always double book

I am helping a friend transition from failed marriage to semi professional whore wrangling, (frequent event with my peers) and things are going well for him. He is a decent looking guy, fit and has a Harley. It hasn’t been a difficult transition for him, mostly he needed a crash course on how combat dating works and some better marketing. More fun, less serious. All of which is once again pretty typical for my peer group, but most guys struggle accepting one or two aspects of the modern combat dating life

One area he wasn’t really picking up on was placing a premium value on his time. The other has been taking certain things too personal. Like how often chicks flake.

Anyrate, he hits the tender and is doing well. Seems to me when you are the new guy on a dating app/ website you have about a 30 day grace period where girls are happy to talk to you simply because you are the new guy in town. So to speak

As we know, girls flake like its their full time job, and for more reasons then I care to get into. Its up to a man to deal with it like a boss. The “traditional” MGTOW response to typical female behavior (TFB) is to avoid females. My response? Put more bitches in your rotation. The deeper your batting roster, the less likely you are to put up with bullshit just to keep getting your dick sucked.  If one turns bitchy, you dump her and spend more time with one of the other chicks in your rotation or spend the free time looking to fill her time slot with a new girl.

Also chicks are more likely to flake the more valuable the time slot ie Friday and Saturday nights.

Double booking dates is one way to place a high value on your time. The best pool of 20 year old hotties is a little over an hour from where we live. Getting up there to be flaked on will take at least 2.5 hours of your life. Time you can never get back.  Being on a bike helps offset such time sinks. It’s a nice ride from our little town to what passes as a big city but really damn near any hobby is a decent way to double book, especially when you are building your rotation. Let’s say you want to… try out a new whisky bar. Book a date for the event. Worst case she no shows and you have a good time at a new spot. Same would apply to whatever. Like train museums? Put the date in the same general area. She flakes? Who gives a fuck you’re off to check out the trains….. Or whatever dudes like. Could be a Gander Mountain or a bass pro shop or a boat shop…  Sporting events are also a great way to double book your time. If you planned on going to XYZ bar to watch So and So fight, doesn’t really matter if she flakes or not the fight is always there for you.

Of course the best way to double book is with a second bitch. On a good day neither flake and you get to bang two( or more) chicks in a single day…..


Any rate my friend finally doubled booked a Saturday. The girl with the early time slot flaked on him, though she did so early enough for him time to adjust his plans. In this case he adjusted his plans by telling the girl in the later time slot he was available sooner then expected… and he banged her a little later on that day


Point to all of this is?… This is the 1st time he’s had a girl flake on him and it didn’t fuck with his Frame. Not only did it not fuck with his mind about the 1st time slot, his Frame was good enough to pull off banging a new chick. That’s tight. Good game ie good tactics for arranging your life almost always leaves you on the mental upswing and normally, if you set things up correctly, you still come out on top. Even if it isn’t in the manner you suspected. This is one of them lessons from Game that should be applied to all areas of a man’s life

Double bonus; because he had a second date lined up, he took the 1st girl flaking out on him like a boss, which got her to reschedule and he banged her Monday night


That’s how its done. Like a boss



24 thoughts on “always double book

  1. BuenaVista

    You forgot to explain why women flake. I always wondered, then I realized: because they’re women.

    Want to have fun? Flake on a girl. You might need ear plugs, but then you should wear ear protection during a variety of diverting, pleasant activities.

  2. BuenaVista

    I’ve never flaked. A couple of times (seriously, once or twice) I forgot I had a date and oh noes. In both instances, I said, “I fucked up, I’m really sorry.” I was immediately forgiven, which I appreciated and made plans to compensate.

    Query: how many men have heard a woman say, “I’m sorry, I fucked up, I’d like to make it up to you.” Hahahahhahahahaha.

    Women flake 20% of the time you have a first date. Prepare accordingly. I show up on first dates with several good newspapers, and read to my heart’s content. Now, I love to read. But there are few pleasures greater than a good glass of wine in a great cafe with thoughtful prose from anybody.

  3. BuenaVista

    The other day I promised to do some unpleasant work for a guy in the middle of the night. Per usual I set two alarms.

    However, I was so tired or fucked up neither of them woke me up. I woke up five minutes after I was supposed to be at the meeting point. Man I hate that feeling.

    So my observation is that men “flake” like they don’t show up for work. Any man who respects himself is on Lombardi time, i.e., his watch is set at least 5 minutes fast.

    Query: how many women have heard of Lombardi time. Or, how many women do you know who value your time highly, and set their watches fast?

      1. BuenaVista

        Bring the movies and I prefer boyshorts on a girl. Heels wouldn’t hurt, given your height challenges.

        (I wrote several very deep and meaningful, truly meaningful comments on your blog and they were 86’d.)

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        Oops, thongs I mean! Autocorrect. 🙂

        I swear I did not delete any of your comments. Did they disappear or never appear? I don’t see them in the moderated cue, which sometimes happens if there are two or more links. Strange. Sorry about that, I promise you are not banned nor did I delete anything. Weird.

  4. BuenaVista

    She’s no doubt afraid she’ll fall in love with me, another boy from Johnson County Iowa — as was her ex-. I knew we had good chemistry, now it’s confirmed.

    I hope she isn’t short tho…

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      regarding that dudes wife
      i reckon since she has no leverage or power over you she wants you and is pissy about all 3

      regarding the other blog, said other blog owner dumped over whatever amount of goodwill she had banked. Don’t much care what goes on there now. Also she should stop pretending to be red pill aware or however you want to say it

      Now for something important… at what income point should a man thin about hiring a personal assistant?

      1. theshadowedknight

        You looking for a personal assistant? Do you want a pretty girl to distract people assistant or a butler manservant to arrange things for you? Personally, I would say the point where you can make more money passing off smaller tasks to the assistant even after the paycheck. If your ROI is positive for an assistant, get one. It all depends on you.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. BuenaVista

        As TSK noted: when you make more money by hiring one. Provided you don’t mind managing her/him. (I find it tedious, and need very strong self-starters. Otherwise I’d prefer to do the little shit myself.)

        Sounds to me you would do well with a P.A. who resembles, in outlook and discipline, the majordomo.

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        I’ve been thinking about “hiring” my adult children to look after things. Sort of their inheritance while I still live

        And i wouldn’t make more money by hiring anyone, but I’d deal with a lot less bullshit. I’m netting the median two person household income every month or so. I am a lot less interested in more money and a lot more turned on by having my time back

  5. SFC Ton Post author

    an assistant is all about freeing my time up to ride, drink with the dogs, show off Ton Spawn and work on creating Half Ton


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