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The League of the South on being Men

Every time there is a shooting, or what is called so officiously these days “an active shooter situation,” you inevitably hear the phrase “shelter in place.” The first time I heard it, it grated my ears. I instinctively knew that it was not a good thing to “shelter in place.” Blame it on my Neanderthal upbringing and an excess of testosterone.

While it might be good advice some of the time for women and children to “shelter in place”–to hide and pray that the “active shooters” don’t find you before you are saved by “the authorities”–it is a terrible policy with which to saddle the men of your society.

To tell a man to “shelter in place” is to insist that he is incapable of serving in his natural role as Protector. Instead, he is instructed, along with the women and children he otherwise would be protecting, to cower in fear until those with the proper skills, equipment, and authority show up and save him. In other words, wait for the government to be your Protector.

Sadly, this “shelter in place” attitude has permeated most of Western culture. Our men are no longer fit to be warriors and frontiersmen like their ancestors. You see it on display in Europe, where the “men” stand by helplessly while their women are groped and raped by Muslims and Africans. These men are taking the “shelter in place” cue, waiting for their own governments to rescue the damsels in distress. But those very governments, of course, are responsible for creating the situation that made the attacks possible in the first place. So there is a double curse for “sheltering in place” white men.

Real men, the kind I believe still exist in parts of the South and other cultural “backwaters” of North America and Europe, do not “shelter in place.” Rather, they train (physically and mentally), equip themselves, and strike hard when “active shooters” (or their equivalents in the form of Muslim or African invaders) present themselves. In other words, they act like real men ought to act.

But make no mistake: modern “nanny state” governments do not like men who disobey the “shelter in place” order. It makes those governments look bad. And in many instances, it screws up their well-laid plans to destroy our civilization.

One of our mottoes in The League of the South is taken from the old Rhodesian Army recruitment poster: “Be a Man Among Men. Join The League of the South.” If I ever catch any male League member even thinking about “sheltering in place,” I’ll personally kick his sorry ass and throw him out of our organization.

Michael Hill




What women mean when they say men need to be better

What women mean when they say men need to be better….. read this main link 1st

Ok bitches now that you’ve read up let me Ton’erize this shit for you

To be Red Pill requires a man to understand there are objective Truths in the world. If a man does not understand there are capital T sort of Truths, he will struggle to be Red Pill. Women don’t do truth and don’t do Red Pill (unless its a way to get attention from men/ society)

The Red Pill is understanding men and women are different, those differences are genetic/ biological and not social(same applies to race as well); those differences effect how the world works; all women are like that and being Red Pill is living in that harsh reality ( women don’t care for reality, don’t know jack shit about capital T truth and are at best purple pill. Any failure to grasp any of those points waters down the Red Bill with a dose of blue)

The main Red Pill tenants to grasps are…. women have a dual mating strategy (alpha fucks/ beta bucks) and women lie like they breathe, automatic, natural and without thinking which is why we generally ignore what a woman says and watch what they do.

When bitches say men need to do better the 1st thing we have to understand is…. she’s fucking lying. Second thing to reckon on is which mating mode is she in? Is she looking for alpha fucks? Or does she want beta bucks? Rollo covers how women shift gears better then I ever could but I rarely as in never read anyone discussing the other part of the alpha fucks beta bucks equation which is…. women want what they don’t have. If they have stability and prosperity, they want adventure and tingles. If they have tingles they want stability and security. If she is getting her baby box jack hammered by alpha cock 6 times a day she will be longing for the caring embrace of a beta( not his cock mind you, just his emotional support and his ablity to do her domestic chores). When a girl is saddled with a beta she will be longing for a baby box full of alpha jizz.

Lets look at the bitches in that post by my man Farm Boy. Both have money, power or access to it, social status and damn near everything else a woman could want. What they don’t have is an alpha cock “forcing” them to their dirty, cum hungry whore knees. So when they say men need to be better, they mean men need to be more alpha. This is the common refrain from UMC and up bitches

When some broke ass bitch in the ghetto or trailer park says men need to be better they mean make more money and buy me shit with it…. Yes there are broke ass beta’s but betas don’t get much ass in any social circle.

