Sell me on….

Saving Western Civilization

Another pretty typical man up and marry some bitch to save Western Civilization diatribe is making the rounds, and as is typical their marketing sucks ass. As in it is all sreech and no sales pitch. It and the comment section is filled with the typical feminist and posturing beta shaming attacks. Pretty boring shit; mgtow are genetic dead ends, they’re fags, pussies, defeatist etc etc.

Let’s face it, there is some percentage of men who could never marry under any social climate(which does not merit our ridicule)but I reckon the majority of mgtow probably could pull  a bride. The issue is could they pull a girl decent enough to offset the various risks. Asking that question is smart pool. The Bible tells us a lot of things. One is a wise man counts the cost before setting on a course of action. The Bible praises prudence and fools rush in where angles fear to tread.  Another bit of Godly  wisdom is….its better to live outdoors then with a bitch. Genetic dead-end, fag, pussy…. not much there to motivate the mgtow men on the bubble. And nothing there to offset legitimate concerns

Of course hit pieces like that are not about challenging and elevating men; they are about rallying the feminist/ tradcon troops, keeping them fired up to feed the meat grinder

Now on to this saving Western Civilization bidness…. my question is why?

The value in Western Civilization is directly propionate to its ability to ensure and protect the rights, property and faith of individual God fearing White men. Western Civilization is only worthy of protection and preservation to the extent it does those three things. Doing those 3 things allowed White men to create unparalleled advances in science, technology, wealth and art. To name a few. Beautiful art; music, sculpture, paintings… words…. all inspiring and elevating men, life saving medical advances… air conditioning…. those are not the purposes of Western Civilization but subset benefits to ensuring an individual White man’s rights, property and faith.

Does Western Civilization do any such things these days? Has it done any such in the last 3 generations? Or more? No says I… yes lots of new things in the science and technology but no to the rest. For me, a civilization that creates new gadgets doesn’t off set killing it’s unborn

As I have said before, civilization is a crutch, it gives women and weak men skirts to hide behind. It also gives unscrupulous men the ability to fleece honest men by the millions… never mind. I can on for sometime on that one

Also most men cannot grasp concepts like Western Civilization. You have to give them missions that hit close to home. That line will be relevant in a bit

When I do the math, I cannot see the value in preserving Western Civilization. It no longer serves its purpose or its masters. The bill will come due one day, and proping up a dying system only delays the day of reckoning which jacks up the bill

I don’t know when the wheels will fall off, I don’t know when the debt will be called in, I don’t know what, if anything, will replace it. Nor is it my concern

I want to preserve people, my people, my blood kin, the Ton progeny, my extended family, my brothers from my army days, my employees and in the big picture, Southern Whites, then kind of sort of White folks in general. The closer to home whatever you want to persevere is, the easier it is to plan for

the Ton Life priority of fires is short and sweet

Right relationship with the Almighty. I have various bits of paper from the Army saying I am a certified bad ass. I am nothing compared to Him who made me. It is only right to acknowledge those who are greater then us.

Making money. Money is the most useful tool you will ever have.  And by make money  I don’t mean having a job. You need to own assets. You will always make more money having employees then you will being an employee. In this world you are either a pimp making money off his ho’s and their tricks, a ho making money off tricks for your pimp, or a trick giving your money to the ho so she can give it to her pimp. It’s better to be a ho then a trick and it’s better yet to be a pimp

Next is your Frame, your reputation, masculine pride…. your mental, emotional, strength, toughness  and abilities.  It requires more brain power and balls to be the master of your own destiny then it does to be a worker been. Trust me. Any military or small business man will tell you that. And you need Game. Soical skills are an important aspect of your frame, reputation and standing among men

Number 4 is your ability to commit violence. This is about your physical strength and toughness. Which you won’t have if you are not mentally and emotionally tough.  This is about how good you are with a gun, how quick your fists are, how cunning and ruthless you can be… and knowing when to be ruthless, cunning and violent

Did you notice what isn’t on the list? Know why they aren’t there? It’s because you can not have those things on your own accord without getting those 4 things in order.

Life for a man will fall into place once he’s about 80% in each of those 4 things. Once you in that Grove, you stop worrying about how society or women or the government fucks up your life. You don’t worry so much about staying on top or losing a round or two because you know you can bounce back. You rely on yourself and your own resources vs needing the protections of far away concepts like Western Civilization

16 thoughts on “Sell me on….

  1. superslaviswife

    Jon’s perspective is that he wants to be self-sufficient so he need not rely on the weak social ties and laws of a society which hates people like us, to continue his genes because that is his natural prime directive, to rescue and replicate those elements of Western civilization that benefit him so that they will continue to benefit him and his children, and to take the three elements and mash them together to form a subcultural society which will support him and his genes for a long time to come.

    Western civilization cannot be saved, but human civilization can, at least on its basest level. And if, as Jon puts it “the future belongs to those who breed”, I would add that the future belongs to those who protect their genes. IE, the future belongs to those who can sustain civilization, even on a base, tribalistic, subculture level.

