SMP advice for short dudes

As men we are the sum total of our individual and personal set of assets and liabilities, some of which is beyond our control. As men, we must be aware of both our assets and liabilities. To get the most out of life we need to know how to play up our assets to offset our liabilities

Being short is a liability for men. Professionally,  taller men enjoy a halo effect and research points to taller men earning more money based of perceptions they are better leaders, smarter, more competent etc then shorter men. There are more women and minority  Fortune 500 CEO’s then there are CEO ‘s  under 5 foot 9 inches.

Being short is a liability for men socially as well. Chicks dig tall dudes. This has also been well researched, with taller men being percivcved as better looking and more masculine. I don’t recall the details, but OK cupid had a thing where they played with a man’s height and income to see how that would effect women’s interests in him. Same photo of the same dude…. he needed to make 3 or 4 times more money at 5 foot 9 then he did at 6 foot 2 to be semi equally attractive to women.

Now I don’t write that to discourage us short dudes. Reality is reality and we need to deal in it. And the 1st thing to understand is being short is a liability, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Directly. Technically, the average height for White men is 5 foot 9. Socially, especially with women, you are a short dude if you are under 6 foot. The father away you are from 6 foot, the more of a liability being short becomes

We can offset being short indirectly and I promise you brothers that’s enough. On top of that, only 15% of men are 6 foot or taller, so lots of girls are going to be willing to date men who aren’t tall. Yeah…. I know sure does seem like your her second or third choice and I get that can hurt down deep for more sensitive, less confident men but who gives a fuck? Is she your 1st Choice? Odds are your 1st dream girl moved out of your life before Jr high. And frankly, when your frame is strong, she will be there, in the moment, absorbed with you

To figure out how to offset being short, we need reliable battlefield intelligence of the tactical sort. Why do chicks dig tall dudes? In a word, dominance. They are women so they cannot come outright and say it, but that’s what it boils down to. Tall men are perceived to be more alpha, more dominant. Tall men make them feel safe, feel more feminine and what not. They’ll throw out lines about wearing high heels, don’t want short creepy guys eye humping their tits…. look if you are sensitive about being short, never read what women say about short men. All most all women are mean, nasty and down right savage bitches. That comes to the forefront when they are talking about what they don’t like in men.

So, as in most areas of life, the answer to our short guy liability is be more alpha…. but be careful. Short men don’t get any halo effect breaks and women are quick to pick up imaginary faults with men. In this case, most women already accuse short men of having bad attitudes. Practice, practice practice interacting with people. The dude in line with you at the bank, the girl bringing you lunch at the diner. Read up on soical skills and practive

You will be shit test more; good. Gives you more opportunities to establish frame. Never give the impression being short fucks with your head space and timing. If she wants to wear heels and towers over you, just say “Daddy likes” and lear at her legs. Or next the bitch.

Clothing makes the man. Any flaw in your physical body will be judged more harshly and clothes are not designed to look good on short dudes. I’m 5 foot 7’ish and 230 pounds. Nothing was designed to look good or fit well for me or us. Soooooo be careful about the clothes you buy. Put more emphasis on fit, get things tailored, don’t carry around extra body flab. Small details add up

I am muscular…. a lot of girls are going to see a short guy with 18inch guns and dismiss you as having a napoleon complex. Or think the same sort of thing if you drive a fast car or luxury sedan. My thoughts on this is….. fuckem. Hardcore heightist are never going to be into you. I mean if being short bugs you, never let the world see that, but that applies to anything you are touchy about. A good strong frame should keep the false short man syndrome accusations at bay. If you are touchy about your height, like it regularly bugs you, fix your head space my man

Fix your body language. Stand tall, relaxed and proud, never fold into yourself. Tons of books on the topic, pick a couple, read, learn, practice

