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Ton and training vs injuries, age and heat

These days my training slows down in the summer. Something got to give and it’s unlikely to be the heat

Winter or summer I mostly train outdoors. Winter a little less so because the rain makes heavy lifting dangerous. Getting injured in training is worse than useless. Any rate, I already have a list of injuries longer then my arm and most days this time of year are near on 100 with humidity to match. When I was a younger man, over training wasn’t an issue. These days? My body just needs a break and the combination of heat, age and injuries makes recovery a bitch

So I back off the heavy weight. Well I have been doing that for awhile now, trying to keep my squat and deadlift around 600 pounds and my push press around 325, but right now I am not doing back squats or traditional deadlifts at all

Number one thing I have changed with age is how I run gear. In the day it would have been whinny, tren e, tes p, halos right before contest and however much anavar I could afford

Right now it’s more about hormone replacement then heavy training. I’m running 4iu of hgh(grey top because of price) everyday, 200 mgs of tes p every other day, 75mcgs of t3 per day, and a shit load of different anti estrogens. I take the bitch tit battle serious

Diet? The heat kills my appetite. It’s a large factor in why training is the summer is such a bitch. Couple eggs, half a bagel or a couple peices of fish and some corn on the cob… yeah that’s pretty much it. When I eat out I get the lightest meal on the menu. I’ll eat a bigger meal maybe every 3days or so. It’s all fucked up but there it is. I also drink Gatorade this time of yeah. I am not eating much so drinking my calories is less of an issue

Training? I am still training through out the day, and almost every day. Anyrate hour 15 minutes of training does not offer set a sedentary lifestyle. Owning 3 business equals sedentary lifestyle.

Most mornings I get up at 4am, take a piss and get started; 5-10 box jumps with a 45 pound kettle bell in each hand, 8-10 lunges (per leg) with the aforementioned kettle bells, 12-15 over head squats the kettle bells. That’s one set. I do that 3-5 times. 3sets being way more common. Then I do 3-5sets of 8-10 reps of over head press with the kettle bells, the same for floor presses,  then the ab wheel, then curls, then over head extensions. All in the same super set manner, with the same kettle bells. This is maybe 30 minutes worth of work. The weight is low, the  focus on speed/explosion and short rest intervals

Make breakfast, take the dog for a walk. From my house, down the ravine to the main feeder creek and back is near on 5 miles. It’s an easy walk.  A nice asphalt trail, lots of shade, creek for the dog to fuck around in and a rather decent set of stairs. I sprint up those stairs 3-10 times, normally 5 or so, rarely do the 10.

Home for more chow, a shower and work…. I mostly work from home. Being able to workout when I am bored is a major advantage of working from home. Same for when things are slow. Mostly I take phone calls about trucking issues. Lots of time to train. Anyrate, during the day I am looking to do up to 300 reps of certain movements. The 300 rep days means no additional weight.

Those movementsort are, gluten ham raise, ab work off the ghr bench, low back extention of some sort, more bicep and triceps work. Seems like a lot of work but it isn’t. Most days it’s 5-8sets of 15-25 reps. Whatever weight/rep range I use, I am not using so much weight I have to push hard. As in I have taken business calls while I train. 5-10 minutes of work every 45 minutes or so. Tops. My ellbows hurt like hell if I don’t do 100 easy reps of biceps/ triceps every two days or so

Evening training is normally a single strongman event and/ or beating a tire with a hammer. Again here I am not looking to do much. Normally no more then a total of 25 reps if I am cleaning and overhead pressing, lifting stones or tire flipping. Distance on a carry event is probably 15-20 yards(length of my driveway), no more then 10 trips. 6-8 being typical. 3-5 three minutes rounds on the tire hammering

That’s it in a nutshell.  I kayak…. fish from a kayak on occasions vs training. Some mornings I’ll skip the walk and kettle bells stuff to work hard on power cleans, front squats or overhead squats. Normally overhead squats. I mostly kayak and fish when i am at the beach house with the Girls and Ton Spawn. I do have a couple of kettle bells there, a natural stone that weighs about 200 pounds and another tire to flip, but I never train more then 30 minutes when I am there. I will walk the dogs some but mostly when I am there kayaking, fishing and fucking is all the exercise I get

Hilldabeast vs the alt-right

So the hilldabeast mentioned the alt-right in a speech and the alt- right declares victory

And I don’t get it. Some how the evil one mentioning a very lose confederation of some what right wing interwebz personalities is a victory for a not mainstream political movement. Seems like wishful thinking.


