Ton and training vs injuries, age and heat

These days my training slows down in the summer. Something got to give and it’s unlikely to be the heat

Winter or summer I mostly train outdoors. Winter a little less so because the rain makes heavy lifting dangerous. Getting injured in training is worse than useless. Any rate, I already have a list of injuries longer then my arm and most days this time of year are near on 100 with humidity to match. When I was a younger man, over training wasn’t an issue. These days? My body just needs a break and the combination of heat, age and injuries makes recovery a bitch

So I back off the heavy weight. Well I have been doing that for awhile now, trying to keep my squat and deadlift around 600 pounds and my push press around 325, but right now I am not doing back squats or traditional deadlifts at all

Number one thing I have changed with age is how I run gear. In the day it would have been whinny, tren e, tes p, halos right before contest and however much anavar I could afford

Right now it’s more about hormone replacement then heavy training. I’m running 4iu of hgh(grey top because of price) everyday, 200 mgs of tes p every other day, 75mcgs of t3 per day, and a shit load of different anti estrogens. I take the bitch tit battle serious

Diet? The heat kills my appetite. It’s a large factor in why training is the summer is such a bitch. Couple eggs, half a bagel or a couple peices of fish and some corn on the cob… yeah that’s pretty much it. When I eat out I get the lightest meal on the menu. I’ll eat a bigger meal maybe every 3days or so. It’s all fucked up but there it is. I also drink Gatorade this time of yeah. I am not eating much so drinking my calories is less of an issue

Training? I am still training through out the day, and almost every day. Anyrate hour 15 minutes of training does not offer set a sedentary lifestyle. Owning 3 business equals sedentary lifestyle.

Most mornings I get up at 4am, take a piss and get started; 5-10 box jumps with a 45 pound kettle bell in each hand, 8-10 lunges (per leg) with the aforementioned kettle bells, 12-15 over head squats the kettle bells. That’s one set. I do that 3-5 times. 3sets being way more common. Then I do 3-5sets of 8-10 reps of over head press with the kettle bells, the same for floor presses,  then the ab wheel, then curls, then over head extensions. All in the same super set manner, with the same kettle bells. This is maybe 30 minutes worth of work. The weight is low, the  focus on speed/explosion and short rest intervals

Make breakfast, take the dog for a walk. From my house, down the ravine to the main feeder creek and back is near on 5 miles. It’s an easy walk.  A nice asphalt trail, lots of shade, creek for the dog to fuck around in and a rather decent set of stairs. I sprint up those stairs 3-10 times, normally 5 or so, rarely do the 10.

Home for more chow, a shower and work…. I mostly work from home. Being able to workout when I am bored is a major advantage of working from home. Same for when things are slow. Mostly I take phone calls about trucking issues. Lots of time to train. Anyrate, during the day I am looking to do up to 300 reps of certain movements. The 300 rep days means no additional weight.

Those movementsort are, gluten ham raise, ab work off the ghr bench, low back extention of some sort, more bicep and triceps work. Seems like a lot of work but it isn’t. Most days it’s 5-8sets of 15-25 reps. Whatever weight/rep range I use, I am not using so much weight I have to push hard. As in I have taken business calls while I train. 5-10 minutes of work every 45 minutes or so. Tops. My ellbows hurt like hell if I don’t do 100 easy reps of biceps/ triceps every two days or so

Evening training is normally a single strongman event and/ or beating a tire with a hammer. Again here I am not looking to do much. Normally no more then a total of 25 reps if I am cleaning and overhead pressing, lifting stones or tire flipping. Distance on a carry event is probably 15-20 yards(length of my driveway), no more then 10 trips. 6-8 being typical. 3-5 three minutes rounds on the tire hammering

That’s it in a nutshell.  I kayak…. fish from a kayak on occasions vs training. Some mornings I’ll skip the walk and kettle bells stuff to work hard on power cleans, front squats or overhead squats. Normally overhead squats. I mostly kayak and fish when i am at the beach house with the Girls and Ton Spawn. I do have a couple of kettle bells there, a natural stone that weighs about 200 pounds and another tire to flip, but I never train more then 30 minutes when I am there. I will walk the dogs some but mostly when I am there kayaking, fishing and fucking is all the exercise I get

44 thoughts on “Ton and training vs injuries, age and heat

  1. BuenaVista

    There are no replies because everyone’s going, “Holy fuck. Non qualified to comment.”

    That routine right there is a bestselling book.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol the only time consuming part is the walk. Everything else is rarely more then 30 minutes, some times its 5 minutes of work every 30-45 minutes while I do office bullshit

      It’s been a magic bullet for me and my overall health, thought I am not nearly as strong or as explosive. The walking has been a godsend for my back, hips etc.

