Why are single men happier then single women

I thought the question was interesting

Not are men happier, as in is it true. The truth of it has already been conceded

Not how are men happier, as in maybe she is curious about men or looking to duplicate the results


Why are single men happier then single women? My off the cuff answer was “because women are bitches”. And yes that is the truth of it in 4 words. Women bring hassles, burdens and mostly bad attitudes. Few brining anything to the table which offsets their inherent anti masculine programming, shit tests, solphilism and what not. Feminism and modern society has pretty much wiped out the value of women beyond 3 holes to stick your cock  in,  and no shit, sure as sure gets the more time you spend with a woman, the more likely she is to develop an even worse attitude and not put out, bringing her value to a man’s life down to 0

What drives the why question? This whole men and women thinking men and women are the same. If women are unhappy about single life, then men must be equally unhappy. Men and women are not the same so it makes sense they don’t respond to the same stimuli in the same way

Many men are unhappy without a woman. But most deal with it a lot better. Mostly what men want is what women use to be/ use to be trained for. This modern version of women, where they try to be piss poor imitations of men, simply isn’t appealing, and clearly become less appealing. We don’t need women in the same way. 100 years ago, men worked a lot more then 40 hours, the work was physically demanding, not leaving you with much time or desire to keep house. Now we work fewer hours, mostly in doors with climate control and have a dazzling selection of gadgets(&services) to make domestic life much easier for a bachelor. With all that, my guess is 98% of the mgtow, life long bachelors, budding pick up artist etc would couple up with a quickness if they could land a 7 with a pleasing disposition and reasonably good odds she won’t change much. Sadly that isn’t what’s on the table

Historically, men are more stoic and better at dealing with their emotions then women while a large number of us have failed to produce offspring. Men have a much broader purpose in life, with a much wider evolutionary programing. Nature sets us men up for a lot of failures but this is one area where she did us a solid. Another area where she did right by us is freindships. Men need companionship, but men and dogs make great companions. The way I see it, men really are more social then women. This larger amount of socializing gets disguised as work or sports, or beer, or bikes or cigars but it’s there. Women? Pretty much hate each other.

Soooooo….. take our evolutionary programming, add domestic technology/ services and the noxious combination of unsavory things women have become/ developed into  and there you go. Happier

There is nothing new under the sun. The Bible tells us that. The Almighty tells us it’s better to live outdoors then with a cantankerous woman. The only thing semi new to the equation is the gadgets, services and what we have allowed women to become

Women on the other hand have one evolutionary purpose. Have kids. Their mission programming is get alpha cock, get alpha baby batter, whelp alpha young, secure protection and provisions by any means nessacary.

Women have a in general much larger need for men. Everything women have depends on a hoard of men. Alpha and Beta men.  This isn’t including the mental and emotional benefits women reap when they belong to strong, stable and semi caring alpha men.  Men have a much larger sex drive but outside of sex, a much smaller in general need for women.

Subconsciously women know this. It’s why they run pysops campaigns against the men in their lives. It’s all an attempt to make sure men in general and her’s in particular do not value themselves so they will  artificially inflate her value.

So why are men happier? Women be bitches, men and women are different, women need men more then men need women.

51 thoughts on “Why are single men happier then single women

  1. thedeti

    Women have three directives.

    Primary: Get pregnant by best available sperm; preferably alpha seed.

    Secondary: Secure provisioning and protection for herself and her offspring.

    Tertiary: if she fails in directives 1 and 2, secure provisioning for herself by any means necessary.

  2. thedeti

    Women have a much, much greater need for security than men do. Single women have to provide for their own security (usually through working a job). They can do it, but when you get down to brass tacks, they don’t like it, and would strongly prefer someone else do that for them.

    Most women do it through working jobs. Many young single women live at home with mom and dad well into their mid to late 20s. That takes care of much of the “provisioning/protection” part.

    1. ShakinBacon

      This is true; Every female I’ve worked, dated and conversed with, have all said the same thing — “…I wish I could just quit my job, have my man work and get pregnant; Work on my art or read some books.”

      Even the most hardcore, Ashley Judd/Anita Sarkisian-type feminists that I’ve sadly dated have made it abundantly clear that ultimately, they much rather just stay at home.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Welcome to my place

        There were some feminist answer to your reply but blocked them since it was all personal attack and nothing rational

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    The single men I know do seem to deal w being single better than the single women I know. Financially, emotionally, socially, most ways really. To any who doubt, look around in your own life to see if it is so. And it’s not male privlidge IMHO it’s biological. Men need women less than women need men. Taboo but true.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      I would use marketing and what not as proof
      Tons and tons of shit geared toward women are centered around relationships, how to land a man and keep him coming back for more, books, magazines, ophra episode, lifetime network…. TV shows etc about single girls and their quest for a ltr or husband.