All she did was take a new shot at calling Trump a racist. Which I think Trump handled like a boss. Or has so far


Tying the alt-right to racism and Trump is about rallying the evil one’s troops…. i mean voters and suppressing possible Trump voters. She is trying to fear monger her dupes… I mean voters into showing up on election day. The hilldabeast is not popular even among her own kind. Bernie Sanders was popular. Trump is popular. Hilldabeast is not. Compare how many folks show up for a Trump or Sanders rally vs a Cunt-tin rally. The evil one’s team cannot count on the DNC’s useful idiots voting for her but maybe they will show up to vote against Trump.

On the Trump side of things, tying Trump to us evil racists is an attempt at virtue signaling in the hopes potential lady and better educated  ( ie better indoctrinated) Trump voters will just stay home.  She isn’t trying to win those votes, she is trying to White guilt trip them into staying home.

Why would she go after the alt-right since that’s her plan, and they have been calling Trump  ( who is a jew york big city liberal himself) a racist from the start? Good question with an easy answer

The word racist has been over used and has lost a goodly amount of power. It isn’t as scary as it used to be but by calling out the alt-right, declaring us racist and what not, she has made an attempt to associate Trump with a new, more powerful group of scary evil racist. And to make him look like an easy to manipulate tool of a bunch of internet trolls.

Will the hilldabeast pull it off? Don’t know, can’t say. Time will tell

Will the publicity strength the alt-right? Same to soon to tell answer as above


Unrelated, if I was Trump I would use the hilldabeast words against her in adds.  Trump isn’t spending much money yet which is smart. Money is a finite,  one time use tool and saving his war chest for the final push is smart pool. Hilldabeast is burning through her resources at a rapid pace and is doing so way early in the engagement. Not only using up the money, but the adds will get repetitive, boring and less effective as things get closer to election day because let’s face it voters only care so much  about this shit and there arent very many fressh ideas in the world for the hilldabeast team throw up on tv. Lots of battles have been won by playing rope-a-dope, keeping up your defense, throwing some jabs to keep the other guy swinging ie burning up his combat power without doing much harm, and waiting for the other guy to gas out before unleashing all your reserve firepower

I expect Trump adds to start hitting hard during or after the debates. If any debates. When the Trump adds role he’ll work the corruption and economic woes the hardest because thone two issues cut into her base of support the best. And that’s the time to unleash the evil ones own words. About shutting down coal jobs and not being concerned with every underfunded small business out there. 1st two examples that come to this hillbilly’s mind



Why are single men happier then single women

I thought the question was interesting

Not are men happier, as in is it true. The truth of it has already been conceded

Not how are men happier, as in maybe she is curious about men or looking to duplicate the results


Why are single men happier then single women? My off the cuff answer was “because women are bitches”. And yes that is the truth of it in 4 words. Women bring hassles, burdens and mostly bad attitudes. Few brining anything to the table which offsets their inherent anti masculine programming, shit tests, solphilism and what not. Feminism and modern society has pretty much wiped out the value of women beyond 3 holes to stick your cock  in,  and no shit, sure as sure gets the more time you spend with a woman, the more likely she is to develop an even worse attitude and not put out, bringing her value to a man’s life down to 0

What drives the why question? This whole men and women thinking men and women are the same. If women are unhappy about single life, then men must be equally unhappy. Men and women are not the same so it makes sense they don’t respond to the same stimuli in the same way