      1. Big-Al

        Damn good job Ton. I cant bang out the weights or heavy cardio in the morning. Im always get nauseous if I push hard right after I wake up, especially with no breakfast. Always evening work outs for me

  2. BuenaVista

    “The Firearms, Firepower and Fuck Yeah! (Bitches) Workout” by SFC Ton

    Some smirking chicks mowing the yard in their underwear, while you lift up cars and rip trees out of the ground, would add value.

  3. BuenaVista

    I walk a lot, usually between 2 and 6 am. Its a different world then.

    I wasn’t joking about the book. Get a decent photographer and some wannabe lingerie models, done deal. I’m happy to help you find a writer.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Which is why most people are unhealthy and I am 46 and still banging out my bitches 😉

      Clearly the steroids help. Drastic improvement in recovery time but my sex life and life in general is robust because I am very fit. Outside my various injuries doctors are amazed at my overall healthy

      All is well domestically but we are not living together right now. They are in the beach house with the Ton Spawn, i’m on the lake. They come here once a week, I go to them once a week. Summers on Top Sail Island are to hectic for my head space health. I’ll be out there full time in another couple of weeks. If I can sell my share of the bar by then

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        Oh those are steroids? I thought they were supplements or vitamins.

        Even so you are way more active than most people. Sounds like you basically never stop moving! I am a slug by comparison and some people say I am active! In any case it seems to work for you and it probably keeps you out of jail so do what ya gotta do! So is your yard like perfectly landscaped and your house spotless, too? Lol.

  4. Quail

    With so much shit in our modern food causing hormonal issues, hormone therapy isn’t a crazy idea for a lot of guys these days.

    Main worry I’d have about doing a cycle is possible impotency.

    What’s the point of fuckin if there’s no possibility of getting the chick pregnant? (of course you’ve already had kids so I doubt that’s as much of a problem for you)

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      If you want to shot a baby in her, back off the tess for awhile so your swimmers regroup.

      However 3 out of the 4 Ton protogney were convecived while I was running gear.

  5. Quail

    I’ve read that gear can fuck up your chances of siring kids in the long run.

    Why no more back-squat, btw? Too much load on the spine?

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Naw not long term…. well maybe if you run large amounts of tes for years without end

      Hmmmm hip injuries, shoulder injuries…. squatted competently for decades and i’ve had enough.

      I eeked out 834 last year and been sick of back squats ever since

  6. Sumo

    These days, my workout is tame compared to The Ton – walk about 10,000 steps per day, heft some big ol’ pig carcasses. lift 20 liter (5.3 gallon) buckets of broths. Not exactly sexy, but it gets the job done.

    On the other hand, I get to play with knives a lot, so there’s that.

      1. Sumo

        Five by five, Nii-san. Cold weather is returning, which means folks want moar hot soup in their bellies. Which mean more $$ for The Mighty Sumo and his friends.

        Sadly, that also means that sundress season is ending, but the wimminfolk up here in The Great Frozen WasteLand are pretty good at rocking the Arctic Yoga gear. 😛

      2. Sumo

        “Losing” women means less than nothing to me, Nii-san. More than enough broads eye-rape me while I’m working my kitchen magic to ever make me worried about the odd one who is inexplicably immune to my charms.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        Cyp is old school and causes a fair amount of unpleasant side effects, water retention, skin stuff like pimples and more likely to cause bitch tit. Plus it’s pretty damn strong , ie weight gain, muscle and fat, and slow acting. Takes about 2 weeks to kick in

        Enth is good stuff, basically the new version of Cyp, so less water, fat, zits etc, but still puts on more weight and is slow acting

        Prop kicks in quickly like a day or two. So you can tell if you need to adjust your dose quickly, and tell when you have it dailed in quickens. Less weight can, ie muscle and far and water, but what you put on is more likely to be lean muscle mass. Also tends to be less zits and bitch tits… except for me

        I’m not competing so I don’t feel the need to run the mass gain stuff like Enth or Cyp

        Right tool for the job and all

  7. Ame

    have read several of your posts, including one about your nieces and your intervention on their behalf.

    first, what you have done is admirable. i cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to have anyone in my family care enough to do something like that. ever. your SIL has no idea what an incredible gift you are to her and those two girls. i love my brother, but there’s no way he’d ever, ever, go out of his way to be there for my girls and/or me.

    second … was simply wondering how they’re doing.

  8. Keoni Galt

    I also drink Gatorade…

    Dump the gatorade and try coconut water (unsweetened/no added sugar). The best comes from Thailand (naturally sweeter than south American coconut water). We have some good coconut water here in Hawaii as well, but Thai is the best.

    You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes versus Gatorade. Gatorade replaces the salt and sugar you lose from sweating, but it doesn’t replace a lot of other vitamins and minerals you lose in your sweat, like potassium, magnesium and manganese. Coconut water does. And those minerals and trace elements make all the difference in the world when it comes to endurance and performance.