Don’t do the online dating thing. Or if you do, limit your efforts. Girls are way picky online. Online all they think about is their ideal man. You have way more chances to overcome being short when you are there in person. with online dating,  don’t read profiles,  look at photos and send the same message over and over again… I would send “hey! You look fun(/ cute etc), ready  to rob an armored car together then ride off into the sunset on my Harley?” Online dating is something to do while your in line at a grocery store. Don’t invest much time in it

Frame is everyfuckingthing. Everything. Most folks think I am taller. Part of that is body language, part of that is Frame. If you have a strong frame, the more you can have your own, homemade halo effect. How do you build frame? You overcome challenges, physical, mental and emotionally high risk challenges, learn new skills, become a small time show off and show off your new skill set

As your frame grows, you’ll have more depth of experiences to drive your conversations. You will began to naturally project your strength, confidence and soical dominance and it’s that dominant frame women want to submit to


29 thoughts on “SMP advice for short dudes

  1. jg1

    I am short guy and I hear what your saying. For me personally, it is a lot of work to attract a woman and then keep her. I have other priorities in life to concentrate on. I am 47+ and at my age if I meet a woman who accepts me at 5’6″ with warts and all that’s fine with me. If not, life will go on as usual for me. But, it does bother me that the older I get, the issue of loneliness. I don’t know what to do about that…
    On the other hand, I also know guys who are 6’+ who also unable to attract women and keep them…women these days use men as accessories and trophy’s and discard them. I knew this fellow, who was 6’+ was seeing this woman who was playing the good girl role with him while getting fucked by a guy 20yrs younger than her…

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      We here at Camp Ton are pro mgtow. Caveat to that being I am proud masculine and healthy mgtow

      I’ve always been a loner of sorts. I am happiest… well state side I am happiest when I am on my bike.

      And yup women shit all over tall good looking guys too

      Women shit on men. It’s what they

    2. SFC Ton Post author

      We here at Camp Ton are pro mgtow. Caveat to that being I am proud masculine and healthy mgtow

      I’ve always been a loner of sorts. I am happiest… well state side I am happiest when I am on my bike.

      And yup women shit all over tall good looking guys too

  2. Cadders

    I’m 5’6. Never really had an issue with my height. In fact, in the working world, it’s often been an advantage; people tend to have lower expectations of you – do an average job and they’ll be surprised, do an good one and they’ll be amazed, do a outstanding one and they won’t believe their eyes. Then leverage this last dynamic into increased professional / personal status.

    As far as women are concerned you’re spot on about frame being everything. As a shorter guy you have to be bolder. Be cocky, if people mock your height (and guys will do this as well – AMOGing) agree and amplify (‘shut up or I’ll smack you right in the kneecaps’, ‘yeah, I run in stealth mode – I get in under the radar’, etc, etc). It doesn’t have to be funny (clearly) but if you own your height it removes their power to use your shorter stature against you – in fact it makes them look weak – most people have a natural disgust for a bigger guy picking on a smaller one; it makes them look like a bully. And with women, holding your frame in this way will result either in them disengaging or having their curiosity piqued; they won’t be expecting you not to supplicate. From that point it’s game on.

    For in reality, for all women’s declarations of insisting on a 6’+ guy, once you have built rapport and comfort, it all gets rationalised into ‘he must be taller than me’. The average height of women in the UK is 5’4. Which means I am taller than about 60% of the women – if I can’t find a women put of that pool, the problem isn’t my height – it’s my game.

    I would say though, that I never had success with really short women – almost all the women who I have ever attracted have been within 1 to 2 inches of my height. I think it’s regression to the mean at work.

    I have attracted a couple of women taller than me but the weird thing there is that despite them being attractive neither passed the dick-twitch test. Rationally I could appreciate their looks but I didn’t feel aroused by either of them. For me, at least, I am as turned off by a women taller them me as most women are by men shorter then them. I wonder how widespread this is amongst men – it’s not so much men being rejected by taller women as much short men and taller women self selecting each other out of contention.