This is driven by hypergamy; bitches want the very best in men, that top 20%, which plays out in fairly predictable ways. If she has a beta, she wants him to be more alpha, if she has an alpha, she wants him to be more beta. Its the tingle driven pursuit of the perfect male and every bitch breathing is driven by hypergamy. Once again, hypergamy isn’t the issue. What creates the mess we have now is unrestricted hypergamy. I was going to say women without a sense of self awareness and unrestricted hypergamy but women don’t, as a rule, do self awareness or self restraint. It’s up to men to create and maintain social systems that keep bitches in their place  because one of the many things feminist and women liberation has proven is women will not put checks on their own behavior

Anyrate brothers, there you go. That’s what women mean when they say men need to be better. Remember, women are convoluted, not complex so dealing with them is not a complex issue



Freedom, Firepower and FuckYeah “(c) 2016 Ton’s Place” ….. The Ton life bitches

The Ton Life is a life long quest for Freedom, Firepower and FuckYeah! (FFPFY) “(c) 2016 Ton’s Place”. … ie Bikes, Booze, Brawls and Bitches. In that order but men age and things change….

What is Freedom, FirePower and FuckYeah! ? FFPFY is the masculine life taken to its limits, the rush men feel when living an unrepentant, unapologetic life of unreconstructed masculine Frame. It’s that combination high of testosterone and adrenaline as you knee drag your 1st corner, pull your 1st big deadlift, land that trophy bass…. it is fleeting and addicting, pushing you toward knee dragging the next corner.’  FFPFY is being fully alive vs the mass of living dead seen shuffling around you. It’s also the only addiction worth having and I reckon all other addictions are a proxy high for the adrenaline/ testosterone combo. Addictions to pussy, booze, pills or cards leave men broken, hollow and shambling around in the same living dead condition as the zombies on Walking Dead or that sparky who lives three doors down.  Addiction to  testosterone and adrenaline may very well lead to a broken body and a short life, but it gives your kids great ways to brag about their Old Man and you damn sure won’t be hollow inside.

Freedom the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous               <freedom from care>

the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken

boldness of conception or execution

unrestricted use

Now that’s some scary shit if you are a bitch ( either the kind with a gash or dude without balls). Men doing what they want? Cannot have that. They might drink a little to much, spend some time mudding around their favorite fishing hole, refuse to wear a seat belt or helmet… hell they might even smoke in public and not work those extra 400 hours a year to support some ungrateful bitch I mean loving wife. He might just smoke a little weed, lose some money at cards, not be heard from for three days because his dog is better company then his old lady and kids or because the deer stand more fulfilling then some bullshit job. His employer might have to make a little less money off him, Madison Avenue might not be able to con him into buying shit he doesn’t need, church pews might be a little less full and the man hating preacher out of simps to AMOG, the government might have to do with a little less tax revenue and banks might have to make a little less off their usury…. and bold open non politically correct language might hurt someones wittle feelings…. O the humanity

Sounds an awful like they hate your Freedom because you might choose not to live a life of soft slavery.

FirePower is the military capability to direct force at an enemy…… Firepower involves the whole range of potential weapons. The concept is generally taught as one of the three key principles of modern warfare wherein the enemy forces are destroyed or have their will to fight negated by sufficient and preferably overwhelming use of force as a result of combat operations.

Through the ages firepower has come to mean offensive power applied from a distance……is thus something employed to keep enemy forces at a range where they can be defeated in detail or sapped of the will to continue.

Best definition I’ve read in a while right there but for our purposes a Man’s FirePower isn’t only about the gun in his pocket(though you better have one). It’s about his Frame, the strength of his mind and his iron will.( read G Gordon Liddy’s book Will) A man who values his Freedom doesn’t want to live that life of soft slavery. A man with FirePower will resits that soft slavery. He’ll ignore the shaming language and the man up rants. He won’t be cowed by his boss, he won’t give a fuck what the so called elites have to say, He won’t tip his hat and say yes sir to some petty tyrant with a badge

FuckYeah! isn’t simply an expression of defiance, or a quite resignation toward a job that needs doing. It’s a a statement of excitement. It’s not simply a willingness to engage in risky behavior, or to rebel for the sake of smashing shit. It is a statement full of joy and lust for the challenges ahead. It is not “let’s do this”; it is “let’s roll ’cause this shit makes my cock hard”

It’s difficult to control men who are hooked on testosterone fueled Freedom, FirePower and FuckYeah……resistant to manipulation, difficult to control, difficult to predict, primal and bordering on the feral….. which is why nice guys, the nanny state and women fear it.. Want to know why they beat the masculinity out of little boys? It’s because they fear he’ll grow into a man, unbowed, unyielding, wild, free and dangerous.  Weak men and women are driven by fear and their need to control life around them to offset their fear.

Don’t let the bitches win; don’t let them turn you or your son or the dudes in your crew into bitches.

This post fueled by moonshine, homemade muscadine wine and the two sexy ass bitches singing in my shower