Ton on voting

The Ton voted today. Took advantage of the early voting option. I have property in 3 county’s so I need a head start on the voting circus. I walked in, rattled off some minor, easy to obtain personal information, voted for Trump and walked the fuck out…. sort of.

I didn’t pull the R level to cast a straight Republican down ballot ticket, Fuck those fuckers. They haven’t earned my vote. Neither party has but a vote for Trump is a vote to kick the hornets nest and well that’s worth voting for

I did scroll through the down ballot elections. If I saw a woman running for some office I went ahead and voted for her male opponent. Mostly to amuse myself. I doubt it makes a difference.

It’s been years since I voted in a federal election. Not since Jesse Helms retired. I use to vote in the county and state level elections but the men I knew and respected at that level have all aged out.

I can’t recall ever voting in a federal election but not in the local runs. Strange days.

Voting is an exercise in power, when you vote you are forcing your will on to others. Politely at 1st, but the government will turn it’s guns onto anyone who does not submit themselves to the laws and political authority of the election winners. Like most of civilzation, voting is eye wash. An illusion of politeness, backed up by raw power and naked force.

The government will allow you to exercise power via voting if you can’t read or write, if you don’t have a way of proving who you are, where you live etc and here in NC, they allow handicap folks to vote curb side from their cars.

Insanity to me. How can you be aware of what is going on politically if your body is so crippled you can’t walk into the polling place? How can you be allowed to exercise power over your “fellow citzens” If you can’t prove you are a citzens? Or understand what is a stake?

The whole system is flawed. Long term, there is no political solution, there is no restoring the Constitution or the Republic. There is only preparing for the end and trying to figure out what’s next

13 thoughts on “Ton on voting

  1. theshadowedknight

    I have said that we need at least a hundred years of no immigration–white or otherwise, excepting perhaps the South Africans and Rhodesians –for at least a hundred years. Let Dixie go its own way, then the rest of America has to figure out who we are as a people. Until we know who we are, and what it means to be American, we will remain confused about our place in the world, and what we must do to secure it.

    The Shadowed Knight

    1. theshadowedknight

      Rhodesia was a real nation. Zimbabwe is a scheme to kill the Afrikaners and steal everything they own. The greatest revenge would be to save the Afrikaners, and thus doom the niggers to the worst fate that can befall them: themselves.

      The Shadowed Knight

      1. SFC Ton Post author

        There were a large number of locals who did support and fight for the Rhodesian government. Perhaps even the majority.

        Same goes for South Africa as well

        It was a rather complex domestic political situation, but the usa should shut down all immigration for a couple of generations.

        I would like to be a nice guy and agree to immigration from South Africa etc where Whites are being genocide, but at the same time various White ethnic groups, Poles, Slavs, Germans, Italians, Irish, Sweds etc have been an utter wrecking ball to the idea of limited government and individual liberty/ sovereignty. Well them and the damnyankees

      2. theshadowedknight

        Limited government is dead. Whatever that looked like once, it is all gone. Having a bunch of hardy, independent Afrikaners in one corner of America is not going to change that much, either way. Which is why I say the immigration stop. I am a quarter Anglo. The rest mixed in just the right portions to end up with close to an Anglo attitude. I do not and can not know what it is to be full on Anglo and have the attitudes thereof. I like to think that I am close, but I do not know. That is shared by nearly every white in America. Who are we as a nation. We are not English, or Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Norwegian. We are American–but what does that mean?

        Kill Massachusetts and bring in the Afrikaners to replace them. Then set about finding out.

        The Shadowed Knight

      3. SFC Ton Post author

        You can be american
        I’m Southern and want to persevere what little we have left

        But I think you would be disappointed with how liberal the typical Afrikaner is

      4. theshadowedknight

        I wish you well, and wish to see you gone. Separation with fraternal respect and affection is the best outcome. No ill will, but I recognize that our fates are different.

        Everybody is liberal. That the masses are shortsighted does not surprise me, any more than women surprise me with deception. That is their way. A failure of the warrior and noble classes to lead properly reflects poorly on them, not on the people who have to bear an unfamiliar burden for which they are unprepared. Give it a few generations, and their grandchildren will be far more racist than I am. All they need is the proper direction.

        The Shadowed Knight

  2. Somebody

    Rule #1 of the criminal class; make sure they can’t vote you out of office. Its why Felons can’t vote … by LAW enshrined by the criminals. Since Felons have been to prison they know who the real criminals are. Cops. Judges. Lawyers. Politicians. THE PRESS. Get a gun and kill the mofos and vote them out of office to rid them of power. Anyone surprised that a Felon can’t vote or own a gun ? Anyone surprised it used to take a Charles Manson to be a Felon and now it takes a parking ticket ?????????? ANYONE ?????

    1. FNU MNU LNU

      Isn’t that the fucking truth. It’s all about control, and not about doing what’s right for the country.

      Some town near me just outlawed using bows or crossbows anywhere within the town limits. Why? Someone saw someone else shooting arrows in their own back yard and complained about it. The mayor called an emergency session to have a ordinance passed two days later.

      This the same town that spent 2 months salary for an undercover op that netted almost nothing, two pills and 5 grams of pot:


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