    So, if you’re short, be bold, agree and amplify, use others lower expectations to your advantage, and LIFT. Muscles are muscles and all women like them, whether they admit it or not. You couldn’t help being born short, but there’s no excuse for making the most of what you’ve got.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      As a short man you simply have to be better, but often when you are, you are slapped with the short man syndrome tag

      Frankly I don’t give a fuck. I want men to ruthlessly and relentlessly go after what they want.

  3. Cadders

    One thing I have found is that a ZFG frame in the face if some guy who is banging on about how short you are is often all it takes, especially if women are around. The longer he goes on without a response from you the weaker he will appear to others, especially the women. If the almost inevitable ‘short man syndrome’ gets thrown at you, often one of the women will respond on your behalf; ‘He hasn’t get small man syndrome, you idiot!’

    I’ve had this happen to me too many times not to see the pattern. As you say, don’t give a fuck – just don’t actually *say* ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ Passive face is best, except once the woman has intervened, then a slight smirk. Pisses off the guy and turns the woman’s gusset into a swamp.

  4. R.

    Also, muscle packed on by a short guy will generally look bigger than muscle packed on by a tall lanky guy. Probably won’t matter to women, but it seems to matter to men.

    I know a guy who’s girl is a few inches taller than him, she can’t wear heels etc. but his personality is so large that he more than makes up for it in her eyes.

    Got coffee with a chick who may have been taller than me, couldn’t tell. Don’t think she minded.

  5. Phase to phase

    Great post. You’re right on about frame. My work as a maintenance guy in large downtown office buildings takes me in and out of high end offices alongside office drones, hotties, CEOs, etc. ZFG while being polite is the way to go when dealing with some pissy, prissy and downright socially stunted people. Earlier in life I would have apologized if taking up the elevator with tools and material but now it’s too much energy to care. BTW I get the least attitude from older senior management type men cause most of them probably did some kind of trades type work in their youth.

    At 5’9″ it never occurred to me that I was “too short ” for girls. More like she’s too tall, an evolutionary mutant. When women talk about wearing heels, come on do you wear four inch stilettos all the time? At the store? Walking the dog? At yoga? Grow up lady….!

    Frame is built by challenging yourself, something I wish I’d done a lot more of when I was much younger. I could have gotten way more out of my service than I did. But challenging yourself is something one can work on every day.

    Like the blog, thanks

  6. SFC Ton Post author

    The lady trolls showed up. I do not believe in free speech so I shit canned their posts but here are the highlights

    No one said short men can not compensate for being short. Some can, some cannot others simply won’t try but what is insane is the level of compensation required, if a lady won’t date/fuck you when you are 5 foot 3 and making 80k a year but will fuck you if you make 190k a year, she isn’t into the short guy as a man. She is into his money. Personally if I was in that situation I’d rather rent a whore. Lest the whore is an honest lair

    Again, my success in the SMP is not relevant. Nor is some other short dude’s. We are talking about broader social realities

    Yes certain kinds of women have trouble in the SMP as well, but none of those sorts of troubles are as pervasive as the short dude delima. Sadly there are all kinds of guys willing to fuck less appealing women and even marry them. And even fat ugly bitches find short men unappealing in abstract. Given their size, they are probably more driven to find a tall guy to help them feel small and feminine.

    Very few men must have “perfect girls”. Yes mostly we approach the hottest. Why? Because mostly men get rejected and since your failure rate is already high, you might as well swing for the fences. If you don’t like men not approaching you because you aren’t “barbie” approach some men. Wouldn’t take much effort, just smile and say hi. Just enough to let him know you’don’t be open to chatting

    Anyrate I rarely mention difficulties women face because I don’t care. 98% of society is set up to assist women. This blog isnt…. and the argument men do it to is juvenile nor the matter at hand. Believe or not bitches, men have interests beyond women and what’s best for you

  7. redpillgirlnotes

    “short creepy guys eye humping their tits…. ” Lol never heard that expression before!

