The League of the South on being Men

Every time there is a shooting, or what is called so officiously these days “an active shooter situation,” you inevitably hear the phrase “shelter in place.” The first time I heard it, it grated my ears. I instinctively knew that it was not a good thing to “shelter in place.” Blame it on my Neanderthal upbringing and an excess of testosterone.

While it might be good advice some of the time for women and children to “shelter in place”–to hide and pray that the “active shooters” don’t find you before you are saved by “the authorities”–it is a terrible policy with which to saddle the men of your society.

To tell a man to “shelter in place” is to insist that he is incapable of serving in his natural role as Protector. Instead, he is instructed, along with the women and children he otherwise would be protecting, to cower in fear until those with the proper skills, equipment, and authority show up and save him. In other words, wait for the government to be your Protector.

Sadly, this “shelter in place” attitude has permeated most of Western culture. Our men are no longer fit to be warriors and frontiersmen like their ancestors. You see it on display in Europe, where the “men” stand by helplessly while their women are groped and raped by Muslims and Africans. These men are taking the “shelter in place” cue, waiting for their own governments to rescue the damsels in distress. But those very governments, of course, are responsible for creating the situation that made the attacks possible in the first place. So there is a double curse for “sheltering in place” white men.

Real men, the kind I believe still exist in parts of the South and other cultural “backwaters” of North America and Europe, do not “shelter in place.” Rather, they train (physically and mentally), equip themselves, and strike hard when “active shooters” (or their equivalents in the form of Muslim or African invaders) present themselves. In other words, they act like real men ought to act.

But make no mistake: modern “nanny state” governments do not like men who disobey the “shelter in place” order. It makes those governments look bad. And in many instances, it screws up their well-laid plans to destroy our civilization.

One of our mottoes in The League of the South is taken from the old Rhodesian Army recruitment poster: “Be a Man Among Men. Join The League of the South.” If I ever catch any male League member even thinking about “sheltering in place,” I’ll personally kick his sorry ass and throw him out of our organization.

Michael Hill




47 thoughts on “The League of the South on being Men

  1. theshadowedknight

    It always pisses me off when WN men white knight for women. All those European men have been dealing with the immigrants. The women have been inviting them in, feeding and sheltering them, and defending them. Which sex votes for parties favoring immigration, and which sex burns down refugee camps?

    There is no White Genocide. It is White Suicide, and White women are the ones pulling the trigger. You do not defend them, because they are not worthy of your protection. They are trying to kill you, or at least trying to get someone else to kill you.

    I will fight to protect myself, and that is because I like to fight. I will kill because it is kill or be killed, not to save the bitches that welcomed their murderer. If I run and leave them to their fate, it is because it is a doom that they brought down upon themselves.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. Sumo

      I will fight to protect myself, and that is because I like to fight. I will kill because it is kill or be killed, not to save the bitches that welcomed their murderer. If I run and leave them to their fate, it is because it is a doom that they brought down upon themselves.

      This. So very much this.

      I’ve said elsewhere that I will scorch the earth to protect me and mine, but if the rest of the world burns, I’ll toast marshmallows while I knock back a six pack. I’ve done my time as a “hero”, and I have no desire to do any more. Society in general simply isn’t worth the effort.

      1. theshadowedknight

        I would feel better if the man talking shit about how men are not being men would make mention of the fact that women not being women is causing this problem. Women tore up the social contract, invited in my enemies, tied my hands, and will support my enemies over me when I defend myself. Until white nationalists face this, and control their women, they are going to get nowhere.

        The Shadowed Knight

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        #1 we are not WN.
        #2 somethings must be done to be in good standing among men and our forefathers in Valhalla. that women will some how benefit from masculine actions is immaterial

      3. theshadowedknight

        Not WN, fine. Are you planning on keeping all of the Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Arabs currently living in the south? I get the difference between WN and SN, but I am still seeing the “White Women are Magic” tendencies.