      What’s geared for men? Pick up classes and how to bang bitches

  4. superslaviswife

    I would extend that modern women are also a lot more dependent on men than women used to be. We’ve always needed men: providers, warriors, fathers, etc. But for most of human history, if her guy went to war she could tend the farm without crying all day or letting it go to ruin. For most of human history a spinster would regret not having children, but would not melt down and cry and leap on the next penis to offer itself. For most of human history a woman could fill her solo time productively. Now we have women who can’t empty the sink’s u-bend or remember to buy groceries to cook, if they can cook at all. They’re kids, and they’re scared whenever their friends, family or boy-of-the-month is not available to remind them to make their bed and brush their teeth.

    Modern women are not only less happy when single than modern men are, they are less happy overall than single than women historically have been. It was emotionally better to be a sufficient 35 year old spinster regretting the loss of her youth in the 1800s than it is to be a dependent, infantilized 35 year old career woman crying about her lack of a boyfriend today. They’re just looking for daddy.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      For some reason this post got me to thinking…. dangerous I know, about how hostile life in america has become and it’s hostile to damn near everyone in some fashion or another

      Media is hostile, eccmocicaly hostile, socially and culturally hostile. On all fronts and at all times. Even for ultra liberals… look how quick they will turn on one of their own for some reasonable breach in liberal orthodoxy like saying all lives matter

      1. superslaviswife

        Yeah, I think it’s a byproduct of diversity, to be honest. And not just liberal “””diversity”””. As in actually different people, those who are fundamentally different in most ways, living in close quarters, having to work together, to trust each other. And we don’t. We desperately cling to subcultures and cliques and cults in a desperate effort to feel a part of something meaningful and cohesive. Being a part of something big isn’t enough: it needs to be strong too.

        So although we are all part of the same workplace, the same school, the same nation, the same pop culture, we don’t belong to it. We don’t relate to others in it. And thus, everyone becomes “other”.

        The internet and the news worsens this. I stopped watching TV when I was 17. I still don’t mind having it on if someone else puts it on, and I will watch programs online, but I do not turn TVs on. As part of my NoNothingNovember a few years ago I installed leechblock and eliminated time-wasting websites from my life. And not only am I saving time, but the reduced exposure to this hostility makes my time higher quality. I don’t stress or fret about what random people online think of me, about what ails the rest of the West, about the trends I need to watch or the dangers I need to look out for. I have people in my life who will tell me about giant hogweed and terrorist attacks and correct me when I’m wrong. The media and its diversity do not contribute to that understanding of the world. They just feed the negativity.

        I would guess that the IN and NT combination personalities experience this more strongly, but that everyone deep down experiences this hostility between people. The world is not safe. And our regular interactions with people we do not resemble is to blame for most of that experience.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        I too lay a lot of it on diversity

        And I am not simply talking about White folks, black folk, yellow or brown folk but intra-racial conflict. WASP vs the non ethnic Whites, region vs region vs region, catholic vs Protestant, Koreans and Japanese don’t like each other, the various subsets of Latino don’t like each other… jews are fundamentally opposed to every culture…. it is a semi united front. We can see how jews, White women and non Whites flock to the anti White left, but it seems to be the better part of the White men who vote left do not hail from Found Stock such as us Ulster Scots

        That’s why I am a small, ethnic state separatist

      3. superslaviswife

        And ethnicity is pretty intricate, too. Sub-race, religion, customs and culture, wealth, status… Humans will find an excuse to segregate over how to cook a stew, ffs, and we expect to tolerate someone who cooks, sleeps, works, talks, reads and generally lives differently from us, bonded only by geography and either race or religion?

        Sorry, my misanthropy is showing again, isn’t it? :p

      4. SFC Ton Post author

        Legit and misanthropy is reality one you expand past your core group

        Want to dislike people even more? Get into the trucking industry

      5. superslaviswife

        One of Jon’s current security gigs is gatehouse work. The truckers are good guys, security are good guys, the people managing the mess in the middle? Not so much. He’s less affected by the drama, but I can see how the truckers may despair at some of the rubbish management does or doesn’t do.