Many men are unhappy without a woman. But most deal with it a lot better. Mostly what men want is what women use to be/ use to be trained for. This modern version of women, where they try to be piss poor imitations of men, simply isn’t appealing, and clearly become less appealing. We don’t need women in the same way. 100 years ago, men worked a lot more then 40 hours, the work was physically demanding, not leaving you with much time or desire to keep house. Now we work fewer hours, mostly in doors with climate control and have a dazzling selection of gadgets(&services) to make domestic life much easier for a bachelor. With all that, my guess is 98% of the mgtow, life long bachelors, budding pick up artist etc would couple up with a quickness if they could land a 7 with a pleasing disposition and reasonably good odds she won’t change much. Sadly that isn’t what’s on the table

Historically, men are more stoic and better at dealing with their emotions then women while a large number of us have failed to produce offspring. Men have a much broader purpose in life, with a much wider evolutionary programing. Nature sets us men up for a lot of failures but this is one area where she did us a solid. Another area where she did right by us is freindships. Men need companionship, but men and dogs make great companions. The way I see it, men really are more social then women. This larger amount of socializing gets disguised as work or sports, or beer, or bikes or cigars but it’s there. Women? Pretty much hate each other.

Soooooo….. take our evolutionary programming, add domestic technology/ services and the noxious combination of unsavory things women have become/ developed into  and there you go. Happier

There is nothing new under the sun. The Bible tells us that. The Almighty tells us it’s better to live outdoors then with a cantankerous woman. The only thing semi new to the equation is the gadgets, services and what we have allowed women to become

Women on the other hand have one evolutionary purpose. Have kids. Their mission programming is get alpha cock, get alpha baby batter, whelp alpha young, secure protection and provisions by any means nessacary.

Women have a in general much larger need for men. Everything women have depends on a hoard of men. Alpha and Beta men.  This isn’t including the mental and emotional benefits women reap when they belong to strong, stable and semi caring alpha men.  Men have a much larger sex drive but outside of sex, a much smaller in general need for women.

Subconsciously women know this. It’s why they run pysops campaigns against the men in their lives. It’s all an attempt to make sure men in general and her’s in particular do not value themselves so they will  artificially inflate her value.

So why are men happier? Women be bitches, men and women are different, women need men more then men need women.

SMP advice for short dudes

As men we are the sum total of our individual and personal set of assets and liabilities, some of which is beyond our control. As men, we must be aware of both our assets and liabilities. To get the most out of life we need to know how to play up our assets to offset our liabilities

Being short is a liability for men. Professionally,  taller men enjoy a halo effect and research points to taller men earning more money based of perceptions they are better leaders, smarter, more competent etc then shorter men. There are more women and minority  Fortune 500 CEO’s then there are CEO ‘s  under 5 foot 9 inches.

Being short is a liability for men socially as well. Chicks dig tall dudes. This has also been well researched, with taller men being percivcved as better looking and more masculine. I don’t recall the details, but OK cupid had a thing where they played with a man’s height and income to see how that would effect women’s interests in him. Same photo of the same dude…. he needed to make 3 or 4 times more money at 5 foot 9 then he did at 6 foot 2 to be semi equally attractive to women.

Now I don’t write that to discourage us short dudes. Reality is reality and we need to deal in it. And the 1st thing to understand is being short is a liability, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Directly. Technically, the average height for White men is 5 foot 9. Socially, especially with women, you are a short dude if you are under 6 foot. The father away you are from 6 foot, the more of a liability being short becomes

We can offset being short indirectly and I promise you brothers that’s enough. On top of that, only 15% of men are 6 foot or taller, so lots of girls are going to be willing to date men who aren’t tall. Yeah…. I know sure does seem like your her second or third choice and I get that can hurt down deep for more sensitive, less confident men but who gives a fuck? Is she your 1st Choice? Odds are your 1st dream girl moved out of your life before Jr high. And frankly, when your frame is strong, she will be there, in the moment, absorbed with you

To figure out how to offset being short, we need reliable battlefield intelligence of the tactical sort. Why do chicks dig tall dudes? In a word, dominance. They are women so they cannot come outright and say it, but that’s what it boils down to. Tall men are perceived to be more alpha, more dominant. Tall men make them feel safe, feel more feminine and what not. They’ll throw out lines about wearing high heels, don’t want short creepy guys eye humping their tits…. look if you are sensitive about being short, never read what women say about short men. All most all women are mean, nasty and down right savage bitches. That comes to the forefront when they are talking about what they don’t like in men.