        Fighting an active shooter, yeah, I totally get that. He is trying to kill me, so I had better get him first. Getting in a fight with a nigger or wog over some skank? Pass. If she is with me, then that is one thing, because the creature has shown me disrespect by going after my woman. Some woman on the street? Point and laugh, and ask her if she is enjoying the diversity yet. White women are the enemy, and until White men treat them as such, everything they do will be destroyed.

        The Shadowed Knight

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        Somethings are implied and not spoken out loud and you have no idea whether and particular woman supports diversity

        Ultimately you should do it because that’s what men do, as far back as their have been men and tribes.

        We will all stand not only before the Almighty but be in the company of our forefathers. I do not want to be looked down on by Charlemagne, Charles the Hammer, or my granddaddy and embarrass them while they are feasting

        If you want certain changes in the world, you have to force it yourself; if you want to punt, punt but don’t bitch to me about not liking the results

      5. theshadowedknight

        Man up and protect those sluts is worse than man up and marry them. A far higher risk of injury, and a far lower chance of getting laid.

        The Shadowed Knight

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        did I say do it to get laid? Or take an unreasonable risk?

        Besides it would give you the chance actually do some damage like you talk about wanting to do

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        let’s try this
        I have 5 trucks with 42500 pounds of chicken nuggets on them each. far as I can tell the only people people who eat chicken nuggets are single mom’s and their thug spawn. Should I have my drivers dump that shit on the road because it is tangentially helping women?

        Should I fire the 30 some married guys I employee because it helps women?

        Men need to do what men do to be in the good standing on men worthy of the title.

        That isn’t White knighting but I understand the walking wounded of the gender wars don’t want to see beyond their hurt and anger.

      8. theshadowedknight

        I do not have a tribe, anymore. I do not have women. I am on my own, even if or when I manage to find a woman. I have no community. I was not wounded only by women. There were men that took their chance to kick me while I was down, too.

        Honor is man’s gift to himself. It is the standard by which he is measured by other men. Let men think of me what they will. I let no men close, any more than I do women, and so I have no honor. I am an outcast.

        The Shadowed Knight

      9. theshadowedknight

        It does not have to, but it always seems to, anyway. Women hurt my pride. Men attacked my reputation and my work. Whenever I try to connect with other men, it falls through. Over and over.

        If you cannot beat it, accept it. If I cannot gain the trust and respect of other men, then I will go it alone. Without that, I am free to behave however I want. They do not accept me either way, but I get more respect by making my own rules than by following theirs, and I get to do what I want, now.

        The Shadowed Knight

      10. BuenaVista

        TSK, honor is not a gift from others. A man alone, questioning it all, is honorable if true to his objectives.

  2. Shawn

    I have to admit, I sympathize with theshadowedknight. Because you just know that, while the authorities will make exceptions for protected groups, they will prosecute your white-male ass to the fullest extent of the law. Certainly don’t expect any white women to speak in your defense.

  3. BuenaVista

    Seems to me ‘shelter in place’ is a required feature of contemporary society. It may even be a primary metaphor for society *and* the SMP. Without it:

    a. The notion of self-reliance (vs. deference to the authorities) on matters of security as well as simple thinking, would be compromised.

    b. Women wouldn’t be able to freely assert their physical and martial equivalence with men, and 50 years of important social progress would be voided.

    So men should duck and cover like children. It’s better for the government and better for a feminine primary society. This is known as living on ‘the right side of history.’

      1. BuenaVista

        Was being sarcastic.

        The full transcript of the Orlando shooting is out. Don’t read it on a full stomach. The cops abandoned their jobs and the victims.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        sarcasm wasn’t lost on me
        I know what society and the govt and women want

        Fuck em. I’ll live the way I want. Sometimes that means 15k in legal fees and two years probation. Sometimes it means money and ass. I prefer money and ass but what’s the point in having money if it isn’t to buy your way out of trouble?

        I am re watching some Good Eats episodes. If that nerdy little fuck wad can ignore certain so called cooking health codes, men can ignore some laws themselves

  4. BuenaVista

    I don’t usually drink at 4 am, but on reading the Benghazi report, and incidentally the USG told them, in effect, to shelter in place, it’s hey hey pass the chardonnay.

