Family joke, serious economic thinking


Well, I mighta’ been born just poor white trash
But I sold a million records; made a little cash
The doctors and the lawyers don’t think it funny
That they’re living next door to white trash with money

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We were out on our dock, bbq’ing, swimming, drinking a little wine, setting off fireworks, being to lazy you put the boat in the water… enjoying a little family time when that song came on the iPod. Ms Dumb but Sweet laughed and said something like “Daddy, this should be your theme song”, before turning it up and dancing like a loon. She is my joy and yeah…. not funny in the retelling, but we all chuckled at the time. Expect Ton Spawn. He almost never laughs or smiles.

She was funny in the moment, as she normally is, but her observation is false. Not the born poor White trash part, or the making a little money part but we don’t live next to doctors or lawyers. We pretty much live next to blue collar sorts.

All the houses around us are on a lake, deep, clear clean water. No high speed motorboats allowed. Everyone has a lake view. Way more trees then people. 5.5 mile round trip walking trail, mostly river front, takes you to another lake community. Trees and ridge lines separate us from the rest of the world. A little shack, and old man with a glock keeps out the rift raft. MostIy the houses are 2400 sqft and up, no lot under 1/3 an acer. Hell the cheap condos go for 180k.

The beach house is on the inter-coastal, 7 houses in a row. All with our own dock, boat lift, boat house, and personal boat ramp. Houses vary a lot more but terrain dictates a lot. We all have those stilt houses. Lots are perfect rectangles, 6 out if the 7 are 1/2 acers of flat grass. One guy has a pool, we have a mini elevator, fishing clean station, outdoors fresh water shower and a hot tubel Wet lands means no more development around us. It’s only us down there so very little boat or road traffic.

Anyrate, it got me to thinking  ( dangerous pass time I know) but none of my actual neighbors are doctors or lawyers. They come as renters for a week or two(@ the lake resort), many to the same house year after year but my neighbors are construction related business owners. Almost universally. One guy owns some fast food joints, another is a former entertainer, 2 are in real-estate, one dude makes his money off golf…. couple of former CEO’s….. no doctors, no lawyers, but we do have an Ivy leaguer. I even looked through the homeowners association stuff that list all the owners with short bios

I know less about my neighbors at the beach. I avoid the area during the peak season, but love it there in the fall, winter and spring so I am only now logging any serious time there. One is a local, pimping Lord knows what to terrorist… I mean tourists.  One is in good ol’ HVAC,  one does large scale drainage and pipe stuff. Most of my money comes from trucking. Blue collar for 4 out of the 7 of us on that little section of the inter-costal water way. 5 out of the 7 live there full time, family comes and go, seemingly at will, but none of us rent to vacationers.


The question is, do lawyers, doctors and the “educated elite” lack the disposable income to be owners? Not that they don’t make enough money, but is their overhead to high? Student loans, keeping up with the jones etc….  Those types of degrees and professions are rather common. You’d think we’d live next to one. The median salary for those gigs aren’t very impressive. Or is it cultural? Do they lack the free time to enjoy owning second homes, making renting a place a few weeks a year the more rational choice? Do they choose more upscale resort type locals?  Making two spererate UMC/  UC americas? And if that is so, does that make america more or less fragmented?  Are they rootless? Enjoying 6 weeks of vacation a year, 2 weeks at a time at a different spot every time vs the family ties building block type deal of owning second homes,  going to the same lake, taking the same boat, to the same couple of spots to catch the same kind of fish, year after year, world without end, amen? Do they choose more urban locations?

None of it particularly important but it got me to thinking



40 thoughts on “Family joke, serious economic thinking


    Because they are too uppity to go to a place like that. They’d rather go broke going to the Hamptons, or Martha’s Vineyard, or some other foo-foo place.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      That is the heart of the matter, least wise on the america disloving itself.

      We already know there is no real unity in the usa. Not between the South and yankees, not bewteen urban and rural, men and women, White or Black, rich or poor but clearly there is no unity between Whites and Whites, poor and poor, wealthy and wealthy etc

      No common ground between urban and rural, South vs north or between races all make sense. The disunity between income brackets makes much less sense.

      1. FNU MNU LNU

        Because it is all about “what” you are, not who you are as a person.

        And women are particularly inflicted with that mindset.

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        As a rule, women don’t have a mind set beyond me, me me. Even the Girls who I adore love me because I bring them peace and scare away the scary

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        They have an odd set of status singling
        I know two guys who as they moved up started apping a lot of the umc ideals, blue collar that they were
        No more american muscle cars, but old jags were OK
        No more Harleys but BMW’s and Goldwings

        That sort of stuff. Essentially the same, but umc approved versions of their former life.