    1. Anonymous Reader

      Given how useful and valuable coconut oil is, coconut water makes sense.
      Never really liked the look or tase of Gatorade anyway, if that’s all there is I drink water.

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        For some reason I like the green apple version but generally stay away from it due to calories

        Fruit juice or any drink with a lot of sugar puts flab on me damn near instantly

      2. Anonymous Reader

        Sugar that can’t be used will be stored as fat. Simple carbs that convert to sugar, same deal.
        Friend of mine from Alabama dropped over 50 pounds in one year, pound a week, by cutting out sugar. It was tough. No more sweet tea or moon pies or any other pie, and so forth. Something like 250 with a big ol’ gut down to 200 and the only exercise he was getting was maybe going for a walk every other day. If he’d taken up lifting he’d have looked even better.

        That whole USDA food pyramid is junk science.

  9. honeycomb

    Ton .. you’ve gotten this site rolling since my last visit. Looks good brother.

    I have the same appetite problem in the heat .. but .. as I’ve aged it seems to be year round now. So, I have moved to eating in a 6 hour window from lunch (ish) till 6 pm. I like it a lot .. except trying to eat all of my food in just 6 hours. Which can be tough to get all of my macro’s and micro’s.

    But, heck .. I ain’t carrying a lot of muscle these days. I’m back to my triathlon days .. 5’8″ and 165 (ish) pounds. My strength and conditioning is different too with my age now pushing almost 50 years old. Front Squats, Dead-Lifts, Weighted Dips and Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups. The rest of my conditioning as gone to the dark-side (i.e. CrossFit) .. which I like as an Older Guy.

    It’s hard staying in shape for what life throw’s at you. But, it’s your (e.g. our) responsibility to do so.

    Good to see things running smoothly on your side of the internet.


      1. honeycomb

        I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t trouble from time to time.

        But, I scale things like pull-ups .. I DO NOT butterfly pull-ups .. I kip only .. my time suffers compared to the elite athletes who butterfly. But, I ain’t doing that crap and hurting myself.

        I want to exercise for a long time to come so here’s the break-down:
        Overhead moves (Olympic lifts) such as OverHead Squats or Snatches or Power Cleans to an overhead movement .. such as pressing (push, jerk .. etc) I don’t go as heavy as I could. I rarely use the recommended weight if it’s heavy for the workout of the day (WOD).

        I do go heavy in the Strength portion of the WOD’s though.

        I the only injury I had was from Muscle-Ups and Chest to Bar pull-ups. That happened in May of this year and I am almost 100% again with my left shoulder. Which required me to take a month off to help heal.

        Overall .. I am pleased with Crossfit. I can get in and get out quick. Time management is a biggie for me now regarding workouts. As long as you scale the movement and/or weight you can make it work. I only do my strength training, in addition to the crossfit training (four days a week), three days a week. Plus my other outdoor activities.

        So, if you can put ego aside (which is really easy now .. odd .. must be my age .. lol) and make it a healthy one hour of your day that you use as a tool to maintain or improve your conditioning .. then it is great tool.

        But, yes .. my shoulders are my weakest area by far. I can still squat the planet and run fast enough to stop the rotation of the planet .. but my shoulders are always on my mind when it comes to protecting my future workouts.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        Shoulders are the most complex joint/ muscle region we as humans have

        They are everyone’s weakest point. Part of the design

        Beef #1 with CF has always been reckless disregard for shoulder health. Especially for men above 200 pounds. The Olympic lifts can wreck your shoulders with a quickness and few CF coach’s can train people adequately on those lifts. All the versions of cheating with pullups is bad news for shoulders and they don’t seem to schedule training and any manner designed to limit over use injuries

        So I am glad you are doing what you can to side step some of that

        Beef #2 has always been, CF dues are useless when it comes down to hard work in brutal conditions, like building bunkers in the A-stan, carrying yourself and 170 pounds of gear up the hindukush in the summer etc etc

      3. Ame

        “Shoulders are the most complex joint/ muscle region we as humans have
        They are everyone’s weakest point. Part of the design”

        – – –
        i didn’t know that. interesting. perhaps an explanation as to why my shoulder has been so irritable lately. boo.

  10. honeycomb

    Absolutely agree with your beef’s Ton.

    I have few more to add to your list. But, it’s a long list .. I’ll keep it civil and not post’em ;@) ..

    I am sorta the expert / sme (subject matter expert) at our box on helping people discover scaling options for healthy living using crossfit as a vehicle.

    My rates are adjusted accordingly :@D

    The funny thing is the worst injury I’ve had to date was demon’strating a full squat clean .. I used a light weight that the student could use .. well .. I introduced my chin to the bar .. lol .. I chipped a tooth .. it wasn’t bad .. but it wasn’t pleasant either .. good thing my ego is a lot smaller these days (sounds of chuckling).


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