    Mrs Smith stood up that facility. Those were her bodyguards and the ambassador’s wife was a close friend. Shes alive because we’d flown out for a wedding in Sweden that week. She gets on the silver bird in a few days to run her next project in the next shithole. I said goodbye last night. I don’t expect to see her again.

    I love listening to the waves lapping the lakeshore in the pre-dawn. The sun will appear in half an hour; we know because the birds are now awake and singing congratulations to each other on surviving another day. These things will abide, and the vanities of our world? They will not.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I love listening to the waves lapping the lakeshore in the pre-dawn. The sun will appear in half an hour; we know because the birds are now awake and singing congratulations to each other on surviving another day. These things will abide, and the vanities of our world? They will not.


      1. thedeti

        Well, the other places are Dalrock who stands firm, Vox Day’s Alpha Game, and Spawny. But Spawny has his hands full with Brexit. Perhaps it’ll get back to normal after Brexit dies down. I’m frankly a bit tired of the alleged red pill ladies going all purple, and of certain men who are content to wring their hands online and do nothing in real life.

        I’ll probably go silent or much more scarce. It’s not fruitful to discuss these things with women (hopefully someday I’ll figure that out), and I’m not interested in trying to help people who don’t want to be helped.

        As for the women who frequent these parts, they’re nice people, and well meaning, but it isn’t productive anymore to talk with them about intersexual relationships. The truth is too ugly, distasteful, and emotionally unappealing for them. Not to worry. They will still find men willing to date, fuck, commit to, and marry them. They will still abuse, frivorce and cheat on those men. And those men will still take the abuse, wonder what happened as they read their walking papers, and shake their heads when they discover their wives “made a mistake” because she “followed her heart instead of her head”.

        The beat goes on.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        All women are like that
        there are no Red Pill women

        those should be Red Pill commandments

        Vox Day’s Alpha Game…. full of more shit then the Christmas goose and hostile to men in general; esp if said man refuses to marry. He wants men to be beta draft horses. He happens to frequently discuss things tangent to my old profession and is wrong near on 100% of the time. Then he refuses to answer questions because he is to smart for the question ask-ers

        Spawny believes in equality so no he is not particularlly Red Pill

        Dalrock is very well researched and thought out. Makes for good reading after a fashion but he is soft and most of his commentators want more beta draft horses. They church it up but there it is

        As for here, women are limited in what they can say. I am not much into having a Red Pill blog as much as bullshitting about what interests me and women rarely say anything I find interesting. I happen to find one of them funny but would never say which one

        But yes, the beat goes on, there is nothing new under the sun

      3. thedeti

        This is what happens when I start introspecting and writing without thinking it all through.

        I’ve seen it enough times to know how it all goes. We all talk talk talk, and it gets worse. Men and women talk to each other, and just when you think there’s common ground….

        Woman: “I dunno, it just doesn’t FEEL right.”

        Man: “That’s SEXIST!” “Men are sinning when they [insert male behavior here].”

        We hold these truths to be self evident: Men and women are different, they both want sex, and right now, physical and sexual attractiveness rules the day. I know so, so many men who will not survive sexually or relationally. They aren’t attractive enough to get and keep the interest of a woman. They don’t have the strength of character it takes. They don’t have the will. They don’t know who they are. They don’t have what it takes to lead themselves, much less a woman and children.

        I know so many women who are destined for failure as well. Oh, they’ll get jobs and pop out a kid or two. They’re pretty enough to make it for a good long time. But they won’t compromise and won’t accept what they can attract and keep long term. They’ll strip mine a husband or two for child support. They’ll advance in their careers. They’ll accumulate their friends. But they have to lead themselves, tasks for which they’re really not equipped and they really don’t want.

        I know one divorced woman in my small city who is chasing a married man. I can tell why — because she has no other options, the scant attention he gives her validates her sexual worth (which she mistakenly conflates with her worth as a human being), and because she is lonely. She is, at her core, miserably unhappy. She failed at marriage and at sustaining a relationship. She can’t seem to get one, so she is content to (maybe) share what I can only conclude is either an unhappily married man, or a high status married man shopping for a sidepiece on the downlow.

