26 thoughts on “Movies vs real life

  1. George Liquor American

    Seeing Holy Holm beat the shit outta Ronda Lousey Rousey was really satisfying given how much shit Ronda has been known to talk. I am all psyched for Amanda Nunez to brutally put her into retirement.

  2. George Liquor American

    Oh you saw that interview too where her mom said her trainer should have been fired along time ago. More on the latest Honda Rousey drama with Coach Shelton Harrison:

  3. redpillgirlnotes

    Even a guy who doesn’t work out is usually stronger than a “strong” female. It may sell movies but irl girls aren’t any match for a guy in a fight.

    That’s why women’s violence is usually sneaky and deceptive. Poison or something rather than hand to hand…

    1. Linny

      I know a few guys that have endured physical violence from women but it was because they would not hit the women back nor would they restrain them. In fact they never even laid a complaint against them.

      1. Linny

        I think a lot of men do not hit back or restrain because they know they will end up on the shitty end of the stick. Those that I know just removed themselves from the situation.
        Unfortunately, a lot of the women who use violence turn around and use the children as a weapon when an actual separation or divorce takes place. So it ends up a no win situation for the man.

      1. redpillgirlnotes

        I don’t plan pn poisoning anyone either, I am just saying (badly) that if a woman (like me) were to commit violence, it’s usually sneaky underhanded violence, not hand to hand combat.

        But yeah, women can’t even fight each other well hand to hand most of the time, much less fight a guy.

  4. happyhousewifey

    One thing though. Most people are so dazed from a hit you have basically won if you can land one decent punch, you can run or even walk away unharmed if you hit the other one first. Most people are not fighters. A strong, well trained woman definitely has better chances against anyone who might attack her (if only for the fact she tries to do something other than cower) than an average one. It just takes sooooooo much time to get to that level that it doesn’t seem worth it (women who fight usually only do so in groups, so not much use getting strong against them).
    Me, I’m so badass I once fainted when my husband came home early (heard the door open, registered a man come in but not that it was him, thought he was a burglar). I heard that’s good defense against bears though, playing dead, so I’m not going to worry about it 😉

    1. Stephanie

      LOL you sound like you’re talking about the Knock out game. You need to get guns! If I hear anything strange at the door (my husband works evenings) I get our gun, load it, and check everything out.

      1. BuenaVista

        Question is, Condition 1 or 2?

        Agree with Ton, you’re silly to have a weapon if it isn’t operational.

        I’m anti-American in this respect. I don’t carry or store cocked and locked. It works for the Israelis, it works for me. (Israelis do not allow personnel to carry with a chambered round.)

    2. Linny

      My first husband was leo. He told me if I found myself in a bad situation I was to kick the man in the knee with all my strength. He said it takes two legs to chase someone so take one out. Lucky for me I never had to test that theory.

  5. Linny

    No hand guns allowed in my neck of the woods. Unless you belong to a club. It costs about $1000 to take a course to get a license to get a long gun here. Don’t know what a course for a hand gun would cost.
    Now I know most farmers have long guns on the farm that have been there for years but mainly they just shoot ground hogs or themselves.

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