      6. SFC Ton Post author

        lol the truckers are rubbish here; last 30 days
        Had two walk off the job with loads in the trailer
        1 fail the urine test
        1 start a fight in someone else’s yard
        3 not show up for work

        Brokers etc are more cunning but less moral

      7. superslaviswife

        Jon’s work has the odd issues with truckers arriving at the wrong time, but right now the issue is the planning department is reduced to I believe one guy. Not much more detail I’m happy saying until it’s over and done with, but suffice to say, it’s grinding the whole operation to a halt. And this is a department of a major company. :/

      8. SFC Ton Post author

        lol the big ones are major ass holes, doing what they can to drive out owner operators and what not

        By and large trucking is another usury scheme, leeching money off middle class blue collar guys then they make hauling freight

      9. superslaviswife

        True enough. Here the climate is a bit different: the truckers are basically high-paid couriers running around with pizzas nobody wants. 😛

  5. redpillgirlnotes

    True about women being less able these days, weaker character and constitutions. Most people, really. Think of life 150 years ago, most people today could not make it two weeks w/o electricity and plumbing. Or so they think… To have a strong inner self, fortitude, is a rare but good quality.

    Interesting about IN types as well. I pick up on other’s emotional states easily so I have become very concious about limiting toxic people… And no TV here either!

  6. BuenaVista

    Single women are more unhappy than single men because of their cognitive dissonance: they pursue objectives that are in direct conflict with what their souls, bodies, and emotions want.

    Put another way, how many happy single women do you know over 35 who are planning a life of singlehood? I know zero. ZERO.

    Even if a man has abandoned hope of a rational and fair relationship with a woman in a post-feminist State, he’s not confused about what he wants and needs. He enjoys the happiness of personal insight, of knowing what he wants, of being able to recognize accurately what he wants. He enjoys the respect of his peers — be they married or otherwise.

    (Obviously these observations reflect the male cohort that has transitioned from the self pity/rage states that follow disillusionment. Those guys aren’t happy and don’t want to be, while finding meaning in smearing their unhappiness on the walls of every room they enter.)

    If marriage and family are just another offering on the feminist All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Life, or if you’re the sort of girl who gets a thrill sending back the wine for no reason, your ideology and your nature are in violent conflict. Xanax is in your future.

    Sure, single guys often drink too much. But they’re doing it, usually with friends, plumbing for laughs.

  7. BuenaVista

    Single women are also more unhappy because the SMP discriminates based on biological utility. A 50 something male, properly configured, might pull a college girl’s number. The reverse? Feminism notwithstanding, uh, no. The only 50 something woman in a bar with college boys is either a train wreck or somebody’s mom. Nature is ruthless.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol indeed and I think most 50 year old dudes with sold frame and a decent/ fit appearance would be surprised at the number of 20 something girls willing to ride on the back of his Harely

      1. FNU LNU


        Almost 55 in marginal shape, and I’ve got 20+ 20-30 year old wiminz on the back of my F6B pretty easily. Even had a few say they were DTF.

        Where the fuck were they when I actually wanted 4F ???

      2. FNU LNU

        A few weeks ago I was still a bit hung over from trying to drink away my past, but ended up going for a ride to WV anyway that morning. I stopped at a Sheetz in the middle of some nowhere town to use their rest room. Just as I parked I saw there was a pretty large group of retired pirates sitting at an outside table, and were all staring as i pulled up and parked.

        One of them walked right up, held out his hand and introduced himself, and started asking a lot of questions about the bike. I answered a few and told him that I really had to make a stop, and would be right back out.

        Went in, took care of business, and when I came back out ALL OF THEM were hanging around the bike, and everyone started asking questions. Made my stop about 20 minutes longer than it was going to be, but everyone seemed pretty impressed. What really amazed me was that the one with the most tats & scars leaned towards me and said “yeah, all the people who ride harley’s only use them for cruising, and have goldwings in their garages for the real trips”.

        Although I might now have to worry about having caught scurvy from the pirates, it was actually pretty neat seeing just how interested they all were in my F6B. Even with the car tire on the back!


      3. FNU MNU LNU

        They are great bikes, and I know a couple of people who have done the IB or SS on them as well. I took a hard look at them before I bought anything.

      4. BuenaVista

        FNU, you mentioned you were a pilot. Airframe of choice?

        I hangared at Martin State, Leesburg and Winchester.

        Gold Wings have always intrigued me , but I’m five bikes into the Guzzi rut. About to buy another one, I guess.

      5. SFC Ton Post author

        Gold Winge are amazing machines but man I hate those fucking bikes. Ride more like a convertible Pirus then a motorcycle

        I pretty much loved every bike i’ve sat but not that one…. or BMW’s

      6. FNU MNU LNU

        TB10s are my most favorite. I’ve done the TB20s and 21s. But the 10 are just easy. When I was flying it was out of FDK.

      7. FNU MNU LNU

        I’ve never been drawn to the full GoldWings. And although they are basically the same machines, the F6B just looks different. I was out yesterday and was getting eyed by bitches all morning. Heck, one in a white Acura actually chased after me, and pulled alongside at a red light and started flirting with me. And it certainly ain’t my stunning physique or charming personality that did it.