        I have much to be thankful for. I have my life, my career. I have a wife who has done much to respond to my changes, for the sake of her marriage to me and for her children. (She is, at her core, a woman. She, like the divorced woman mentioned above, has acted pretty much as the red pill/manosphere would have predicted.) I have a daughter and a son. I know the truth.

        Despite all the shit, there is still good in the world. Like BV said: The water lapping on the lakeshore, the sun rising, the birds. BV’s younger son will yet come to him in the years ahead, and all will be made right, or at least as right as they can be. There is still one man helping another who is willing to listen. There is still a woman, in the throes of her youth, who will marry a man for whom she is head over heels, a man who has already made himself and his life’s work his mission, a man who understands AWALT, a man who is not a beta cuck. They will unite. She will rest in his bosom; he will go to war daily and then take refuge in the home she makes for him. He will rejoice in the wife of his youth as they grow old together. She will take her place as respected matriarch. And through it all, he will rule and reign in his house, and she will delight in his rule and reign.

        I still have hope that a remnant, like Ton, will have this for their lives. Perhaps I will too.

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        women are extremely willing to share a high valued man as long as they can dress it up real nice

        BV’s younger son will yet come to him in the years ahead, and all will be made right, or at least as right as they can be
        From your keyboard to the Almighty’s ears

        thank you and you humble me

      5. BuenaVista

        I don’t see Spawny as red pill. There are some RP characters obviously.

        I’ve gained new respect for just how rooted the f.i. is lately. I didn’t think I was capable of being so surprised anymore. So i continue my studies, but try not to repeat myself.

        The internet tends to reveal a person’s simplicity more easily than his complexities. So the half life of a blog is pretty short unless people are told occasionally to come up with something new — or please just shut up for awhile.

      6. thedeti

        Eh. Spawny is old school MGTOW. I have much respect for him even if I don’t agree with all his views.

        Like BV Ive been a little surprised at how resilient and entrenched the FI is. Things will get much worse before they get better.

      7. SFC Ton Post author

        this is an example of why I cannot take Dalrock’s commentators serious

        “Whatever we may think of this, the true lesson is to obey God’s law. While the left is busy trying to extend this yes means yes stuff into marriage, the fact is that if you only ever have sex with your wife whom you married in part because she also believed in and practiced God’s law, your risk of being victimized by this sort of thing will plummet to very low levels”

        Marriage does not drop a mans risk levels. Not across the board. Maybe for false rape cases but it multiples all sort of other risks. And they’ll add the magic phrase like ” not if she is a believer”. Like girls don’t change their mind on their faith every 5 seconds or so

        Men cannot afford to be hat naive and a metric fucking shit ton of Godly men get ground down in divorce every year. Clearly that is not something the Almighty plans on protecting a man from ( and cannot unless he removes free will from women and the court system)

      8. Sumo

        certain men who are content to wring their hands online and do nothing in real life.

        If we’re speaking about the same individual (I refuse to call him a man), I came to the conclusion months ago that he wasn’t worthy of my time, so I simply stopped acknowledging his existence.

        Not giving a fuck is amazingly therapeutic.

    1. BuenaVista

      Seems so, Deti.

      I have a theory or two about that, but I think the most obvious explanation is that Ton moderates but doesn’t try to produce the most words.

      In the early days of the internet it was considered bad form to over-post. Now, not so much. One voice can kill a community if he/she never shuts up. (eg, J4G).

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Annapolis and USMC…. they should stick to writing about what they know… bestiality and homosexuality, homosexual bestiality. That sort of thing.

      Seriously the third or 4th fastest way to not get me to read something is say it was written by a squid, zoomie or jarhead

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  6. Ame

    can i say i was a bit relieved to get to the end of this piece and see that another man had written it? i couldn’t imagine what kind of brain surgery the Ton must have had to have cleaned up his language *that* much 🙂


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