So, as in most areas of life, the answer to our short guy liability is be more alpha…. but be careful. Short men don’t get any halo effect breaks and women are quick to pick up imaginary faults with men. In this case, most women already accuse short men of having bad attitudes. Practice, practice practice interacting with people. The dude in line with you at the bank, the girl bringing you lunch at the diner. Read up on soical skills and practive

You will be shit test more; good. Gives you more opportunities to establish frame. Never give the impression being short fucks with your head space and timing. If she wants to wear heels and towers over you, just say “Daddy likes” and lear at her legs. Or next the bitch.

Clothing makes the man. Any flaw in your physical body will be judged more harshly and clothes are not designed to look good on short dudes. I’m 5 foot 7’ish and 230 pounds. Nothing was designed to look good or fit well for me or us. Soooooo be careful about the clothes you buy. Put more emphasis on fit, get things tailored, don’t carry around extra body flab. Small details add up

I am muscular…. a lot of girls are going to see a short guy with 18inch guns and dismiss you as having a napoleon complex. Or think the same sort of thing if you drive a fast car or luxury sedan. My thoughts on this is….. fuckem. Hardcore heightist are never going to be into you. I mean if being short bugs you, never let the world see that, but that applies to anything you are touchy about. A good strong frame should keep the false short man syndrome accusations at bay. If you are touchy about your height, like it regularly bugs you, fix your head space my man

Fix your body language. Stand tall, relaxed and proud, never fold into yourself. Tons of books on the topic, pick a couple, read, learn, practice

Don’t do the online dating thing. Or if you do, limit your efforts. Girls are way picky online. Online all they think about is their ideal man. You have way more chances to overcome being short when you are there in person. with online dating,  don’t read profiles,  look at photos and send the same message over and over again… I would send “hey! You look fun(/ cute etc), ready  to rob an armored car together then ride off into the sunset on my Harley?” Online dating is something to do while your in line at a grocery store. Don’t invest much time in it

Frame is everyfuckingthing. Everything. Most folks think I am taller. Part of that is body language, part of that is Frame. If you have a strong frame, the more you can have your own, homemade halo effect. How do you build frame? You overcome challenges, physical, mental and emotionally high risk challenges, learn new skills, become a small time show off and show off your new skill set

As your frame grows, you’ll have more depth of experiences to drive your conversations. You will began to naturally project your strength, confidence and soical dominance and it’s that dominant frame women want to submit to

Shit women should know about the SMP

My daughter has an employee/ semi friend who walked on her draft horse a while back  and is struggling to deal with reality of the SMP. Any rate, I was at her place of bidness for lunch with the beloved She-Ton, when my own flesh and blood ambushed me with a request to break down reality for her very frustrated employee/ semi friend

After some negation, they agreed to buying lunch and 4 vodka/ cranberry’s. Not sure why, but those things go down right when it’s balls hot and sweaty nuts humidity of August in the South.

This is a brief summary


#1)  life isn’t fair, dating etc is even less “fair”. Get over it. Dating isn’t, or rather finding someone to date sucks for men and women. Get over it over, focus on what you can effect and controll.


2) almost all women over estimate or under estimate their SMP value. To a very real extent your MMP is even lower because physical attraction drives the whole dating and possible marriage train, then your baggage starts subtracting from your SMP. Dating a girl with debt, kids etc might not be a bad deal. Marrying her is a different equation. A much tougher one.

And by almost all I mean 97% of women over estimate, 2% under estimate and 1% has it right. Maybe.

No your personality doesn’t over come that extra weight, that short haircut doesn’t look good on you, sarcasm doesn’t create boners, it doesn’t matter what your girlfriends think. Unless you are fucking them and that’s a different equation as well

#3) women fail to understand, every bitch breathing wants the same dude; 6 foot or taller, 6 pack abs, 6 figure plus income, advanced degree, nice guy with an edge, who loves babies, can speak a second or third language, handy around the house, 6 inch tongue, 9 inch pecker, talks like Oprah, fuck like a stud horse…. though not to often…. can cook a gourmet meal with one hand and kill zombies with the other all while watching the view

The competition for that dude is fucking ferice. He isn’t going to settle for anything less then an 8 and even then said 8 will have serious Girl Game. Nor does he have any reason to settle for an age adjusted 8. Girls in their early 20’so want to fuck dudes like that too.