  2. theshadowedknight

    Saw a commenter that said he sees that married men are miserable. The response? That he would also be miserable if he was not married. Damned if he does, damned if he does not. At least one way he gets to be miserable in his own way, instead of having misery forced upon him.

    Fuck you, pay me. If you cannot respond to that without resort to threat or shame, then you do not have anything worth the cost. I am not going to bend over and think of America.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      While women have a track record of making men miserable, do men who voluntary eschew the company of women have a track record of being miserable?

      I’m not talking about the unfortunate who would never stand a chance of landing a semi decent help mate (their mgtow isn’t voluntary) but men who are…. Let’s say lesser betas or higher in the SMP

      I don’t personally know any of the unfortunate type and the other type don’t seem to be miserable but we also don’t know how long they will be mgtow

      1. theshadowedknight

        Men are good at controlling their emotions. I doubt anyone at work knows how I feel. They see the mask I wear, the character I play, and go no further. Why would they?

        How many men do not want to talk about it? Bringing it up is a sore point for many. Not to mention it sounds a lot like whining. It is a weakness, and how many men are comfortable enough showing that weakness? How many would live in quiet desperation, instead?

        The Shadowed Knight

  3. theshadowedknight

    I can do a much better sales job. Help me tear down this demented country, and you will have women and treasure. The dead will have honor, and the living, respect. We have nothing to lose, and glory and greatness await. Stand up, stand by my side, and you will never have to live on your knees again.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Yeah that’s not going to sell very well either
      Bottom dollar says you’ll get less recruits then the marry some bitch for Western Civilization

      1. theshadowedknight

        The only ones who are for saving civilization with marriage are the men who are already married. They have daughters that are going to need husbands. They are not making a sacrifice themselves, they are asking other men to do it for them. They got theirs, and they expect men like me to make sure they get to keep it, no matter the cost to me.

        The debate is not whether or not to marry. It is whether we should hang Vox or just tell him to shut the fuck up. If I get three or four men who would like to burn shit down, I am already better off than Vox. Yeah, he has the Ilk, but look how many came to his defense in that comment thread, on his home ground.

        Look at how many people were down to elect Donald Trump just for the sheer fucking joy of watching everyone else lose their minds. They are engaging in the political version of throwing bombs through windows. All they need is a push to do it in real life.

        The Shadowed Knight

  4. R.

    Here’s something my friend and I recently discussed.

    You want children, so as not to be a genetic dead-end. So you wife a chick, divorce, have to pay alimony and child support.

    Now, if you had just had kids with said woman, no legal marriage, you would only be paying child support, if I’m not mistaken.

    Given the current climate, if a man is intent on continuing his genetic line, why would he bother with marriage? Especially considering a fair amount of women are o.k. with having children out of wedlock these days, no real social shame to it I suppose.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Where I live the law will help ensure visitation for unmarried/ never married father’s because visitation positively impacts child support payments

      They don’t do the same father’s who were married because visitation has no impact on child support being paid in full and on time

      In addition, unmarried father’s tend to have much lower child support payments, even when income is factored

      In this case the legal advantage is to the unmarried father

      We are also not a common law state, nor do we have pailmony. Live with her 50 years and now cash and prizes for her if she walks

      The get legally married folks over at alphagame are slaves with a slave mentally

  5. R.

    I can understand a sort of marriage contract like artisanal toad has talked about (although I have my issues with that) but going through the state seems ridiculous at this point in time.

    Even if one was to find a “unicorn” of a woman, I’m inclined to believe that more often than not current state sanctioned marriage is more likely to promote unwanted behavior in a woman than prevent it.

    Quite the predicament, though. How does one go about setting up a non traditional (although in some respects it’s MORE traditional than what is considered traditional by the TradCons) “marriage” with a woman in this day and age?

    How many women are on-board for such a venture, unless the man is in the top 20% of men?

    1. SFC Ton Post author


      Marriage, the idea of permancy brings out the worse in women. They no longer have to qualify themselves to the man, and clearly how alpha can he be if he settled for her?

      Self-doubt is a key part of the lady human condition

      As for being top 20%… never know what to say on that. Tall, good looking and there you are. In my case, it’s fucking insane. Granted I never did any of that shit to get laid but there it is.

      Now I’m 45, pretty broken down…. worth it? Yes for the most part. Worth it to pull some bitches? Hell no

      Tradcon do not have any real clue about traditional beyond 1950 & only want to conserve the very liberal 1980’s-1950’so

      So fuck em. Individual men matter and they have the right to consider their self interests

  6. paworldandtimes

    Actually, you have a duty as a southern white to marry a woman and have 4-7 white children. The white race depends on your contribution. Those who go MGTOW takes the coward’s way out.

  7. BuenaVista

    I’m a northern white male. I’m obligated to say ‘Ya, you bet’ and service the snowblower off-season. Well, that and bacon.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Legit and still no marketing plan from the other side. Which shows an utter inability to see the other guys motvation/ lack of motivation and there no way they can set up an incentive plan or inspire someone to be greater then their current circumstance

      Which is basically every NCO I ever worked with so it’s a fairly typical behavior


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