. Pro Lifers fail to do so

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    The flash of light thing is so cool. I swear I knew instantly when I was pregnant, although it was nearly a month until a test confirmed it!

    I know people who had tests show their baby had defects they didn’t (false positive). I know a woman who was told she had miscarried who was scheduled for a D and C only to find a heartbeat when they (luckily) double checked before the procedure (her daughter is now 12 and adorable). I know people who knew their baby had downs or some other issue who had them anyway and love them dearly. I know women who have given babies for adoption they could not care for and I know women who have adopted babies and love them and are great moms. I know a woman who knew her baby had a fatal defect and would not live beyond birth who decided to carry the baby to term so they could have 9 months together. I know lots of such stories.

    Women are often encouraged or advised to abort in such cases as above. All the women above are happy they did not follow that advice. Life works out. Women who are in such situations should trust in The Lord and ignore anyone advising them differently. That’s what I would advise 🙂

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        yea, I’m not. Women giving advice etc are not welcome. Unless its grammar or spelling related

        I won’t have what happened at your blog go down here

  6. Ame

    SFC Ton Post author
    April 27, 2016 at 2:09 pm
    “yea, I’m not.”

    okay … since you asked … this is actually one of my pet peeves, but i’ve never called anyone on it till now (except my kids) b/c for most it would just go over their head.

    “Yea, yeah, yay
    In modern English, yea is an affirmative reply or a yes vote. Yeah is a casual pronunciation of yes. Yay is an interjection expressing triumph, joy, or enthusiasm.”

    so in your above sentence, the proper grammar should be, “Yeah, I’m not.”

  7. Sumo

    I am, or rather was, a killer.

    I am not. Never have been, however, I was trained to both accept the possibility that I might have to, and to facilitate that scenario if it should present itself. Not in any way the same thing, but I think it gives me a small insight into the point that Ton wants to make.

    An enemy in front of you? Fuck ’em. A potential threat (regardless of the external facade) in front of you? Take ’em out. To a warrior/soldier/fighter, there are two kinds of people in the world – combatants and non-combatants. One you engage and destroy, the other you protect (I want to say “at all cost”, but sometimes that’s just not possible).

    Babies in the womb are non-fucking-combatants, end of story.

  8. theshadowedknight

    No man who is serious about wanting children should be interested in any woman who supports abortion. She has said that she is willing to kill your children if the situation is right. Is that the kind of mother you want for them?

    Never date feminists, and never date women that believe in abortion.

    The Shadowed Knight


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