Every item a woman removes from her 437 point check list, the more she opens up her dating options.

Only something like 15% of men are 6 foot or taller, only like 4% are 6’2″ or taller.

Only about 12-14% of men have advanced degrees

I have no idea how many men 6 foot or taller have advanced degrees, but you know it’s not the full 15%. You need to pair down your checklist to something which reflects reality if you want to date.  Unless you are smoking hot with a great attitude

Those two requirements probably do more to limit a woman’s dating option then anything else…besides being fat. Being fat is the biggest dating limitation a woman can choose

And I am pretty sure most ladies want to bitch about shit with there gal pals vs date decent guys so I doubt we’ll see much reality sink in

Hypergammy keeps women from noticing decent men, and in her mind, turns decent beta dudes in to all sorts of terrible things but reality says those are the kind of men she can realistically pull. The expection to that would be some sort of fetishist and her willing to play along

Most men are not players but women like and keep fucking players so they think every dude is one. They’d rather be hostile to men about men only looking for a hook up then dare regular guys or own up to being a slut

Yes you pretty much need to put out by date 3-5 or he is going to walk. Or he is a chump. Why is he going to walk? He’said been burned before…. that’s right bitches men get burned in the SMP all the time and middle age men or older mostly get burned by single mom’s and mostly by being strung out for a series of dates

Most older men have been pretty soured on dating and take a miminilmist approach to women. And for most men approaching chicks really sucks. Soooooo if he doesn’t get some decent feedback, ie IOI’s he is going to walk. He is trying to protect his emotions just like you are…. which brings us too

#4) women know jack shit about men, what men like, what most men want or what most men experience in the SMP.

This holds women back in a shit ton of ways. Most easy to point out is attitude. Because women have so little regard for men they fail to realise how hostile they are and how off putting they can be

Online dating profiles are mostly horrible, but it’s a target rich environment for this topic. Woman says she likes to travel, man reads….travel at my expense. Most ladies come across as bitchy or money hungry with their ptofiles…. don’t believe me? Go read some

Another example of women not understanding men via online dating is…. messages. Women bitch about men sending short opening messages because they get dozens of hellos. For guys, long custom built messages don’t get any better reply rates then “hey” so why should men bother putting in the extra effort?

No most men don’t read your profile that carefully. Online dating is what the guy does on his lunch break. Men do online because it’s time efficient, large amount of time invested in reading profiles and crafting messages doesn’t improve his success rate so it is unrealistic to expect much of either. Also guys mostly get various version of “no” from women and to be susscesfull, he needs to push a little bit more. For example, the 5 foot 5 guy doesn’t give a shit it says no short men on your profile  because if he messaged girls who only liked short dudes he’d never message any girl. He had to stand in the batter’s box  and take a swing

You’re at a bar, all dolled up, talking with your gal pals waiting on Mr wonderful to sweep you off your feet and fly you to Paris on his private jet….. what are you and your gal pals talking about? Is it a subject that will set up a bitch vibe the most clueless dork can pick up from a mile away?  Want to know the kind of guy who can bust through your snark, bitch shield and the 3 man hating cock blocks you are kicking it with? That’s right…. the dreaded player.

Any rate, an appreciation for how men view the dating experience, how they view the vibe you put out and why they engage in such a low investment manner and adjusting to those realities will put you miles ahead of the competition

The private man challenged women to find one good thing about every man she sees. Sort of an attitude adjustment exercise. It’s one of the best ideas I’ve read. My challenge is….. spend some time trying to understand men are emotional beings that feel paino; try to understand just a tad bit about the masculine side of dating and how being put through the SMP/MMP grinder effects a man’s action in the dating world.

Or not

Sell me on….

Saving Western Civilization

Another pretty typical man up and marry some bitch to save Western Civilization diatribe is making the rounds, and as is typical their marketing sucks ass. As in it is all sreech and no sales pitch. It and the comment section is filled with the typical feminist and posturing beta shaming attacks. Pretty boring shit; mgtow are genetic dead ends, they’re fags, pussies, defeatist etc etc.