      4. FNU MNU LNU

        The last one was more interested in which agency I retired from, than who I was deep down as a person. Sigh…

      1. theasdgamer

        Thanks for axing…I’m still dancing…women are still giving me ioi’s and shit, lol…Mrs. Gamer is still showing signs of being in love…she’s half nuts with Gamer daughter #1 moving away and getting married next month…a buzzed young married broad was passionate and hugged and kissed me PASSIONATELY…I hadn’t seen her in a few months…at first that made me feel really good, but then the penny dropped…good thing her old man wasn’t around…then she called me to come out dancing with her, her husband, and his friends…I had screwed up and given her my landline number…oops!…Mrs. Gamer might have picked up…I was nervous in the service…some folks who don’t like me might have told him about our carryings-on…trouble…I chatted him up…passed one of his tests…danced with his wife a few times, but mostly ignored her…shook hands with both of them when leaving, lol…she looked annoyed…married broads aren’t on my menu…this broad has non-trivial self-control issues…best avoid her

        Great post, btw…made me think

      2. theasdgamer

        Yeah, my silly PG-rated shenanigans are pretty amusing…I’d rather be on the lake with you and your outfit, to be honest. It really keeps hitting home how I can’t let these silly women affect my frame or my mission. I don’t let broads maul me on the dance floor any more. I’ll force them to keep their distance and say something fun like, “I don’t like to cuddle with a woman before we have sex.”

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Yeah regular docs make shit compared to school loans and overhead.

      I think once you factor in overhead, Girl#1 probably does as well on take home vs a family/ internal medicine doc


    I think it was more about position status, than money. The income part didn’t seem to matter. Really seemed to be in to my “title”. Female cops seem to be all about the guys rank.

  3. Ame

    i wonder if it’s also b/c they work too much and take little time off.

    the ob/gyn who delivered my babies is in his early 60’s now. our paths crossed at a funeral a couple years ago, and he said they finally brought in some new docs to their practice, so he finally gets to take Christmas day off.

    idk … that was just my first thought … that they don’t take much time off anyway … and also that they like to live close to where they work – hospitals, court houses. i don’t do body things so don’t care to hang around med people … and absolutely hate lawyers and all legal stuff, so i stay far away from those types, too.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Most definitely part of it. Both professions are grind stones.

      You make more money off a series of employees then you do your own labor but in those professions, employees are three to create more time for the doctor/ lair to see more victims.

      1. Ame

        “You make more money off a series of employees then you do your own labor but in those professions, employees are three to create more time for the doctor/ lair to see more victims.”

        had not thought of it that way before, but you are absolutely correct.

        – – – – –

        my first husband was in finance and easily worked 12-15 hours a day, resting some on weekends to watch football and go to church (never missed church, even for football). would have loved to have gone back and earned his JD after his MBA, had a brilliant legal mind so could have done so easily, but it was too much for me.

        his type never learned to play as hard as he worked. and he hated being out in nature – much preferred urban settings … hated yard work and all manual labor – much preferred to hire it all done … didn’t even like it when i did stuff like that. funny that he had a ton in retirement but never planned to actually retire. got intensely angry with me when our oldest played basketball for a season b/c he had to adjust his work schedule to make it to her games, and work was important.

      2. FNU MNU LNU

        Some men are just of the belief that the way to be a good husband and father, is to earn as much money as they can for their family. Some just aren’t geared for anything but that.

      3. Ame

        sadly, it wasn’t our kids or me he was trying to please … it was his dad. no matter what he did or accomplished, it was never enough to gain his father’s approval. powerful demons that haunted him and drove him every moment of his life. his dad (retired pastor) and brother (a former pastor) gave the eulogy at his funeral … it was so demeaning and terrible that two very prominent people came up to my sister afterwards (as i was tied up w/our girls in the receiving line) and asked her to pass along their apologies for what dad and bro did. it was … shocking. even in his death he wasn’t good enough for his dad or brother.

      4. FNU MNU LNU

        I didn’t say that he was trying to please you or the girls. Just doing what he had been brainwashed to believe he should do.

  4. Sumo

    Expect Ton Spawn. He almost never laughs or smiles.

    That will only last until Uncle Sumo comes to visit. If nothing else, the little guy will learn to laugh at my chubby cheeks and slanty eyes.

  5. thedeti

    I think the answers to your questions are a function not only of overhead but also of region, and subcultural differences.

    Most people from the Midwest, where I’m from, don’t have second homes. Most physicians and lawyers don’t own second homes. A few do, but they are the “outdoorsy” types or the “go south for the winter” types whose kids are grown and gone. Doctors and lawyers who are raising kids don’t tend to have second homes because they’re sinking lots of cash into kid educations and private lessons. Kids are hugely expensive. As for vacations, it runs the gamut, I think, from no vacations to staycations to differing locations every year. I suspect culturally it’s the same in the mid south coast.

    Another thing to consider is that most doctors and lawyers aren’t wealthy enough to own second homes. They are wealthy enough to live comfortable lives day to day, month to month and year to year. They even have extreme comforts like luxury cars, large homes, and exotic vacations. But they don’t have extravagant lifestyles and don’t earn enough to purchase a second home. They live well, and are upper middle class, but they aren’t upper class.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      Do you think a second home is more of a Southern thing? It was common for prosperous Southern to have town homes to escape the heat and humidity, as well as conduct business.