    What you say about if it bothers you don’t show it is so true! Women are kindo like horses I we pick up cues from a guy, if he seems unsure, then we feel unsure. And the opposite. If its not an issue for you, it will be less likely to be one for her, too. Well said!

  8. BuenaVista

    I am not short but I think I am. I was the smallest and shortest guy at the start of my sophomore high school year. That, of course, means I was barely pubescent. So much ridicule in the locker room.

    Thing is, I grew up in one of the premier wrestling towns in the world. Nobody fucks with wrestlers –ever. D-I football players do not fuck with a 158 pound wrestler.

    I grew one year and topped out at 6’1.5″. I like tall girls tho so they put on their heels …and I’m short again. For me, showing up at a party with someone slender and six-three is flattering.


    Old school ceos like tradesman because they don’t lie. Most everyone working for that CEO tells the truth 70% of the time. You spend a lot of energy searching for the 30% they forgot to mention.

    1. BuenaVista

      Its like being a pilot and getting an an route weather advisory — only you know they made up 30%. Your job, while managing the ship, is to find out which part is phony. If you don’t, some I else takes the wheel.

  9. BuenaVista

    I was trying to say above we’re all crippled. That’s what life does. The idiots whine a lot because their ideal is unavailable. We should have the self awareness to understand we are no one’s ideal either, because life is not a rom-com. So love the one you’re with and drive on.

    Also, don’t pick a fight with a wrestler. You’ll never rotate your shoulders again.

  10. BuenaVista

    I’ve kinda dropped out of polite society, and I might not shave or change c!othes a few days at a time. (Writing a book, otherwise known as voluntary criminal insanity.)

    When I’m in that state it is astonishing how rude the women are. I mean, we’re talking tattooed fat ignorant cash register jockeys at the convenience store. They snarl! They might be a 2, if they can cook!

    Women are always telling us how men are superficially obsessed with Barbie Doll looks. Funny thing is, women invented and buy the Barbie Doll. We don’t. I dated a beautiful girl in college whose favorite sweatshirt had the Playboy bunny logo on it. (I didn’t buy it for her, I didn’t buy the mag.). 1989, she’s the centerfold, shit you not! And she was a pianist at our top 3 conservatory! (Don’t ask me what she looks like now.). (Chunky?). I offered a long post at RPG on this subject. Like so many others it was ‘blocked.’.

    So I don’t know what its like to be short — except in my head I’m still 5’3″, in a state with towering Germans, dutch and swedes. I do know as well that unpleasant women categorize a man in less than a second.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I doubt we are being blocked at rpg but I have more or less the same technical difficulties

      It sucks to be in a prison built in our own mind. I was somewhat like that after losing a lung, my dream job and the divorce all at the same time.

      And old Sargeant Major called me up and reset my head space and timing. Lest wise professionally which helped me reset my dating frame shortly after

      1. BuenaVista

        I was 40 or 45 before I realized what I looked like to women and most men. I would have been a better man if I’d figured it out sooner. This is one reason I try to be a big brother / mentor to young men of promise.

  11. redpillgirlnotes

    @ bv I don’t block any messages at my blog, certainly not intentionally! Sorry about that, I will have a look. I know if there are more than two links it can get caught in the spam cue… Maybe that’s it?

    Seriously if you guys have trouble posting or something doesnt show up please let me know!

      1. Sumo

        FWIW, I think that’s something to do with the WordPress settings for the blog – the same thing happened to me here back when I did one of those cooking posts. Tried to put three links in a comment, and it was blocked. Ton had to manually free it.

      2. redpillgirlnotes

        I looked in the blocked cue and did not find it. I am not sure what could have gone wrong but I promise you I did not intentionally block your (or anyone’s) messages and I never have.I am sorry it got lost, I would have liked to read it!

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