  8. BuenaVista

    Wednesday an acquaintance had a 750 mile trucking run to commence at midnight. He’s 68 so that’s tough and of course he was unable to complete it legally without a sleeping break. I offered to ‘go with’, as we say in the Nordic parts. I wound up driving 14 of the 15 hours while we talked and he slept and we smoked. I like big Volvos.

    The relevant takeaways were his respectful, adoring phone calls with his wife. He custom farms, drives; she works the counter of a convenience store.

    He lost his farm because his first wife dumped him without warning. (Shes now the County Recorder.) He had to give her half and pay federal taxes. This is when farmers kill themselves: their identity vaporizes without their ground and machinery. He opted instead to sit in a chair for nine months.

    He told me the story of meeting his now-wife. It was no different, in its dynamics, from every man’s surprised-by-love story. They have a 6’3″ 250 pound boy who is younger than one of his grandchildren. His story of their meeting was the second time I saw him happy in six months. The first time was when he opened the lunch his wife had packed. The rest of the time he has been stoic and a bit prickly.

    Because he’s divorced he can’t take communion. We stopped once in a small town to admire a country catholic church he admires and walked inside to view the stained glass properly. He thinks he might be going to Hell because he’s divorced.

    1. Ame

      my late grandfather was divorced when he married my late grandmother in their youth. she was half-irish and catholic, so church was out for them. after he died (he passed first), her very wealthy brother paid someone in the catholic church so her now-deceased husband could go to heaven. my grandmother had some interesting commentary regarding the catholic church saying he was going to hell while he was alive but that his soul could be ransomed by a substantial enough payoff after death.

  9. BuenaVista

    His name is Norm. He’s Irish Catholic so his family was looked down upon out here, and poor. (My grandmother objected to a crush I had on the Irish girl next door.) His dad died at 53. He became the man of the house at 16.

    His belt is a retired master chief petty officer who finished up at White Sands. (Spook.)

    He started talking halfway through this trip. Told me about his high school guidance counselor. Asked him what he wanted to do.


    “What else?”

    “I want to farm.”

    “I guess we’re done here.”

    (His cousin is a true friend, and one of the two smartest people I’ve met here. His high school counselor interview was different: “Farm. Green tractors.”. Dude’s respectable but I draw the line at John Deere underwear.)

    Norm went to the ag university anyway. He was destitute and driving a junker. He backed into a nice car in front of 15 diners. Norm waited. He had no insurance and no cash. No one came out to yell at him.

    So he drafted a note while 15 people watched, and stuck it under the victims car wiper. It read,

    ” I hit your car and everyone watching thinks I’m leaving my information. But I’m not!”

    Norm left Agg and Tech U after one semester and found some ground in the 70s before the bust. He was on track to retire at 52 but as I said, his wife wanted to retire at 40 so he had to sell everything.

    And women can’t figure out why they’re single and on SSRIs.

    We only get one life. Someone should tell the girls.

      1. BuenaVista

        We’re wired, in the end, to go home and tend the soil. True since the Greeks, the Romans, the Scots. Nobody dreams of cubicle farming.

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  11. charleshurstauthor

    Very true SF—-and although I decline with the rhetoric in my own blog— to each their own. Free country and all–and the fact is you are on target. I am financially set, 25% retired already and not even 50, in better shape than most 20 year olds, don’t look my age and want nothing to do with a relationship outside of sunrise. Didn’t want it that way—women and feminism made it that way. Oh by the way ladies–all the Beta Males that are available? They aren’t successful because they. . . are Beta Males—-in and out of the bedroom.

    What a great thing freedom is. I thank the Walking Dude above that I have never walked down the aisle—nor will I as the modern woman has nothing to offer except risk and misery

  12. mgtowhorseman

    A man’s default state is single.
    From the day he is old enough for chores (6-7) he knows that from here on in he will be expected to do work. Starting with physical work. Lawn mowing, snow shovelling. To care for himself, to earn trade in exchange for food or other comfort he is given.
    “Can I have a cookie? Do your chores first.”

    So it is natural that he will provide for his needs and the men in his life teach him.
    He goes camping and learns to cook over a fire. A stove is an upgrade.
    He learns to wash in a stream, a washer is an upgrade.
    He learns to track and hunt, a grocers is an upgrade.

    So he knows he must learn something useful, a trade, a career so he can later pay for those upgrades to make his life easier.

    So his default is physical work to take care of his needs. Anything else is an upgrade to make things easier. An office, not a shovel. A house, not a tent. A car, not a bicycle.

    Along comes the female.
    Like everything else in his life, is she an upgrade? Will she make his life easier?

    The default is WITHOUT her, not WITH her (or any female)

    That is why men are happier single. Life is easier and its what they train for.


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