      I would also say there is a strong tendency down here to look down on eurocars etc and respect a small cabin, hunting lodge etc even if the costs are equivalent or more extravagant.

      1. Big-Al

        Id rather have a nice piece of land to hunt on in East Texas over anything else…(dare I say it)…even a muscle car. It will cost more for sure lol

  6. thedeti

    Oh yeah…

    And a lot of doctors and lawyers are “new money” or “new upper middle class”. That means culturally and in the way they live life day to day, year to year, they are middle class or even lower middle class in their sensibilities and tastes. They tend to run conservative and frugal. THey don’t tend to think about purchasing second homes. They consider upgrading what they have at home, saving more money, conserving wealth, and saving for retirements, and perhaps keeping the wife home while husband is breadwinner with his medicine or law or business degree. So they have money to live well, but live well in their means and aren’t looking to upgrade houses or purchase second homes.

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      New money ? That’s all we have down here since the war of northern aggression but 80% or more of the wealthy men I interact with are new money. Baby boomers most likely

      I did learn one for my neighbors is a lawyer. The tax and estate planning sort. At one point he was crushing it, not taking any clients worth under 5 million. Back when 5 mill was serious monsy. The economic downturn crushed him and his house here on the Internet coastal is rather modest compared to the height of his wealth in the middle 90’s

      I wonder if the wealth generated by construction, property investments etc are more recession proof then the wealth generated by skilled trades like the law and doctoring?

      1. Ame

        “I wonder if the wealth generated by construction, property investments etc are more recession proof then the wealth generated by skilled trades like the law and doctoring?”

        very interesting question; i’d be interested in the answer, too.

        i wonder if the difference is the person acquiring the wealth – if those who are doctors and lawyers live and spend and invest their wealth differently based on what perceived expectations / roles.

      2. Big-Al

        I work in commercial contracting. My boss is way wealthier than any doctors or lawyers around…with no crippling student loan debt

  7. happyhousewifey

    My father is a medical specialist and there are lawyers and judges in the family, too. We live in a very crowded Euro land.
    One lawyer lives in a tiny apartment to be able to take care of her elderly parents and spends a lot on charity. A lot of them live in urban areas because it’s near impossible to get through traffic to work from the few nature places there are. And they are not rich enough to afford them – place like you described would cost millions, maybe tens of millions, here.
    My father always lamented how much richer he would have been in the States, but it’s a big step to emigrate. Even a worn-out land like ours gives us ties and history that are hard to let go of.
    We would love love love to live in a place like you described (or even quieter), but husband (software tester) cannot find work there. Maybe one day…

    1. SFC Ton Post author

      lol land is cheap here in comparison. Especially so in the Rural South

      Through strongman and powerlifting I have some fairly close friends from Europe. We are similar yet so very different, most of them had no real idea about the size and scope of america. Then they struggle to convey it to friends and family

      One friend was trying to defend americans for not having passports or second languages. He was frustrated because he couldn’t get people to understand here in the usa, you can drive from key West Florida to Dead Horse Alaska, 4000 miles-ish and nother need a passport or speak anything but English.

      Then it only gets more difficult from there.

      As for coming here… while a vagabond at heart, it is good to be rooted in blood and soil, kith and kin. I never know how to advise people on moving to some place new.

      1. happyhousewifey

        🙂 one American once told me many of you don’t even know how to name 5 European countries and their capitals. I replied that most of us can’t name five American states and their capitals xD (I tried and guessed all wrong, and I’m pretty well-rounded).

        Problematic, being rooted to soil and kin when your kin is going extinct and your country is overrun by people who spit on your culture. I think our families have more in common, than we do with the people next door. It’s something people in the European Union have literally admitted to planning. This most powerful man in EU, some German finance man, said Europe will go down due to inbreeding if we don’t let Africa in. That kind of planning is nothing ordinary folks can do anything about. It’s a subtler kind of genocide. Government cracks down hard on our people, police will show up at the door if you tweet against asylum seekers in your town. But real crimes aren’t being handled and criminals laugh at our petty justice system. We’re not allowed guns. The shame of being a criminal was enough to deter locals from doing wrong, not enough for the newcomers. We’re planning on leaving our homeland. Hurts, though. Social democracy worked for decent people who took pride in hard work and were happy to contribute to support those unable to. Now it’s hollowed out by fakers and lazy people who take pride in NOT contributing. The people who saw it coming, were so vilified by the media and government, that their own friends didn’t dare be seen having dinner with them. So, go down with the ship? No, not when you have children.

        I’m putting my hopes on space travel 🙂

      2. SFC Ton Post author

        That sort of shit isn’t any better here on the macro level, but you could buy your people a generation or two at the micro.

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