Let’s face it, there is some percentage of men who could never marry under any social climate(which does not merit our ridicule)but I reckon the majority of mgtow probably could pull  a bride. The issue is could they pull a girl decent enough to offset the various risks. Asking that question is smart pool. The Bible tells us a lot of things. One is a wise man counts the cost before setting on a course of action. The Bible praises prudence and fools rush in where angles fear to tread.  Another bit of Godly  wisdom is….its better to live outdoors then with a bitch. Genetic dead-end, fag, pussy…. not much there to motivate the mgtow men on the bubble. And nothing there to offset legitimate concerns

Of course hit pieces like that are not about challenging and elevating men; they are about rallying the feminist/ tradcon troops, keeping them fired up to feed the meat grinder

Now on to this saving Western Civilization bidness…. my question is why?

The value in Western Civilization is directly propionate to its ability to ensure and protect the rights, property and faith of individual God fearing White men. Western Civilization is only worthy of protection and preservation to the extent it does those three things. Doing those 3 things allowed White men to create unparalleled advances in science, technology, wealth and art. To name a few. Beautiful art; music, sculpture, paintings… words…. all inspiring and elevating men, life saving medical advances… air conditioning…. those are not the purposes of Western Civilization but subset benefits to ensuring an individual White man’s rights, property and faith.

Does Western Civilization do any such things these days? Has it done any such in the last 3 generations? Or more? No says I… yes lots of new things in the science and technology but no to the rest. For me, a civilization that creates new gadgets doesn’t off set killing it’s unborn

As I have said before, civilization is a crutch, it gives women and weak men skirts to hide behind. It also gives unscrupulous men the ability to fleece honest men by the millions… never mind. I can on for sometime on that one

Also most men cannot grasp concepts like Western Civilization. You have to give them missions that hit close to home. That line will be relevant in a bit

When I do the math, I cannot see the value in preserving Western Civilization. It no longer serves its purpose or its masters. The bill will come due one day, and proping up a dying system only delays the day of reckoning which jacks up the bill

I don’t know when the wheels will fall off, I don’t know when the debt will be called in, I don’t know what, if anything, will replace it. Nor is it my concern

I want to preserve people, my people, my blood kin, the Ton progeny, my extended family, my brothers from my army days, my employees and in the big picture, Southern Whites, then kind of sort of White folks in general. The closer to home whatever you want to persevere is, the easier it is to plan for

the Ton Life priority of fires is short and sweet

Right relationship with the Almighty. I have various bits of paper from the Army saying I am a certified bad ass. I am nothing compared to Him who made me. It is only right to acknowledge those who are greater then us.

Making money. Money is the most useful tool you will ever have.  And by make money  I don’t mean having a job. You need to own assets. You will always make more money having employees then you will being an employee. In this world you are either a pimp making money off his ho’s and their tricks, a ho making money off tricks for your pimp, or a trick giving your money to the ho so she can give it to her pimp. It’s better to be a ho then a trick and it’s better yet to be a pimp

Next is your Frame, your reputation, masculine pride…. your mental, emotional, strength, toughness  and abilities.  It requires more brain power and balls to be the master of your own destiny then it does to be a worker been. Trust me. Any military or small business man will tell you that. And you need Game. Soical skills are an important aspect of your frame, reputation and standing among men

Number 4 is your ability to commit violence. This is about your physical strength and toughness. Which you won’t have if you are not mentally and emotionally tough.  This is about how good you are with a gun, how quick your fists are, how cunning and ruthless you can be… and knowing when to be ruthless, cunning and violent

Did you notice what isn’t on the list? Know why they aren’t there? It’s because you can not have those things on your own accord without getting those 4 things in order.

Life for a man will fall into place once he’s about 80% in each of those 4 things. Once you in that Grove, you stop worrying about how society or women or the government fucks up your life. You don’t worry so much about staying on top or losing a round or two because you know you can bounce back. You rely on yourself and your own resources vs needing the protections of far away concepts like Western Civilization