Hilldabeast vs the alt-right

So the hilldabeast mentioned the alt-right in a speech and the alt- right declares victory

And I don’t get it. Some how the evil one mentioning a very lose confederation of some what right wing interwebz personalities is a victory for a not mainstream political movement. Seems like wishful thinking.


All she did was take a new shot at calling Trump a racist. Which I think Trump handled like a boss. Or has so far


Tying the alt-right to racism and Trump is about rallying the evil one’s troops…. i mean voters and suppressing possible Trump voters. She is trying to fear monger her dupes… I mean voters into showing up on election day. The hilldabeast is not popular even among her own kind. Bernie Sanders was popular. Trump is popular. Hilldabeast is not. Compare how many folks show up for a Trump or Sanders rally vs a Cunt-tin rally. The evil one’s team cannot count on the DNC’s useful idiots voting for her but maybe they will show up to vote against Trump.

On the Trump side of things, tying Trump to us evil racists is an attempt at virtue signaling in the hopes potential lady and better educated  ( ie better indoctrinated) Trump voters will just stay home.  She isn’t trying to win those votes, she is trying to White guilt trip them into staying home.

Why would she go after the alt-right since that’s her plan, and they have been calling Trump  ( who is a jew york big city liberal himself) a racist from the start? Good question with an easy answer

The word racist has been over used and has lost a goodly amount of power. It isn’t as scary as it used to be but by calling out the alt-right, declaring us racist and what not, she has made an attempt to associate Trump with a new, more powerful group of scary evil racist. And to make him look like an easy to manipulate tool of a bunch of internet trolls.

Will the hilldabeast pull it off? Don’t know, can’t say. Time will tell

Will the publicity strength the alt-right? Same to soon to tell answer as above


Unrelated, if I was Trump I would use the hilldabeast words against her in adds.  Trump isn’t spending much money yet which is smart. Money is a finite,  one time use tool and saving his war chest for the final push is smart pool. Hilldabeast is burning through her resources at a rapid pace and is doing so way early in the engagement. Not only using up the money, but the adds will get repetitive, boring and less effective as things get closer to election day because let’s face it voters only care so much  about this shit and there arent very many fressh ideas in the world for the hilldabeast team throw up on tv. Lots of battles have been won by playing rope-a-dope, keeping up your defense, throwing some jabs to keep the other guy swinging ie burning up his combat power without doing much harm, and waiting for the other guy to gas out before unleashing all your reserve firepower

I expect Trump adds to start hitting hard during or after the debates. If any debates. When the Trump adds role he’ll work the corruption and economic woes the hardest because thone two issues cut into her base of support the best. And that’s the time to unleash the evil ones own words. About shutting down coal jobs and not being concerned with every underfunded small business out there. 1st two examples that come to this hillbilly’s mind




12 thoughts on “Hilldabeast vs the alt-right

  1. Anonymous Reader

    Listened to the livestream, it made me laugh when she invoked Bob Dole as a “good conservative”, anyone under the age of 30 have any idea who he is? It was pretty disjointed. She was probably trying to shame Boomers out of voting for Trump. Or maybe rouse up black voters for her? Sounded like a small crowd. Her voice got more and more hoarse toward the end.

    Best part was when she said “alt-right” and paused, someone in the audience yelled “PEPE!”.
    Don’t usually LOL over political stuff, but…

  2. FNU LNU

    Trump needs to start hitting really hard about HC lying to mothers about how their sons or daughters died in the sandbox. Or something about how could you trust her as president, when you know you couldn’t trust her as a daughter in law.

  3. Téa

    At this point, it’s not so much whether or not she is an effective manipulator. People who plan on voting for her will do so regardless. It’s just a numbers game. It boils down to the question if if the rest of us have enough stamina to pull the wire from these zombies. Is it worth the effort? I just view the upcoming election drama as a performance art, an animated exhibit, or however you wish to define it.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol legit
      Way I reckon things
      Trump’s base is fairly motivated, her’s is not so she has to keep the rally going until election day, and suppress Trump enthusiasm

      Plus survive the debates, if there are any.

      While Trump only needs to keep it close until the end, then spend his war chest

  4. BuenaVista

    The ‘alt right’ is just this year’s version of ‘the vast right wing conspiracy’. No one knows what all right means, so to be fair, perhaps it will work for her.

    If she’s elected, ‘Governing’ and ‘criminal bahavior’ will be conjoined. If Tea thinks that is performance art instead of civic suicide, why Tea cleverer than the rest of us. I’m going with civic and social suicide.

  5. evolutiontheorist

    The whole business is hilarious. Alt-right is tiny; vast majority of Trump’s support comes from normal folks. She’s basically using her platform as one of the most visible, famous people in America to drive traffic to alt-right blogs and sites.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Reckon that’s the alt-right’s hope

      I’m pretty sure most folks didn’t listen to her speech, and those who did are either to lazy to fire up a thinking machine or a true progressive believer

      Welcome by the way


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